Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yesterday's Art

I'm working on my Friend of Twelve by Twelve piece for "twelve". Nine circles in a grid and then three more smaller circles to total 12. I found that most of my pieces had black and white in them, so there is a connective thread through the series. A few may need to be reworked. But the 12 should be interesting to view as a whole. I'm trying to finish this series before the 12-12 deadline for the "pink" theme is due. I just realized that the last piece in this new series will be completed on 12-12-12. Duh!

I have a long list of "things to do" today. None of them things I really want to do. I'm working on clearing out the freezer and fridge so I can eventually buy my new fridge and have it delivered. My Christmas present to myself. I want to start fresh with all new food inside the sparkly new fridge. Today, I removed the large package of pork and plan to put it into the crock pot tonight for pulled pork tomorrow. I can serve it with pasta, on a Kaiser roll, rolled in tortillas, on nacho chips or in a pile on a mixed greens salad (my favorite way). Lots of possibilities.

So: laundry; library; Loew's for Scotch tape (buy one, get one free); grocery for tonight's dinner for G; bank; dog walk; bulb planting; perennial planting; and then Art Club. I may even stop in at Goodwill to drop off the pile of clothing I have to donate and see what they have - I want an old worn in down vest. I will have FOUR episodes of West Wing on the TiVo that I haven't had time to watch. I am also ordering three new tops for the winter. With nice shawl collars. My favorite style of collar, which just happens to be in fashion right this minute. I want to get some to have for the next few years, when they won't be in fashion.

Time flies.

My bowl this morning was full of mini shredded wheat, plain not sweetened, and 1% milk. A treat.

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Deborah Boschert said...

Actually one of the other 12s informed me that we'll finish this series on 12/12/11 -- we'll be working all through 2010 and 2011. Bummer, 12/12/12 has such a nice ring to it.

I love your white, black and gray palette.