Monday, November 30, 2009

End Of the Month

November is close to being gone. Where did it go? Each and everyday this month has seemed to be about 20 minutes long. I have breakfast and then it's time for bed. I wish the days in January and February were this speedy.

But I have plans for this winter. Walls to paint. Stuff to move. Garbage bags and recycling cans to fill. I'm making a list and setting "do-able" daily deadlines. I also have quilts to make and one to finish. Promises to keep. And dog toys to repair (especially bunny).

Yesterday I bought a $10 cheapo collection of 12 colors of stamp pads and I got out my handcarved eraser alphabet and stamped three pages in my journal. I spelled words wrong in my exuberance but so what? I remembered how much I love my very own ABC stamps. I even dug around in the greeting card drawer and found an "art" card with pomegranates. Cool. G is doing EOM paperwork from 4 pm to 2 am so it will be a good night to carve a new stamp. A Pom.

Last night I settled in with the library rented DVD of Pride and Prejudice and the damned thing started skipping and stopping after the first 45 minutes. By then I was hooked, so G and I stopped and started, skipped etc. till the end. What a disappointment. I don't have a book to read right now, so I guess I'll return to sewing circles and squares if my eyes aren't sleepy in the evenings. Until I get a book.

I also purchased some 8 by 5 sheets of watercolor paper for my Christmas Tree cards. I still don't have any ideas for what I will be creating this year for the annual edition of 10. The suspense is killing me.

So, guess what, my bowl today is filled with "suspense". My life is a mystery. Today. I don't even know what my lunch will be. Now, that's scary.

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Annie said...

Joanne, did you take the dvd out of the player and wipe it with a soft cloth? I've had that happen before and it was because someone got their fingerprints all over it. Worked fine after a bit of cleaning.