Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today is the first day of our Holiday Weekend Sale at work. And we are serving cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. I will try NOT to eat any cookies today. I did eat cookies last Christmas and that was the beginning of the weight gain, tight clothes and resulting loathing. Well, actually the Bacon Pizzas in the summer were more likely the cause. But, this morning, it was cookies.

And management is serving pizza for lunch. As a "gift" to us and also to make sure no one goes "off the reservation" for lunch and therefore can't be interrupted while eating. Many times. I have had customers come right into the lunchroom and ask me questions. And the public restrooms are right there in our lunchroom. Can you all say "ewh!"

It is 40 degrees this morning. I am taking many different kinds of clothing to work. Just in case. And it is going to rain and be very dark when I drive home. I am going to be very eager to take a hot shower and slip into my jammies this evening.

I retrieved two "missed" episodes of West Wing from the deleted file and watched them last night. So glad I thought to look there. They were excellent episodes. Josh and Sam. Lots of background stuff that makes the characters fully dimensional.

My bowl today was full of shredded wheat. It keeps me full longer than oatmeal.

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