Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The adventure begins. I'm not going to limit myself to just watercolor images of the pomegranate (and I need to practice spelling this word) but will try out any number of "journaling" art adventures. This pom was drawn with my new Staedtler Mars brush pen (in my paper journal). I love the uneven lines that I first noticed in a drawing in the New York Times and posted in one of my collage attempts (here would be a good place to link). I have a square block of watercolor paper which I will paint with the new black gesso, or white gesso, or cover with glued on paper collage. I will even paint with watercolor. Draw with oil sticks. Print with a pomegranate stamp I cut myself (in future). In other words. I will do everything and anything as the mood finds me.

I have returned to the paper journal so there will be less "navel gazing" on the blog. It's better that way, I think.

Yesterday we both had long and tiring days at work, so it was nice to have leftover pizza from Saturday to warm up in the oven and eat while watching the 6:30 news. Dancing w/ Stars was on last night and the judges' love affair (10's) with Mya mystifies G and I. Kelly's first dance was wonderful and she deserved a better score. That sweetheart neckline looks fantastic on her. If I was younger, I might try for that look this Christmas.

I have to go to the library to pick up and drop off books and then to the grocery for last minute items for the "big dinner" on Thursday. Pumpkin (in short supply), cream, eggs, Brussels Sprouts, squash and stuff to make green bean casserole. I like it. I want it. I also need parsley and some turkey "parts" to roast to make stock for gravy. My daughter wants me to brine the turkey this year. The drippings in the roasting pan will be too salty for gravy so I need to work around that culinary fact.

Riley and I will be having a walk after lunch. I CANNOT believe the weather we are having here in Maine. 50 degrees. And last year, at this time, we had HIGHS of 20 to 30 degrees. I am not complaining. It feels great not to already be heavily bundled in sweaters, coats, scarves and gloves each time I go outdoors. I have been looking forward to wearing my new birthday scarf (made by my daughter) for the first time. But I can wait a while longer. Perhaps this weather is a forerunner to the future here in Maine?

My Gingerbread House is going to work with G on Friday for the holidays. I will try and get a picture for the blog before it leaves, in case you have forgotten what it looks like. It really is cute.

I didn't purchase the Boxwood Tree I made. Just didn't want it. And I didn't purchase a swag for the front door. I may build my own, at work, on Friday. The natural, wild firs, haven't arrived at the greenhouse yet. I want one of those. Wide spaces to fill with ornaments. I'm ready for a "little Christmas" here at home.

I may purchase more butter for cookies. Christmas cookies. We drew names for the Secret Santa at work and I have decided what I want to purchase for the gift. Now to find it. I may have to go to Amazon.com.

My bowl today is filled with a variety of choices. Susie Monday mentions MDR, the minimum daily requirement of certain things, that she needs to stay balanced. Walks with her coon dog, hand sewing, cooking, meditative time, and something else, which I have to go back and check. Susie Monday. I will add her to the list in the sidebar. Note: Susie tends to her email of 300 or so each day. No wonder I forgot that. I have an email in box of two or three.

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dee said...

Well, you're off to a lovely start. Of course you've chosen a fabulous model. Pomegranates are so pretty.
Happy Thanksgiving Joanne