Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, November 16

No art yesterday. We drove to BJ's to activate my "free" two month membership. They tried to bait and switch me to a paid membership but I knew this was the only time I was going to shop there. Our Maine BJ's in Auburn is rundown and crappy. I still spent over $200 but now have BIG containers of things I always buy at the grocery. Like a 32 ounce package of chocolate chips. And a 2 pound bag of Craisins. And 30 rolls of toilet paper.

Then we drove to our Mexican restaurant and had a "so-so" meal. I had to send my plate back and then it took what seemed like 30 minutes for the new plate to arrive. G was finished eating when my food was placed in front of me.

I sat down and read another book straight through. 206 Bones by Kathy Reichs. Not awful. Not great. I now have the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to read. I think it will take longer.

My knee is bruised but I am having no problems walking or sleeping. No pain, so far. We'll see what happens at work today. Can't decide what to wear to work-- will it be warm or cold in the greenhouse? So I am taking one of everything, wardrobe wise.

The Orvis clothing shrunk in the wash and dry. No surprise. So I was correct to buy larger than needed. And I don't think I will order anything other than a new embroidered collar for Riley (which they will likely get wrong) from Orvis in future. Now that I know the clothing is made in China. Perhaps I should finally learn how to make my own clothes since this is the only way to get "made in the USA" clothing. The three tops will likely last 5 or more years so no rush. I may get hit by a bus by then and not need any future clothing.

My bowl was filled with shredded wheat this morning. A good day, so far. And the sun is shining.


dee said...

I won't torture you with talk of the Mexican food from Sat. night.
You seem to have the same clothing needs as I do. Once I find something that fits and feels good I buy several and wear them to death.
Land's End discontinued my linen shirt with the pin tucks. I have 6 white ones and a couple each of blue and pink but they are thinner each day....grrrrr I can't find anything that suits me and is comfortable. Clothing today is for small women of 17. It seems ridiculous to have the money but not be able to spend it.
Hope your day is a good one. I'm painting....alas I'm painting a room. My knees are screaming from the ladder up & down.

Hand Quilting Nana said...

I totally agree about the clothing. They make nothing hardly for women with full figures and to make it worse I'm short. Like you all when I find something that fits I go back and buy every color in my size. I know it may be years before I find anything else. Someone reading this needs to start a clothing line for us. It would be a big success.