Monday, November 02, 2009

Frosty Morning

Yesterday was shirt sleeve weather and we raked leaves in the back yard. Today. up early with the new daylight time, and the sun is shining but it's frosty and cold outside. Riley has had breakfast and been out twice already and it's only 7:30. I've been up, but not out of bed, for what seems like a LONG time. Tired already, and I haven't done anything but open doors and grind coffee beans.

G's pizza was delicious yesterday. My whole wheat crust didn't have any chewy, yeasty-ness AGAIN (more like eating a pizza cracker) so I think I will be buying the regular white dough pizza for myself from now on. I have already given up half the cheese I usually have (and it wasn't much to begin with), 3/4 of the pepperoni, and the remainder of my toppings are vegetables (onion, peppers and mushrooms). The only thing I have left that resembles pizza is the crust. And when that isn't fantastic--why continue to live?

The new rake is wonderful at pulling thatch out of the grass. And it does bring acorns along, eventually. But the other half dozen rakes we own do the same job on the acorns (minus thatch) so I will be returning the new $30 rake.

I took the orchids (cymbidium) outdoors yesterday for a big watering and some sunshine. Now I have to prep the upstairs room for them (and remember to water). The Christmas cactus is budding (it all depends on light and temp, not the calendar) and they should all be in bloom in a week or so. Even the just rooted segments I got from N. We have huge, healthy orchid cactus at the greenhouse for sale. I really want one. But I can't take care of what I already have.

G announced that he is on vacation this week. He thinks he mentioned this to me. He did not. A failure to communicate. So I should try and think of something "vacation-like" to do this week, when I'm not working. Or not. I'm voting for "not".

Tomorrow Maine votes. Same sex marriage rights. Again. the legislature votes it in and the population votes it out. I think this is the third try. The television ads say teachers will begin "teaching" young children HOW to be gay as soon as the law passes. Like anyone WANTS to be gay. They just are. And they deal with it as best as they can. Everyone deserves the right to marry the person they love. And divorce that person when they don't love them anymore. Equal rights. Marriage is what anyone wants it to be. A lifetime commitment. A series of partners. Ugly divorces. A miserable excuse for a life together. See. Not all that special. Let everyone participate.

I have no ideas on what we will be eating for supper tonight. I'll be surprised. Popcorn?

My bowl is empty again. And I think that's a good place to be today. I can be accepting of whatever comes my way. I can live with an open heart and mind today. And go to work.


Annie said...

Yeah, Joanne, life IS all about pizza, and if you can't have a good one, why live? Sunday supper is pizza for us and mine was yummy last evening.

ONE more day of all the obnoxious political adds, will be soo glad when that's over. The one that bugs me the most is about teaching little children about gay marriage, huh? what's up with that anyway? I refuse to believe that anything like that is going to happen.

We married the same guy(or all men are the same) total lack of communication!!

: )

MariMo said...

Wonderful Equal Rights statement Joanne!