Sunday, November 01, 2009

November One

Yesterday was a wonderful day. N and I had 27 engaged students in our class "Beds to Rest" about closing down the garden for winter. I even said "crap" in class. Geez.

Most of the employees had costumes on. I was dressed as an employee. My boss said that was pretty scary. My favorite costume was this cloud of white tulle that completely enveloped the person wearing it. Like fog. It drifted through the store and the day. We ran out of pumpkins. I even gave away (free) pumpkins from the pig farm waste wagon. Pumpkins with little rotten or soft spots we wouldn't sell. Less pumpkin for the pigs. And the weather was more suited to summer than October 31st. Balmy.

This morning we had to turn the clocks back and get an extra hour of sleep. Riley's internal clock isn't that easy to "turn back" so I got up and fed him breakfast and we watched morning cooking shows together. G got to sleep till nine.

The day, so far, is very sun filled. I am going to try out the new rake I bought yesterday and see if it moves acorns out of the turf. Now that I have had all the white pines (and their nasty pine needles) taken out of the yard, my only problem in fall is the acorns. If it doesn't, then I'll return the rake. I don't need anymore useless tools.

We will be having pizza tonight for supper. I will be making more circles on squares, reading my book (fiction in the dictionary writing world), doing laundry, ironing shirts and raking acorns (I hope). Riley and G will walk in the woods. Hunting Season started yesterday but no hunting on Sunday. I never trust this rule. Our woods are full of nice, plump deer. Tempting.

My bowl today is full of sunshine and happy thoughts. Wow.

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