Monday, November 09, 2009

Christmas Cactus in Bloom

My Christmas cactus is blooming about a month early. I think cooler weather and being on the sunporch where the night time temps get very low, has hurried the bud set along this year. All my cactus are in bud. Even the little segments N and I started at work one day when she repotted her very old plant. I'm thinking she said it had yellow flowers. My orchid cactus is sending out shoots. I started it, last December, from a piece that broke off a plant at work. I brought more broken off pieces home on Sunday and will try and start them tomorrow. Slow process. It may take a few more years to set buds. Stay tuned.

I now have a printer, again. I noticed an Epson under some junk upstairs when I was settling my plants onto the sawhorses/door table upstairs. G thought it was broken but it wasn't and is now set up in the bookcase next to my desk. I can't buy a new one because my operating system is too old. I noticed the scanner also. We never figured out how to use it.

Day Five of the new diet plan and I resisted the leftover weekend cookies, the peanuts (we deep fry peanuts at work and sell them, heavily salted, and delicious), and the 260 calorie CLIF bar I have in my bag for emergencies. I was hungry and it was lunchtime so I ate my bean and escarole soup with little pasta things which looked small at home and then got bigger while in the fridge, absorbing my broth. Supper is a Greek salad and either a banana or jello.

My spider bite started bleeding during my shower yesterday. I scrubbed too hard. I wish it would be done and gone. So itchy.

Everyone was tired at work today. One person went home because she felt terrible. No fever. The flu is pretty widespread locally so we are paying attention when someone says they feel bad. Most of us don't have benefits like sick days, and some of us desperately need the money we earn, so staying home is not something willingly done. I think that is the hardest part of working an hourly, seasonal job. And we are moving closer to our winter lay off.

Art Club tomorrow. We are learning how to make paper. The list of items to bring is very long and includes a blender. This crowd would prefer to make blended drinks in any blender we brought to the meeting. Interesting.

I haven't made any art today. Yet. I could possibly make two things tomorrow to catch up. I have some cardboard tubes I brought home from work and thought about using them to stamp circles on fabric or paper. My new, self made, paper?

West Wing is calling me. Gotta go.


Deborah Boschert said...

Yes! Circles stamped on paper. The cactus is lovely... I am almost ready to start thinking about Christmas.

Hand Quilting Nana said...

Love your Christmas cactus.

Try some Purell hand cleaner with aloe. That will take away the itch of the spider bite.

Annie said...

I envy your green thumb, beautiful Christmas cactus.

I'm concerned about the spider bite, that has to be watched carefully, they so often become infected and can cause some damage.

Take care,

: )