Sunday, April 01, 2018

Easter Carrots

Some think of Bunnies.  I LOVE these carrots that I made so long ago.  The brown fabric shouted "dirt" to me--good dirt with microbial microsystems.  And Easter Bunnies must love Carrots.

I managed to put together a meal for Easter Dinner.  Baked chicken stuffed with ham and cheese, steamed broccoli and steamed Jasmine rice.  I purchased a small carrot loaf cake for G with cream cheese frosting and orange frosting carrots on top.  Nothing for me. Well, I did get a carton of vanilla ice cream.

G has been eating pasta and a pork/mushroom ragu sauce I made for him this week and I had another pot of the vegetable soup to divide between 4 different days.  We eat at different times.  We eat different foods.

I have been busy cleaning.  Clearing surfaces of "stuff" and throwing most of it into the recycling bin. I need to crawl under the art table (or pull it away from the bookcase) and find a new journal to work in.  My previous one is full of the remodel and design ideas etc.  Also recipes from the Elimination Diet.  That journal must cover at least 2 full years.

I was wanting to mount some of the 5 by 7 fabric "pages" into the journal.  Whatever journal I choose to use.  I used to buy them 4 or 5 at a time (if I liked the smoothness of the pages) and most are filled.  I think there are two or three blank ones in the bookcase.  I have to go looking.  I did buy some with spiral bindings.  So I could put thicker things on the pages--even a pocket for index cards.  I write on index cards all the time.  In fact, a favorite gift for me to get is index cards.  White 4 by 6.  My husband and daughter always buy me the colored cards.  They like colors.  I like white.  I have like 5 packages in the desk drawer right now--I just looked and counted.  And at least a dozen with things written on them: recipes, direction, books to read, drawings etc.  So pages with pockets for my index cards.

You know, for most people, the New Year begins in January.  For me and I think most Gardeners, the year begins now--in April.  Buds on the trees, pussy willow catkins, crocuses breaking ground, dirt where the snow has melted.

I'll be teaching two gardening classes this month.  Which is making me think ahead a few weeks.
The Moon woke Riley up again at 3am.  He came to get G.  I think he wanted company looking at the Moon.


Life Scraps and Patches said...

Ohhhh, I love those carrots. And your Easter dinner sounds wonderful!

Annie said...

Those carrots look like they could be eaten right off the screen.Love that pic!