Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Different Kinds Of Rainbows

Image from blog "woman with wings"

I may have already posted this image-- but today it says "rainbow" and that's the image I wanted on the blog today.  We had sunshine.  Bird song.  Mild breezes.  Had.  Now we are under heavy clouds. No sun.  No birds calling. My plants are out on the deck getting some solar energy.

Riley found the "deep water" in the woods and went swimming.  He was very happy about that as his winter coat is getting heavy and itchy.  When we go out in the morning to "get the paper" he will find the last little patches of snow and roll over and rub his back.  Roll and roll and roll.  He's smart enough not to roll in mud.  Mud equals bath.  Doesn't care for bath.

I read a blog  this morning and the writer mentioned roasted beet salad in one of her posts---I had a bag of beets in the fridge and they are now cooling from their roasting.  Gosh, I was happy to have them in the fridge.  I love it when I read a recipe (which reads as delicious) and I have the stuff to make it right here in the house.  There were radishes also.  And I have radishes.  There was goat cheese.  But I don't like goat-anything. So I will use the ball of fresh mozzarella in the cheese drawer.

G has asked for a pot of his special "heart by-pass" spaghetti sauce.  The only thing he would eat after he got home to recover.  Surgery does funny things to people and their taste-buds. I was going to write how many years that was -ago but I don't remember.  How odd is that???

On the first page of my new art notebook--I drew a circle and then made a sort of mandala design.  G saw it and I offered it to him to color.  He has been doing snowflakes.  I guess he wanted something new--so now he has a very organic mandala to color.  Which is fine.  Even good.


Life Scraps and Patches said...

I'm wondering whether G might enjoy water color pencils. A combination of your love of water color and his enjoyment of coloring in your designs.

DianeN said...

I had a roasted beet salad that consisted of cold roasted beets, sliced, with goat cheese, and frilly greens. They sprinkled coarsely chopped roasted, slightly salted pistachios over the top. To my taste the pistachios really made the salad.