Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Old and New Pages

To the left is a page I made last month with a few "additions" pinned on--auditioning.  To the right are the very "loud" squares I cut and arranged and then stitched last evening (g said they looked like a carnival).  I will be making a duplicate of the 10 square section far right to attach to the left side of the center piece.

As you can see--sometimes they stitch up straight and even and sometimes they go wonky.

It has to do,  I think, with the tightness of the weave of the cloth.

The colors are strong.  And I do like the wonky of the one on the left.  Looks "hand sewn".

Today the weather has gone over to the "Dark Side" and clouds and rain are on the way.  So, I will be going into the kitchen to make a large kettle of chicken soup for my husband and another kettle of chopped vegetable soup for myself.  We will be wanting food that warms the body and soul. And I will write celery on the shopping list.

G and Riley are out on the path in the woods, trying to get the daily walk in before the rain.  The WALK is non-negotiable with the dog.  Riley has a check-list in his brain and he checks things off (and is within a 20 minute leeway) every single day.  In fact, I think we could do away with a clock and just use the dog to tell Time.  Riley would be happiest if we only did the things he likes. Like scratch his ears at 9pm every single evening followed by his (expensive) blue liver pill.

Yesterday Riley was barking to alert me to the UPS truck in our driveway and I had to hurry to let him out so he could collect the dog biscuit UPS gives to dogs.  Then Riley returned to his dog bed and his nap.  Mission Accomplished.

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grace Forrest~Maestas said...

so much to learn from dogs...keep it simple, be reliable