Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Quilt Shop Hop + Riley's Birthday Number Eleven

From the top down.  I added the orange/rust fabric and the grey rust print to a three quarter pack of grey (there's a section of white and black stripes) the dark grey with white dots and the grey black white check.  At the very bottom is 1.25 yards of a green tinged grey linen.  The linen will be an apron or a shirt.  To the far right--a little sketch I made in the 2008 journal.  It's the "cartoony" style I fight to get away from--perhaps I should stop fighting it?

My two fabric additions to the packaged fabric brought a comment "ah..interesting" from the sales person.  I left wondering if a new pack of five fabrics would be in the store's basket by closing.

I went there to find BOY fabric.  For a boy baby quilt.  Nada.

I LOVE the yard stick ribbon holding the pack together.

The second thing I went looking for was "text".  Printed words on fabric.  The only thing I found was fabric printed with sales receipts.  I stood there looking at it for quite awhile.  Wondering how that could be someone......but not by me.  I am left with making the Dick and Jane fabric work for a boy...with the Dick and Jane text printed fabric.  Or not.  I am seeing another visit to the Attic in my near Future.  But it's so cloudy and dark today--the Attic will be so depressing.

We are having our old (leaky) oil tank removed tomorrow--it will be very smelly.  We both have asthma.  So we could both end up with breathing problems, coughing etc.  We may have to spend the day--somewhere else.  But the house will still be stinky when we return.  The new tank will be in the garage not the crawl space.

The house is dark....the outdoors is dark.  Everything is wet.  I'm going to go turn on lights.

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Annie said...

Ooh, love that fabric selection, anything orange excites me. Happy Birthday to Riley!