Friday, April 27, 2018

What I Said I Wanted in 2008

Clean, White, Simple.  Well, that's what I finally got in 2017 with the remodel.  This picture from a magazine in 2008 went on my blog with the words "I want this".  The windows I actually have go right to the floor.  Which is divine.  And then there's the French Doors.  I still don't have white cabinets.  And that bow window is history along with the mice that set up housekeeping inside it for years. What a treat that was.

And I still would like a cross leg table with French wire chairs.  I'd like the chairs but I think I would hate sitting in them.  Some things look wonderful and aren't that great in actual usage.

I painted fabric yesterday afternoon.  Made quite a mess.  Didn't get the results I wanted but did get some interesting things to work with.  Moody Blues.  Moony Blues. Nothing that looked like yesterday's fabric picture.  I'm not the person who painted that 2008 fabric.   I've shed that skin.

TiVo finally replied to G's email asking for assistance with the remote which would not turn the tv on or off or adjust the sound.  The remote did an excellent job of controlling the TiVo. Period. We have been plugging in and unplugging the tv itself for six weeks.  Getting old.  But they emailed some "new to us" and not in the instruction booklet info.  And we now have a fully functional remote.  Until we don't.  We turned the tv off and on with the remote.  Adjusted the sound.  Was wonderful.

Supposed to rain today.  Getting cloudy and a bit bleak.

Today I am trying to think about the "HOW" of putting my fabric book together.  How it will go. What size the pages themselves will be--the fabric content will vary in size and shape but be tacked to the pages. What fabric the pages will be cut from.  So there will be some uniformity.  And so it will "look" and "feel" like a book.  In Jude's book she had double page spreads.  That's something that might happen in the months ahead.  So, today thoughts of page signatures.  Book Construction.

What are you doing or making?


Annie said...

I love the photo you posted today too, one of my interests is interior design. I could look at design magazines and online pics all day. The problem is my interest stops at looking, I have no ambition for the actual work of redesigning anything.

I'm having a lazy day today, a bit of housework, some reading online and my book, "The Guynd", which is about restoring a Scottish mansion and property. I love Scotland, have taken 7 vacations there.

Dakotah said...

Hi. I'm working on hearts and flowers. Not sure why, just something new.
I think I have too much clutter to carry off a fashionable look, but I can dream!