Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Clouds With A Chance Of Spring

From Art Propelled.

No sunshine today.  No blue sky today.  Drizzle.  The weather report is so important these days as we all are pulling for a warm day.  For green grass.  For bud break on the flowering trees.

G has taken his chain saw to the woods path.  A tree fell across in the winds of last night.  They howled. Riley shivered. I slept.  The positive side--there is no longer any snow piled on the roof.

I had coffee with my friend.  We talked.  Then we walked down Maine Street (here in Maine each Town has it's own Maine Street-- like in England--always a High Street)  At the end is a Natural Foods Store.  Organic things.  Miso.  Yogurt.  Rice noodles.  Grass fed meats.  And Standard Baking baguette.  Which I am eating with tons of good butter right now as I type.  I carried it home under my arm--feeling very French.

I also stopped into the local bookstore.  And purchased two lovely cards to send good wishes to friends and then, as usual, stopped to look at the blank books and journals.  There was one that had a ring binder and inside sheets of paper "suitable for watercolor, ink, pencil"  I picked it up.  Looked at it.  Put it down, walked away.  Then went back and picked it up and carried it quickly to the cash desk--before I could talk myself out of it.  A book.  For watercolors.  My first love.  Not cloth.  Not oils. Not pen.  Watercolor.   I'm thinking-----one picture a day---?  A visit to the attic for paints and brushes.  Waiting for me up in the attic--for too long.

We'll see.  I hardly recognize myself these days.


DianeN said...

I'm so glad you went back for that book. ��

Life Scraps and Patches said...

First love, like a romantic novel