Sunday, April 08, 2018

Another of The Pictures From My Life

My new dining room carpet.  My beloved slippers (men's Acorn).  My regular Goodwill purchased LLBean corduroy pants ($8 versus $68).

I have just purchased (this past week) Men's "professional work" Crocs.  In black.  I may not wear them now but certainly next Winter.  Closed so no chance of wet socks.  I think they are "restaurant grade" so non-slip.  Pricey.  I do like rubber shoes.  And SmartWool socks.  A team made in heaven for gardening people.  The shoes can be washed and the socks never indicated your feet might be wet. Always feel warm and dry.  Happy Camper socks as my daughter would say.

Today I am making up another big pot of vegetable soup and roasting my latest bag of baby beets. I will run out of celery on this batch of soup but I need to have soup in the fridge for when I get hungry.  Otherwise I eat things I am trying not to eat.  Things made of wheat.  Which then makes my eyes itch.  Bananas are 39 cents a pound so I am buying big bunches and letting them get "ripe" and then wrapping then in foil and into the freezer (for future smoothies).

The "Green Plate" cooking column author fell victim to the InstaPot craze in today's Sunday paper. If that wasn't bad enough--she praised to the heavens the hard boiled eggs.  OMG!!!! I am getting so tired about reading about the easy peel eggs. Who eats that many eggs????  But in her defense she recorded the ACTUAL time it takes to cook in the pot.  The time to build pressure (30 minutes or more) the cooking time and then the time to release pressure 30 to 60 minutes.  So, the 20 minutes to make beans is actually nearly 1.5 to 2 HOURS. Plus the "steam cleaning of her wood cabinets during release " which is not what I would call a "good thing".

Today is Do The Taxes Day.  So...........I feel like a person who is going off to prison.  Already jittery. Nerves all on edge.  Worrying about missing pieces of paper.

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