Saturday, April 28, 2018

Hand Painted By Me- 2008

Just wet cotton fabric and cheap bottles of acrylic paint mixed with water.  Let dry and then iron.  Smooth surfaces, fade resistant and doesn't run in the wash.  The ones I still have bits of and the ones in art pieces--look exactly alike.  I would recommend a plastic shower curtain or kids plastic play table covering and a vinyl apron (on yourself).  Or you'll by covered in paint as well.  Any that gets on the floor is easily scraped off with a blade when it's dry.  It peels up.  It's acrylic.

Best sewn by machine as it can be difficult (but still doable) to get a hand sewing needle thru.  But then I used a heavier cotton fabric.  I think if I painted on the very fragile antique cotton I found in the Attic--the hand would be soft enough for easy hand stitching.

Walked around the property and woods yesterday looking for red Maple flowers to dye some cloth (like Jude) and came home with 45 grams of Maple flowers and a TICK.  Attached to my right shoulder.  We did a full body tick check.  Only the one and G got it off me with the "tick tool".   Gets the head out.  I have my maple flowers, cloth, alum and water in a jar on the deck in the sun.

I have already vacuumed the entire house (mostly wood floors, the new tile floors in bathrooms and halls and some carpets).  Things were very dusty.  Tomorrow we turn the mattress. Every 90 days according to the tag on the new mattress.  Not over but head to foot.  Written in all capitals to not flip the mattress--ever.

No cooking shows on PBS today because they are running infomercials 24/7 most days.  I've just about given up on PBS. I can watch the shows on Amazon anytime or on the computer.

I'm going to the grocery right now--I need more fruit and vegetables. Still trying to eat "mostly plants".  G wants the computer--so--that's all folks.

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Dakotah said...

The fabrics are beautiful.