Monday, April 02, 2018

When The Moon Hits Your Eye....

Moonshine by Janis Goodman via Art Propelled

Last night the Moon was high in the clear sky.  Shining into my windows. Shining thru the slivers of dark in the window blinds.  Trying to come inside.  The last thing I remember before sleep was smiling at that Moon inside my bedroom.

Today, the Sun has taken itself away.  It's cloudy with a chance of snow.  Other's in Kentucky and New York already have reported snow or posted pictures of their snow.  No wind.

I got down and into the cupboards looking for a new journal.  Ended up looking at and reading an old one.  One where I was trying for some small thing (art) each day.  To make something, draw something etc.  I would be able to do it for a few weeks and then stop.  But those few weeks.....the me of 2018 is very impressed with the me of 2008.  I was really very creative.

I carved an entire set of numbers and alphabet letters into poly erasers. And used them on many pages in the journal.  I THINK I know where they are.........the Attic.  I would make a small sketch and then riff on it to see how many variations I could think up.  Pages.  What I should do....when I can't think of anything or when I feel I have nothing creative inside dig out an old journal and continue what I started.  Use one of the sketches as a seed to grow into something new.

Now the journals will be another place for me to "go looking".  The bookcase and the attic.

Today the Grocery Store.  I have a list and I need bananas and mangos and red bell peppers.
I am eating Not Too Much and Mostly Plants.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

I think that you will be having a fun retirement. Lots to build on.