Monday, April 16, 2018

Will It Ever Be Spring?

G is trying to find a way to make me an indoor potting area while we wait and wait and wait for Spring.  Someplace inside but also someplace where the dirt won't matter.  Right now I re-pot in the kitchen sink.  I water my orchids in the kitchen sink.  I start my seeds in the kitchen sink.

It gets messy.  But easy enough to sweep up fallen soil, wipe up the puddles, run hot water to flush the disposal.  And the compost bucket is handy (right next to the sink) for any leftover soil, dead leaves etc.  It works.  And best of all the light from above (skylight) is perfect. Water on the wood floor is not the best idea but eventually I will have a tile floor (exactly like the one in the hallway) and water won't matter.  And, who cares anyway?????  We're Old and never see People and the house isn't For Sale.  Let the damned floor warp.

This "finding" of space is a constant in this house.  The house is very big.  Too big for two adults and one dog (he has three beds so he can sleep close to us- wherever we are and still finds a fourth place to sleep).  And the house is usually too full of everything we have bought, found or been given.  We let go.  More comes in.  It's like the Tide.  Only it's things.

Today I am trying to "Choose" what to do.  The "work" of the the day.  I could start on another baby quilt for Connie's group.  I could make another "page" for my Spirit Cloth Work Book.  I could do some hand quilting on the charity quilt we (my quilt chapter) started 20 years ago (it seems) and left in my hands.  The batting is puffy. So it's not easy.

I could also just give up and start reading another book.  I am into the "book a day" reading cycle. Yep.  It's getting hard to find SEVEN books a week at the library.  I do have back up.  Wolf Hall and Pride and Prejudice in the book pile on the attic stairs.  And 25 or more romance paperbacks in the cupboard.  I have read them many times each.  My all time favorites.  I don't usually get into them unless I am seriously depressed.  Which I am not.

But I might be if it doesn't stop being Winter.


Annie said...

Can you believe this "winter" we are having! The ground is completely white, the wind howling like crazy here. I'm beyond exasperated!
Speaking of books, have you read the Zoo Keeper's Wife? I'm reading that now, very good.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

I thought I was the only one who often reads a book every day. And, if I start a book and am not engaged, I won't struggle through it, just put it aside. You?

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i love reading this post and all the while looking at the photograph of the
pots that stand so in solidarity with your longing for spring.

love the images i got of you standing at your sink, the floor,

you know that here i HAVE NO ROOM, in this temporary space i find self in,
so...just the opposite for me but am determined to go to the Storage Unit
today to bring home at least a few of the baskets of cloth, which will
make it even more claustrophobic but
it's one thing or another, Right?

don't bother getting depressed, it will all be different very soon..., history,
so i hope you just keep holding space at your kitchen sink . I will think of you
there. Love....