Friday, April 06, 2018

Halfway--Winter Or Spring

Trees are trying to bud and blossom but very cold nights and brutal WIND is making the transition difficult.  Drip, drip, drip from the roof, trying to shed it's coating of snow....holding tight.

Yesterday began VERY early--like 5:30.  We were having an old oil tank removed and a new tank installed.  The old was installed as the house was being built.  Yes, when the house's foundation was open and the tank was just set down.  Now, well, there's a whole house on top and only the crawl space door---so they had to empty the tank and then.......big guys struggled to get thru the doorway and then work in a 4 foot tall space to cut up and then remove the leaking tank.  Oh...they were not happy.  And it took most of the day.  And it was LOUD.

The new tank went in easily.  Standing up in the garage under a window (but not showing) painted a nice forest green.  We're all hoping G doesn't drive his lawn mower into it while parking.  

The house was lightly scented with the smell of petroleum all day. (ugh) I had kept the hall door to the bedroom wing closed.  The BANGING made for a difficult day for Riley.  We put on his calming collar and calming drops the day before (thunder) so he napped quite a bit and was actively interested in the workmen (who snack and eat good things) all day yesterday.  I'm sure he was hoping for some coffee.  He LOVES coffee but we don't give him any. Sometimes the workers set their cups on the ground.............  Riley takes advantage.

I spent last evening reading a first novel by Julia Sonneborn titled By The Book.  A modern retelling of Jane Austen's Persuasion.  Well........I may have to re- read Persuasion but this seems kind of a stretch but the author is an English professor.  I read it straight thru to the end in one sitting.  Look forward to reading anything else she writes.   Pride and Prejudice?

Sorting fabric.  Usually means I'm going to be making something.  Sorting fabric.  Sorting thoughts.
Another full week of no news other than the morning paper which is easy enough to read or move on. Quiet..not shouting.  G watched (with sound off) a FOX news panel of blondes in short tight skirts and high heels sitting on a low couch (oh. my. goodness.) yesterday while eating his lunch.  Oh, those Republican men and their blondes.  Stormy with a chance of lawsuit.  

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Annie said...

You made me laugh out loud.......the line about the blonds, I'd make fun of a scene like that!