Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Oh, How I Wish I Could Call This My Own

Perfect  Potager.  I like to imagine the sound of walking on the gravel paths.  Can you get a sense of the size by the owner in the very top right of center?  And the two benches.  Sigh....

When I watch Masterpiece Mystery, my favorite thing is when the detective walk on pea gravel.  Up to the big house, university or car park.  I also like when they sit outdoors drinking tea or beer---mostly Detective Lewis and the tall blond guy.  But before they can drink or sit--they have to walk on the gravel.  Crunch, crunch...crunch.

G decided on chicken soup for supper.  So I went to the grocery to get celery.  I had everything else.  Always prepared to make chicken soup--his favorite.  I had a bowl of vegetable soup for lunch and have no idea what I will have for supper.  Perhaps more vegetable soup.

I'm still worn out from yesterday, so I'm going to try and read a book--or just sit quietly and close my eyes.  It would be super wonderful if I fall asleep--but napping is something I have never, ever been able to do.  Even as a baby.

And speaking of babies--they had the cutest, tiny little baby yogurts at the grocery.  Sort of a large thimble size.  Yo Baby.  My Sam loved pineapple Gerber yogurt back in 1969/70.  When she was being fussy I would pull a jar out of the cupboard, show it to her, pop the cap and she was on her very best behavior.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

I had forgotten all about that Gerber yogurt. I can close my eyes and remember how it smelled. Brings back nice memories.