Friday, April 13, 2018

Random Piles Of Fabric

But very nice, indeed.  The Sun is gone again and even though the thermometer says "warm" it feels cold here in the house.   This pile of fabric feels warm.  Welcoming to the artist in me.

I stopped reading for a day.  Returning to cutting and picking very terribly done cross stitch from a heavy linen tablecloth I found at Goodwill.  Last time I did this, five guys were banging and hammering my entrance hallway floor.  Breaking up tiles.  Taking out my front door.  

This time I am "picking out" the thread while watching, rather casually, as Trump gets Trumped.  When it gets to be too much--we unplug the tv.  Our TiVo remote still refusing to control the on/off or volume on the tv.  It will do everything else.

G is going away for the day to do things I don't care to do.  Riley and I will do things we like to do here at home.  I also have a Saturday class to prepare for: Container Gardening.

I am feeling less stressed each day.  It's a slow process and I am only scheduling "light" things.  Laundry.  Magazine reading.  Staring out the window.  The most stressful activity today will be sorting thru my box of class envelopes to find the materials I want for tomorrow.  Made easier by my putting materials into big envelopes and writing contents in fat black marker on each.  I think I did that last Spring.  There are classes in there I am no longer asked to teach.  My co-worker (with my encouragement) has been asked to take those on by our employer.  I saw that as a positive in my eventually letting loose of the job. He saw it as a way to cover his .... if I up and left.

Well, the washer has finished and the dryer is beeping.  Time to go back to work.

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