Tuesday, April 03, 2018

What I Am Dreaming About

They called this a California Veggie Sandwich.  My Goodness.  I recognize everything but the white stuff at the top--any ideas what it might be?  I want to have this every day this summer.

I am cold today.  I was sort of ready for "warming" and instead we got "chilly".  I went with G to the vascular doctor's appointment he had.  Good news--vascular-ly--he is in tip top shape. Now they are suggesting another type of specialist to check on treatment for his ice cold feet and hands.

While we were in the area (laughing) I visited a "real" quilt shop.  It's Shop Hop week.  Brought back memories of my many years of "shop hopping".  Times and fabrics have changed.  The fabric I saw were totally out of my Zone.  More of the Modern Quilt vibe.  But I did get 5 fat quarters of prints I had no familiarity with and 1.25 yards of a nice green beige linen.  And a pattern. If I had had my phone with me--a photo would have been enough.  I never actually follow a pattern. It's the way I was born.  Actually it is--- I had my natal chart read.  I will never actually follow a pattern.  Not in my DNA.

Then G and I stopped and had Lunch/Dinner.   We're done eating for the day.  Riley isn't happy with us and is refusing to be happy to see us.  He thinks he should have been included but it would have been too cold, for too long for us to feel comfortable with him in the car alone.  He's pouting.

I have a nice down lap quilt calling my name and a romance novel to read.  That's it for today.


sewcrazy said...

Is the white stuff goat cheese? Looks good, no matter!

Joanne S said...

Yes, Sew Crazy I looked up the bon appetite recipe and it is goat cheese mashed up with I T olive oil and salt and pepper.
There is also a "pickle" of shredded carrot, cucumber, red onion and chilies (the brine is 2c cider vinegar, ½ cup packed brown sugar, ¼ c kosher salt (brought to a boil and poured over veggies in jars. let cool and then chill.

In the picture the "pickle" is just under the goat cheese layer.

There is also a dressing--a sloppy sandwich-- of buttermilk, Greek yogurt lemon juice and olive oil on the greens.
Let me know if you try it. I might make the pickle. And the dressing.

Annie said...

Mmmm, that sandwich does look and sound yummy. Riley makes me laugh..... pouting!: )

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

this sandwich....eeeeeeee...i want it