Thursday, April 19, 2018

Making Sense Of Confusion

Which is what I should have named this fabric piece from my own collection.  Too many plates spinning above my head right now, it seems, even though I am doing absolutely nothing.

Watched Sense and Sensibility yesterday.  Then La La Land to see what all that was about last year. and then Inferno.  I could have done some hand stitching while I watched but S+S held my complete attention.  I have plans to watch it again today.  I just wish more of them were available to watch this week.  Persuasion. Yes, I would like to see that again.

I have one big bowl of vegetable soup for lunch or dinner today.  Then I have to make it again (which I enjoy as there is lots of chopping).  Soup on cold days and chopped salad on warm days.  Either way--almost 100% vegetables.  I sort of enjoy not having much choice.  I like wearing the same clothing day after day (I have multiples of the same items--a uniform) and eating the same foods.  Not having anything to think about in those areas. Rather like a monk.  I would have been happy as a monk.  Perhaps the next Life.  Working in the kitchen or the garden.

Try as I might---today I have to go up into the attic.  I don't think I will be content until all of the Attic content is right back in the house proper.  Or gone.  But as the seasons change my Winter clothing goes up and the Summer clothing comes down.  Never both in the same closet.

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