Sunday, April 29, 2018

My Version of Doodling- 2008

Smooth drawing paper.  The classifieds. Glue Stick. Pilot narrow tip pen with black ink.  I worked on this "doodle" for almost an entire year.  I took it with me to the art group meetings.  They loved looking at it.  And each time there was a little bit more.  I think it helped the work--that I felt easy about walking away from it....and then returning when I felt I had something to add.

A second "doodle" wasn't on smooth paper.  Harder to get "into".  This pictured Doodle is finished now--all the white parts covered in design.

I often WISH there was fabric to buy with this sort of collaged tiny text.  To act as a "filler" with colorful print fabrics or black and grey and white prints.  Perhaps there was during the years I stopped buying fabric.  Stopped stitching pieces together. Stopped "making" as they say on the Pinterest sites.

Sunny and warm yesterday.  I did a little grass pulling under the ground cover plants.  Grass seems to continually grow under things.  Makes the plantings look wild and unkept.  I need to pile on some mulch to smother the grass.  Careful to not pick up any ticks.

Rainy and colder today.  A "Reading Day" or "Baking Day" (heat the house with the oven).  We'll see which one I pick.  And, of course, One Dollar Goodwill Day.  I may check the Men's Section for linen shirts.  Also a good day to start a fresh new Doodle.

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Annie said...

Wow, that's a great doodle. BTW, there's lots of newsprint fabric out there today, for one.