Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Did Not Snow Today

I'm hoping to actually be working outdoors at some point this April.  We are in for a few days of nice weather.  High 40's and maybe even 50 tomorrow.  Until then I am enjoying my indoor plants.  Clivia--two big pots are in  blossom right now as are the kalanchoe (spelling) plants in about four different colors.  My Christmas Cactus are blooming as well.  The whites, apricots and pinks.  They are out of sync.  My asparagus fern has no flowers but is winding it's fronds all over the other plants and the French doors. Fern gone wild.  And my Night Blooming Ceres is growing overnight it seems.

I wrote checks and signed tax returns and sent them off to the post office with G.  I have had a few panic attacks since Monday. So not like me.  But I may have to stop doing the taxes if this happens next year. Unfortunately, our property taxes are due the same time as our taxes.  Anyway.  The checks were written.  The money is gone.

I read Persuasion today.  I had read that other Austen-look-a-like "By The Book" which was a take off on Austen's  Persuasion.  I couldn't remember reading Persuasion.  So I picked it up at the library and sat down today to read it.  Hard going at first with the style of wording, etc.  But by the mid-point it was "reading" like a  2018 novel.  How odd is that???

I don't think I ever read it.  I think my entire experience with the book was the movie or PBS.  Which I loved. I'm checking Netflix tomorrow and if it's there--I'm watching it.  Maybe twice.

I am sitting here feeling light headed and dizzy.  Going to bed.  Hopefully I will sleep and feel rested and like myself tomorrow.

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