Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Wall Of Unfinished Work

It's cheerful.  But..mostly because of the little crow.  He might become my "symbol".  The "'page" of 35 one inch squares --middle, bottom row--- got some little "planets" and carefully chosen bits stitched on. It looks sort of like a calendar to me.  I have numbers from a selvage strip.  Thinking about adding them to make it more like a calendar, but it could be too much so perhaps a few more planets. Or some embroidered "orbits".   I had to walk into the kitchen to ask G what the path of a planet was called.  I can describe the word I want in great detail.  I just can't "grab" the word from my memory.  If I'm just relaxed and talking--all is well.  If I pause....all is lost.

Bottom row left--I had to make a new page of solid old white.  I lost the first one.  Possibly in the Bohemian Coffee Shop.  I am going for coffee tomorrow morning--will see if they found it.  The new one is a whole different size--but made with the same size squares.   I like the bottom row far right- so cheerful.  I was "using up" all the tiny squares I had piled up.  Same size as the ones sewn in the all white one.  How does this happen?

Center top.  I had chunks -small scraps- of this blue.  And the bleach resist moon.  I just kept stitching the bits together and now have this.  The first Part of an new story cloth I think. Five pieces sewn together.  What story will the cloth want to tell?

Today the weather has changed. Colder.  The mailbox door was frozen shut.  It's raining and freezing.
A SOUP day if there ever was one.  Riley is curled into a very tight circle with his nose under his leg. Conserving heat.

Yesterday at work.  Teaching.  And then some repots.  Lunchroom conversations.   Letting everyone tell me their stories.  Being seen and spoken to by my returning customers.  Tired.  At a distance from it all.  Being asked to return to work.  It all was getting too heavy for me, too complicated and I left for home after my 2pm class.  Hot shower.  Couch.  Book.  Sleep.

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