Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Daily Notes- Tuesday, December 28th. More snow overnight.

 Dinner.  I prefer not to eat something cold like this in winter but....I wasn't interested in any of the leftovers yesterday.  Today I might be. Will be.  Or I will cook something.

 I ate this fruited yogurt while watching Ancient Aliens- Australia.  Did you know the Australian continent is one of the least explored continents?  And, it's isolated inhabitants have DNA going back 30,000 years?  Because no one arrived to dilute their blood until Captain Cook arrived. This is the sort of stuff that's on Ancient Aliens.  On the Regular.

I watched because they also gave me lots of lovely Ancient Art and Cave Wall Painting to look at. And after a wall painting/rock carving- I got to see the actual Milky Way and lots of Cosmos - so I could appreciate how similar they were in content.  I also got to watch the men mix Earth into lovely colored body paint.  And paint themselves. And, they also smoked and ingested various intoxicating substances to reach "a higher plane" and communicate with the Ancient Gods.  It was quite beautiful.

Certainly MUCH better than the extremely AWFUL football games.  OMG.  What has happened in the past 10 days to football?????   There was more excitement (less athletic ability) in the fist fights on the benches and in one case...on the field.  If I remember correctly. I've stopped watching.  

I spent the Time after Australian Ancient Aliens watching old recorded (TiVo) Christmas movies.  I watched the waltz one again (fives times in two days).  It's actually titled Christmas Dance.  And I watched the one where two children  are seated at the children's table at Christmas Eve Dinner.  We see them grow up.  Year after year. Until they break each other's hearts.  And I watched the movie where the marketing ex goes to Vermont to manage an old bookstore for a month.  Falls in love. Then leaves. Comes back.  There's one more I forgot to watch.  The "kiss in the elevator movie".  I hope I didn't erase it.  There were three elevator movies. Only one was good enough to see again and again.

Daughter called from a bookstore yesterday where she found shelves of romcom.  None of it was my kind of romcom.  I have two here on the ottoman.  And another five on the book table.  But my head and my heart are tired.  And sad. And feeling rather broken hearted.

It snowed.  So I shoveled my way out to the street to get the newspaper.  And then dragged the recycling can back up the driveway but gave up when I got to the sidewalk.  My chest hurt.  Difficult breathing. I decided not to have a heart attack and die in the driveway. Stopped shoveling.  Did you you know women rarely survive a heart attack???? Or heart surgery. Husband's surgeon and nurse told me. A Warning.

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Kim Carney said...

I hate to hear you feel sad and broken-hearted. What can we do?

I just spent 5 days watching, well, not sure what I was watching. I know yesterday I watched Celebrity Ghost Stories ALL DAY. And when jokingly said, I just had a 5-day weekend on the sofa, my family laughed out loud and said, "more like the last year, don't you think?" Okay, I tried to take offense and be insulted, but honestly, I just had to laugh along. What will I do when the pandemic is over and I have no excuse to do nothing?