Monday, November 30, 2020

Daily Notes- November 30

I think I have been expecting change.  Seeing change.  Maybe even welcoming change.

Certainly nothing is this COVID period of time has remained Unchanged.

My neighbors are happy.  We turned the wreaths on last night.  And got emails this morning.  Amazing how those three 48inch round wreaths with an over abundance of lights- make people happy. 

Husband is off getting his car inspected and his oil changed.  The car's oil.  Though the thought of husband getting HIS oil changed is making me smile. Let's hope one car out of three gets a new sticker!!!!

I am also going to have a DRIVER starting today.  Husband will be driving me to the library for curbside pickup and then to the grocery store for my regular Monday shopping.  Not an actual change- as he does this every Winter.  Drives me places.  We might also go get our Christmas Tree.  Unless, of course, some naughty customer went and took my tree off the reserve tables, paid for it and drove off with it.  That happened last year.  I am not surprised by the superior selfishness of people.  Far too many examples.

I am planning to make a red mask to wear in December with my red eyeglasses.  I also will be using my new mask pattern (thank you Diane) and some patchwork that is quilted.  See if I like that in a mask. We watched the Patriots and the Bucs games yesterday.  Whoa.  There was some really ugly stuff happening in the Tampa/Kansas City game.  But at least I didn't have to get angry watching and hearing the Tomahawk Chop. I really do not like that.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Daily Notes- November 29th

The Word for today- out of the Jar Of Words.  I see a theme here.  But this gives me a topic to write and think about but perhaps not here in the Notes.  A sort of Advent Calendar.

Forgive.  Forgive the trespasses of others.  That's part of a prayer I think.  I'll work on that on the Washing Machine Pages. I have a load of laundry to do..

That's not Daily Notes material.  Husband had a very nice Birthday.  Phone calls.  Cards. Turkey leftovers and pumpkin pie with a huge pile of whipped cream.  It was all good.  Our sister in law called from Wisconsin.  To say Happy Birthday and to thank me for the beautiful card I sent.  It was just a card  I sent  to her- but to have us remember- well, that was what she was saying was beautiful.

Just a Thanksgiving Card but so much more as we remembered the passing of his brother, her husband and my brother in law. A lovely person.  A black bear he "carved" with a chain saw- but so delicately that the little bear eyes look up at us and he seems so peaceful and content.  The  Goddess sits on top of an old table (nearby on the same porch) Roger gave us.  Memories of him everywhere and all the very best kind. His birthday the 17th and mine the 18th.  I often think my husband married me because I reminded him of his brother.

I am not nearly as nice.

Football today.  Not sure what supper will be.  But plenty of food in the fridge.  Even Chinese leftovers- I made extra rice and could fry some Potstickers for husband.  Yes, I'll do that.  I didn't think ahead to thawing a ball of pizza dough for Sunday Football Pizza.  Not that the games are any good.  Too many injured players and.......well, the games are often one sided these days.  Patriots at 1pm.  I am pretty certain they will lose.  Tampa Bay later in the day.  50% chance they win. Perhaps that is too optimistic?

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Daily Notes- November 28- Happy Birthday Husband

Well, here we are- on a cold dark wet Saturday.  Daughter has my car.  Friend is driving to Boston for an overnight care visit with 102 year old father but before she set out she dropped off a birthday card and some candy for husband.  

And my word for today "try".

Try.  Something new?  Something different?  To be kinder?  Try harder?

I brought the cross the street neighbor's paper up to her porch this morning when I got our paper.   That was before I pulled my word.  But perhaps my inner self knew what word I was pulling out of the jar before I did.

I am also thinking of making the new pattern of mask out of already quilted fabric. Making it stiffer so it doesn't cling to my nose and mouth when I breathe.  Asthmatic Breathing.  Seeing if any oxygen will get thru- it will most likely not.  Get thru.  But I will give the idea a TRY.

I also stitched a piece of zip tie into another mask to see if it would keep the mask from touching daughter's face all day.  She breathes like me.  Sucking the mask into our faces.

I am also going to TRY to always have a mask in my pocket in case a neighbor passes by when I am out to get mail etc.  So we can feel okay about having a few sentences with each other without spreading germs. Because we all NEED to have small conversations with each other.

Daughter came and ate some of the leftovers and took home a baked Buttercup Squash.  And I hope I got the spice quotient correct this time.  She likes spice but not heat.  So I tried to make an interesting spice mixture to warm in butter and then baste the cut edges of the squash before baking.  In the past I had also filled the cavity with cheese and heavy cream.  Then baked.

I have a new book to read.  The Unhoneymooners.  Two people in the wedding party (who do not like each other at all) are the only two people at a wedding who do not get food poisoning at the wedding reception and they HAVE to use the non refundable honeymoon package. Let the fun begin.......

Friday, November 27, 2020

Daily Notes- November 27th- The Day After

Already thinking about the Advent Calendar.  This one looks enchanting.  Little brown paper wrapper packages tied up with string.  Some of my favorite things.

Day began.....daughter had taken her car to Honda for oil change and snow tires. Eight text messages.

 So.......basically after they checked the car over- it's toast as they say.  Frame needs replacing.  And with those words- I decided that when she drives back home (very carefully)- we'll find a way to get the snow tires off her car and on to mine and she will drive my car for the Winter.  I don't drive in the Winter.  Aside from the grocery store and library curbside pickup but only if there is NO SNOW on the road.  But I can force husband to drive me in his car. Four wheel drive.

Don't ask.  I refuse to drive his car (he can barely see over the steering wheel).  It's a button car.  No key.  And it's huge.  I used to drive the black Jeep he had years ago.  I liked that one- so, of course, he traded it.  I also liked the big Land Rover. If and when he stops driving- the Jeep is going to be traded for something else.  And, yes, I know all cars now are button cars.  So, incredibly, stupid. 

My husband's Jeep has already decided, on it's own button mindset, to lock him out, refuse to start, the engine has stopped on the highway at high speed, and all sorts of crazy behavior.  And there is nothing anyone can do. "it's the computer".  That's what Chrysler has to say about all of that.  The car is perfect.  The computer that the button controls- not perfect. When daughter gets a new car, I'll get my Honda back.

So...that rant is over with.  I am going to the library for curbside pickup.  I may go and buy some squash. Dinner yesterday was exhausting.  I am out of practice on such long haul cooking.  I had pans on every burner and was using both racks in the oven.  INTENSE.  We ate and then there was the "dish washing".

Husband's back is causing him much "pain" and "suffering".  I have suggested he cease "doing things" out in the workshop and yard until it feels better.  But he can't "hear my voice" so why bother?  Tomorrow is his birthday.  I think daughter has made him some sort of dessert.  We have two kinds of pie.  And cake from grocery store in fridge. I may stop in the grocery and buy ice cream.  

Yesterday- while he was sleeping on the couch with heating pad- I drank wine. Today it might be a tall gin and tonic.

My word for today- "accept" Pretty amazing how that happens- it's just a glass jar with words in it.  

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Daily Notes- Thanksgiving Day- 2020

From the Way Back Days.  This cookbook was a Wedding Gift in 1968.  Still the one we like the best. I only add cinnamon and none of the others (ginger, cloves and nutmeg).  I have them in the spice drawer  these days but back in those early years- I only had cinnamon.  And it's what we like. Last year I made a pumpkin pie three times between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It's still murky here in Maine.  Dismal.  House lights on.  Doesn't help.  Furnace running.

The Pie is in the oven. (the pie is out of the oven and looks glorious)  And when it comes out- the Sweet Potatoes go in (they are in).  Followed by the Green Bean Casserole.  And on the stove- steamed Brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes.  Stove Top is the dressing of choice around here and packaged gravy.  Made with cream.  Why?

Well, my husband loves Thanksgiving Dinner.  So we used to have it frequently between Halloween and Christmas.  Maybe even once a week.  So...if one is making that meal every week with just a deli turkey breast- it gets streamlined. It gets simplified to it's most basic easy to make levels.  And as the children used to say- as long as there is gravy- it's all good.  And I keep adding more vegetable dishes.  Less turkey.  Radical.

But always pie.  Always pie.  And this year, we have apple and pumpkin.

Anyone know what Adobe Flashdrive is?  My computer is warning me about it but husband has no idea what it is (anymore) and I don't know if I even need it.  And it seems they want a payment.  There are so many scams out there these days.  I just do simple things.  Email.  Blog. Sometimes Pages to make class notes to copy and hand out.  That's about it.  I do down load pictures from phone but once used I delete. I have no picture files.  I have no files at all. Even Turbo Tax gets installed, worked on, printed and deleted. No taxes saved.

Let me know what it is.  If anyone knows.  Then I can safely hit the "delete" button they are offering me.

Happy Thanksgiving. And I give thanks everyday for the Readers of this Blog.  

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Daily Notes November 25th

Cranberries are up first thing today.  I'll get them cooked and laced with sugar and booze and tucked into the fridge when they cool. Extra cranberries are excellent breakfast food with yogurt especially with booze. Then I'll decide what else to make.   Probably the Pumpkin Pie.  Do not like making it on The Day. 
I am reminded that the acorn squash does better in the microwave.  But the sweet potatoes like the oven. The (cooked already) Turkey breast is thawing in the fridge.  I can prep the Brussels sprouts but will wait to make the green bean casserole.  Mashed potatoes are last minute as is the gravy.

So, I can sit on the couch and read my book.  Thayer's Let It Snow.  Small book.  And it just happens to be snowing here in Maine and 29 degrees.  No sunshine.  House lights are on. 

Paula and I emailed back and forth regarding making felt tree ornaments.  She sent me patterns for Peppermint Candy and an Owl.  And we both went crazy for the Twelve Days of Christmas ornaments on Pinterest. Quite labor intensive and not much time right now but the French Hens looked amazing.  Maybe one.  Maybe. But I know I can crank out 8 Peppermint Candies.  

And I still have all the parts and pieces ready to make one of Dee's Rats.  Even wool for his overcoat.  I might even use some of the donor sweater to make my Rat a scarf. I had planned to make Rats after Christmas- but then we had the Carpenters and Painter here etc and then it was COVID. and.......well, you all know how that went.

And there might be Time for one or two of the potholders- then I can do the handsewing of the binding while watching movies.

Time for another cup of coffee (decaf) and then........cranberries and we'll see how it goes.  Friday we take my car to the Auto Body Shop.  So I won't have a car for awhile.  Some metal "heat shield" needs replacing.  Honda just ripped the thing off daughter's car (same year and model as mine) and called it good.....I may suggest it to the auto body shop guy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Daily Notes- November 24th. And I thought it was Saturday.

Muffy dressed for the weather.  Knit sweater and hat.  Corduroy pants.  Boots.  Dog.  Looks like she wants to go for a walk in the woods.  Collecting greens for some holiday handcrafting.

Daughter and her landscape co-worker when for a walk- with his collie.  A herding type dog.  Always trying to gather the two of them up.  Daughter is more used to the non-herding dog.  The adventure/full of surprises kind of dog. The kind of dog who goes off the path and then bursts out of a snowbank right in front of you on the path. Riley.   Or goes off with a new dog pal and the two return covered in sticky wet mud.  That kind of dog. The kind who can't wait to share his favorite mud hole with another dog.

It's Tuesday.  So I need to start doing Thanksgiving prep work.  The Chocolate Factory sent daughter home with an apple pie yesterday.  Last year they sent her home with one- and we found it to be very delicious.  So...we husband and I are pretty happy.  I now wish we had some vanilla ice cream in the freezer.

I'm going to make the boozy cranberry sauce today.  Jars and  jars of it.  So damned good.  I am thinking about baking the acorn squash today and wrapping them up and storing in the porch fridge.  The turkey breast is already cooked and in the freezer.  Just needs thawing and heating.  I didn't buy rolls.  We never eat them.  I do need to bake the pumpkin pie.   And the rest is just the vegetable sides.  Lots of vegetable sides.  Enough to last into and thru the weekend.

My Greenhouse Guy called this morning.  He has a 9 foot balsam tagged and set aside for me.  It's beginning to feel like the Holidays.  The only thing left to work on......the annual handcraft tree ornament. Any really good looking things on Pinterest????  I am not a member so I don't get to see much.  Let me know if you have seen something really adorable- in felt.  I have lots of felt.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Daily Notes- November 23- BIG RAIN with rolling thunder

Simple.  A baked pear.  A good bowl.  Some cream.  Come...join me at the table this very very dark and wet morning here in Southern Maine.  The rain is pounding the house. Thunder.  All the lights are on in here.  The heat has been turned up from the overnight setting.  No morning paper.  My neighbor has her lights on. All I can see of what exists across the road.

Daughter helped (yesterday) to bring in the plants we overwinter on the unheated porch (vestibule) and carried down the 48 inch round wreaths and set them up on the porch for the holidays.  The neighbors ask.  Will you have the wreaths?? The things that people catch hold of.....always interesting.

Today- this morning time- Monday-- is when I go to the grocery store.  But not now.  Not in this heavy rain. I'll wait...see if it stops.  But it seems strong, heavy, angry.  Scrubbing the Air and Earth.  Thunder rolling.

Almost like evening.  In the morning.

I watched a few movies last night.  I cut squares of cloth into rectangular strips.  I cut others into four squares.  I just cut and cut and cut.  I also snipped hand appliqué stitches to remove circles from squares. Taking apart a long ago project that never was going to be good.  Perhaps the pieces will become something???  But in all likelihood- these cut pieces will need new companions in order to "become"..

I finally figured out what the red square was for.  And collected what was meaningful to me.  And set those things on the cloth.  Heart.  Seeds.  Circle of metal.  A folded paper house with birds- a Christmas card from a dear friend- years ago.  My red square is small- but I think I would like to add handwritten words from friends to that square- the things that mean the most to me.

Be mean so much to me.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Daily Notes- Sunday November 22nd.

A photo from another site- we do not have birds like this one where I live.  The chest surface seemed like embroidery to me.  So many small embroidered dots.   I think I selected the picture for that reason- to remind me to add embroidered dots.  To something.  To everything.

It must be a record of some sort.  Not reading a book for 4 or 5 days in a row.  There is a lovely pile of books on the table.  Good books.  I am just not ready for them yet.

I feel  like I am in a period of Time where I wait......for the clue to where I am heading next.  Like a Walker or Traveler- standing and deciding where to go next.  When to start going. Again.

Or it could just be the winding down of the year.  The ending of 2020- a year we will always use as a marker of sorts.  Not sure, as yet, if it will be one of the worst marking points. Only with the passing of Time will we know that.  

Maine is preparing for the arrival of vaccines.  The logistics of it.  The newspaper already alerted me to hoarding and shortages of toilet paper already.  I never used much of the stash I piled up last Time. that was something I learned.  We didn't actually NEED so much as WORRIED ABOUT NEEDING.

What I needed most- my inhaler meds- I have.  Three months worth.  I'll worry again in February.

Daughter starts back at the candy factory tomorrow so today she will be coming over to carry the 48 inches wreaths down from the attic and set them up on the porch.  We won't be lighting them up until after Thanksgiving.  A reminder each year of the sudden death of husband's brother.  G and I were wrapping wire reindeer in lights when the phone rang.

I am putting together lasagna for daughter to have when she comes home from work during the week.  And she will be getting Thanksgiving Dinner delivered to her house as well.  She is not sure how many people she will have direct contact with in small spaces- so we will not eat together.

That movie- Burlesque- turns out to be daughter's favorite "Cheesy Movie" and she corrected me- not cheese crackers- cookies.  She says the movie is on Netflix and she watches it once a week. I have yet to watch the entire movie.  Perhaps today.  After football.  Which doesn't look all that interesting.  No pizza today.  I am going with Nachos.  Changing things up.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Daily Notes- November 21- Saturday

Sorry I am late posting today.  The Day got away from me. 

We had a project.  To cut back the Pussy Willow tree by the front porch.  To hard prune the Peach tree. I though we were just going to "consider" cutting the flowering tree by the side of the house close to the power lines.  But we-- husband --went to get the chain saw and then the ladder and then...we were off to the races.

At the point where husband went to get some rope we were getting me very nervous around the power lines- I walked down the street and asked our younger neighbor if he would assist.  Holding the rope.  The two guys got the heavy tree down with out any sparks.  And now the outside work is done for 2020.

My second loaf of bread is wet.  Moist.  Not bad but still not right.  I have no idea what went wrong as I am measuring everything.  I guess I will have to weigh the flour.  Baking is more about weights than measures. The first loaf was great.

Last night I started watching Burlesque on the E channel.  Usually they show Devil Wears Prada.  This new movie- Burlesque is the same.  Cher instead of Streep.  Stanley Tucci doing costumes instead of fashion.  I had to stop watching to go to bed.  It was late- so I didn't get to the scene where the dancer singer from a small Town is sharing a house with the bartender at the Burlesque Theater.   He's completely naked.  With only a sort of well placed box of cheese crackers- which he offers her.  "Want some?".

This movie has many many of the Hallmark Bingo plot points.  Meet cute.  Saves the theater from bankruptcy by singing after the head singer gets too drunk to go on with the show. Sharing of cheese crackers.  Roommates. Rich guy who is the Bad guy (I think).  And it matches up to the plot points in the Devil Wears Prada.  There really are NO NEW ideas on TV anymore.  The Cheese Crackers was a first for me.  Probably only me.

Well, I am tired.  It's now pitch black outside.  And I am feeling sleepy.  Husband is taking a shower and dumping more clothing into the laundry basket.  He was really exhausted by the ladder climbing and used his inhaler.  I was glad I got the guy down the road to help out.  

Friday, November 20, 2020

Daily Notes- November 20th- Friday

Well, that is something to think about.  I tend to own too much and that becomes overwhelming.  When I was clearing the living room of furniture and everything else for the painting guy last winter- well, none of the boxes I packed and carried into the Attic- none have been opened or carried back down here. And I never replaced the three chairs. The two big chair and a half ones live with daughter in her very very small house.  She enjoys tight spaces.  The other chair is at the local candy store.  In the window.  Soon to have Santa sitting in it for the next 6 weeks.   The big Swedish or German cupboard is still disassembled.  Up there.  I do miss it.  But nothing that was inside.

The bookcases and cabinets beside the fireplace here in the living room- empty- except for the liquor boxes that I emptied into the lower cabinets with doors.

No carpets. No curtains. No pictures.  One couch with two tables and two lamps.  Where husband reads or naps. One table and one chair and one lamp where he colors in his books.

Over here where I type these words.  Carpet, two tables, two large ottoman, lamps, desk, printer, clutter. Life being lived in this one section of a very large room.  I think it felt warmer when it was full.  But that could just be imagination.

My red square is liking it's new border strips.  I am thinking it might be finished.  LizA made her squares into kitchen towels.  To be used and enjoyed.  I use feed sack towels here and old, old 40's flower printed cloth.  Which is developing wear thru holes.  A good project would be mending them with square patches. Perhaps red ones.  It is a very pleasant idea.

We are going out today to do curbside book pickup.  And I will run into the grocery store to get ricotta. Daughter requested lasagna.  And I am mixing up flour, yeast and water for another loaf of bread.  Reminding myself of March.  The beginning days of COVID.  Pantry Soup is also on my mind.  I have everything.  I can eat my soup with bread.  And I may cut open the last of the Kabocha hard squash and bake it.  Sprinkle it with the Japanese Seven Spice blend.  Today or Tomorrow or the next day. It really doesn't matter does it?  What day it is.

That might be the true takeaway of COVID.  It doesn't really matter what day it is.  As long as it's a day you stay at home, stay safe and do something you love. 

I might be buying brown paper lunch bags and a bag of play sand.  Make Luminaries to line the driveway or sidewalk.  On a day between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Or just on the front steps.  Just somewhere. To shine a little light.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Daily Notes- November 19

Men.  What a Treasure some of them are. huh?

I have flour salt water and yeast mixed together and set on one of the European radiators here in the living room- nice and warm.  And, for the first time in forever- I followed the directions to the letter.  It's the No Knead Bread that gets rolled into a very hot cast iron pot with a lid.  Comes out in 35 minutes all crusty and delicious.  But first 5 to 6 hours on the radiator.  

If my husband happens to remember where the dust pan and brush are-- I will continue to clean out the flour and sugar cabinet.  I really hate having to drag out the central vac hose.

I did a load of wash yesterday and then my husband filled the laundry basket.  So......another load of wash. I haven't committed to doing another one today.  

I cut two of the 5.75 squares into thirds.  Sewed them into two long strips with the sewing machine and then added strips to the four sides of the red pieced square. Now I am letting it get used to itself and decide what happens next.  Husband never understands the sitting and staring part of sewing.

Watching Law and Order Criminal Intent and noticing how many Hallmark Actors there are on this show and not on regular L&O.  Criminal Intent is it's own Universe in some ways.  An inside joke. The Boy with the Blue Knit Cap must have had 8 Hallmark leads in that one episode.Now I have a new game to entertain myself with.  

I also watched a Christmas Movie with a woman who "cannot tell a lie" and instead spouts off with exactly what is going thru her head and out her mouth. It was on Lifetime.  Not Hallmark Channels.  2015, I think. Alicia Witt. Her niece makes a wish with Santa.  I think they had three or four sets for the movie.  Very very low budget.  I  also watched another one with a tv show being filmed on Christmas Do It Yourself Outdoor Lawn Decorations.  The only interesting part was that really delicious tall actor- last name Russell.  He was especially delicious and realistically awkward in this movie.  He was a "carpenter"  I guess- but since I missed the first half, I don't know and I didn't have it on the record list.  Will have to find it in the Tivo Guide.

I keep thinking today is Saturday.  And I thought yesterday was Saturday, as well.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Daily Notes- Wednesday November 18th

One Year Ago Today.  I still love you so much Sweet Riley.  He was quite pissed with me when I took this picture.  I am reminded of that which is a bonus.

I have searched the internet, television etc for news of the three astronauts on the Tesla rocket going to the Space Station.  One would think this is GREAT NEWS but instead we have the ranting and interpretations of a Mad King Donald and His Merry Lunatic Friends especially Sir Rudy of the Jiggling Balls. And our Secretary of State is off on a European Deluxe Adventure with his Wife at Taxpayer Expense and no one but his own wife gets that he is Not Welcome/ Why Are You Here?

We woke up to a Hard Freeze.  In the 20's here in Maine.  Should kill a great many COVID germs. Outside. Any in the house will multiply like Rabbits or better still Bedbugs.

I fried Potstickers for husband's supper last night.  That is as close to actually "cooking" as I have gotten- they were frozen in a bag by Trader Joe. I did make grilled cheese sandwiches on another day......and heated up canned soup.  I made Kraft Mac and Cheese for myself while watching a remake of Overboard with a Mexican actor playing the billionaire who has lost his memory and becomes a construction worker. I liked it much better than the Goldie Hawn one.  

I did one load of wash but am planning to do a second one today.  Use some of the bottled detergent and not the little pods.  Change things up.  I am trying to arrange cupboard contents and dish cabinet contents in a more.......user friendly manner.  Meaning- if I don't use it- why is it in the cabinet????? And it might be Time to get rid of some of my dishtowels.  Even straight out of the wash- they look dirty.

So that's it.  That's me for today.  Really would be happy to see the Space Station Arrival and the Rocket returning to the platform etc etc.  Hallmark and Law and Order will not be doing much for me today. Loose Ends.  

Too bad Pompeo didn't invite me along on his trip.  I actually HAVE people in those countries who would be HAPPY to SEE me.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Daily Notes- November 17th

This is just one of the interesting illustrations in the sewing chapter (from yesterday's old book).  A diagram for a men's coat.  And, no Annie, the things in the attic were not left behind.  They belong to me and my husband and children.  For many many years our Town library had an annual used book sale.  Many of the old houses had been lived in by generations of family and when the last of them died or moved to the very luxurious senior living (and that isn't a joke- it's very fancy with sit down dinner served every night and the men wear suits)- well, the stuff - books- came over to the book sale. Everything thing else became available in thrift shops and Antique sales.  

Many many book sellers marked our sale on their must attend lists.  This book must have looked interesting to me- and I usually would send ones like this to my father.  Somehow it got into husband's workshop- the garage Attic.  And was left there when he moved into his new shed/workshop.  So now it's by the table and I have something to look at on days when nothing else is interesting.

I purchased the very very large old bird cage.  I had intended to have a large fern inside and hang it on the front porch during the Summer.  Then I found a large wooden parrot.  The two were enjoyed for many years and then things changed.  As they do if you stay in one place long enough.  The Faux yellow old French wall treatment was finally covered with Pure White paint last Winter.  The last of that decade of Old French in the living room. And all the swagged floral fabrics were removed from the windows along with the patterned lace curtains.  It was very 90's in here.  Now it's not anything.  Just a couch two tables and two lamps.  No rugs, no window treatments.  Art is on the floor leaning on a wall or in the attic.

I think in the past 10 or 20 years I have been getting ready to move.  In Spirit and Mind. But not in Body. This house and this street have been quite lonely.

I was saved from melancholy by my jobs.  I looked forward to each day at work.  The People.  It's been three or four years now of only teaching classes.  And work was part time and nothing after mid December till April.  So, I knew it would be hard being home all the Time.  And with COVID it is much worse.  In a 24 hour period- you might be the only person I talk to. Especially if husband is outside or in his workshop all day.  And he has never been one to hold a conversation with anyone.

I did my one load of washing, my pages in my notebook, washed the breakfast dishes.  I was wondering how to fill the day.  My eyes are still dry so reading would be okay if I use my drops and stop when I feel tired. Sewing- not so much but I might repair the left elbow of my sweater while watching some Storage Wars and Christmas Movies. It's a change from Law and Order.  

Monday, November 16, 2020

Daily Notes- November 16th

A very old book our daughter found in the Attic a few hours ago.  The regular Attic that is full of other stuff and not cloth.  Even a gigantic wire birdcage meant for a very large parrot or some other very large bird. The book's content covers just about everything- even bookkeeping, dress making, cooking, structural engineering etc.  I am going to enjoy exploring the book.  Science -Literature- Art.

We were looking for screen material for the box husband is making.  I had cross stitch cloth but in the end they found the window screen materials.

We had a REALLY LOUD rain storm last night, lost power and it was amazing.  If you watched the late Sunday Football (Patriots) you saw the storm in Boston.  The commentators said they had shipped the worst of it to Maine.  Ha!!!  The Ground in the yard gives no indication of heavy rain going on all night.  Dry.  I am guessing, so dry the water just ran off instead of soaking in.  A waste of good water.

Tomorrow is supposed to be very cold.  Lowest part of the 30's.  Winter arrives in Maine way before all of the rest of you see any. Sigh.

Mail is being delivered after dark.  Or in the middle of the night.  Always a surprise to find any when we get the morning paper.

Today is Monday so you all know I was at the grocery and did curbside pickup at the library.  I got a bag of four Brownies at grocery.  Daughter saw them and whined.  She wanted them but they do not agree with her digestive system.  (I put that in delicate terms for you all).  And she says she wants me to make lasagna. After I have already been to the grocery.  And she had some other suggestions on things I could cook for her.  I listened.  Not sure how interested I am. Especially the additions of mushroom to everything.

Daughter fulfilled a Christmas Gift she gave to her friend M last December.  Eight hours of gardening help.  Edged all M's beds and inquired nicely if the man living in the house next door wanted to keep his pile of rocks.  He did not. So now M has a lovely rock edging for her flower beds. M fed daughter a lovely lunch she liked so much she is cooking it for herself today.  Paleo.

I haven't eaten any lunch yet.  But my morning oatmeal was quite good.

There was a 40 something father of two young children selecting something from a shelf with their input at today's grocery store visit.  Perhaps a professor at the local college.  He said that out of the amazingly inappropriate foods on display- they had, yet again, chosen the worst of the worst.  Enchanting.  Did I mention he was also very good looking.  And the young man who stocks the soft drinks was at work but facing the wrong way - so I didn't get to admire his tattoo of the constellations of stars and planets today on his left arm.  Perhaps this is one of the perks of being old?

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Daily Notes- November 15th

Found.  I went into the sewing room looking for something- no...I actually recall now that I had found two pockets I had removed from something and hand washed them and took them into the sewing room where I have a drying rack set up.  These two were on the rack.  You can see that the rusty one is actually a shirt sleeve I removed from a Goodwill shirt.  The upper one is from the acorn jar.  Acorn water with a rusty bit and some red onion skins.  Very nice result.  I like when I get that flat dull black.  It's a favorite of mine.

My eyes are tired.  Well, maybe dry and not tired.  The house is lacking in moisture these days. I was reading and sewing and watching a favorite movie on Lifetime- Christmas Around Town (again) on Saturday.  Little New England Town- Bookshop.  Venture Capitalist spending 3 weeks. Watch it if you get a chance. Also The Magical Christmas Shoes.  Will seem very much like Hallmark isn't.

Book I am now reading came from a far away library.  Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating. Same two gals wrote the Honey Don't List that I also enjoyed.  Books are hard to find- most libraries don't carry them.  Trade paper and not hardbound.  Could possibly be Kindlized.  Instead of dating each other- ick- they double date with dates they set up for each other.  The dates- really well written train wrecks. This actually would be a fantastic Hallmark Movie.  Of course Josh and Hazel end up together but........the dates are hilarious and more than a little.....non PC.

I am eating my way thru my candy and hot fudge sauce supplies.  Anxiety issues.  Or just plain old boredom.  I did manage to dust the bedroom.  Window blinds, Buddha, dresser, lamps, pencil post bed frame.  I have a basket of laundry calling me by name.  Football tonight and a change up- Nachos. And I might make alcoholic beverages. Well, husband most likely will refuse one but might have beer. Patriots on the late 8pm game- if they circle the bowl (so to speak) I'll change the channel,

It's dismal, damp and chilly here in Maine today.  House lights are on.  The couch and my book are calling me.  But first lubricating/ hydrating eye drops.  And the rest period while they do their job.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Daily Notes- November 14th

So the red square up top.  Made last night.  Late.  Was thinking of something  I saw on Liz's blog.  Moving to Texas 2.0.  Not in my sidebar- since sidebar hasn't been up dated in years.

I saw the red square.  And I wanted to make one.  And I went looking for solid reds.  I don't have any.  The center is a orange red from a linen pocket I removed from a tunic that- while wildly stylish- made me look like a red linen BARN.  I thought removing the pockets would lessen the width.  No.  But I never sewed the pockets back.  

Nothing was found in the Small Closet.  And it was night time.  Light wasn't good.  So I came back to the couch and in the bag of "too busy French squares with circles very carefully hand appliquéd" I found one square of this pattern red that read as a solid.  Ish.  I cut the square into quarters.  Watched John Wick being beaten to a pulp and shot multiple times- then sewed the four to this center.  Then searched for another square in the bag. Cut it into quarters and then watched John Wick fight a girl in a mirrored closet for 30 minutes- it seemed.  Finished the Square.

It radiates so much energy- I half expect it to levitate.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Daily Notes- November 13th

I stitched this yesterday.  Pieces from several friends.  None I have ever met in person.  The lower edge and left edge and under the red kite shape- LizA.  Upper right- DebL.  Middle left the cloth wish from Grace in California.  Center and under the red kite shape (also DebL)- a piece of my own black and white and left inside edge some of my home dyed beige.  I do a very good job making beige.  There will be more additions. things also might be unsewn and sewn back in different places or trimmed to narrower strips..  Or not.  Right now six or seven inches on longest side.  I have a Jude (Spirit Cloth) moon I want to add. 

As of now- I am looking and listening to what the cloth gathering has to say.  But I do want Liz A to tell me how she got Eucalyptus to print on her cloth.  I have tried and gotten nothing.

It is dismal and wet here in Maine.  Daughter came over and carried the Summer outdoor chairs up into the Attic.  She and her father decided to wait to bring down the three 48 inch wide wreaths for the front porch.  For Christmas. Daughter resents having to do heavy lifting.  Her brother would certainly resent it as well- all the way in California.  I was going to my secondary choice- the guy who does yard work across the street.  He'll do most anything for $75.  That's his all purpose flat rate.  I'd like to test the "anything" part of the deal but so far my daughter and husband have said "no".  Just chairs.  In the Attic.

Not like I had any other ideas.  

Husband and daughter made plans for G to build a feeding box for the smaller of her two cats.  The larger one has figured out a way to eat all the little cat's food.  So they have devised a puzzle box of sorts that will, hopefully, keep the big cat out- and puzzled-- while the little one can nibble her food.  Alone. It has taken the larger cat quite a while to figure out how to wiggle into the box daughter had-- that worked.  Until it didn't.  That's why she carried the chairs into the Attic.

So husband will be in his workshop rest of the day.  Law and Order, Book Reading, Sewing, or Hallmark. Or I could do a load of wash.  Perhaps if they paid me $75 to do the wash???? 

Be a hard sell.  

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Daily Notes- November 12th. On the big COVID map every state but Maine and Vermont are bright red.

Christmas Potholders.  From 2019.  They have a better chance this Winter.  Batting.  The Potholder kind. Backing. The little red dots on white and the binding-perfect green.  Happened to have it in the Small Closet.  From Goodwill once upon a Time.  Still has it's $1 tag on it.  No other green in the closets is this close a match. The Charm Pack to make the potholders is from my Dear Friend Connie.  Retro.  And a great Retro Santa.

Will be hard to give them away or even get them DIRTY.

I had a great shower this morning.  I was very late getting up.  Lots of slideshows going on in my Emotional Life right now.  Tears.  So, after all that...a good long hot shower, fresh clothes and a New Day. Breakfast, the news paper and now coffee and a Brownie.  Breakfast Dessert.  It's going to be like that.

I ordered Chinese for late lunch for us yesterday.  I got Lo Mein with Shrimp and fried up two carrots and a quarter onion to mix into it.  Never enough vegetables and I had hoped for pea pods.  No.  I should have asked.  Lots of left overs.  So today is taken care of.

Raining so husband can't do any outdoor work.  He has a backpack leaf blower and enjoys using that. But not in the rain.  So he has settled in to do some work in his coloring books.  He is actually getting better at choosing color combos.  When he gets tired of coloring- he has a good book to read. Or another nap. I have a book to read as well. But my eyes are tired from all the morning crying.  So........Not sure what I will be doing.

Political Stuff.  I had expected to be happy after the election.  But all the COVID is so heartbreaking. And the Shit Storm that is Trump.  His former personal secretary was on MSNBC and she said Trump has NEVER been in a place like this (public humiliation)- she is expecting something REALLY BAD to happen.  And she knows him really well.

So I am on edge.  More so than usual with Trump.  He has always made me apprehensive.  I can feel and see the anger and mental illness coming off him.  Radiating it. And Kavanagh!!!  Wow!!! Trump thought that was going to be a slam dunk.  Not.  That should have done it.  Caused Trump's head to explode.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Daily Notes- November 11. Veteran's Day.

Yesterday.  The blue enamel dye pot.  On the stove again.  Was missing those cloth adventures.  So, into the pot -- skin and pith of my one Pomegranate, black tea bags, water, a copper pipe piece.  Simmer. then down to the sewing room and the bag of Goodwill linen.  The far right is original pale yellow linen.  a pair of wide legged pants I think- once upon a Time.  The middle, cloth with red onion skins wrapped around a tin can and to far left cloth with string going round and round.  I like lines.  Some dark spot where it touched the tin can.  There was another group of scraps in the kettle when the brew was fresher.  Got more tan and less like these which marinated over night.  The red onion helped.

I was at the grocery this morning to pick up husband's prescriptions.  Too many people.  And high rate of COVID transfer in past few days here in Maine.  So I didn't stop to buy another Pom.  Monday will be soon enough.

Bet Me was very very good.  I might just read it again today.  I do that if I really like a book. And I can't believe I hadn't read it before now.  If I did...I had totally forgotten it. And I might just look for a Chicken Marsala recipe.  A plot point in the book.

No sunshine today but it is unseasonably WARM for November in Maine.  This time last November Riley and I were heavily bundled up in coats, hats and mittens for the many evening walks we took.  Last one at around midnight each day.  Just an old Woman, an old Dog and the Dark... and the Drunk next door coming home and nearly hitting us with his huge SUV.  Every fricking night.  

Had to take a short break- but now I have wiped my face and blown my nose and can continue.

It was heartbreaking to read the news of the numbers of COVID cases ravaging this country (and Maine) in this morning's newspaper.  We saw images of the mobile morgues on television last night.  More people dying than in the horrific weeks in New York at the beginning.  Now it's in the Red States and Maine qualifies as a Red State.  Only the part where I live is Blue.  I'm now glad the library closed up when the number per day was 100.  Now it's closer to 250.

Brett Kavanaugh.  Speechless. What were the odds he would try and save the ACA?   

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Daily Notes- November 10th

New furniture for the larger bears.  And a table.  As you can see- very pleased.  Behind is a watercolor by a local artist.  I mentioned to her that I had purchased this painting at a gallery.  She frowned and said "never was a favorite of mine".  Well.  Okay.

The Sun is shining.  I guess it might be warm outside but feels chilly here in the house.  I thought I would like raisins in my oatmeal this morning.  Took awhile to find the raisins.  But after the first spoonful...I didn't enjoy raisins in my oatmeal.  Raisins alone.  Oatmeal alone.  Not together.

Jude Hill (Spirit Cloth) has a very very good post this morning regarding coloring cloth with simple things. I happen to have a Pomegranate here in the kitchen.  And some black tea bags and a tin can.  Even some red onion skins.  My copper pot container is just a shallow bowl but I can set it into a pot (used only for cloth not food).  See what happens.  I learn so much from Jude Hill.  About Cloth.  About Life. About having Less and doing More with it.

Yesterday I got the tray of white daffodils planted in the front bed.  I got a load of dirty gardening clothes (husband) washed and dried.  I might do another load today.  I found a new book to become my "Book Journal" with titles, author and brief idea of plot and characters.  The book I am reading would have this note- chubby girl is asked out on a "bet" by handsome guy.  I read 10 pages before bed and it's going to be great. She knows it's a bet.  Going to make him work for it. "Bet Me"- Crusie. Same author wrote Agnes and the Hitman- the one I wrote about which includes a helicopter and an exploding bridge.

Yesterday the movie is on Cinemax today.  If you haven't seen it and have Cinemax- watch it.  Especially if you loved the Beatles and their music.  I loved it but don't have Cinemax.  So I will just remember loving it when I saw it at the movie theater.

Be Kind- wear your mask.  Smile- it shows in your eyes.

Monday, November 09, 2020

Daily Notes- November 9th

Our household is rolling with snacks and cake these days.  Sugar Vitamins.  Today was grocery day  and I got several cold roasted turkey breasts.  Rolled them in heavy duty foil and into the freezer.  We'll thaw one out and heat and serve it the week of Thanksgiving and G's Birthday.  He was born on Thanksgiving Day way back when- olden days.  And I have the makings of Pumpkin Pie- which makes him happier than cake.  I wanted to get all this ahead of time case.  Things go sideways pretty quickly in a Pandemic.

Biden gave a very nice speech a few minutes ago about doing a kindness for yourself and your family, neighbors and friends...even for strangers.  Wear a mask.  Not as a political statement.  As a Kindness. While he was speaking we got to see Trump playing golf. Husband said his swing was terrible.

The entire left elbow area of my charcoal grey sweater (which I am wearing) is one large hole.  I must be hard on my left elbow. I have two solutions.  One is some black wool for a patch or I can remove the left pocket from the sweater and patch with that.  First I have to see exactly how much territory the hole covers.  My patch needs to be wider all around so it holds.  Until next time.

I fit in here in Maine.  So many very very old family money people live here in Maine and wear threadbare but very excellent clothing.  Perfectly tailored suits from the 40's.  Cashmere moth eaten sweaters. Pearls with gardening clothes. Linen everything. Designer silk scarves from the 60's and 70's.  I'm not old family money. But I like the good old stuff.  Pearls for the grocery store?  Next week.

Daughter ventured into JoAnn's and got me potholder batting.  Next door the discount store had chocolate shortbread dog shaped cookies .  She texted to see if I would like some.  I would.  I will get them on Christmas Day and not a second prior. I think maybe Riley had something to do with them being available.  It's almost the one year anniversary of his passing.  It's on the calendar. I couldn't find any last year.

Daughter now at Goodwill and she found a very sweet white wicker- two chairs and a table for Muffy's household.  We had a set but they got misplaced and we have looked and looked for them.  Fate? so I set her to look for a soft small sized black or charcoal wool sweater to use as the donor for patches on this sweater I am wearing.  Muffy now has five chairs- she can have a doll sized party.  Evenly spaced.  And with masks.  For Kindness.  To Others.

Sunday, November 08, 2020

Daily Notes- November 8th

The Desktop Calendar.  I keep the  pages as they fill up and each month ends. It's a sort of diary of what has gone on in 30 days.  Usually there is a book list but now that I have my Library Books notebook over to the left on top of the printer- I record books pretty faithfully.  The library no longer keeps records of what I read.   Something about the Federal Information Act.  Now against the law.

I need to visit Staples. For Washing Machine Pages Notebooks and Pens.  For a new desktop calendar. I was hoping to not have to purchase Turbo Tax.  I am hoping to find someone to do the taxes for me.  I am so damned tired of doing them.  Once they are done- I go on about why did I procrastinate....but I do it again the next year.  I could actually do the taxes in February.  Get past it.  I don't.  It's like some sort of Mental Incompetence. That I was BORN with.  I'm a "put-er-off-er"  Sigh.

I have a bowl of pizza dough in the oven- no heat-- proofing.  Football Pizza.  Not that the football is any good with teams swapping out good players who are sick with healthy players who have rarely to never played.  But it's better than staring at a blank wall.

Yesterday Evening and the President Elect.  Mostly I was smiling at the large families they have.  Biden carrying a baby. The Vice President Elect with her twin nieces.  Everyone socializing.  Not the stiff silent line of Trump adults sans children.  The street parties and celebrations. The masks.  SUCH JOY.

It was good.  I was happy.  No one had a long rifle.   

Trump doing what he does as President- Golf. I am reminded of how Trump got on FOX to berate Obama for playing golf on VACATION while Obama was President.  It is just so insane.

Saturday, November 07, 2020

Daily Notes- November 7th. I have lost count of the number of new cases of COVID overnight.

I went over to the bookcase where I have a few jars filled with little things.  This is the button jar.  The SMALL button jar.  It's from a Oui yogurt.  You can see bits of the other button jars.  When I have a project in need of a button I sort thru the jars for the right color or size.  And some buttons- well, I keep them handy. You know...pretty to look at.

Yesterday and today are very mild- 68 outside today.  Husband carried weeds and branches to the pile back in the farthest north of the property.  I like to imagine the piles of branches as a Winter home to various woodland animals.  Far away from the house.  He hauls it all with a riding mower/and cart that only rarely ever cuts any grass.

He has soilless potting mix to sift (remove roots) and store in 30 gallon plastic garbage cans.  And, I keep reminding him to fill my potting bench in the garage with enough sifted potting soil to fill my milk jug seed starting "greenhouses'.  I plan to get started a bit earlier this year.  Mid January.  My tomato seedlings were very "tardy" last Spring.  Meaning they took too long to start making tomatoes.  I am a gardener- thinking of next summer already.  Saving seeds.  Many many seeds from this year's abundant crop of marigolds (started from seed).  I also sprinkled seeds in the flower beds- near the back - the marigolds got very tall.  We'll see if any sprout. I also have white daffodils (from a housewarming gift from husband's brother and wife in 1991.  They still come up and multiply like crazy. And I think of my brother in law each Spring when they flower.  A very very sweet and thoughtful guy. We lost him two Thanksgivings ago.  At the same age my husband was when he had HIS heart attack.  Brother was alone. Died.

Did two loads of wash (and Washing Machine Pages) and the basket was empty but then husband came in at the end of the day to shower and the basket is now full again with all his clothing. So one more load today.  And I may make a loaf of no knead bread or a pizza dough to rise and then overnight in the fridge. We are out of prepared food.  But the bed has clean sheets.

Daughter is requesting soup LOADED with vegetables.  Well, I do not, presently have that many vegetables in the fridge drawer. Some. But not enough for LOADED.  So she asked if I had more of that Kabocha squash to bake? Yes. Two.  So she wants them, baked and loaded with spices etc.  But no hot spices. She is asking for garlic.  I despise garlic and never have it in the house other than when making pickles. I am adding a leek, more carrots, potatoes, celery to grocery list....what else should I get- Help me think?

She does know how to cook- - and she eats a very good plant based diet- with hot vegetables in her thermos for lunch at work (frozen vegetable mixes she heats in the microwave before work).  But she isn't going to bake a hard rind squash.  Or try and cut it into quarters with a sharp knife and a block of wood to pound the knife into the squash.  I--will do that.  I will also keep two quarters for my own meal. Because I want to. I'm the mother.

Friday, November 06, 2020

Daily Notes- November 6th- 125 Covid cases here in Maine in one day- almost 2400 in Kentucky

Hold Tight!!!  It feels like this doesn't it.  Hold tight to Sanity.   Hold tight to Health.  Hold tight to Family. Hold Tight to your Mask.

A brief detour here to find husband's slippers.-- Hold Tight to your Memory.

My eyes are sore- too many tears.  Just reading the newspaper brings tears.  I stopped watching the news.  I check in once or twice a day to see the totals.  But absentee ballots are time consuming.  I watch the people unfold, flatten with downward palms of hands, then go to the next in the box.  No machine could be as careful.  Votes of those who voted early and mailed in their votes.  They must be counted.

My fall back food right now- a perfectly grilled - grilled cheese sandwich.  Tea with more sugar than usual.  Only two pieces of dark chocolate covered caramel per day.  I haven't started in on Pantry Soup as yet.  But I can see it on the horizon.  I made a Mug Cake in a coffee cup yesterday.  It was okay.  Needs tweaking.

Also, on my Horizon.....LESS.  Less of everything.  I have bags ready to take to Goodwill.  I am counting the number of pairs of pants I have for Winter.  Some needing hemming.  Too many.  I don't have enough years left to warrant this many pairs of corduroy pants.  I don't need MORE but I do need to have LESS. On the phone with daughter- she offered me items she was seeing at Target- I said no to all of it.

I am reminded of my father's closets and basement after he died.  Hundreds of glass jars. Dozens of pairs of Levis in the same size.  Hundreds of packets of soup and noodles.  All went to Goodwill.

Yesterday, in the Magic Attic, searching for wool yarn to mend the neckline of a Goodwill item for daughter.....looking around.  Thinking- how can I leave all this for someone else to deal with.  I am 74. I am my father's daughter and he made it to 86?  So, I have twelve years left on the lower end.  Finite.  Do I need anything? No.  I even have more bobbins for the machine than I will ever use up. And my very own stockpile of canning jars.  Instead of Levis I have corduroy pants.  Somewhere- where ever he is--my dad has a smile on his face.   Chip off the old block.  Some comfort in that.

Someone- someday will be over the Moon with giddy happiness finding all my fabric- most likely at Goodwill.  I will ask daughter to drop off only a bit at a time.  Give more quilters a chance at it.  If people still sew??? They might not.  Things might change quite a lot in years to come.

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Daily Notes- November 5th- Still Counting


I tried very hard yesterday- even standing still on the windy deck- to get a photo of the many many black birds that were eating on and under the bird feeders.  Maybe 50 birds.  But each time I moved even a bit- they flew off- so fast.....  But it was quite amazing to see them all- on the ground and in flight. Especially when the circled.  Really beautiful.

So instead a strange plastic flamingo and a white flowered cactus.

I got my hair cut.  Husband's hair appointment was a half hour later (different haircutter) and he...well, between me walking out the door and his appointment- he decided to go to the couch and fall asleep.  So much for the really expensive iPhone with an alarm.  Why didn't he just leave when I left?  I asked.  No answer. He's outside now setting out the sticks along the drive and sidewalks for when it snows.

After my haircut, I stopped to return books and pick up reserve books at the library.  My gardening pal was in her car in the parking area so I gathered up her book bag with mine.  We had a short visit.  She had errands and I was ready to get back home.  I sure do miss going inside. the library.  But it's 125 more cases this morning here in Maine.  Fourteen in hospitals. We have NEVER had numbers like this.

My car didn't pass inspection.  Some part under the back of the car has rusted out.  A new part has to be ordered at the body shop and installed.  November 27th and they will keep my car for 2 days. So that was unexpected news.

Then daughter called to say the IRS or her Health Care Provider had sent a letter saying the form for the government health care program wasn't filled out.  I told daughter I fill out all the IRS forms.  She has the package and I told her to check.  No return call for 2 hours.  Then she called.  I had done the form, it had been sent etc etc.  She was on the phone with provider for 90 minutes.  Has a new and more expensive plan.  I am wondering if they sent out letter just to get clients???  A scam.  I do not trust anyone anymore.

I had breakfast and a half of a peanut butter sandwich but still feel hungry.  It's after 1pm.  Why does this happen????

Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Daily Notes- November 4th- All for Nothing?

Well, here it is the day after.  I am not feeling very Positive.    

Of all the items being sold on Food 52 these days- this charming hot water boiler is my favorite.  But I am not buying (reviews of the Chinese made products being sold on Food52 are not positive).  I tend to hold on to what I am used to.  Letting go only when those beloved things and people and dog...die. 

Husband and I loaded up the lawn mower and it's parts.  He called and explained that he had no idea how to put on the new handlebar for the mower.  They said bring it in.  Won't be worked on anytime soon but we won't be cutting grass for months.

My car is going to be inspected at 1pm.  I need a sticker.

My problem with my library record was solved- I had reached the maximum of 10 requests.  Five are on the way from other libraries- two have arrived overnight.  And I activated husband's card which gives me 10 additional reserve requests if needed.

I slept last night.  I am not an easy sleeper.  A worry wart.  I tend to lay awake worrying about whatever happened that day or the way my one tooth feels or the pantry supplies or the way my pillow is feeling. Hallmark wasn't good (for me) last night.  Election returns hadn't come in yet.  So I read until 11 and then went to bed.  And to sleep.  Crazy dreams right before waking up.  I can't remember them now. But the point of them was being careful with people and being kind.

I am reading The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver.  Young Brit is engaged to marry her childhood sweetheart.  In a car accident on her birthday, the sweetheart dies.  She is heartbroken and doesn't sleep. She is reluctantly given pink pills.  So she can sleep at night.  Instead she falls asleep during the day and spends hours with her dead boyfriend.  Not in the past- but in a Future she doesn't recognize.  The Two Lives.

I spend most of my reading time with tears in my eyes.  Not sure why.  But I do.  Nothing is sad.  Nothing bad is happening.  He is already dead.  The scene in a bereavement group.  Lord...that was difficult to get thru but worth the effort.  People have so much anger at the one who died and left them alone-- but I can see that the talking-- the letting go of anger- it helps. But...she has only a few pink pills left.

Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Daily Notes- November 3rd- the Day History (of some sort) Will Be Made

Someday.  While waiting for my chance at the morning paper- I was looking at a magazine.  I like everything but the colors.  but the cherry cabinets do match the floor I have now- a floor I do love.  But that floor isn't staying.  That's where I want my sink.  I know ......all your dirty dishes on display etc.  But dishwasher? Not sure I want to have the cook top there next to the orchid pot.  But it might be okay.  I like the idea of the bar stools for breakfast and a chat with anyone over a cup of tea.

Funny I should mention dishwasher.  Mine has not been used since I washed canning jars in 2019.  And before that- possibly Christmas of 2018.  I wash the few things that get used- by hand, dry and put away.

The local library has stopped having visits inside.  Our COVID cases are up over 100 per day.  It's too dangerous to be open.  So...Curbside.  I was online trying to do Curbside book ordering.  They say something is wrong with my record.  So none of my requests are going in.  I'm supposed to call...for assistance.  Probably a good idea.  The stopping of visits is terribly sad.  It's like the one real ray of sunshine is now gone behind dark clouds.  

The post office was open and I purchased stamps.  Enough I hope to get me thru to the new year.  I also purchased a 2021 calendar (at grocery store).  Pretty birds.  I hope the paper it's printed on is sturdier than the one on the wall right now. 

I also got  husband two more square pumpkin cakes with cream cheese frosting.  About 5 inches square. We shared the one I got on shopping day.  And he wanted a whole one.

I realized that somehow- I had managed to have appliqué all the circles on the squares that I had prepared. Now- to go sew more squares into four squares on the sewing machine and choose more circles? Or follow comments (connie) and add plain sashing to calm things down a bit.  I do not have a huge amount of plain solid fabrics that co-ordinate with these "French Provincal" fabrics.  I do not even have a small amount.  The plainest fabric I own has a pattern- however faint- but a pattern none the less. I will look in the Small Fabric Closet.  The newest stuff is there.  

And make a list of books I want and call the library desk and beg for help.  Sad but true- 10 years ago I would have been answering that call.

Monday, November 02, 2020

Daily Notes- November 2nd

I was sort of watching football yesterday/cooking an actual supper/sewing squares together/reading a book.  Multi tasking.  This will eventually be a larger than usual potholder (9.5 inches finished and bound).   Fancy ones like this are used (in my house) to lay between stacked pots and pans to keep them from getting scratched. Others might use them in the center of a table or under a casserole or pie dish.  Or as an actual potholder to get pies and cookie sheets out of the oven.Daughter is going into JoAnn's to get potholder batting.  Not me.

I did find and buy four cans of pumpkin for pie and condensed milk for pie also.  Last Holiday season- before COVID I am reminded of making several pies and enjoying them very much.  So I wanted to be able to do that this year.  I did not buy whipped topping and that is on the list for next shopping day.  I also stocked up on canned chicken soup.  Husband seems to like it very much.  Progresso.  I also got pepperoni and pizza cheese but forgot to buy onions.  Will have to hope the two I have will last the week.

Did you know you could sub in pumpkin from a can for butter, oil or eggs in recipes?  Only one sub not all three at once.  Good to know if we have more shortages in the months ahead.

I got out of the long line at the grocery to buy another package of detergent.  Just in case.  It was hard to find in March and April.  And I need a special kind.  I have skin allergies and need one that has NO smell.

Finally a book I enjoyed reading- Colgan's The Cafe by the Sea.  I had also enjoyed the Little Beach Street Bakery a few weeks ago.  I am going to look for the Bookshop Around the Corner.  You know I love bookshop books.

Connie has also shared a book that she liked very much and it's on my library visit list.  For tomorrow. And a quick walk over to the post office for stamps.  I am still looking for brown paper to securely wrap a large Atlas to send to my little penpal.  I thought I had some but it turns out to be painting paper the painter taped to the hardwood floors.  A bit too sturdy to try and fold and tape around a large book.

 I got a package of cookies to make into crumbs- I have plans to make coffee cup microwave cheese cake with the extra package of cream cheese I have.  Keyboard issues so I will end now.

Sunday, November 01, 2020

Daily Notes- November 1st. COVID. On My Mind.

Winter Squash (name starts with a Kaboche? but I can't remember how to spell it) Baked.  Didn't get the picture in with the recipe.

An overwintering plant service in the upstairs bathroom.  I keep the heat up there (the Magic Attic) at 48.  Daughter brings over zone 6 plants-ten in one gallon pots.  We are a zone 5 mostly.  My yard at times struggles between zones 4 and 5. For context Florida is a zone 13.  I also have her Mandevilla vine over wintering here.  My friend in North Carolina had them in her yard as landscaping shrubs .  In Maine, they are annuals. Summer container plants. But daughter wants to save money and keep it over the winter. Okay.

We decided to not turn on the porch light for Halloween. So candy wasn't an issue.  Daughter lives closer to center of Town and more traffic.  She also didn't decorate or turn on porch light.  Others just left a bowl of candy on sidewalk.  It was a very quiet night.

The Canham Scottish romance got me to page 50 and then moved itself to the return book pile.  4 for 4. Lots and lots and lots of words and very few of them interesting to me.  

Watched a Hallmark movie with "Real Broadway Stars. The future king of Galway (very very strange hair) is snowbound with the Queen (his mother) in a very snowy out of the way spot that is somehow "on the way to the airport" and their private jet. They travel with a small suitcase heavy with the Royal Jewels- thought the Queen seems to favor pop beads made of plastic. Oh Hallmark- what a mistake.

The real Broadway stars certainly "acted" and at the end gave us a very professional and show worthy tango waltz.  Very strange. And the Prince who would be King had on a snap on bow tie with his tux that had flopped over and the snap part was visible on the back of his collar and looked ever so stupid. ALL of the other wardrobe for the Prince had been impeccably European. Until the very romantic end.  Then he looked like he had been dressed very rapidly by Walmart.  Who was in charge?  For another evening he had on a very very nice black tux.  Why not use it again.  And who wears a shiny silver tux????

We have hopes of actually seeing the Patriots play today.  1 pm.  I am guessing all they have left to set out on the field is the practice squad and just out of college quarterback.  Their injured reserve in the sport section took up two paragraphs.  We had hoped to see Brady and the Bucs but they are on ESPN again.  We don't pay for that.  We will try to watch the Titans.  I like that team quite a lot- coached by a former Patriot's Defensive Star. Who was traded away rather than getting a raise in pay.  And holds a grudge. I am thinking Brady holds quite a grudge as well.  Patriots losing and Bucs winning. Gotta be mighty sweet.