Monday, July 31, 2023

Field Notes- Monday, July 31st. Hot and Sunny.. Grocery was crowded. Returned books got two new ones.

 Tangerine Chair,

Grocery was quiet but crowded.  At the Hot Meat Food Bar, I collected a clam shell tub of shredded BBQ pulled pork.  And then went back to get Romaine lettuce and the Mixed Greens box- medium not large.  Pulled Pork Salad.  I have cheese. And sour cream. YUM.

I would have gotten some baked chicken to shred but they haven't had ANY in ages....and I didn't look today.  The also didn't have the cold vegetable salad with cauliflower etc.  I do like that as it's all raw and good for the lower digestive track.  and I got Raisin bagels instead of blueberry for husband....oops.  He can pick out the raisins.  Or Not.  Or I can get the blueberry later in the week.  I like cinnamon raisin,

I had recorded three Women's World Cup Games and I watched them yesterday- fast forwarding thru the boring bits when they just waste time passing the ball back and forth- I know they need to rest........I don't need to watch them rest.

The Smelly Cat Pee House (which sold in one or two days) now has a dozen or so garbage bags out on the curb.  Two full dumpsters and now ten full garbage bags.........I am wondering what is in them.

We slept well last night.  Overnight temps were in the very low 60's so I had a window open.

I bought peaches.  Rock Hard.  They are going under the plastic Microwave Splatter Guard.  To Gas each other and ripen.  I am going to make a Peach Cobbler.  When ever they start smelling like Peaches. I got grapes for G to snack on.....his daily fruit.

He told me the clock by the dining room table wasn't working.  He's changed the batteries a few times. I set it and have been's right on time (but Not the Time husband is on)........ He hauled out the snowblower (not making this up) yesterday........demanded we move the broken riding mower off the driveway so it would NOT be in the way when it SNOWED........ In August, I guess.  A guy has been hired to plow the driveway this Winter.  Should be interesting.

Sunday, July 30, 2023

Field Notes- Sunday, July 30th. Son's Birthday. The computer had a reminder up top.

 It rained all of a sudden about the usual time I go out to cover the Annual Planters.  And it really rained.  And the banner on the TV suggested flooding etc.  So they didn't get covered.   And this morning my husband thought I had gotten up earlier to uncover them...because why would he remember our discussions on covering them in the pouring rain last evening???  He had no recall of ANY of that.  Zero.

It's like his Browser refreshes every 20 minutes. Wipes clean in between.

In the mailbox..when I walked out for the Sunday paper........mail from Saturday.  A LARGE change in our home's property tax assessment.   Houses on this street have sold for far LESS than the tax assessments. So the Town Fathers decided to increase valuations and get a larger chunk of money twice a year.

Just because they can do it.  

It's tax deductible on the Income Taxes.  

But the real MYSTERY........when does the mail person come these days?  I never see the mail vehicle. Do they come in the middle of the night?  Before Dawn?  Every other Day????? Not at all.......mail just appears on it's own?????

Anyway, everything got watered last night while we slept.  Ground looks well hydrated.  Ornamental Containers survived...uneaten by deer.  One of the Twin boys was powering his skateboard with his father's Leaf Blower. On the street...  rather than put on shoes.  A look into the Future.....

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Field Notes- Sat July 29th. sunshine, possibly rain. Definitely Huey Helicopters overhead. the big heavy ones.

 I said no more food images.  But this is Peach Cobbler.    If I had a pan like this.....mine (when I remember to make it) would look like this.  But instead it's deeper and less attractive but damn fine eating.

Last shopping trip the peaches were small and hard.  I decided to wait a bit.  I also might decide to look for frozen peaches.  And remind myself to buy vanilla ice cream.

Humidity is HIGH here.  Going outside is like being ironed. With a very hot STEAM iron.

I stripped the bed- everything is in the washer......ready for me to push the RED start button.  The START BUTTON.  Who would have thought I would have a machine with a RED START BUTTON????? not me.

I am sort of thinking about washing the down pillows.  But have to do research.

Breakfast is done.  I had Bran Flakes.  Not Oatmeal.  I still have coffee and my three daily pills to take. I need to circle back around to the table and do that..... the library is also sending notification about wanting books back.  Seems like I just checked them out.

I uncovered the ornamental annual containers.   One needed water.  Checked on the across the street neighbor and brought her paper up to the house porch. I emailed to make sure she was okay. She is and reported that family from Brooklyn New York is coming to Maine for August.   Mom, Dad, Baby and Dog. How nice to have family come for a month..

When we lived in Europe we would visit family in America for 4 to 6 weeks.....they were not as excited as my neighbor is. oh well.....

Friday, July 28, 2023

Field Notes- Friday, July 28th. Rained a few times yesterday. Everything outside is very wet.

 I've been trying to NOT use images of food.  But this "adorable" Tomato Sandwich" in the file gets it chance here on the post today.   The maker of this sandwich added some sort of black seeds.   Which seem to be very popular right now.   I like thick slices of tomato in my own sandwich.

And I usually have to eat the Tomato Sandwiches over the sink.  Just to keep the front of my tee or shirt clean.  Juicy.

So yesterday.......I got confused.  It took about 30 minutes for me to figure it out....and then I realized I had been confused.  I can empathize with my husband times he also realizes he has been somewhere else in his head.....and then tries to get back to where he belongs.   Perhaps we are on the same path.

We were expecting thunderstorms yesterday....but just got wind and rain.  On and off all day.  Right now it's sunshine and still.  No breeze.  Blue sky.  At 8:33 am.   

I am not an early riser so...this is also strange for me.  Lots of  NEW for me to get used to.

I have been looking for something.  I am not sure what.  But every day (or so) I go looking for it.  I think it is a specific fabric.  I think it is red but I could be wrong.  I also think it might be a dye painted fabric I did in a workshop long ago.  I feel like I want to "stitch" on this cloth.  But I can't find it.

I re-read the Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand.  The last 20 or 30 pages had me in tears.  I had read this book years ago and checked it out at the library on Monday.   I think I have another of her books- The Blue Bistro in one of my bookcases.....I think I might read it in the next few days.   I have been looking for a book- not sure of the author Thayer or Hilderbrand about three women.  Not friends.  But it's on Nantucket.  I'll keep looking.

I had hoped to find it on the library shelf but with all the culling they have done.......sigh.  Nothing is as it once was.  The guy at the Library Desk got me a copy of My Heart Will Find was on the hold shelf for me but "someone" took it and did not check it out.  So"stolen".  So this copy is from another Library.  What sort of person does this?????  Just takes a Library Book.

Anyway......I uncovered the ornamental planters.  They are pretty wet.  The lawn seems to have been cut. Neither G or I recall them cutting it.  Puzzling to both of us as we are getting up earlier and earlier and figure we should have seen or heard them.  It's Friday the 28th.  All day.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Field Notes- Sunday, July 30th. The computer thinks its Thursday July 27th. Cloudy with distant chance of Rain.

 I am guessing the computer is getting ready to DIE.  It was only a matter of Time before it happened. I would guess forgetting what day it sort of the way humans get old.  

Today is our Son's Birthday.  I won't say how old he is.  I don't think he knows how old he is. But Happy Birthday if you are reading this on whatever  day the computer decides to actually publish.

I had hoped the computer would live until October when the Birthday Son is supposed to arrive-  he said October but not when in October.  The Computer is thinking it might want to take "early retirement". so- all five of you reading this........might not last....might be done sooner than I thought.

It might be July 27th for the rest of the Time I have here at the desk top.

I had to record the USA soccer game.  FOX had talking heads for three hours.  They showed the team bus know, you just know that it would be HOURS before they played.  And the newspaper already announced in bit bold caps-  that they WON.  FOX is actually pretty damn stupid. So I dug a book out of the book stack......and turned off the tv.

It's DARK.  In the house at 10 am......I got up to see if the computer got it right.  Time is right, day is wrong.   So..Dark, need house lights to see anything in here.....Rain supposed to be happening with some lightning and perhaps thunder.  We'll see.   Husband is filling the bird feeders.  Neighbor's cat is watching.

That's it for today.  I had my usual Toaster Oven Cheese and Pickle Sandwich with bread yesterday and not a bagel.  Different but still great. I used up the last of the pickles.  I need to check the cupboard to see if I bought a fresh jar of pickles......otherwise...I'll crack open some canned zucchini pickles.

Barnes and Noble opened it's local Brand New Bookstore- they were happy to have 30 people show up.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Field Notes- Wednesday July 26th. A Soft Morning. It did NOT rain overnight. 70----80 humidity.

 Chair People.   I can see this in my house......making me smile each and every time I look at it.

Yesterday was slow as cold syrup.  Everything taking it's time.......until it was time for sleep.

I was reading...after the Soccer.  A strange match between Norway and I forget what team.  It was a listless match- no goals......just kicking the ball back and forth like no one really cared all that much.

I tried watching MSNBC but gave was all repetitive.  And the Greek fire.....the children and I spent 10 days on the Greek Islands....we traveled by boat to get was a lovely 'educational" vacation.....I am reminded of how soft and lovely the days were and the people on our tour- so lovely.  A Pair a Docs.......son and father. They loved puns.  It was difficult to see the island on fire.

Global Warming is now Global Burning.  We were WARNED....we did not listen.  I saw a news spot of people baking cookies on the dash of their's that hot. On cookie trays...not the actual dash of the car.  Law and Order was too grim for me yesterday- the older episodes.......

It was supposed to rain last night in Maine.... it did not.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Field Notes- Tuesday, July 25th. Barnes and Noble opens today just down the Maine Street and a right turn.

 The building used to be a Bed Bath etc and then closed- overnight it seemed.  And a sign went in the window that Barnes and Noble was arriving.  And now it opens.  No coffee shop.  We have plenty enough of those.

Daughter is very happy about this.....the walls in her tiny house are lined with bookcases FULL of books.

I held off buying books...I could usually manage to get the ones I wanted to read over and over again from the Library.  But then a year or more ago- I walked into the local independent bookstore with photocopies of the books I wanted to OWN and the owner laughed and smiled and said "yes" that he would order them for me.  I carry photocopies of books I want to case i walk into Town.  Parking is a nightmare even in the grocery store lot these Summer Days.  Street parking is not for the faint of heart like me.  Backing out into two lanes of fast moving traffic is NOT my wheelhouse.  Actually, four lanes - two going right and two going left.

Across the river and the Sherwin's.  I buy books there.  Bought a ton of books there after the DMV... daughter's and mine.  Sally Thorne's Frankenstein book.  The Royals Next Door (which was also on the shelf for me at the Library).  I am reading the Boyfriend Candidate.  Last time I read it four times. I might do the same this time.  It's the Perfect Book. for me.

Well, I am hungry and G has walked off with the recycling........

Monday, July 24, 2023

Field Notes- Monday, July 24th. The sun is shining thru the green tree leaves. 70 degrees- 87% humidity.

 Tomato Sandwich.  Today is Grocery Day so I will see if they have Tomatoes. I will have to cover and let them warm and soften under the microwave lid thing.......I will look for Peaches as well.  My Trees made only one very small hard walnut sized Peach this Summer.

I don't know what the little black seed things are in this sandwich.  

I will need to buy bread.

I took a long shower this morning.  Washed my hair.  Did conditioner.  It feels nice.  I am still sleepy. It's 8:49.   I rarely get up this early unless I have an appointment.  I was looking at things on the guest room bed- and found the little clicker pad for the window AC turn on and off etc.  I thought it was lost.

I also noticed there are two down comforters on the bed plus a quilt.  Pillows.....I need to take all of that to the Attic. Husband used to do back stretching exercises in that room...I need to take all of that stuff into the Attic as well.  He had a long strip of foam that he did his exercises on.  He has never thought actually standing up straight would be what felt the his back is very curved and he can't stand  upright and everything hurts......I used to see old people looking like this at the grocery and at work.....but I don't see them anymore......I guess I know what happened to them......

Well. I have to go uncover the container plants......water if necessary and then eat breakfast.....or eat first.  My blood sugar must be very low..... I feel dizzy.   So. eat first.  Then do the containers.  By then the Library will be open and after that the grocery store.  Then home....... I have been watching the women's soccer on TV.  I am enjoying it.   We had pizza yesterday- it got a bit darker on the cheese topping but it was good.  I wasn't watching it as closely as I usually do.  

I just noticed I typed June 24th instead of July 24th at the top- sigh.  I won't go into the Freudian Slip.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Field Notes- Sunday, July 23rd. 9:18 am. Was up very early. We have Sunshine and it's 73 degrees.

 I like images of chairs....this one with wings.   

No AC units working right now.  Ceiling fans doing "good work". It was pleasant sleeping last night.  I have been outside- taking the netting off the container plants......watering those that got dry-ish yesterday.  I filled three bottles with more water for later in the day......

The Sunday paper wasn't anything....I didn't find one article I was interested in reading.  White Nationals are moving to Maine.......gag.  They will live in the woods up north with their rifles and handguns.... and......who cares. It's nothing new. I've lived here for over 30 years and nothing has changed in Maine....nothing.  It's like a circular history..just going round and round with one portion actually educated and forward thinking and the rest of the circle..........same, same believing anything said on FOX..  

I was re-reading this and something has changed- there are dark skinned refugees living up in the woods of Maine with herds of goats...... we don't read stories about them I am guessing they are safe and enjoying Maine or moved further north into Canada.

During the COVID YEARS it was difficult to not see and hear "them"......I was once "talked to" by a woman in a pink suit who told me to "shake off fear and take off my mask"...COVID wasn't real she said was all lies.  I just stared at her until she got in her car and drove away.  I had bought a cake at the store.  I remember the cake being quite delicious.'s days and weeks like this that make me question why we live here.

On the very edge of America and almost in the Atlantic Ocean.  

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Field Notes- Saturday, July 22nd. Rained overnight...everything wet outside and it's cloudy and cool.

 I've had this here before, I think.  I am trying to remove FOOD images from the picture file.  Hard to see what is in there.....I think this image was here a few days ago.... sorry about that. I remember writing about making pickles.

I have End of July Fatigue.  Mosquitos, Damp Air, Humidity, ....the Sun just came out so the temps outdoors will rise pretty quickly.  I had hoped for a day minus the AC unit running. Sky remains a flat grey.   I am thankful the smoke is high enough that we can't SMELL it.

Neighbors on both sides of my house now have Heat Pumps.  On tv they mention the pumps running on electricity.....and how it that better?  Maine refuses to hook up with Canadian Hydro Power. Which is pretty damn stupid.  The power is made by water..... Maine closed down it's nuclear power plants years ago.  We had two of them--well, we still have them....sitting idle.

I might cave eventually and get heat pumps for the house........or not.  That's how I roll.

Library notice that I have books on the hold shelf.  Last time...someone had taken the book on hold for me... hadn't checked it out...just took it.  The Library Desk Person told me "it happens".  What sort of person does that?  Takes a book on hold for someone else......just because they want to.

The American Women's Soccer Team won last night.  Three to zero.  The goalie on the Vietnam team was fierce.  USA came at her (repeatedly) and she defended......

Friday, July 21, 2023

Field Notes- Friday, July 21st. Supposed to continue being HUMID. Sun is shining.

 We may have had this image before but I got tired of looking at the tiny images and trying to guess what they were.  Most days I pick and am surprised by what shows up on the post......hard to see when things are so tiny.

We (G and I) watched the Women's soccer.  I can't remember the Teams.  We watched the whole thing- one goal for the entire game so well matched..... It was cold where the game was being played Norway? and everyone was bundled up in coats, hats and gloves.

I did see some of the USA game a day or two before......same players....still looking fantastic.

This morning I filled a bucket with water and took the "birdbath cleaning brush" out back to scrub the backyard birdbath and fill with clean water.  I need to repeat later today with the front birdbath. No sense filling a dirty birdbath.  Now...the birds will get the water dirty.....but it starts out clean.

I feel like I have bugs or spider webs in my hair.

I haven't eaten breakfast as yet.....or read the morning paper.......or done anything but get dressed, water  container plants and scrub birdbaths but it already seems like a purposeful day.

I was intending to make pizza yesterday......but the heat......I didn't want to get the house hot.  We'll see if I do it today....make pizza.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Field Notes- Thursday July 20th. A bit cooler- Still NO Breezes off the Ocean.

 This is Chocolate Mousse.   Sounds Delicious.  Looks Delicious.  I don't have any.

I found a note on my desk for a Heart Healthy Diet.  2 to 3 servings of Fruit (one cup)....2 to 3 servings of Vegetables a DAY (one cup).  Three to four servings a WEEK of Legumes (beans) (half cup).  7 WEEKLY servings of NUTS. And 2-3 WEEKLY servings of FISH.  14 WEEKLY servings of Whole Fat Dairy.

The 14 WEEKLY SERVINGS of Whole Fat Diary is rather mind blowing.  That would be Butter? But they neglected to mention the size of a serving.   

Anyway, a Vegetable Serving is 2 medium carrots (i usually eat double that as a snack and I buy large carrots), five or six Broccoli florets ( why bother?), one large sweet potato (with butter), one large bell pepper, one ear of corn, (no way I eat only one), One medium potato- just no. One large tomato-well, yes on two slices of white bread with tons of mayo (my fat serving).

Just no,

I had Bran Flakes and Lactate free milk for breakfast.  Coffee.  My vitamin. My statin. My eye health pill.

I uncovered the Ornamental Containers before breakfast..  They lived thru another night.  The DEER come at night to eat things.  There is some sunshine today.  But the sky isn't blue.  Air Quality is supposedly better than yesterday but still not normal.  900 Canadian wildfires. I am guessing Mother Nature is holding a big Canadian Grudge.  

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Field Notes- Wednesday, July 19th. Very Hot. Very very Humid. Sky is a grey white color.

 Sky is the color of the center cactus in this image.   Was yesterday and again today.  Canadian Smoke. Maine in July and August is KNOWN for it's outrageously BLUE Summer Sky.  Not this Summer. And there is NO breeze off the water- The Atlantic Ocean Breeze.  All the leaves are still, not moving.

I had to water everything in containers this morning.

I also did a load of wash...the new underwear plus whatever we had been wearing for a few days......and then walked away to read the paper and eat Bran Flakes and drink coffee.  Like a Real Adult Person not terrified the washer will spill water and ruin the new hardwood floors.  Like I have done for YEARS.

I feel like someone new has taken over my body. And mind.   Everything is now in the Dryer.

It's a nice feeling.  I am re-reading a Susan Mallory book.  Boardwalk Bookshop.  It's different this time. Because I AM different this time.  And that surprises me.  Yes, everything is surprising me.

I think the twenty minutes in the DMV was--life changing.  Who spends only 20 minutes at the DMV-  And truth be told- if I had been the only one needing to see one of the clerks (daughter not needing a new license as well)- we would have been in and out in 10 minutes.  Or less.  Blew My Mind.  I brought a BOOK to READ.

I can no longer send anything from my iPhone.  It still gets messages etc.  But isn't able to send anything. So as much as I would like to take pictures of my Daily Cactus......I can't share them with you.  And that takes 80% of the JOY away from the process.......October.  Will get a new iPhone in October. We'll both be waiting for my son to arrive in Maine.  My stack of 500 index cards is also waiting for October.

Well, I think my new underwear is dry- now I need to fold.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Tuesday, July 18th. Just got home. DMV before 8am. I was number 4. Daughter number 5.

 We did the DMV @ 7:30 am..  We visited Target and I was taught how to scan my own one at any of the was early.  Just past 8 am when we left the DMV.  I still have a paper Driver's License. New one arrives in 2 weeks or

I got G and myself new undies.  Last time we got new undies- daughter  bought them in first month of COVID.  So, new is fantastic.

Then we went bookstore shopping and I got a pile of books.  We bought husband a stack of coloring books. Mandala designs.  No Puzzles.  We visited Goodwill- I got a new cup.  For coffee. I got cookies at Reny's. And ten more packages of lemon drops.  99 cents each.

We had Mexican Food and a HUGE MARGARITA at a new Mexican restaurant in Town.

And daughter and I sat and talked and talked and talked......a really lovely day and it now almost  4 pm.

Sigh.  I need a nap.  Or another drink like the ones up top.  Minus the mint.  (I'll have a big glass of water)

I have tons of mint growing in the garden..........for no reason.

Great Day........smiling over here.

Monday, July 17, 2023

Field Notes- Monday, July 17th. Torrential Rain yesterday- everything soaking wet this morning.

 Well, we finally got BIG RAIN.  And it was INTENSE.  I assume places had flooding but not here--on my street..... we are fine but very very wet.  And no Sun.  Which is great as Sun would mean humidity.

I can't see the lawn guy coming to cut soaking wet grass. Today.........but the fertilizer is possibly actually doing something good to the grass......Tru Green came at the optimum time.  For once.

The Twins Dad came to visit with the DOG yesterday afternoon.  I think the DOG wanted to come see us.  And at the same time, across the street neighbor called- wanting to "borrow" vanilla extract.  I had just enough.  G took it over- and then forgot what she was making that needed vanilla.

The new neighbors (purchased the Drug House last weekend) are from Kentucky and are expecting a baby in October. They have quite a bit of work to get done before the house is livable.  All the carpets and probably the under flooring will need to be removed and replaced (cat pee).  Also the three bathrooms will need to be updated if they still have any cash....... I think the entire house is shag carpet- 80"s- and has been peed on by several indoor cats-for years.  A homeowner with memory loss and three cats.....not a happy picture. I think every room has wallpaper as well...... very 80's.

Information regarding my neighbor across the street- she is planning to sell HER house and move to where ever her daughter and family are lots of moving parts on a street that hasn't had any moving parts in decades. Now, suddenly moving parts galore.

For some reason we got up early......I have no idea why. It's gonna be a long long day..........

Lawn mowing is happening!!!!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Field Notes from Soggy Maine. Sunday July 16th. Rain and 70 degrees.

 Image referencing the pile of 1930's hand pieced and quilted quilts in the Attic.  These are commercially made by a company trying to sell them to me via emails. All the same design. Just different colors. I doubt these were made in America.

I've noticed an uptick in Readers- in the 30's.  Wow.  Are you new to this blog or just people visiting more than once????  Inquiring mind wants to know..........

It was damp and wet yesterday but not actually raining (more just air filled with water) we are actually having rain.  Vermont flooded again yesterday.  New Hampshire is blocking us from enjoying Vermont's flooding.  And the Atlantic Ocean might be pushing things west.  We are supposed to have had thunder and lightning. but...didn't happen as yet.  My house is but minutes away (by car) from the Atlantic Ocean.  So there is that.

I am running out of food.  Husband still has a stack of prepared meals and I boiled a box of pasta for him the other he could have way MORE carbs........ He has been skipping the evening coffee and carbs (cookies/cake).........but still...a lot of carbs.  No vegetables. Unless marinara is a vegetable. I thawed out a ball of pizza dough in case I felt like turning on the OVEN!!!!!!

I spent some of yesterday:  pruning purple smoke bush, covering the plants outside with netting- deer eating things---reading my new favorite book--- (for the fourth or sixth time)......I have the AC unit on today as it is getting moist in here...... and the AC removes humidity.  I don't think we will be seeing the SUN today and if it stays wet outside- we won't be seeing the Lawn Mowing Guy either on Monday.

I am going to read.  Make another cup of either decaf coffee or decaf tea with extra sugar.  I took my vitamins.....I discovered plain bagels in the fridge so...toasted with melted cheese and sweet pickles for luncheon.....yum. Husband is asleep on the sunporch with a word search book and pen. All is well.

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Field Notes- Saturday, July 15th Rain overnight. Grass is very wet. 95% Humidity. 70 degrees..

 If we have to be anywhere- Maine is a great place this Summer (so far). Global Warming. It might be because we have so few humans living Maine.

My bread rolls got moldy.....anything not in the fridge gets moldy.  I recall living in Georgia and everything- bread and cereals had to be stored in the fridge.  Mold and or bugs.......flour in the freezer when I had more space.  Sugar in glass jars with tight lids....or ants.

So Maine...other than pretty much okay. So far.

The Boiler got it's annual check up.  I might have mentioned yesterday?  I talk to myself a lot and then get confused as to what I write and what I don't write down here......but the Boiler is NOT Best Quality according to the Service Guy.  But will be good for another 20 years.... I doubt I will be alive when it needs to be replaced.  97 almost 98 years old doesn't seem possible. But who knows.....will I spring for Best Quality the next go round?  

A Boiler for all of you with ordinary heating- heats water and circulates it into the radiators...warming the house and providing water for the kitchen and showers.  In the Summer months it just makes hot water for showers and washing dishes by hand....I stopped using the dishwasher about the time I stopped canning pickles and jam.   I was loading stuff in and only needed to turn it on every 7 to 10 days.  Seemed silly.  Now I do dishes by hand as they get used.....not much at all.

He also said the basement was incredibly DRY which is sort of unexpected here in Maine.  So. that was nice to hear.  We also chatted about his house in Town and how he was looking forward to the youngest of his sons to move out so he could do some remodeling.....the things people share with me......... I must just look like a person who one can talk to...about anything....

G and I were debating if the lawn had been cut this week.  Neither of could recall seeing the mowers.  And I got an email saying...all the rain has really screwed up our lawn guy's schedule...he is mowing on Monday.  Unless its raining.  And will be mowing every week.  Grass looks lovely.  And has now been fertilized by Tru Green and it's raining.......sigh.  The serendipity of the application of fertilizer and then overnight rain.....too good to be true.

It still seems weird to have a "lawn guy"........but I am getting used to it.

Friday, July 14, 2023

Field Notes- Friday, July 14th. Rain overnight (not much), clouds......more rain coming. 74 degrees

It's damp and wet outside.  I went out to unwrap my planter boxes- to keep Deer from using them as Salad Bars..and everything was damp.  I watered yesterday as it seemed like the day might warm up...

The Furnace People (here in Maine it's called the Boiler) are coming to do the annual service (it's part of the payment contract).  Tru Green was here yesterday......he knocked on the door and spoke to me...then on the paper invoice (stuck in the door)- it read- "knocked on the door but you were not home".  Really, I am not making this shit up.  Grass will be cut on Monday.....not yesterday.  G and I looked but couldn't tell if they had mowed or not.  It was not.

I watched the Weather Channel and see we are in for rain and thunder and lightning today. Temps will stay in the 70's.  High and low 70's........Maine is not in the Bright Red the rest of the US is suffering. Vermont got flooded.....and then mudslides........several roads north of me got washed out (in previous rain) happens as they typically, here in Maine, just put asphalt down on sand.  It's the way they do..... Like having old wobbly trees next to the power lines.......and shocked!!!!! when the tree takes the pole down. Just so shocked!!! Maine has spend MORE to replace downed power lines than it would have cost to dig a trench and bury them......... years ago.  Perhaps 100 times what it costs.  Maine.  sigh. 

I never really thought we would stay here thirty plus years.  Ah, the SUN has burned thru the cloud cover...  

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Field Notes- Thursday, July 13th. Humid and I think Hot today with a promise of Rain. Thunder.

 I have the window AC unit running.  All doors and windows closed.  It's Sunny and Humid outdoors.

I moved the very leggy tomato plants out front...I don't think I will be moving them to the back garden. Husband moved them because he couldn't see out the glass door.    "this is my Life".

Because if I move the tomato plants  to the back fenced garden.....then husband will want to run hose from house to garden......and it won't go smoothly and the grass cutting etc.  Too many moving parts......too much of a chance of expensive Maine water to be running all night. Into the garden or wherever he has left the hose.  House Water (also for showers etc)- has gotten very expensive. 

I think he sent the bag of deposit bottles with the garbage on Monday.  He is now thinking anything in a bag goes out with the garbage.  I usually have to sit and try and follow the scrabbled path of his thinking to figure out how he has gotten to the point we are discussing.  He looks at me like he has no idea, at all, what we are talking about. And then goes and does something .... and I have another thing to worry about.

But he is NOW doing the Word Jumble in each day's paper.  He could NOT do it before.

The brain is a mystery...even to brain scientists.

I have him organizing his bird food packages- they was spread all over the sunporch floor.  Which is an open invite to chipmunks, mice and rats to enter the house.  He is living under the impression that birds like "an Assortment" in the feeders and actually, they like black oil sunflower seeds...period.  Seeds we buy in huge bags.

He is the ONE who likes an assortment.......not the BIRDS.

I got to the breakfast table and have been Cranky ever since.......I might need tranquilizers.

He has disappeared.....I have to find out where he has gone......till tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Field Notes- Going to be a Scorcher Today. Already 78 before 10am and 82 % humidity.

 Well, it's definitely a stay in the house day here in Maine.  I started the day with a long shower, washed my hair, put on fresh clothing........uncovered the ornamental planters (4). There are two clay pots filled with soil yesterday....waiting  on porch steps to be filled with annuals....possibly today...but I had a not interested in sweat or dirt.  Or mosquitos.

I like this image today....the watery painted colors of the vase.  The black flowers.  If I owned this I would move it from room to furniture around it........

My desk top computer is doing what Elderly People do.  Not want to wake up.  Not want to stay awake.  Be confused by the emails (most go to junk and then delete) that come in every single day.  Unwanted, Unread. Unopened.   Get a Clue??????  Refuses to open or close when I ask it to do one or the other.

But we managed to work together to insert an image and text....Let's call it a Win.

The Cat Stink House is under contract.  I may have written this already but it's bothering me. Still.

I have a pile of books.  To read.  All favorites.....another is being requested....well, another two were requested (possibly three).... I am trying to read but my eyes get sleepy........Summer.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Field Notes- Tuesday, July 11th-- Rain overnight. Wet, Clouds, a bit chilly.


A pretty notebook cover.  My eyes are dry and sticky today- a lack of moisture in the house.  No lack of moisture outside the house.  Everything got very wet overnight and thunderstorms are expected......

Everyone had Global Warming but Maine remains an outlier.  We stayed at 72 all day. But it was humid so I turned on the ac unit to remove moisture from rain and just being wet outdoors and then we were very comfortable.  

We all, on the street, have our garbage and recycling containers out......just in case the Collection Crew shows up.  The 4th of July messed up their scheduled appearances.  It also messed up Mail Delivery. None of the Town Services have been able to get back to the "usual" schedules.

A notice that our Oil Delivery system is now owned  ...not by Philadelphia but now...Boston.  And telephone services are no longer available...all communication will be via a log in internet service.  Which is so so Maine is on the list of States (via Biden's new internet infrastructure plan) because Maine literally has CRAP internet-if you have ANY internet. And, most counties have no internet.

Our son has wanted face to face conversations via internet...for years.  The screen locks up almost immediately...... Zoom things also are a failure- the sound is there but no images.

Writing these posts and actually thinking people can read a "giant step for mankind" on my part. And yes that was a going to the moon reference.  I have breakfast dishes to wash.  And I am going to lunch with my Lunch on an hour.  Looking forward to it.....

Monday, July 10, 2023

Field Notes- Monday, July 10th. Rain overnight, Muggy 99% humidity. 68 degrees.

 Not mine...

So, dampness.  No sunshine.  Deer came early yesterday to  eat things in the landscape....they prefer that to weeds and grass.  A big deer- stayed chewing as I walked up behind him......said "boo" and he ran for the neighbor's yard.   I covered my annual containers early.

Today I wore my raincoat and took my umbrella.   Post Office first- to mail my bill payments safely (thieves are stealing bill payment mail from on the street boxes) and then to buy stamps.......but the one clerk was deep in the woods with a customer and the guy was trying his best to flirt with the customer he had.  The woman behind me said last week they took all the stamps out of circulation- with prices on the stamps have nothing on them so the price of postage can freestyle.......  I said what I didn't like was the Passport business.  And just like that....the woman being jollied left and the next customer said- "I need to renew my passport".......and I left the building.  NO STAMPS.

Grocery........a very very large Man- - had packed a small styrofoam container with chicken nuggets....and the container was open and he was eating the nuggets and spitting what he didn't like on the floor...........I was near the Bakery so I mentioned it.....they had seen the guy...I raised two teenagers and I know the "look".......they said it wasn't "their department".  I said you do work here??????  Call someone in the Fried Food department?????

Later I discovered that Police (husband saw them) had been sitting by the entrance.....and then he said they left... at around the time they might have had to go in and speak to a refrigerator sized man. Eating Fried Chicken nuggets. Spitting on the floor.

I have the AC unit running.   To get rid of moisture.  Husband is eating his grapes- just choked on one. Lord....I am tired of all this....just being alive is wearing me out.

Lunch buddy Email---Lunch Tomorrow?  God Bless Her..YES!!!!!

Sunday, July 09, 2023

Field Notes- Sunday July 6th. AC Units are off. Clouds and Rain are Back. 70 degrees 94% humidity.

 Theresa Rego.  Happy Color.

I used to appliqué flowers that looked like this on polka dot fabric.  Made me very happy. Perhaps on plain cream fabric might have been better????

IN FACT: There are nine 24 inch square blocks of flowers like this on dark cream background with small blue dots: covered in red, blue and yellow hand appliqué flowers and appliquéd (hand) strip borders..... I stitched squares on point all along the border strips.......yards of would have been a gorgeous square wall hanging.  Instead all the pieces are encased in a hand made fabric portfolio to carry --it around. and these past years- to keep it flat.

So.....furnace is running.  I don't know why.  I didn't do any dishes.  I did rinse something off.  No one has taken a's a mystery.  Now it's gone off.  Just "topping up the hot water" in case we need heat, I guess.

We used the AC that one day.  Got all the moisture out of the house.  No intention on my part to open any windows.  If husband wants fresh air--he can sit on the Sun Porch with the door shut.

I might add Outdoors in July and August,Open Windows in same two months, to my "I don't do that anymore list".  Ironing is on that list....for the full year.  I realized the other day when my son mentioned in an email that first thing he does on arrival is get rid of my I care.  I boil water for pasta (include Kraft Mac and Cheese and steamed rice) and bake Pizza.  Period.  

Perhaps he intends to cook?  I can help.

I do want to buy an electric frying pan to make pancakes.  And a hand mixer.  Dragging out the big Kitchen Aid is overkill.  The Food Processor is an accident waiting to happen.  Getting the blade out to wash.......I have nightmares of cutting off my fingers (a 40 year nightmare)

I watched a cooking show yesterday where they did boneless chicken breasts on the grill after marinating in a mixture of stuff and half a cup of Fish Sauce.  O. M. G.  They kept saying "it doesn't taste fishy".....

Saturday, July 08, 2023

Field Notes- Saturday, July 8th. Overcast, Cooler- Rain in the Forecast.

 Daughter stopped off after work (landscaping clothing, sweat and dirt)- She had been at Goodwill.  I was given a sealed stack of five packages of 4 by 6 Index Cards.  In case I want to spent my LIFE  drawing Cactus on 500 of them..... the size of the package is daunting..... but...I can do math these days- so perhaps only two years of a daily drawing habit.  Maybe...with some days/weeks off. And recipes on some of them. Recipes I will never use.

I think I have given up cooking.  The stove is used to boil water for pasta (husband's)  The oven for pizza. And the remainder of cooking is microwave or toaster oven.  Thinking of baking something- even a pan of cornbread......I think about it and

I am reading.  My eyes are getting dry- due to AC units pulling moisture from the air and the ceiling fans. But after two days of oppressive damp and heat......we now have clouds and still cool air.  It's nice but MOIST.. not a ripple of a breeze.  Trees and leaves are still.

I did not enjoy the six years of Georgia Summers and then the full 52 weeks of Humid Hot Florida ...for  three years, not to mention Summers when living in Chicago with 100% humidity and 100 plus degrees.  Our clothing was wet after only 15 minutes outside.  All those homes and yards produced the most fantastic TOMATOES......sigh, I do miss them.  Here in Maine- not great for Tomato growing.

So...daughter left with my unopened bag of frozen breaded chicken patties.  Turns out they are her FAVORITE as they fit perfectly (she loves perfect anything) on her gluten free "buns"...she did not use that descriptive word she just made a drawing of sorts with her hands.  She left happy.  She also spent TIME talking with her father on the sunporch.  Which I appreciated.  And he enjoyed.

I watched both days of the Murray Tennis Match.  I was happy he lost- I prefer the Greek Guy. And watching someone who was getting no great joy out of playing- is tedious. I refuse to watch any matches with the Serbian AssHat. So, I have few opportunities for tennis going forward........I do like mixed doubles so perhaps that will be what I do.

Friday, July 07, 2023

Field Notes--Friday, July 7th. I think it will be HOT again today. With lots of SUN.

 Now...this might be something to consider....but the mosquitos usually put me off of outdoor seating here in Maine backing up to dense woodland.... animals, ticks, mosquitos..... oh, my. Like the Teddy Bear's Picnic Song from long ago..... "Don't go out in the woods today....."  have I used this image before???? I deleted it so I won't use it again......

I bought mosquito spray...the news from Florida..malaria from mosquito bites. Spellcheck didn't correct my spelling.  I used to have a spelling book in the top left hand drawer of this desk...husband has it. I will try and find it.  So I can spell things as they should be spelled.

The house on the street (drugged out son), Number Five, is up for sale with a price no one is happy with....two houses back to back ...selling below value due to owners not maintaining the property.  I had hoped the sale of our house (after we stop living in it) would provide some long term money for our two adult children.....guess not.

I was  Counting my Chickens.......wasn't I?

I bought lots of stuff at the grocery yesterday after my haircut......husband's prepared meals with Meatballs this time...not Chicken Parm. I layered the meatball meals in the stack with remaining Parm meals.  so they would get eaten......I bought myself some hotdogs and buns.  I am hoping I have relish.  But if I don't I will chop up sweet pickle chips and "make" relish.  I did purchase two prepared meals of Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli for myself..... they didn't have the Chicken Cordon Bleu..... as well as hot dogs and buns......which I am looking forward to eating. I did NOT buy Potato Chips.

My Lunch Buddy suggests Lunch....we have lots to "unpack"!!!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2023

Field Notes- Thursday. July 6th. 8:50 am. Yep...up way way too early.

 King Arthur.  Sends me of their products.  Like I am going to bake anything. Years too late for any of their special flour packages.

Mushrooms growing in the Grass Growing Experiment (out front) of a few Summers Ago.  The WHY of it...don't know.  White and quite dense.  I pick them and toss into the untended wild section....grow there if you want or animals can come eat them..  I sprayed the ant hills in the sidewalks this morning.  They were busy running away.

We had a visit from an orange FOX this morning before I made my coffee......usually RABID. So not welcomed with any joy on my part.  The deer haven't come to eat things.....they were here in early spring. I usually see a lot of big black crows under the hanging from the big oak tree bird feeders.......none of those. Perhaps the FOX ate them...? 

One year there was a massacre of great proportion across the street on my neighbor's back deck......half eaten bodies of all sorts of small animals.....ugh.

The three or four days of dampness and rain overnight has caused the grass to grow "abundantly"...I sent an email to the Grass Guy.  He will arrive Friday to cut.  I was going for every other week...but that plan has died a quick death, I think....until we stop having rain.....then the grass itself will die. Some of this is directly due to TruGreen coming twice and heavily fertilizing.....then disappearing again.

I know some of you will just sigh and say "about time" regarding the next sentence......okay...I did two loads of washing yesterday and WALKED AWAY from the machine.  Yes, I walked away and did "other things" while it finished spinning, rinsing etc etc.  And then I started a second load.  And didn't stay.  I checked in.  But not in a fussy horrid way.

I still have no idea how anything gets so very clean and soft.  ONE tiny detergent pod.  Very little water.  Lots of strange noises that sound like whales........ but the pod has "stain lifters" so there is that........

Getting my hair cut at 10:30.   Worried about parking already.  Will go down the road to my past place of employment to buy planter needs them...... DMV on the 18th. Daughter finally found time.

Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Field Notes- Wednesday, July 5th. The Day After.

 The Day After Fourth of July.  Ours was wet.  It rained off and on.  

We were invited to eat with the Twins Family.  And other guests.  It was a lovely jumble of neighbors and we had good conversation and the food was wonderful.   One of the twin boys played the piano.  He's getting to be quite good at it.  They were going to a Sea Dog's baseball game with fireworks.  We used to do that.

I am trying to be more neighborly.  They invited us during COVID and I always declined. So now we have gone for Christmas Dinner and now Fourth of July.  One of the Twins walked us home.

The guy who inherited number 3 on our street after his mother died (dementia) has decided to sell the house.  He filled two dumpsters with the contents of the house (his mother's things)- stuff that would have been welcomed at thrift stores or Goodwill.....but instead went into the dumpster.  I wonder if he had already inhaled all the cash she left him?  He has a drug abuse problem.  The front yard is littered with stuff.  We will see how it goes...... I know the shag carpeting has been peed on by the cats and I doubt anyone has vacuumed it regularly.

Well, I am hungry and need to make my oatmeal.  I just finished a Nancy Thayer Nantucket book. People died as usual.  But no crockpot suppers.

Tuesday, July 04, 2023

Field Notes- Tuesday, July 4th. the 70's

 You get an image of Mixed Berry Pie today for the Holiday.  Red and Blue and with ice cream you get the three holiday colors.  We are NOT having pie.  I am not baking.  We heard fireworks last night.

The remainder of the "fall out of bed" onto the hardwood floor has now reached my right shoulder blade and neck.  A week?  I landed on my left side.  It's like a traveling injury.  The right side of my neck and shoulder aches.

Husband is on the sunporch- no sun- adjusting the ceiling fan to a higher speed-- he is wearing a heavy sweatshirt. I have asked him why....he says he's cold.   Executive Function is not working for him. Nothing he says or does makes any sense.......he seems to be drifting in another reality.

I got him a Meatball and Spaghetti dinner. Just to even out the numbers of prepared meals (Chicken Parm) and the meatballs were very fragrant with garlic......he would like to have them again.  What have I done?

With ALL the RAIN...the grass has grown considerably over the past 5 days.  Perhaps I should have selected every week instead of every other?????

I started reading Christina Lauren's newest book the True Love Experiment.  I didn't enjoy their Western Book. This new book has a character from Soulmate Equation.  Fizzy.  I read all afternoon and into the early's a good BIG book.  I now have a collection of three books here that I read over and over again.....waiting for the Boyfriend Candidate.  I requested it again.  I've read Nora goes Off Script several days in a row as well end up crying every time....... I have a Nancy Thayer here...Nantucket, $$$, and a crockpot.  It's a seven days loaner so I need to read it today.  In case, I want to read it a few times.  Sometimes they are very good.   I need to reserve the Jude Devereaux again.  I really loved that book. My Heart Will find You. book list is here for you to enjoy... I need to turn on the house lamps....dark in here.   Happy 4th of July.  I wish we could be Independent of the Assholes in Congress and the Supreme Court. You get to decide for yourself which are assholes.  I'll keep my list to myself.

Monday, July 03, 2023

Field Notes- Monday, July 3rd. Rained all day yesterday...morning is dark and wet.

 Taco Salad.  I think there might be Fritos under all the other stuff.  I've never actually had a Taco Salad with Fritos.   I wonder what it would be like?  The kids and I had Tacos in the regular rotation of dinners. We ate dinners together- just the three of us.  Husband was never at the table when they were growing up. Always gone.  Working or just not coming home.  Just not coming home.  

It's not surprising that neither child (adult) has a significant other...or goes on dates. Or wanted children.

It rained all day yesterday.  I read a book I have waited for.......Happy Place.  I've read all the books this author has written....especially Beach Read.   This one took awhile to get into....a lot of moving parts (characters) to figure out.  But once I got into it.... I enjoyed it.  It's been on the NYT Best Seller Lists for awhile and I reserved it at the Library months ago......finally my turn.

I think it will rain all day today.  Perhaps again tomorrow.  Not that I am complaining.  We had little snow this winter and it's been dry here for a few Summers.  We need ground water.  The mosquitos are enjoying the ankles get bit each time I go out to put on the netting and take it off the containers.   The containers are doing well.....I still have plants for one idea where I will put it.

We have our weekly chores today.....library and grocery.  

My neck is stiff.  The after affects of the fall out of bed onto the hardwood floor is taking it's Time getting around.  My neck, is furthest from the scene of the last to react, I guess.  I had expected bruises. But none have shown up......weird.  Anyway, I am now very carefully exiting the bed each morning.

My oatmeal in the microwave has beeped......time to eat.

Sunday, July 02, 2023

Field Notes- Sunday, July 2nd. Still outside. No breeze. Ah, the Peach Trees moving a bit.

 A well tended garden bed.

I once upon a time I had such a raised bed.  Now the fenced garden has an abundance of plants that have gone wild...... not in the beds but growing in the paths. Mint. Bee balm. Horseradish. Lily of the Valley,  Iris. Comfrey.. I tried spelling to see  if the spelling thing would fill in the blanks- it didn't (but finally my mind did)........ and a lovely sedum ground cover, that I cut into chunks, and transplant into the flower beds by the house....... which hasn't happened lately has taken over the fence garden....made a luxurious carpet. Also two small pine trees...which we can move into the landscape.  Free Trees.  The Christmas Tree variety...which we like, and G used to dig in the woods and bring tiny takes a long time...long time for them to reach any size- now about three feet tall. Ready to move into the front landscape but not under the power lines.

The grapes have returned in abundance.  Climbing up and over the structure (whose name I have forgotten or lost because I haven't used it in years-  pergola?) .  The blueberries  have "aged out" and produce leaves and branches but zero berries.   The Wild and Regular blackberry mixed vines have gone crazy...... I hope to find berries.  The wild are so tiny and the thorns so large.......the regular  (cultivated) has no thorns.

My aches and muscle pains from my fall out of bed days ago..are just beginning to arrive. Slow motion. I forgot to eat dinner yesterday...I think I got to thinking about what to eat...but never actually did any I am hungry this morning....and want to stop typing so I can make my breakfast.....9am. I am NOT usually up this early.

It is supposed to rain here.  Most of the day.  No thunder or lightening (but that could change).  Just rain.  But right now, it's calm and quiet...not even a breeze moving the leaves outside the birds..... no sun......silence.  Nothing is awake yet.

Saturday, July 01, 2023

Field Notes- Saturday, July First. Clouds. Possibly Humid.

 I thought you might see the humor in this pictorial image of cactus.  I don't think they are "real". Meaning..alive.

So....Neighbor across the road is back home after having her gall bladder removed--unexpectedly.  Which is how I generally think the gall bladder is removed.  Everything okay and then horrid PAIN and then removed.

My Master Gardening Classmate arrived with Strawberries she had picked and bagels.  We had a long chat while husband was trimming the overgrown shrubs on the side of the garage. Things we don't like touching the house......

We have been having bits of Sunshine and more often cloudy skies.. the smoke from Canada has fortunately (for us, perhaps not you) not arrived in Maine.

The Supreme Court...another magnificent GIFT from Trump's Four Years as President.  My own solution to college admissions problems- remove the question on admission forms- no mention of RACE.  Let the economic questions remain as to need based help.

My inbox here on the computer if FULL of things I must now move to the Junk File.  I thought daily removal to Junk would deter doesn't.  When my son arrives I will write down the instruction for blocking them.....