Friday, November 30, 2018

Daily Notes- November Thirty

Another fabric swatch that interested me.  Botanical Chickens.  No---that's not the real name.  It's what I call it.   This might be the last fabric image I put on the blog. Unless another one catches my eye.   I did troll around the internet looking for mugs with poppies.  None were "my mug" but only one was cute enough to snag the image for the blog.  You'll see it tomorrow.

I have some of the Indian print fabric (skirt) sitting in the steaming pot with brown onion skins.  It gives it a more earthy base color that I am liking.  I did a test with a small piece in the small saucepan and then moved onto a larger bath, more onion skins and more cloth.  Left it overnight.

The lime green linen scrap is also ready for it's pressing with the iron and then test with the other fabric squares.  An audition.  I have been stalled on the squares project as I had a limited amount of the lime green and.....well, with limited numbers of lime squares, working out the spacing is hard.  Will I need one later?  Do I save some for later.  How many.  Or do I just stop using them and move on.  Will the project suffer because I am "out" of an important color????  Right now the project is still very small.  If it gets large then I need a certain amount of the lime squares as it grows.

The first project with squares--which began small and then blossomed--well, it has the same problem- one of the fabrics--a blue spotted batik-- well, I have one square left and--though I have dug around in the freezing cold attic many many times--I can not find any more of it. I bought it long ago at a quilt show.  Because it had dots or spots.  Which I loved then and now.

I did buy some new spotted batiks in different colors in September. I could try and work them in--or go back- which means "unsewing" portions and install the new batiks so they look like they were always included and not just an add on.

Or I could just STOP.   The word for the day "investigate".

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Daily Notes- November 29

I went on a little internet "trip" last week and found a site with gorgeous fabric for sale.  I didn't buy but I did click and move a few choice items to my photo file.  I'm thinking now, that it wasn't the fabric itself I was charmed by--It's these stacked "slices".  

And, now it has me thinking that all that fabric in the closet that doesn't "quite" do it for me--would--if cut into thin slices and sewed into a cloth.  Perhaps, at 72, I prefer a line of color and not so much the print itself.  It has me looking at the Magic Attic in a brand new way.

In my Learning to Dye with Plant Based Materials, I happened to make a piece of white cloth into a lovely, perfect, piece of yellowy green.  It magically blends and increases the beauty of whatever I sew it next to.  Do you think I can remember how I made it?  No.  I have a list of plants that make a green but didn't have nay of that.  So, I used something else.  That I found in my yard.

At this moment in Time,  I have tied a scrap of old lime green linen around some yellow onion skins and a stick and set it to steaming.  Not a big set up and certainly nothing toxic.  Just a saucepan.  Not sure I will get anything I wanted but it will be different from what it was.  And that's all we can manage some days, isn't it?

While shopping for bird seed yesterday a woman on a cell phone walked by and was very upset by "leftist Democrats screwing up Maine".  Let the Good Times Roll.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Daily Notes- November 28

The Long Road.  Today is G's birthday.   We are the same age again until September.  We have been together forever it seems and that is a good thing, in my opinion.

The water/rain that fell yesterday didn't turn into ICE overnight.  So the roads are dry.  We went out early to drive my friend to the hospital for a cataract removal.  I leave in 15 minutes to pick her up and take her home.  Then we (G and Riley and I) will go buy more birdseed for the many birds who eat in our backyard.

I have been stitching on that second try at tea bag stitchery.   I am think that "much less" is the way to go here.  Not more.  Let the tea bag surface be the "star".   I say that...but will I be able to go minimal?????

Time to vacuum again.  Dust accumulates.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Daily Notes- November twenty seven

Basically Pasta.  From Bon

And what they are actually writing about is the Le Creuset cast iron "pot" which is really that good for mixing pasta and sauce.  It's really that good for everything you cook.  I have three in graduated sizes.  The largest one is quite heavy to lower into the oven with a few pounds of chuck for pot roast.
The use of the tongs might make scratches.  Unless the tips of the tongs have those rubbery covers. Which I hate.

Dinner yesterday (still eating T'day leftovers) was interrupted by the news that G's brother had died suddenly and unexpectedly.  R was a really sweet guy.  Thoughtful, funny and kind.  We didn't see him much but when we did--it was great.  It's very sad to think we missed out on so many years with him and now...well, regret is worse than death, isn't it?

So--don't be left with regret.  Call someone you like (love) but don't see often.....

Yesterday snow.  Today rain. We shoveled the wet soppy mess off the driveway--finishing at 4pm--so that the overnight cold won't make all the slush into permanent lumps in the driveway--slippery frozen lumps.

I didn't pull a word for the day out of the jar this morning.  I forgot.  And I'm feeling tired.  I did find time and energy to stitch on my second tea bag surface..... I think I may get the hang of this "new" surface on the third or fifth try.  Difficult learning curve.  Stitching on paper.  On the first two--I learned a few things NEVER to do again and fewer things that work really well.  But I have plenty of batting scraps and washed and dried tea bags.

And that Mars thingy landed safely after 6 months of travel time.  I hope it sends great pictures after they remove the lens dust covers.  I love space and pictures of the planets.  Really. Love. Space.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Daily Notes- November Twenty Six

What I use each day.  All Clad.  Love the stuff.  Most came from the scratched and dented section of  TJ Maxx and Home Goods.  I don't mind.  Nothing stays "perfect" when in use daily. Photo from Bon which sends me photos and recipes a couple times a day.  Mostly for stuff I would never cook.

Grace mentions her favorite spoon and the good soup pot in her recent post.  She's back home.  The fire didn't burn her Hill.  It's like that for me, too.  Favorite tools and spoons and pots and pans.  Some are as old as my marriage.  Fifty years and still good to go. I've had several favorite cups for my tea--but they always get broken (eventually) and then I search for a new cup at Goodwill.  I should make a memory drawing of each of them.  One with a red flower.  One with a dog in a Santa Hat.  Right now it's a French print- The secrets of Pistoulet.  Whatever that means.

I still haven't stitched the last nine pockets to the felt Advent Calendar.  Today.  But first, find the pin cushion with the right needle.  Also I cut a rectangle of batting and stitched washed and dried used tea bag papers to it.  Plus a stitched pair of squares.  Orphans from a project.  Something for me to do some hand sewing.  I am hopeful that I won't mess up this one.

I pulled a card from the jar yesterday.  "Let Go".   I practiced "letting go" as things came into my mind during the day.  I was surprised that I was hanging on to so many things from the past.  Today's word is "choose".

Homemade pizza and football yesterday followed by two Hallmark Christmas Movies.  Is it just me, or are the football injuries more gruesome this season?  I have my own injury today--caught my finger between two tight places.  It doesn't hurt but it sure did bleed.  I'm on my second bandaid.

The three 48" round wreaths are up on the porch.  And G finally found the remote power thingy so we can turn the lights off and on from inside the house.  And we got our first "thank you" email from one of the neighbors and her grandson.  The wreaths are one of his favorite things.  We haven't even thought about looking for a tree yet.  I remember saying I wanted to put ours up earlier this year.  But the weather has been awful here.

It snowed and then rained.  Then got really cold so the drive and walks were ice covered and slippery.  Now it's supposed to rain during the day and freeze overnight for a few days.  We still have some white snow but the sky is cloudy and dark.  House lights are on all day.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Daily Notes- November 24

Architectural Digest photo.

I think the room is great but I agree with the original poster--the Elephant Quilts are the BEST!! I like the fact that on one bed they are right side up and on the other--not.  And I am partial to elephants as some Readers may remember.  Fifth grade.  And appliqué which I absolutely adore doing.

Our daughter surprised us and arrived to EAT leftovers after a hard day selling candy on Friday.  In Freeport  (just down from the LLBean mothership which must have been a madhouse)  And imagine my shock to find this morning--the mysteriously missing acorn squash --still in the oven. Not being cooked--just being over looked. Now they adorn the compost pile.  Sorry. They weren't edible. The birds and squirrels might like them.

Daughter arrived with a few more jars of her layered dessert.  Welcomed happily by her father who --now that we are experiencing a "heatwave" of above zero temps--is putting lights on the porch wreaths.   He's doing this in the attic over the garage.  Yes, another attic.  Better to do the work there out of the wind.  And it's 3pm so full dark in one hour outside. Attic has lights.  I think.

I sewed a bunch of my washed and dried used tea bag papers to an approximately square piece of flat cotton batting.  There was some stitching by machine and then hand--with different weights of embroidery threads.  All in soft "used tea bag" colorways.  I had fun sewing on lots of beads from a box of bead soup (Deb) and then had fun removing them.

I REALLY need to have a design in mind before starting a project.  Like a "vision" or "roadmap" of where I am thinking about going.  I didn't and it showed.  No focus.  A mess.  But easy enough to to remove some things and then pin to the wall to re-consider.  Have thoughts.

And one of my cashmere (vintage) sweaters has developed new holes and will need some mending.  I, thoughtfully, tucked the donor sweater (the one I cut up) and thread in the sweater drawer.  But I do have to remove one of the underarm patches--so I can sew on a new, larger patch as two new holes have happened--just next to the patch.  The third new hole is about two inches above the bottom edge of the front of the sweater.  Going to be noticeable.  So have to be neat and clever with my shape cutting.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Daily Notes- November 23

Thanksgiving was Bitterly Cold.

Our meal was "the very best ever" my husband and daughter declared.  Proving that one doesn't have to do much in order to produce a delicious meal.

We had a deli roasted turkey breast warmed up in the oven.  StoveTop stuffing.  Baked sweet potatoes.  Brussels sprouts roasted in the oven.  Mashed potatoes.  And gravy from two packets of Knorr turkey gravy mix.  I did make the pumpkin pie but we didn't touch it.  Our daughter made little jelly jar parfaits of Cool Whip and spice cookies with the addition of orange segments.  Very delicious.  There was also a sprinkling of tiny dark chocolate chips.  G liked them.  I did not.

We watched the movie Enchanted.  And then a Hallmark Movie about a harried wife wishing she wasn't married.  Enchanted was fun to watch. my daughter had a running commentary regarding the wardrobe of the female star.  And the 4 inch or more heels everyone was wearing. She agreed with me regarding the "kiss" at the end.  Always awkward and cringe-worthy.  My thoughts were that the men didn't have much practice kissing women or preferred not to kiss them.

This morning it's cold and sunny.  I have 9 more little felt envelopes to sew on to the felt square.  I'm going to refer to it as a square even though its hardly that.  Felt has a way of morphing into a trapezoid (which I think is the correct word)  Wider at the bottom than it is on top.  Hey--that sounds just like me.

No shopping for us today.  And it's so cold we won't be up in the garage attic trying to haul the 48 inch round wreaths down the stairs.  Supposedly the weather people say Saturday or Sunday will be warm with rain.  So, Saturday or Sunday we will wrangle the wreaths down and out.  We should have actually done this 8 to 10 days ago when it we only needed to be wearing heavy sweaters.

I hope all of you are happy and eager to dig into the Thanksgiving leftovers today.  I know I am. And now we Merrily roll into Christmas.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Daily Notes- November 21

The snow continues to fall.  Overnight we got another inch or two.  G and Riley are back from their walk and G is now starting up the snow blower and clearing the driveway.

Me?  I took a shower, ate breakfast (toast and coffee), read the newspaper, read emails and answered a few, watched a video of two women making pie crust, made Riley's lunch, and after I walk away from the computer--I'll be making Cranberry Orange Bread-from a vegan website but I will be using vegetable oil and regular flour.  I purchased a bag of cranberries and one orange (zest) for the recipe yesterday on our 4pm (in the dark) shopping trip.  I may add nuts. I'm not sure which nut--pecans or walnuts.  And I may make pumpkin pie today rather than tomorrow.  But I don't know if I will or won't.  I do have a package of commercial pie crust dough in the fridge. And any extra cranberries can be made into cranberry sauce with a topper of French Brandy.

I will be sewing the little Advent pockets to the felt square today but need to decide what color thread to use and I cannot find my bag of this weight of embroidery thread in the Magic Attic so my choices are few and not what I want to use.  I had the project on the ottoman where I watch television and caught myself looking at it many times last evening.  It looks nice.  I didn't really have a "vision" of the end product as I cut and sewed.  So, the fact that it looks okay is a pleasant surprise.  Serendipity.

Sewing and Baking.  That's my Wednesday.  Warm and Cozy.  Wishing all of you the same!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Daily Notes- November Twenty

More wet heavy snow today--from early morning until darkness.  The trees, with limbs piled with wet snow, look so beautiful.  It won't last, but in that few moments, more than enough to hold and remember.

We now have all we need to feed us until the weekend--perhaps even longer.  I decided to make the carrot soup on Sunday and didn't have any cream--but did have raw cashews.  So made cashew cream in the VitaMix and then added soup.  Whizz.  Whizz.  Deluxe cream of carrot with white beans.  I often forget what a lovely thing the VitaMix is.  So fast, so smooth, so easy to clean.

Many years ago-- my daughter made me a set of 25 little felt envelopes for Advent.  Today I measured (oh, my!) and cut a square of gold felt and bordered it with 2 inches of red felt.  Managed a running stitch in gold all around on the red.  Now I'm going to sit and stitch the 25 little envelopes to the square and have an Advent Calendar.  During a Hallmark movie I saw one hung on the wall with a little candy cane moved and tucked into a new pocket each day.  I'm deciding how I will manage the little felt envelopes.  Candy?  A Santa moving along as the days go by?  Or--will I write a "wish" and tuck it into each envelope as the days pass.  Or write of something that made me happy as the days go past?  I have another week to consider.

I am going to try my hand at making shortbread cookie "baton".  I may even dip one end into melted chocolate. I made something like it once.  I recipe from Gourmet magazine (in the olden days) for a very large batch of cookie dough--and a range of 8 types of cookies to use the dough.  I made four kinds and carried the bakery box onto a plane.  You know that could never happen now.  I never knew how they tasted as all the cookies were eaten minutes after we arrived at the Florida House of friends.  I was told they were "glorious".  Those men knew how to enjoy food.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Daily Notes- November 19

This morning was like this.  The plows and shovels cleaned the sidewalks and streets. In Town, where there are more people, cars and buildings--it's warmer--with less snow.  My Coffee Date Friend came by to get me in her car and we did her errands together.  Then stopped for a coffee.  We'd never done that before--and it was nice.

Riley was eager to get outside.  Eager to roll in the snow.  Dig for hidden things--even when there is nothing to find.  I shoveled the walks and edges of the driveway.  G used the snowblower--faster but never as neat as hand shoveling the edges.

I took apart the Goodwill skirt. The first item I have ever seen or touched from apostrophe.  Made in India of 100% cotton--printed there as well.   It was the print--especially the back side--which made me want it--at first sight.  It was one of those moments in Time.  I need to notice them more.  I was walking and out of the corner of my eye I saw the printed fabric--out of place--not where fabric is, or a skirt.  I just saw it, touched it and put it into my cart.  Seconds.  I can't wait for the pieces of it that I have already washed --to be dry.

It is full dark here in Maine at 4 pm.  In Germany these were the Dark Days.  The days when we felt cut off from the World.  No internet.  Our families didn't write letters.  No library of English language books.  No Amazon.  Television was iffy.  And it was produced by the American Military stationed in Germany.  We learned how to be safe driving a tank under power lines.

G is reading.  Riley is snoring.  My eyes are tired from cutting stitches on so many seams.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Daily Notes- November 18

A new book just released.  In the blurb it mentions being raised by a grandmother who lived to the Great Depression.  Like me.  My Grandmother suffered thru the Depression and my own father's hoarding of glass jars etc was part of that.  My grandmother had a garden but no glass jars to can the food for winter.  So they had nothing, very much, to eat that Winter.  It formed them. Informed the way they saw Life.  As dangerous, threatening, mean.

I grew up spending lots of Time with my father's mother.  She never threw anything away  but it wasn't hoarding.  Old clothing was re-made into something else.  String was saved.  Paper bags folded and stored.  Food was always canned and stored in the coldest part of the dirt floored basement. Every thing saved was used.

And there you have the DNA of me and the Magic Attic.  Which I love.  Keeps her close after all these years.

I already have the "little green balls" recipe from Food 52 which uses all the stems and top leaves which normally go into the compost bucket.  Not the garbage, please.  But whizzed in the processor and made into tiny balls that can be fried or baked.  Delicious.  Go find the recipe, please.  The hunt is good for you!

I am eating yogurt, Bran buds, grapefruit these days (layered and then left to rest as the buds soak up the grapefruit juices) and shredded green and red cabbage and carrots mixed with a knock off of the Oriental Salad dressing from Applebees--with canned chow mein noodles and sliced almonds.  Cold Food. I will be making a soup for myself one of these days. Hot Food.  But cannot decide what I feel like eating.  Perhaps onion soup.  I was quite old when I first tasted onion soup.  And it was love at first spoonful.  Or the recipe for carrot, leek and white bean soup.  Or the black bean bisque.  Both shared by favorite chef's in favorite restaurants.

I slept well.  Am test driving coffee made from a jar of dry "crystals".  I got it too strong this morning.  But it has promise.  And is easy enough to make with the hot water pot.  I crave easy this week.  I crave comfort.  I crave being warm enough.  I crave drifting and not having to "try very hard".  Or think too much.

Daily Notes- November 17

The Moon.  The Snow.  The Leafless Trees.  The Shadows of Night.  From Art Propelled.

Winter came early.  We shoveled the walks and the steps.  Emptied the last pots of the outdoor annuals into the compost pile.  Cut back some of the perennials that we hadn't gotten to before the freeze and the rain and then the snow.  Found room in the garage for the snowblower.

G finished up the last of the chicken soup tonight.  I have to shop so I can make more.  I watched two excellent new Hallmark movies and one repeat from last year.  Riley asked to go outside--so he could roll in the snow.  Again and again.

It's quiet here.  I seem to feel tired almost as soon as I get out of bed in the morning. I think the stress of the company visits, the neighbor's broken arm, the elections, the re-counts, the California's all taken energy.  Emotional energy.

I don't know what I need.  But I will start with sleep.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Daily Notes-- November 16

Snow Day.   Not this much--only about 4 inches.  Maybe 6.

G is bundled up like a stuffed turkey against the cold--Riley --wearing what he wears in all four seasons.

I used this old picture because it is Riley 100%.  A True Snow Dog.

Flakes are still falling.  The Snow Blower is still at Chad Little being "tuned up" so we'll see what happens next as they say.

Riley was interested in being outdoors yesterday after  his walk--serendipity as they say--and I got all the pots that needed to be emptied taken care of, some plants in to overwinter in the upstairs bathtub (adjacent to Magic Attic) and sadly, noticed a very nice crop of leeks--frozen solid in the garden bed. Oh, well.  They hadn't been doing anything and now suddenly they had grown in the cooler weather of October and early November.  I will remind myself of this for next season.  There was also a "solar dyeing" experiment in a big jar that went no where.  So I emptied it, washed the jar and the still  uncolored cloth and will try again with something else.  I didn't want the jar to freeze and crack.

We've had a great deal of rain lately and now the hard freeze--so the Earth is hard and frozen. I was reading a blog post from someone who had visited Maine this past week and walked on many of our beaches.  I have lived here nearly 28 years and walked on NONE of Maine's beaches.  Why?  I have no idea.  Nor have I visited the national parks.  Perhaps that is something I can do with my daughter in the coming years.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Daily Notes- November Fifteen

From Garden Design

I am noticing a great many brightly colored berries and fruit on shrubs and trees this year.  We drove past three heavily berried crab trees the other day.  Golden yellow crab apples weighing down the branches.  Does this portend a bad Winter?  Or, rather, is this one of those hail Mary passes from Mother Nature--?  Trying to keep things going during climate change?

Here in Maine our weak, crybaby congressman is seeking help from the courts to stop the ranked choice recount of votes.  The man does nothing.  I've never even seen a photo of him in Washington. But he doesn't want to lose his "job".  We'd be going to the blue side if the recount doesn't go his way. The recount concludes pretty much at the same time as his court appeal is being read today.

The Washington Post let us in on some of the new Attorney General's past internet "jobs".  A website on Big Foot Travel opportunities, Time Travel as an investment possibility (2029), Hot Tub Seats and best of all Deep Speciality Toilet Bowls for "endowed" men who need more "room".  Men like him, he wrote.  I now see why Trump likes him.  Deep Specialty Toilet Bowls.

I have a haircut this afternoon.  Finally.  I changed the date of the appointment a few times because of "previously scheduled" things.  I'm finding being retired is complicated.

Snow, Sleet and what not for later today.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Daily Notes- November Fourteen, Again

G and decided to drive into Town--to buy a few items for Thanksgiving next week.

As we drove down Maine Street we saw a dog race into the road, traffic, cars.  A Pit Bull.  Across the street a very old woman and her dog, Rebel, on a leash.  The Pit Bull was aiming for her dog.

We had Riley in the car, but we also had a leash for the Pit Bull.

We managed to turn around (in a circle) in traffic and return to the woman.  By now completely panicked and screaming.  The Pit Bull had attacked twice in the time it took for us to turn and she worried it would come back.

No one else stopped.

I got out of the car and we told the woman to get in the front seat with her dog. Riley wouldn't appreciate strange company in the backseat, but I was okay. We then drove her to her car. She was grateful but we still worried about her emotional state.  G kept asking how she was, if she was able to calm down.  He kept telling her she was okay now.

Whew.  Just a drive into Town for groceries.

Daily Notes- November Fourteen

It's Charlie's 72nd birthday today--and birthdays remind me of my favorite birthday meal-- Pot roast. Served with mashed potatoes and coleslaw.  Not that I had any of those things on my actual birthday. I forgot.

I am losing track of Time.  Of Celebratory Days.  Is that a sign of something?

A Reader reminded me that Thanksgiving is next week.  I associate that holiday with G's birthday which is two weeks away.  He was born on Thanksgiving Day.  In time for Dinner.

Today is the exact opposite of yesterday.  Today it is dry and the sun is shining brightly. Not warmer but seemingly warmer because of the dry conditions and the sunshine.  G and Riley have gone off on their daily walk.  Riley was very eager to get going.  Dancing around with impatience. No raincoats needed.  They are both wearing hunter orange so no one shoots them by mistake.  Hunting Season.

I am washing and drying another batch of used tea bag papers.  Planning someday to stitch them by machine into a surface (backed by a single piece of cloth) and then.....well, I am thinking of a line drawing of something; perhaps a Botanical drawing.  Embroidered in tea stained DMC floss or  maybe even black DMC floss.   Or Deb's Magical Thread.  The papers dry into a sturdy transparent fiber.

Today--since the sun is shining--- I am going up into the Magic Attic to look for my Santa Claus yardage.   I am thinking of making special holiday placemats for the table.  Connie has sent me a Santa Charm Pack for the annual potholders but since my sphere of casual associates is shrinking-perhaps the Charm Pack will become placemats as well as a few potholders.  I have a black background fabric with Santa's clothing covering the surface.  His jacket, hat, pants, boots etc. That will be fun to have under our plates for the month of December.

And the Tree.  And the Porch Wreaths.  Harry has asked that we have the wreaths up with lots and lots of lights.  He and his grandmother drive down the street to look at the "big circles" every night of Christmas.  We can't disappoint Harry.

Another call this morning from a whisper voice saying "grampa?"  There should be a very hot place in Hell for the people who make these calls.  They pretend to be in trouble and ask for wired money so they can get home.  G gave the kid on the phone a piece of his mind--but the caller hung up fast.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Daily Notes- November Thirteen

A cold day here in Maine.  Raining.  All day.  I so wish I could move this weather pattern to the far West and soak all those fires.  But then, the ash remains of so many dead would be lost forever.

Grace is safe and in a place that is perfect for her.  The large animal shelter at the Gridley Fairgrounds, CA.  She watches the animals.  She is amazed by the food table filled by volunteers.  She is safe.

So, on days like this...soup.  To warm the body and soul.

The house here in Maine is dark.  The sky outside the windows is dark gray.  Riley is just back from his walk.  G, back from the walk as well, is possibly having a hot shower to warm himself up.

I am resting up from the big floor cleaning of yesterday.  Arnica on my thumb.  Sleepy.  I had enough sleep but I am sleepy today.  My eyes keep wanting to close.  So I will give in and sit with eyes closed, listen to the rain.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Daily Notes- November Twelve

Image from

Reminded me strongly of the many different ways I drew pomegranates one winter.  The artist here was trying different mediums and papers as I did with my drawings.  I am going out later to the library to return unread books and will stop at the grocery to get a pom or two. I like eating the seeds.

I have washed and dried avocado pits ready to go in the freezer until I decide to use them to color cloth.  I never found a source of black walnuts so no dye pot of those going here.  I see on the internet pots of walnuts and pom skins simmering on wood stoves.  Ready for cloth to be dipped and dyed.

Drinking lots of hot tea.  Watching lots of movies on Hallmark--I suggest myself as "continuity assistant" during filming and editing.  From one shot to another G and I watch as items move about the tables, desks etc.  Drink levels go up and down.  Scarves are wrapped around necks differently and the one that makes me craziest--men's ties not all the way up. Or up and then down.  At business meetings, weddings (groom) etc.  How hard is it for someone to just get the tie up to the neck? Just have someone shout--"tie" and get the guys to do it themselves.  Not doing it makes them look so sloppy in a smart metro sexual very tight suit. Of course none of the men shave. And the women all use that hot curling iron.  Ringlets on everyone.  Even long loopy ringlets.

When I start noticing these things-- Hallmark interest is expiring.

And G is shouting in happiness.  He does not like Hallmark Movies.

So, rest time is over--I am going back to my task for the day.  Vacuuming floors and carpets. Washing baseboards and window sills.  I already finished all the kitchen cabinets and their many, many layers of edges.  Oh, how I detest them.  Is 12:35 too early for a gin and tonic?

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Daily Notes- November Ten


We are holding/waiting.  Grace is near the California (north) fires and has the trucks and goat trailers ready in case they have to run.  The cell tower giving her internet--burned to the ground she says. So "radio silence".   Those who wait have the hardest Time.

Our son is perhaps experiencing smoke but is far enough from THESE fires but with the winds--any place in California could explode into flames. He told us things are so very dry.  It never rains.

Here in Maine (and New England), cold and wet.  Rained hard overnight and more is coming. I think we'll miss out on the snow.  Climate change is denied but........

The neighbor walked over with her son (day trip from Boston) and she is looking and feeling so much better. But fragile and missing her dog, Lizzie, who passed peacefully on Thursday.

A friend called--- her 96 year old father passed on Thursday also.  We spent so much time together when our families were young (and we were young!!) so Pappy was sort of a second father to all of us. We had time for a long chat today.  She had walked out of the room for a moment with her sister who was also a caregiver at the end--which is when her father passed.  I told her this is the way her dad wanted it.

It's just that kind of Time for me.  Sadness, memories, worry, waiting.  I am making chicken soup for G.  It comforts him.  Warms him.

Friday, November 09, 2018

Daily Notes- November Nine

Image from Woman With Wings I think.  So long ago that I moved it to my file.  I think it looked like an amazing thing to do with leaves.  So Fall must have been far away, at the time.

I had a 10:30 coffee date with my friend this morning and afterward--I was feeling able to walk and breath at the same time----I walked down Maine street and did some shopping.

First stop the little independent bookstore and hub of political 1960's style discourse.  I selected a gift, a card and my box of Christmas Cards.  And we discussed the Attorney General hubbub.  In a polite and educated manner. Only one person talking at a time.

Next stop was the block with specialty shops.  The first was putting up their natural holiday items to decorate the front of the old fashioned building.  Birch stems, winterberries, white pine boughs and anything else they collected from the woods.  The branches swooped and spiraled and climbed and rambled.  It looked worthy of the best Hallmark film.  No lights. Nothing flashy.  Wonderful. I am thinking I should rummage out in the woods and make a half circle over my front steps.  With lights.

Next stop was Nest.  All things imported and nothing made in USA.  Charming but not me.

Next was Haven.  Many items from local artists and makers.  Chalk paint.  Little "snuggles" made from collected used sweaters and cut into animal shapes, faces added and stuffed.  So adorable and sweet.  Makes me think I missed out on looking at sweaters as "material" for other items at Goodwill.  One navy and white stripe sweater had become (well, parts of it) a sweet happy little bear with baby blue felt cheeks.

Next the Health Food Store.  I collected a Tuscan Boule (for panini) and a 6 inch round swirl of what looked like pizza dough, tomatoes, basil and cheese.  Like a cinnamon roll.  But savory.  The clerk recommended it as she had had a warmed up "swirl" for her lunch.

Last, the grocery (with car) to get cabbage (red and green)  and a can of chow mien noodles.  I had the Oriental Chicken Salad yesterday at Applebees and had dressing leftover.  So I made my own at home with a few chicken nuggets from the "hot bar".  Most excellent but next time-- I will use the mandolin and not the knife.  Get the shred a bit thinner.  My jaw bones are making quite the racket inside my head when I chew--dentist said nothing was wrong.  Just noisy.

A good day--and G liked the Christmas Card I chose for this Christmas.

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Daily Notes- November Eight--again

Flaky Apple Tart.  Bon

MY parchment paper often looks like this.  Burnt around the edges.  Love the apple circles.  Love, more, the scoop of ice cream.  This looks like something I NEED to bake, eat and then repeat.

Haven't watched any news since the wee hours of this morning.  Sun shining.  Bank meeting with investments.  All okay.  Riding it out. Paid property taxes.  Ugh!!  Very high here in Maine.

G is working on blowing the fall leaves off the grass into the wild sides of the yard.  We like a mix of landscaped and wild.  He and Riley walked and now off to buy gas for the leaf blower.  I like to rake but G does not.  So--noise which makes the dog's ears hurt.  But first we'll go have a late lunch somewhere.  Remember I married a man who loves eating out.

I prepped two bowls of honey yogurt, Bran Buds and segments of the red Texas grapefruit we got at Trader Joe's last Friday.  I layer it just as written and then cover with a lid or plastic and let the bran buds get soaked in juice.  My most favorite lunch when I worked.  Any fruit that makes some juice is good like this.  I had some grapefruit left over--need another container of yogurt.

Made pizza last night.  I thought it was Thursday football night.  It was Wednesday.
Neighbor is doing better now with a cast on her arm and dog kenneled.

Daily Notes- November Eight

A Food Mill.

I feel like the past 24 hours plus has run me through the mill multiple times.

The rush of happiness as WOMEN won seats (multiple seats) in the House.  All varieties of WOMEN.  Even an immigrant from Somali.  "One of those ****hole countries".  Thank the Good Lord. And American Indian. And Gay.  And Fighter Pilot. And CIA covert operative.

The Total Blindsided Ignorance of the President.  His press conference.  His firing of the Attorney General.  Even the texture of his orange peel skin ...........

Anyway.  Here in Maine a new Democratic Governor.  A Woman.  Who believes in health care, new roads and bridges and clean water.  God love her.  And Senator King.  Independent.

I had my semi-annual visit to my Pulmonary doctor.  No change.  Not worse.  Super sized flu shot.

And I visited the wonderful fabric shop down the road from the doctor's office.  I had two unfinished small tops that needed borders and sashing.  I had nothing that worked in the Magic Attic.  I just handed the two pieces over to Betsy the owner of the shop and she went to work.  They are going to be amazing. One pieced by Beverly--unfinished before she moved up to Heaven.  One was made out of Beverly's scrap basket by me. Very scrappy and I used every bit.  Tiny stars. Tiny bits of Bev.  Which I will keep forever.

And they will be hand quilted.  That's what Bev would have done.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Daily Notes- November Sixth

More than ever--please vote today!

Finally got around to changing my desk calendar.  Six days into the new, fresh, clean sheet of paper that is November.  I found that I had made a notation of an instagram site I had visited.  And the artist I heard about on Jude Hill's site.  I hadn't remembered doing it.  But am glad I did.

Tea bags.  Opened, rinsed and dried flat.  Then sewn together and embroidered with designs. I may only piece my tea bags, layered on top of old cloth.  Make a "page" for that book of pages I started work on last winter.  Squares of one inch finished that ended up being 5 by 7 inch pages.  I believe I made at least 7.  Then started using larger blocks. Making larger surfaces.  Always in that soft faded thin cotton.  It felt so good in my hands. Now, it is almost all used up.  Not gone.  I suppose the pages could be stitched together into one large surface someday.

I am drinking more tea these days.  Less coffee.  Nice to be able to save the bags and use them to make something.  I like the softness of the paper and the tea stained colors.  Soft, mottled.  The used leaves are going into my compost kettle.  Then out into the bins.  I have three bins.  Nearly full now but shrinking over the Winter months into usable compost.

I seem to be leaving the path of commercially printed cloth.  I seem to be leaving the path in all things.

Eco printing cloth with leaves and natural things.  Alum and steam.  Liking the soft natural look. Perhaps I need to make a new set of eco cloth pages this Winter.  Add them to my "book".

I have a new book to read--  Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat.  I believe she has a series on Netflix that I can watch as well.  Science. Of. Food.   And beautiful illustrations by Wendy MacNaughton. Making me want to draw (line drawings) of all my cooking tools, stove top etc.  Perhaps embroider them on tea bags?

Monday, November 05, 2018

Daily Notes- November Fifth

This image has been on the blog before--more than once.  I love the way the leaves make a path.  The grey and the black.  Just a glowing image of the Time between Summer and Winter.

This week we have a full calendar of events.  But today I have most of the day to myself. To wander and perhaps layer cloth with leaves and steam--see what happens.   I bought two bunches of eucalyptus at Trader Joes on Friday.  Different from the variety I purchased from the floral department at work.  Thin leaves instead of round.  What color will they leave on the cloth?

In fact, the table in the vestibule is cluttered with jars and vases of plant material waiting to be steamed.  I do have to travel into the Magic Attic for cloth.  Cut, wash, soak in mordant.  It takes most of the day and makes a great mess in the kitchen but worth it.  Each time is a new lesson.  Learning from what happened the Time Before.

G is still helping across the street. Taking care of the dog. Clearing the garage for the car of the neighbor.  Backing the car in so she and the helper can get neighbor in when she goes back to the hospital today. Tying her shoes.  Still no cast on her arm and the bone is not set.  I can't even imagine how this aches and hurts.  She asks how she can repay us--I say that she would have done the same for us if we were the ones in need. That's how we live our lives.  G and I.

Football last night.  No pizza.  It got late and we don't usually eat late.  We are more morning and afternoon meals.  The game had it's moments but we (Patriots) won.  And the Saints won as well. so Pizza this afternoon when G finishes working the phones for Senator King.  A good man and a neighbor here in our Town.  When he was Governor of Maine, he came to the library with his son--a boy scout- always a friendly attitude, open and a good father.  The boy paid his fines himself.

I have managed to eat all the remaining Halloween Tootsie rolls.  I can check that job off my list.

Friday, November 02, 2018

Daily Notes- November Second

A Day which began with the phone ringing.  Our cross-the-street-neighbor's friend calling.  Neighbor had slipped in dog pee on floor and fallen, broken her arm in early morning.  Son mentions --while walking past to shower--ambulance lights at 6 am--not our driveway--so he went back to sleep. So, okay.

Neighbor is the one G does dog feeding/walking for.  So off he went to take care of the dog and wipe up the floor.  Neighbor needs surgery (but not till Monday, it seems).


Well, Son's visit ended on a good note as all four of us went off to have breakfast before heading to the airport.  No delays and our son is on the runway or in the air as I type.  Our two children played an interactive story game three evenings in a row and had great fun doing it.  Good Bonding.  Which is important for siblings when they have "close to elderly" parents.

Then G, daughter and I headed for the semi annual or annual visit to Trader Joe's in the area near the airport.  I got a bag of Texas grapefruit--small, red, zingy.  And mandarin oranges from Chile.  Still able to cross borders into the USA.

Interruption:  Neighbor home, no surgery till Monday, no cast, in so much pain-- and helper couldn't get her out of car.  I ran over there to help (my triple bypass skills from G's heart attack still useful).  She's now clean, dressed and taking pain meds.  Has a friend staying overnight.  And I am turning on the television and watching the recorded Hallmark movies.  They'll call if I am needed.

I had intended to write a totally different post.  LIFE.  Happens when you were making other plans. I am thankful that G and I have each other.   And don't those veggie's look amazing?