Friday, September 30, 2022

Field Notes- Friday September 30th. Cold. Might need to surrender and put on socks and a sweater.

 What I am making and eating Today.

I was (am) considering SOUP.  But if I start eating SOUP will be a long slog this Winter. And I am seriously going to switch out the vegetable soup for lentil this Winter when I get a chunk of Baked Ham from the DELI counter.  I like Lentil.  I need to try and remember that.....I like Lentil Soup.  I had it every day on my 1200 calorie diet. Which worked.  Made me insane measuring and weighing all the food but it worked.

I made the last box of Kraft Mac and Cheese yesterday.  Ate that.  It was that or Pancakes. I forgot to buy bread so I couldn't make a grilled cheese with pickles.  I need to take better care of myself.

I went to sleep and was dreaming about after Florida.  When we moved to the burbs of Chicago.  When I was a volunteer helping out in the school my son went to "after" his bad experience.  None of the teachers in third grade wanted him after reading his inch thick student file.  The Gifted and Talented Teacher took him on. Gave him a chance. In gratitude, I helped out in her classroom.  Way over my competency zone.

WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!!!!!  First assignment was teach all the boys (bored) in the class the multiplication tables to 9  (it had NOTHING to do with ANY ability on my part)  Then I asked for quarter inch graph paper and taught them how to use their new skill to multiple a three digit number by a two digit number. Then we worked on long division. For some reason I had little contact with the two or three girls in the class ... they stayed close to the Teacher.  The boys were actually....well, I was exhausted after a few hours with them.  So I went home.  Then Miss V had the whole class to herself.

Miss V was always in charge of what I did or did not do in the classroom. The boys were 8 years old.   Lots of wiggling around, running around and picking their noses, asking "why?". Regular Boys. No. Not really.  But I had one at home so...what can I say.  I was used to it. Seemed regular/normal even if it didn't look or sound that way. It was a lot.......I think their parents didn't have great patience, time or parenting skills.  What with Doctorates in Science and Math and Physics and working all day and even weekends.  In comparison.  I was ordinary.  Mom-like. I wiped noses, stopped fights and asked the quiet ones- what's wrong?

I saw some of the boys ....after Europe when we moved back to the Chicago burbs.  After high school. I truly wish we had stayed put and I could have watched them all grow up together-- with our son. Amazing Boys.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, September 29th. Hurricane Watching Yesterday and Today.

 It was pretty EPIC yesterday.  Water.  Water is so devastating.

So that was that.  Plus homeowners insurance.  Florida insurance companies not covering Storm or Water damages.  Same here in Maine.  Special -very expensive- policies if we want "water coverage". Are you covered for Storm or Water damages????  Better check.  

I was trying to recall how many years we lived in South Florida.  Our son had just turned 4 when we arrived and in second (actually third) grade when we left.  It seemed longer.  The second/third grade was one of those things...his second grade teacher refused to have him in her class so a third grade teacher volunteered to "take" him.  She never had a moment of trouble with him.  

The second grade teacher was very very sure he was "retarded".  And said that.  The boy sitting next to my son in 2nd grade (in the last row at the back of the room) had a learning disability and my son helped him with his work.  The two of them were ignored by the teacher.

I actually wanted to go into the school and do bodily harm.  They had a professional man come in and give my son an IQ test. (even the Principal was positive the 2nd grade teacher was right)  I might have written about this years ago- it still makes me furious-- anyway the tester was in tears at the end.  He said   he never thought he would get to experience the testing of a child who needed, like two more seconds, to get a perfect score." He went on to say watching my son figure out the problems was so incredible.  The process of solving.

Not retarded.

I was miserable for the entire time we were there.  And this is when I started wearing my wedding ring on my middle finger.  I learned to drive, got a driver's license so I could cash checks, got a job and a credit card-same one I still use today.  So....the rock bottom-ness of it.....created the me you having writing this blog. Today.  What doesn't kill you..makes you stronger.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Field Notes- September 28th. Cloudy with a chance of Something.

 This looks like something Dee would make and probably did make..  Her Houses always call to me....... I would like to see progress images to see how it all begins.  The mid portion also when things have gotten out of control--fabric must be removed..... replaced...auditioned.

Sunshine.  Warmer.  Tru Green stopped by yesterday.  it's always unexpected.  The guy spreading fertilizer etc on the 15,000 square feet that is our yard (that has grass) the rest of the acres are covered in trees. Eventually the hurricane will reach us.  Unless it runs out of energy. Or leaves via the Carolinas.

Yesterday was quiet here.  Nothing happened.

Husband successfully arrived at his Cardiology appointment.  His diet of Fat and Sugar showed up in his bloodwork.  He then went to have his hair cut.  Then home with a bag of cookies studded with M&M's, frosted cupcakes and Keurig cups of Caramel coffee. You can see how much attention he paid to his cholesterol.. If he paid ANY attention. If he even knows about Cause and Effect.

It's like watching a movie in very SLOW motion.  And knowing How it Ends but left up in the air on When it Ends.  I may not even be Here when it does End.  That could be the Surprise Ending.

I gave some consideration and thought to the request my son and daughter have made- that I leave the Journals and Notebooks for them to read after I am dead.  They already read this.  I am thinking of loose ends. I am thinking, now that I am closer to death than to living....I should explain the choices I have made for 76 years. Inexplicable Choices.  Not to defend them.  Just to say I made them and then lived with the result.

I dreamed of dead friends last night.  Talked to them.  They didn't reply.   But they listened. I asked for forgiveness.  I though of ways I could have been a better friend to them.  It feels like AA.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Field Notes- Tuesday, September 27th. Looks like it might rain.

 Colors by Zodiac.

All the paint companies got together and decided what colors fit with what Zodiac signs.  It was a pretty lame idea.  I do like the zodiac art on the wall though.

Yesterday was not my best day.  I am not going to tell the story but it worked out in my favor even though it should not have because I ruined the day for someone else.  Shit Happens. From now on I am parking in the grocery lot and walking to the Library or having husband take me and he'll park in the handicapped spaces.  It's just easier.....safer.

I promised husband I would bake Brownies today.  I forgot to buy him cake at the grocery store. I just walked thru the vegetable/bakery section never considering the bakery.......I did get Chicken dinners and Pizza dough.  So...that was okay, but the "not buying" dessert was a sore subject.

He's gone for his Cardiologist Appointment.  And then a haircut.  It's all on his iPhone.. so, fingers crossed he gets where he belongs.  I'm going to wait on the Brownie baking until he gets home- he could arrive with bakery.  It's on his mind.

I need to turn on lights.  I guess that's how I know it's Fall/Winter.  Having to turn on the lights.

Husband finished off the puzzle I bought him.  Very fast.  And yesterday, at the library I didn't see any that looked good enough to borrow.  I could put out one we have already done.  It's not like a puzzle has a plot and is a mystery.  I'll do that.  It's good if he has several activities.  Word Search.  Coloring Pages.  Puzzles.  Book To Read with Dessert and Coffee.  Then it doesn't feel like he has "nothing to do".  I already okayed Cutting the Grass so he did that yesterday with the riding mower.. I okayed myself for couch sitting and staring  at nothing.  I had a book.  But I wasn't interested.  Yeah.  That's weird.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Field Notes- Monday, September 26th. What a Day so Far.

 Would this plate of roasted vegetables look as good if it wasn't on the black slate counter top?  I forgot to get Hummus.  Again.

Yesterday's Football.  Patriots Quarterback has possibly suffered a season ending leg injury.  On the Sports Radio Show (on cable tv) a retired football player recognized the injury and said the kid is out for ..possibly-- the rest of the Season.  Nothing is broken or torn- but it takes a long time for the tendons and muscles to heal.  He hopped off the field on one leg- couldn't put the other foot to the ground.

Brady got his Old Clock Cleaned by Rodgers.  HIS knee brace looked like it had been in car wreck. Let's just say- the two back to back games were less than thrilling.  Boring? yes.  Lifeless? yes.  Hard to be exciting when only one Team shows up to play and the other one hasn't got a clue..  

I actually went into our BANK today.  To deposit checks the State of Maine sent us to help with Winter Heating Costs.  This year. They didn't help us last year.  

Then I went and paid the second installment of our Property Taxes.  

Then I stopped in at the Library to return books.

Then the grocery to buy what was on the shopping list.  A Very Nice Tall Young Man helped me with the sliced packaged Pepperoni for the Pizza next Football Sunday.  He was probably over 30 and had muscles. Rather great looking dressed in all black. Possibly the Beer Sales Rep. The Pepperoni I wanted was on the highest level of tiny pegs.  

I could have gotten it myself......but...why????  

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Field Notes- Sunday, September 25th. Sunshine but chilly. Might be Time for me to start making SOUP

 Interesting door--knob.

My hands are itching.  I have touched something with something on it...I have no idea what is setting my skin off.  But it turns red and itches.  At this moment- both index fingers.  And one thumb.

Husband is mowing the grass with the riding mower.  All the rain- the passing hurricane that hit eastern Canada- and the sunshine.  Grass has filled in and greened up.  

Acorns- the harbinger of Winter.  We have had none for possibly three years now.  This year they are raining down, causing foot pain if I walk on them etc etc.  Usually a heavy amount of acorns means a heavy snow type Winter.  I would be crabby but...we need water.  Ground water.  Deep into the Earth Water.  So, I am hopeful about the abundance of acorns.

If it continues to be cold in the mornings- I am switching from oatmeal to Cream of Wheat with butter and cinnamon for my breakfast.  I haven't had Cream of Wheat in a long time. We haven't had Winter.

I saw a NYT's recipe in the feed I am sent...I can't open it unless I send them money.  I looked on line but I couldn't find the Joan Nathan recipe for a Hungarian Honey Cake for Passover.  Hungarian because that is close to where my grandmother was born- and she baked some awesome stuff..........And the image of the cake looked very very delicious.  It takes 1.5 hours to make and 3 hours to chill and 25 hours to rest. A Project Honey Cake if there ever was one.

There was also a recipe- just the title and the photo- for Pasta with Butternut Squash, Kale and Brown Butter.  I like all those things............

In further Astrology News:  2023 (gosh that sounds so Futuristic) for me.  Introspection (already doing that), Awareness of Time (running out), Self Analysis (sounds like therapy?), Refining Talents  (work). Sounds like an Intense Year.

In Book Reading news-  Dumplin' a YA book by Julie Murphy.  Two kids in high school and one of those Southern Beauty and Talent things.  Texas.  Also the author of If The Shoe Fits a Cinderella type story with guy and a plus sized adult woman.  Dumplin has a plus sized YA girl and an interesting guy plus high school drama. Finished it last night and intend to read it again today.  Lots to unpack. I missed out on this aspect of high school.  Which is why I like reading Travel Back In Time Rom Coms.  Revisionist.

I also saw more of the end of Sixteen Candles.  I saw about 20 minutes of the beginning of the movie weeks ago the Ringwald filled out the questionnaire, dropped in on floor and the cute guy picked it up.. More than a month ago? Longer? And I saw 10 minutes of the ending....sort of recently while clinking thru channels--but I think I should really record the whole thing.  Fast forward past the cringe worthy many...  I keep hoping they would show Never Been Kissed again.  I shouldn't have deleted it.  I have no idea- didn't look- as to when these movies came to be.  Whenever it was, I wasn't interested. I don't know.  We could have been living in Germany.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday the 24th. Chilly with Sunshine. I might need socks and a sweater today.

 I mentioned yesterday- thinking about washing the kitchen rug.  I did.  With two pair of husband's gardening pants.  It went well (I was prepared for it going badly).  Most of the dirt was removed in the wash.  A few spots remain. But, it's significantly "cleaner" than it was.   I also dragged the central vac hose around the house.  Not enough to make my back hurt- but enough so that the wood floors are not dusty.

I freshened up (washed) the placemats at the table.  The daily newspaper reading tends to make them look dirty with the ink transferring.  Now they are clean as well.

I've been touching too many things today and this is the second or third time I have needed to wash my hands with Dawn.  They get contaminated easily and then have red itchy areas.  It takes a while for the red, itchy, irritated areas to calm down.  Contact dermatitis.  Usually, it's outdoor stuff I touch.  Now. it's inside the house stuff.

I feel like I am shedding that what aging is all about????  I can't ask all my dead friends. Yes, most of my dearest friends and fellow quilters...have died.....already or disappeared.  I can imagine the stories they have stored up to tell me when I finally arrive.. to the refrain.."always late.......nothing ever changes with you, Joanne!!"  I usually handed them a cocktail or a warm homemade cinnamon roll to make up for it.   

They will also ask what I did with whatever was left behind in their houses......I have Gregor's red cardigan sweater (the one I wear and mend all Winter).... I have Judy's little golden embroidery scissors, Beverly's Japanese fabric collection (on my shelves), Joan in the art pieces we made and talked about, Barbara's bookcase now filled with my paperback romances..... I see my old friends, each day........ in their favorite possessions.  What will someone keep to remember me? 

Friday, September 23, 2022

Field Notes- Friday, September 23rd. Sunshine but still cooler than usual.

 A box of PURPLE from way out West.  Thank you Joan.  Now my Fabric Closet Color Collection is complete.  For some unknown reason- and I do have older quilts with purple in them--I neglected to buy purple fabric..... now I have some.  So..this is really nice of Joan in California.

I finished watching whatever season the Granchester season was on PBS.  Now I have the next season lined up on TiVo.  I record stuff and sometimes watch and some times not.  I do it mostly so I can fast forward and not watch commercials.  Like Hallmark Movies.  Record and skip the commercials. But I haven't recorded any of last year's and this year's Hallmark Movies.......I seem to have outgrown them as they get sillier and sillier.  I do keep the favorite Christmas Movies in the TiVo..  For December. Every December. Magical Shoes and the Christmas Waltz.  And the Christmas Bookstore. And a new one last year of a dead guy who comes back to Life for 2 weeks each December.

It seems strange to recall how I watched so many of them (the deleted ones).........a different Me?

I think that may be the case.  There are things I used to love doing that no longer appeal to me.  And watching a Sports Talk Show- well, I can't imagine me ever doing that......but now I do.  But the novelty of it is wearing off.  I will stay with it into December because I love the way they do Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Callers playing an instrument or singing a carol........ old women and old guys.....singing.  It's just so lovely. I imagine them home far away or gone.  Having a little Christmas.  On the radio.  Because this is a radio show that is broadcast on TV.  I know....weird.  But sweet.

I don't think we'll have a tree again this year.  Christmas holds bad memories for my husband so it's for the best, I think--now.  With what he has to contend with memory-wise.  Not bring more into the mix. 

It's funny how in a few years, everything that you "always" gone.  and how you don't really miss it.

I have a cloth piece on the ottoman- auditioning the next border.  I was up in the Attic and the Closet- looking.....but I can't find the fabric I used in one of the borders.  I ripped a strip off a larger piece and I can't find the larger piece......up and down the stairs......can't find it.  So VERY AGGRAVATING......

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Field Notes- Raining. Dark. Cold. The Hurricane is moving north along the coastline.

 I don't think this in Jude Hill.  I think it's someone else in my sidebar-- I'll get back to you.  Hazel in Portland OR.  She sells these wonderful little cloth pieces.  But they are always sold out by the Time I try and buy one.  Just a small square of cloth and some embroidery floss and she creates MAGIC.

Handstories in the sidebar.

It's raining.  I have all the house lights on and all the windows closed.  It's also cold.

I cooked yesterday.  I roasted a small tray of the Sun Gold cherry tomatoes (from the garden) in the oven and then boiled pasta and mixed the two together.  Simple.  I added some Parmesan cheese.  I was thinking I should have added basil.  I ate a bowl of this while watching MSNBC and the charges again the Trump Empire.  Fraud.  He has always said everything was larger than it actually was........ bigly.

Later I watched Grandchester a PBS show I have recorded on TiVo over the Summer and never watched. It says it's new but it looks to be repeated "new".   I watched Endeavor.  I sort of wish we could see the much older Morse in the earlier series.  But PBS sold it to Prime I think.  I don't have Prime. I should have Prime.  I should figure out how to do these things but....I used to know.  Now I second guess myself.

Husband has gone off to see the Dentist.

A package is supposed to be arriving today.  Purple cloth from the West Coast.  Someone who reads my blog.  I am very very excited about this....... I love getting mail.  Either by post office or internet.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday, September 21st. Cloudy, Cool, Damp. Definitely Changing Seasons.

 This is from the internet somewhere.  If I woke up tomorrow morning and this was on the ottoman to my Left- I would be very happy.  I doubt I would have blanket stitched the outer perimeter. I really should think about a better way to do my straight pins..but right now...I have only about 12 of them....the rest of the container has gone "walk about" as they say in Oz.

I wind my thread on wooden clothes pins.  I saw it on a blog.  I liked it.  So I bought a bag of clothes pins and started winding.

Haircut. I began the day with a shower.  I should have waited and taken one now as all the tiny snips of hair are traveling inside my work shirt and cotton tee.  Itching.  Irritating.  Hair looks good.

After the haircut we went to the next Town over to Sherman's Books and I got three books.  Plus I used my Ten Dollars of Book Money (which was burning a hole in my pocket).  I got three books at the bookstore that I had forgotten I liked reading.  One is a Regency Romance.  Should have named the book The Widow and the Rake.

I picked tomatoes.  With the cooler nights and all the rain- not much happened out there. One not ripe but changed color tomato and a handful of the cherry tomatoes. Every other one out there is still solid green.

I invited husband to finish off my birthday cake yesterday evening.  Big wedge.  It was giving me acid reflux.  Daughter dropped off two boxes of Dilly Bars from DQ.  My birthday gift.  Plus a tub of cheesecake. To eat with a spoon (that sounds like FUN).  She found it at a small independent grocery.  Near the location of my new General Practitioner.  In Bath.  She'll be driving me there when I get an appointment.  A lot of changes happened in my Regulated Life this Year.  Losing the doctor I had for 30 years was one of those things.

Well, I have blogs to read.  Coffee to drink.  The Sports Show to watch.  Then MSNBC.  No Law and Order today.  Sewing or Reading.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Field Notes- Tuesday, September 20th. Overcast and 67 degrees. Summer might be Ovah!!!

 I cleaned out the picture file yesterday.  I'll be taking my own for a bit and then...who knows what I might find...

The weather has changed overnight...well, over about a week's worth of nights.  There are abundant acorns on the lawn and the driveway.  We haven't had any for three? years.  And no Winter snow.  I am hoping the abundant acorns forecast a white Winter.  We need the ground water.

A new (to me) friend is going to collect and send me some purple fabric.  I'm very excited.  It was quite a surprise to notice that I have a few small scraps but no other purples in either of the fabric closets.  The Magic Attic Closet and the Less Magical Sewing Room Closet. will be fun.

The Football last night (intermingled with Law and Order) was SURPRiSiNG.  At least I was surprised. One Team in each of the 8pm games playing very well and the other Team looking like they hadn't done their homework.  Tennessee was a surprise.  Inept.  I don't like to stay to see people getting injured.

I can't remember who was playing in the other game at the same time.  But it was terrible as well.  One sided.  Law and Order was also disappointing.  The Harmon woman is one of the lawyers.  I never really warmed up to her so....she always wants the death penalty.

It's 12:30 and I need to turn on lights.  It's very very dark in the house.  And I might need to put on socks.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Field Notes- September 19th. Overcast skies but no Rain. House lights are on.

 It's a Pancake Day.  King Arthur Buttermilk Mix Pancakes.  I have a package.

The grocery clerk doubted I could carry my groceries in one bag. I have become OLD overnight. What a shocking change in 24 hours (birthday and all). I had even put on a fresh, clean shirt......... Pink.  And the shirt looks like it might even have been ironed...... not by me.

Perhaps I have never worn it? I plan to take it off and put it back in the closet and wear one of the really old (30 years) K-mart work shirts.  All the washing removed the blue from the shirts. Still have the original buttons.

Anyway.  The Patriots won.  Which was hard to believe. The Steelers.....missing the Old Fat Pig???

Tom Brady threw the last pass of (his) yesterday's game from near one end zone to the other end zone and the guy catching it caught it without ever looking back.  He just put his hands out and the ball fell into them. And Mrs. Brady wants Tom to retire?  He'll give her up first. 

I am reading a lovely book.  The cleaning up, patching up, fixing up of a VERY old French hotel.  Nothing has ever been thrown away.  It's a book I will order and buy at the Book Store.  I like it very much.  A wonderful present from the Universe for my Birthday.

I found an astrology website:  People born on my birth date are highly intuitive, helpful, natural teachers.  We worry and have self doubt issues in our youth but we get better with age.  I am peace loving, hard working and appreciate the comforts of Home and Family (so true).  But I cling to my lifestyle and don't make changes easily (very true).  The overall feeling of stability is VITAL to me.

It also mentions that in the past year I have questioned my Life Path and feel like I have no anchor. I am confused about where I am heading.  As Readers of this can agree with that.....but also some of my greatest joy comes thru attachment to others....(all of you) and my ability to share myself with you.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Field Notes- Sunday September 18th. Was just out picking tomatoes in the back garden.

 This is image #3008.  From my iPhone.  Next up are borders all around of the orange fabric.  I bought it in every color they had but not the purple and I am kicking myself about that.  I have almost nothing in purple.  The large rectangular shape in the new orange edging fabric (on the right inner square) should be at the bottom.  I'm deciding if the orange strips will be narrow, medium or wide.

Long, long phone call from my son out in California.  We are trying for a visit.  Or something.  Work is making it a bit more difficult than usual and the planes-- with new COVID variants etc etc. So nothing in the foreseeable Future.  He will renew his apartment lease for another year.

I am just in from picking tomatoes out in the back garden.  The only plants left are the ones I had on the Porch.  That I got from Allie.  They are producing large gorgeous tomatoes.  I intend to eat one today.

Husband has stopped working in his coloring book and is now going out to water the tomato plants- I told him they looked dry.  I had also clipped a good number of dry yellow leaves from the plants. they got wet when it rained and then the Sun came back out and that's what happens.

Football.  I jumped up to turn on the TV to see the Patriots get the crap kicked out of them. If they don't...I and everyone else will be shocked.   Patriots 3 and Steelers 0. Almost end of first quarter.  Interception.

No Pizza.  I forgot, again.  I'm Seventy Six Years Old. and I look AMAZING.  laughing.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, September 17th. Sunshine and still Cool Temps. Opened a window.

 The ottoman over to my left.  I am adding strips of cloth to a handsewn square.  To keep myself from snacking all day long.  The Handsewing Diet.  The listening to the News Handsewing Diet.

I was going to move this image from the mail section of the desktop to the desktop picture file and while doing this I was notified that my "desktop" was being used by a newly purchased laptop.  Somewhere. I have no idea if this is happening in tandem to me typing here- to you.....because I don't know anything about anything anymore.  It seems.  I may have been hyjacked.

Only 4 on today's Sudoko.  I could only pencil in four numbers.  

I need to add a few more straight pins to my pincushion.  As the square gets large- I am needing more pins to attach the new strip to the square.

I watched Ancient Aliens last night (while eating frozen yogurt) and there was this tiny woman- who visited the site of a NOW very famous temple in Egypt.  At the Time it was under the sand and no one knew it existed.  This woman told them where to dig and then when they  started to find building blocks- where to put them. She'd been given instructions years before- sort of like dictation from the spirit world.  She wrote down what she heard.  

For the first time in a long while they had a story that was obviously true and interesting.  Newspapers had covered the story as it was happening. And digging up a vast temple and reconstructing it took many many years. She was my age (tomorrow) when it was completed- 76.  Another reason it interested me.  She looked frail and barely alive at 76. 

One reason I haven't lost any HEIGHT as yet......we had soda (Coke) only on Christmas because Santa and Coke went together..  The rest of the year we drank whole milk.  Period.  Even in college cafeterias.  I got a glass of milk with any meal.  Only a few times a month did I have a Coke. Mainly because I had to buy it with my own money (cash) and I had very little money.  And no one sent me additional money. No one sent me any letters.

See.....the family was so very very happy that I was GONE.  Really. My mother even told me that.  So happy I wasn't living with them........ I've given up thinking I might be "normal"...... I'm not. This might be why I got married..after my senior year..  So I wouldn't have to go home.  Out of one mess and into another.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Field Notes- Friday September 16th. Sunshine. 63 at noon. I opened a window yesterday and the air coming in was cold but freshened up the house.

 I like the hanging light fixture.

So.  We did have cheesecake.  I went to the grocery and got the container with two slices and whipped cream.  They did have the same with cherries but they looked like pie filling cherries.  Too heavy and gloppy.  So I had my piece plain and I added rainbow sprinkles to Husband's.  Rainbow Sprinkles make him quite happy.

I was going to buy flowers but they were expensive and sort of wilted already.  So I passed.

The Local in Town Bookstore Owner called.  He was in a great mood and laughing as he told me I had FIVE BOOKS ready for pickup.  I might be his favorite customer this summer. Last time I was in.......A few customers were smiling as I kept pulling my zerox copies of books I want out of my book bag.

Yesterday I read Clare Pooley's Iona Iverson's Rules for Commuting.  A group of people meet on the train each morning.  Become involved in each other's lives etc.  British.  It reminded me of the other British book- The Lost Ticket about people riding the bus together in London looking for an old man's lost love. 

I didn't realize I had read another of Clare Pooley's books- the Authenticity Project.  The one with the Green Notebook that is left around Town in places where people gather- the bakery, the pub etc..  Where anyone can pick it up and write down the things they regret in their lives and then tell what their deepest wish is for the future.  I  was on a book site and looking for new books to order and read and found a review of the Authenticity Project.  Most people disliked the book and found the plot depressing and unrealistic.  And most specifically disliked the character named Hazard.  I liked him more than anyone else.  He needed to be saved more than anyone else.

What does that say about me, I wonder????  I liked everyone equally in the Rules for Commuting. The very old people and the young teens in high school.  I imagined how the Rules Team could have been a great help to the Bus People looking for the lost love of the old man's life. Better organizational skills. More media savvy......

If you want to- read both.  Rules for Commuting and the Lost Ticket.  Love Lost and Found. 

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Field Notes- September 15th- sunshine and cooler breezes. Fifty Fourth Wedding Anniversary Today.

 Would be lovely to actually have cheesecake today...but we don't.

Husband is out moving the backyard birdbath.  Making it easier for me to get to it for the daily scrub and fill.  It was behind a fence.  And now it isn't.  We can still see the birds who come visit. Mostly tiny ones. I don't know what happened to the larger birds- Blue Jays, Cardinals ...we still have crows but they rarely, if ever, use the bird bath.  Every so often a Goldfinch.

I always knew today was going to be our anniversary- husband found out because his iPhone mentioned it to him.

My eyes are tired today.  I am tired today.  I never managed to do what I wanted to my blog- even though I had assembled the thing myself years and years ago...without any skills....I can't recall how to get into the backside of it to remove things.  It's these moments when I feel old and useless.

I couldn't even put one number in any of the spaces on today's newspaper Sudoko.  ZERO.  I got 8 yesterday. The day before 3.  I gauge my day by the number of spaces I can fill.  This will be a day to go back to bed and stay there.

I watched news.... then looked up Nicole Wallace. She has gotten married. I was wondering if she was pregnant (the news people on the internet also are wondering if she is pregnant- and thus married) I didn't know she was divorced.  But perhaps she was never actually married to the father of her son?  The iPhone said they co-parented. It felt really sort of wonderful to know I had picked up on these "changes" in Nicole- all on my own. Like I was actually "observant".  It was the day I had 8 Sudoko numbers.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Field Notes. Wednesday, September 14th. 9:18 am. Impossibly true .... a message from someone.

 Chosen Randomly from the huge photo file on the desktop. I need to delete more images.

Husband is disassembling in front of my eyes.  He has screwed up his passwords (this event is regular in the rotation of upset)... He is going for bloodwork before his Heart Doctor visit later in the month...he just left.  I wrote everything down. Where he is going. Why...etc.   He might lose the note....  He refused to let me go with him.  

It begins.  Or should I ends?

I can see why doctors fear for the health and wellbeing of the caregiver.

I am removing two and perhaps more blogs from my Reading List.  I like getting comments on my blog..even though I get very few.  Usually zero but on occasion one or two. I reply if there is something to say or add.  At times the commenter asks a question so I answer.  

On these blogs I am going to delete- no matter what I say- it is not welcome.  Another commenter can say the same thing- and that is welcomed with a warm reply.  I thought for was the way in which I spoke...but now I realize it isn' I will delete them from the not very long blog list I have.  They came with a lovely class I took years ago......I should have known I wasn't welcome.

I am not very good at the social aspect of blogging.  I may not be very good at friendship.  I was greeted with delight by customers and friends at the Greenhouse and Library when I worked.  I must be different now.......Not someone you would want to know.   Perhaps it is easier for me to read reactions when face to face?  I don't know and I just have to let go......

I did laundry yesterday.  Twice.  I have work pants to wash.  But not today.  I made a pot of rice yesterday and added sun gold cherry tomatoes.  Stirred to break them up.  Salt. Pepper.  I have leftovers to eat today.  Also peeled and ate two cucumbers from the garden.  Reading The Spanish Love Deception. Same author as the American Roommate Experiment which I liked.   This first book by the author is also very good.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Field Notes- Tuesday, September 13th. Overcast with a street full of construction and grass cutting vehicles.

 Miss--aka. Or something similar.

A bit of a chill in the air.  Damp.  Overcast.  I had A Book to pickup but came home with two.  I might have had three but a very rude older guy asked if I was going to stand there (all day) blocking others from looking at books.......I just turned and looked at him for awhile and then reshelved my book and walked away.

Law and Order is on today.  For hours.  So..a Good Day.  A Riley and Joanne day- back when that was a thing here.  I took some things (cloth shapes) off a cloth I was unhappy with- went looking for another fabric for border strips.  I selected one but am having second and third thoughts.  It's not weird enough.

If there is one comment directed at my work- most often- it's "that was a weird choice of fabric".  I feel the overpowering need to continue that........noticeably WEIRD cloth choices. Well, actually I think some said So Ugly fabric choices.  They also said my work made their eyes and head hurt.  I'd nod and smile. 

Inappropriate Fabric was another complaint when I used Civil War fabrics in modern abstract fabric designs.  The stuff was made for abstract work in my opinion.

I also had to pick up husband's inhaler prescription.  I got to sit next to a well dressed and groomed older guy waiting for a prescription.  He had very hairy legs.  (wearing shorts- loafers minus socks).  I also watched an even older retirement age guy spraying and wiping every surface of the Pharmacy counter and wondered why he was still working......... perhaps boredom???  I was uncomfortable thinking it was because of need........

Monday, September 12, 2022

Field Notes- Monday, September 12th. Hot. Sweaty. AC units are back in business.

 A Really Fantastic Woman who just happened to be Queen because her Uncle wanted to marry an American.  Doesn't that sound a bit familiar???? A Prince who wanted to marry an American???

It's hot.  I am sweaty.  I went to the grocery. I went to the library. I walked to the Bookstore and spent $100 on books, a 2023 wall art calendar and my 2022 Christmas Cards.  So far...A GREAT DAY.

I'm going to erase all the football games..... yesterday from memory.  Especially and specifically OURS. The Patriots STINK!!!!! and now the Q-back has a back injury.

I bought over fried, very crispy chicken bits...for later. Like a Fried Food Tranquilizer Dart. I did not buy salad greens.  I bought Hummus. I like the stuff.  I don't know why. I forgot I was going to buy store fried corn chips.  Damn. To eat with the Hummus.

Lowe's has sent me an invitation- email- to come in and interview for a JOB.  I applied ONCE years and years ago.....they really wanted to hire me for the outdoor plant section- I was just applying for jobs so the Unemployment Police wouldn't take my weekly benefit away while the Greenhouse Job had me on Winter Furlough.  I didn't like shopping there even once a season so- every day????? No way.

After that- I applied for jobs I was NOT qualified for......Being old and all.  There was the EPIC interview in the local silk screen tee shirt  printing factory.  The first interview question should have been "are you high right now?"  They had never interviewed a non stoned old woman before.  It was AMAZING!!!

I need to hydrate........

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Field Notes- September 11th. We've all started to forget haven't we? Overcast and in the 80's in Maine.

 My bed.  It's a high four poster from Ethan Allen.  Black.  You have to climb in or get a running start and vault into it.  Puffy down comforter.  Linen sheets- well worn after many many years. Like me.

My bones are sore today.  Hips mostly.  Not that happy to be walking around.  Aching even when I am sitting.  One week to go....Seventy Six.  Not that epic a birthday- 86 would be MORE of an achievement.  I would match my father.  I hope to match him, at least, as he was NOT in great health for the last 20 years...... refused to come live with me (us) and later ...when I saw him in hospital, he said that had been a mistake....... regret.  I could have gotten him into his 90's....

My grocery store as Pot Roasts on sale.  I am buying the biggest one they have.  I love pot roast and I especially love it on my birthday.  Mashed potatoes,  Gravy.  Cole Slaw (homemade). Cake and Ice cream. I might even have a green vegetable.

So those are my Future Plans.  Today...Football.  UGH.  The Patriots are going to be SO BAD. I may switch to other games--even though the odds of finding a good one are slim.  I didn't think ahead so we don't have a ball of pizza dough for Football Pizza.  Sigh.  I am not getting my ducks in a row this all.  It's the Year of Being Taken By Surprise.  Rather than being forgetful.

I ate a carton of Chocolate Fudge frozen yogurt yesterday.  I watched the old fashioned mystery shows on PBS. Hamish didn't kiss anyone (he's very good at that) but he smoked a lot- I was going to look the actor up and see if he died of lung cancer. I also watched a movie with Drew Barrimore (sp and spellcheck refused to help) as a newspaper reporter undercover at a high school.  Great kissing at the end (especially when he said he was sorry he was late getting to her)- usually it's disappointing.  Then I watched the end of the Blind Side. Strange choices but...I enjoyed all of it.....I had a good book to read...but I watched tv instead.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, September 10th. I turned the AC unit on again. I wanted to keep wearing the work shirt.

 A bit later than usual.  I was talking to myself...and didn't want to stop and get out of bed.  Telling myself a very nice story.......Yesterday's book was one I selected at the bookstore- An American Roommate Experiment. Elena Armas.  I ordered her first book from my Library-  The Spanish Love Deception.

I selected it because the of the recommendation on the cover by Ali Hazelwood who wrote the Love Hypothesis.  I book I own.  A bit......."more" than the books I usually read.............very steamy, and not always light and funny........ made me cry a few times.......I got attached to the characters.

I made Kraft Mac and Cheese for myself yesterday and added the  remaining frozen green peas to the macaroni.  A green vegetable...... I also tossed in four or five Sungold cherry tomatoes.  An orange vegetable.  Didn't cancel out the abundance of Fat and Carbs....just saying.

Husband and I took turns working on the new puzzle.  It's not the one for 7 year olds. First of all- it's not square or rectangular- it's a freeform monkey with a garden covering his entire body.  There are some straight edge pieces but not where you expect them.

That's about it for today.  I got tired of watching the Queen stuff on all the news stations.  The few Law and Order episodes I found held my attention for awhile.......a rather dull day until I started reading that book.  I have the Crazy Aunts book next up......"where shall we hide the body?"

Friday, September 09, 2022

Field Notes- Friday, September 9th. A Cool, Sunny Day here. Clean Sheets Day.

 This has been here before.  But today already feels like this........."in the wind".

The buzzer has sounded and my oatmeal is done in the microwave- I heard the pot shut off signaling that the water is hot- ready to pour into the cup with the instant coffee.  Breakfast.

I changed the bedding this morning after getting dressed.  Took off the cotton quilt and stuffed the down comforter into the duvet cover.  Pink and white was cold in the bedroom over night.  The window is open.  No fans or AC units running.  The nights and early mornings are cold.  It's Maine. Our usual is usually cold.

I wanted to come here and post early.....some of you have worried...I am not showing up as I always have. Time is slipping away.  The longer I am away from the days when I had "work" the easier it is to not notice Time moving faster and faster and me...moving slower and slower.  Is this what growing old looks and feels like.......moving slower and slower.......

Mt oatmeal has beeped.  I need to eat.  I didn't have any dinner last night and I am hungry.  I am not cooking.  I had carrot sticks and hummus for lunch yesterday.  I wanted brownies.  

I baked another Peach Cobbler and I used the long flat baking dish and not the round deep one.  It was a better result.  Husband is happy to have cobbler with his coffee in the evening.  I used the last of the tree peaches and a can off peaches in light syrup (drained and rinsed).  It worked.  The cobbler is delicious.

So that's it for today.  Clean sheets and down duvet back on the bed.  Cobbler in the fridge.  I might check the fridge to see if I have what is needed to make myself vegetable soup- perhaps empty the freezer of half used frozen corn and peas.  Fridge Cleaning Soup.  Still not cold enough to add socks and long corduroy pants to my daily outfit.  I did add a long sleeve shirt.  Nine days till my birthday.  Counting down.

Thursday, September 08, 2022

Field Notes- My apologies for missed two days this week...I'm getting forgetful. Laughing.

 Paper beads.  I made them from a glossy art magazine page.  Years ago. Used the paper cutter I own to make nice even strips.  Plastic Eraser.  So Modern.

I have been trying to get household chores done- early- like washing clothes etc.  And then I guess- because, usually, I go from breakfast to the keyboard, I have missed or posted later.....I'll try to do better.  Here it is 12:30 and I am LATE again. I am FINE.  PERFECTLY OKAY.  I have, yet again, NOT vacuumed.  Bad Joanne. I did scrub the sink. And I emptied the recycle container. We recycle almost everything these days.  And I compost whatever breaks down ....... like paper.  For a while there I was putting the newspaper thru the paper shredder and into the compost. I stopped. I might start again.

I stayed up late and slept even later as the 10 pm MSNBC last night had so many sharp minded lawyers talking (which I really LIKE) and before that I got to see Obama and Michele again.  Gosh, I have missed the gentle intelligence.

Here in Maine we have a Trumper- Paul LePage running for Governor--AGAIN (3rd time).  He's a Donald Wanna Be.  He hangs on his frayed Trump coat tails and....last election Donald kicked him to the curb as Maine is not even a fly speck to him.  But LePage is wanting to get kicked yet again.  I'm voting for Janet Mills AGAIN.  

I visited the large commercial bookstore one Town over the Bridge.  Got two books.  And at the Reny's next door, I got Fig Jam (4) for husband's breakfasts and Lemon Drops (6 bags) for me and two puzzles.  300 pieces (suitable for 7 year olds). For husband.  Any more and it's too confusing.  We put the 1000 piece puzzle away.  I think I did both those things early in the day. Two customers had on masks.  Me and one other person.  I'm going back to buy two books I passed on yesterday.  And I have one to pick up at the local independent book store where I order books.

I should get started on some of my housekeeping projects.  (who am I kidding?) but at least bake something.  I am reading Much Ado About You.  A Really Nice British Romance.  No library in Maine carries her first book  Fight or Flight.   I might ask the local Book Seller if he can find it.

That's that.  I'm going to finish my coffee and get another peach Cobbler in the oven.  Perhaps throw together a pot of pasta, vegetables and garden cherry tomatoes for myself.  Re- new my relationship with the stove.

Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Field Notes- September 6th. I missed a DAY!!!! Wow. Raining for the Second Day.

 Yoshiro Tachibana.

Might have already used this image-- but not going to check......

I did two loads of wash yesterday and forgot to post.  I was intent on getting the washing done. And after that... (the drying and the folding) I am getting used to the house being DARK as we have had rain for two full days and no sun and it's in the 50's at night and high 60's during the day.

I'm not complaining.  The sound of silence (no AC units rumbling) is delightful.

And.....we NEEDED the RAIN.  Our lawn was dry and crusty brown.

I need to slosh my way down to the garden to check on the formerly known as The Porch Tomato Plants. which are slowly ripening.  Mostly the Sungold Cherry ones.  The others may never turn red.  We've run out of TIME.  And I tried Fried Green Tomatoes once and they were okay but once was enough.

That's sort of the overwhelming vibe these days-----running out of Time.

I sorted thru Art Supplies yesterday.  I have quite a lot of them.  Art Supplies. I am trying to think of a way to use them- a way that has some sort of......well.. interest that will cause me to actually do the work of using up oil pastels, paints, pens and loads of PAPER.  I also have many unopened glue sticks.  And a big jar of white paste.  Not exactly like what I used in early elementary school but very very similar.  I used to get it all over my fingers and then wiped them clean on the slip I wore under my Daily Dress.  No pants when I went to school.  Back in the old days of the 1950's.

I have a strange feeling the Republicans are wanting us all to return to those Old 50's Days. No Birth Control. No Women's Rights to Equal Pay and Work. It certainly wasn't Leave It To Beaver at our house. And I wouldn't want to return to that......  I like having "no one being the boss of me"......and I think all of us (women) should be reminded of that in the November Elections. Vote for the right to be a Free Woman.

Sunday, September 04, 2022

Field Notes- Sunday September 4th. Picked almost a dozen cucumbers in the garden.


Well, that was my laugh of the day.

I supplied the Twins and their parents with cucumbers and found out they are making pickles today.  So I lent them four pint canning jars, lids etc.  Then she needed white vinegar and I sent it home with one of the Twins who was visiting husband in the back garden.  I don't know what they talk about but the Twins love visiting him.  

Oddly enough...husband never had ANY time to spend with his own small children.....ever.

I am just going to eat the cucumbers  I picked for myself naked.  Salt.  I'm not making anything with them. The sour cream cucumber salad wasn't eaten.   The Peach Cobbler is finished.  I picked the finally 5 peaches off the tree and tossed the 11 half eaten ones in the grass--into the woods.  Deer or other animals.  Wild Life.  We have, in days past, had raccoons.  Cute but still wild animals. Rabies.

The jigsaw puzzle I selected isn't that great.  Tomorrow I will return it. Today we'll still try to finish it. The three pieces of top outside edge puzzle is puzzling US. The pieces we still have- don't fit together. Don't fit in the space.............The pieces already together, fit together.  A Puzzling Puzzle.

That's it for today. AC units got turned off yesterday.  In the 70's outside.  Breezy. Much cooler at night. A brief few days of not listening to the AC units.

Saturday, September 03, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, September 3rd. Sunshine and weather report says temps in the 70's.

 Via Good Company.

Cool temps for the next few days.  Mosquitos.  Grass is sighing in relief- might take a chance and grow and be green again.  I can, perhaps, give the AC units a rest period.

Not much happening.  The Twins dad asked about making yet another Peach Cobbler with the not ripe peaches and I mentioned the cobbler I made with my peaches- that were not soft and ripe- was less juicy and that we liked it almost better than the juicy one.  So, Joel was heading into the house to make cobbler. He's the cook/baker in the family.  Joel reminds me so much of my son out in California.  I think the two guys would enjoy each other's company.  Someday, my boy might come to Maine to visit.

I finished reading Deveraux's  For All Time.  True Love should be read first and then this book.  Same characters.  The one after- sort of carries the story- with the Military Doctor who is seriously injured in Iraq- Ever After.  I always cry thru the last 100 pages of For All Time.  I have Ever After here- but not sure I will read it.  Daughter brought over a purchased copy of the Girl From Summerhill  and Met Her Match and I might read them.  I do have a pile of books here.  Most of them look like they will be very good. I also have 99 Percent Mine.  I will  definitely read that one first.  That is also the book waiting for me at the Bookstore.  Sally Thorne.  Australian.  The Rom Com's from Australia are really good but Sally is the best of the best.

The Summer of Reading A Book A Day is coming to an end.  

My Desk Calendar Project will continue into another year.  It's changed and morphed into something new and different each year.  The art and the newspaper headlines have changed....I think next year will have more climate change.

If the ocean rises 3 to 5 feet as predicted - my house will be ocean front property.  And the houses that are now ocean front will have slipped into the sea. Climate change will be VERY obvious here on the Coast of Maine.  Every coastal city and Town.  

Oh...that Lobster Roll.....$25 this Summer.  And sort of skimpy on the lobster.

Friday, September 02, 2022

Field Notes for September 2nd. Cooler overnight and a Lovely Sunshine Day.


Well.......not much to tell.  Not much happening.  I don't even have a full washer of darks to get going.... and husband suddenly wants plain pasta with butter for supper.  He saw the bag of bow tie shaped pasta. Now I know I can't leave that sort of thing out in the open. I'm saying it's the only bag I have........

He's gone to the Tractor Supply to buy birdseed.  Black Oil Sunflower.  Heavy bags that I lifted last time. He'll pull muscles in his usual...and then drag himself around telling me about his back pain etc etc etc. and how he needs drugs and more drugs and heating pads etc.  This is when I wonder why I stay.

It was actually COLD in the bedroom last night.....needed a secondary blanket.  But didn't get up to find one.  At some point I'll switch the yellow and white cotton quilt out for the down comforter. And the next clean sheet day- put the linen sheets on the bed again.  Right now we have well worn, silky smooth cotton sheets. From the "olden days" when I hadn't discovered linen yet.

While watering the outdoor containers- I snapped off some of the more heavy branches and stems around the pots.  An annual haircut, so to speak.  They were getting too FULL.  Too Heavy and the stems were actually breaking.  The more vigorous plants had already suffocated the gentler ones......  The compost pile will be happy with the new, colorful additions.  Almost all the tomatoes are going into the compost.  The small green ones never actually ....well, even when red they are crunchy and green tasting...I don't like them.  So, they go into the compost.  The corn George planted had no "food" to eat so...never grew properly.  That is also being fed to the compost worms.  The only things that did well- are the plants I fed "blue" water- Miracle Grow.  Even the Peach Trees got Miracle Grow.  

George paled visibly and cringed. 

It's what you do (ME) when the person planting things- didn't add compost to the depleted soil ......because...I actually don't know why George didn't do it..... I know why I don't.  I can't do the heavy lifting for eight long beds.  I can lift two 50 pound deadweight bags of bird seed.  Lift with the heavy thighs I have but not deadweight bags of compost repeatedly.  Which was WHY the back garden had been abandoned............

Now back to the excellent book I am reading and then to the library to collect two reserve books that have finally arrived from far off libraries.  And the Book Store has a book for me.  And I think I will buy a small container of crunchy fried chicken chunks at the Fried Food Bar.  To go with my salad.  And I will buy Hummus and a few really nice farm raised FAT carrots.  To eat with the hummus. Take Care of Me Day... I might also buy the deep fried mozzarella cheese sticks.....Yep.

I didn't think I had much to tell.  I had six big paragraphs to tell!!

Thursday, September 01, 2022

Field Notes- Sunshine, Cooler Temps, no rain. September. My Birth Month. Another trip around the Sun.

 Amunz.  That's all I wrote on the calendar.  From the blog- Little Somethings. Or Something in the side bar here.  She always has gorgeous art.

Yesterday.  We worked on the puzzle I borrowed from the library.  Got it finished.  I was reading then watching news regarding the Trump Investigation.  I know....just because of the stature of the "job" that they won't send Trump to prison- even though that is where the crime leads for anyone else doing what he did..........but perhaps a nice secluded Trump Lockdown Hotel???? no media- no cable tv, no Time magazine, no FOX. Just nice   "let's be quiet pills.........." for twenty years or so.  We'll both be 96.  And then who cares?????

So.....No Morning Newspaper Delivery. Again.  We call and they just say "we are so sorry" and then nothing more. A recorded response.  Since the majority of the people reading the Portland Press Herald are over the age of 65 and quite a few are over the age of 75 and lots are over the age of 85 (we live long out here) the subscription people certainly do not want to talk with us. Ever......

Husband has gotten in his car and is driving into Town to see if the grocery store has the paper.....They actually might not be printing it.  The workers might be on STRIKE.  Who knows. Fingers crossed he remembers how to get back home and doesn't run over anyone in the parking lot.  He hasn't enjoyed eating his breakfast and not reading the newspaper.

I slept well and ate breakfast but......I feel a bit "off" today.  I really need it to be cooler.  I need Summer to be over.  I'll sit on the couch and finish my book- or just stare at the ceiling.........September.  I'm going to be 76 this month.  I think I have another 10 years........hopefully.  We'll see.