Thursday, February 28, 2019

Daily Notes- February 28th

That crazy choice of a blue batik.  Sublimating the original block and making one wonder why I am even trying to work with the Goodwill scraps.  Inside my head, I hear a tiny voice saying--give the blocks back to Goodwill.  Anyone out there want 16 of these Stormy Diamonds?--minus the batik and that red print.  And--NO, I do not want to make new Stormy Diamonds even if I do have the cutting directions for the two parts.

I stitched 2.5 inch squares into four squares and then into a rectangular shape that says--placemat--to me. And today some "sashing" and I will layer and quilt and bind the edges and be done with the brown fabric squares project.   And start another as most of our "in use" placemats have taken a beating in daily use and need replacing.  No matter how often I spray them with spot removal spray--they don't look any better after a good wash.  I did all this stitching while watching the Hearing on television.  Later, I watched A&E's three part Trump tell all.  I learned that Trump was re-born out of business failures, marriage failures etc. when he decided to Wrestle his way into the Hearts of the American Wrestling Fan Club --- The 38% that is now his Presidential BASE.  

My Gardening Friend--who I see very seldom--is wanting us to attend Gardening Lectures together in March.  I mentioned to her my two teaching gigs in March.  We'll see what happens.  We met on the first day of Master Gardening classes so many years ago.  We partnered up and had many adventures as we made our way through classes and volunteer gardening hours and projects.  We did quite a bit of laughing.  Each Spring I visit her garden and collect a large armload of the biggest, fattest stalks of rhubarb I have ever seen.  And then go home and clean and chop the rhubarb for the freezer and Future Rhubarb Custard Pies and Strawberry Rhubarb Jam when the Maine Strawberries are being sold on the roadsides in June.  In fact, I was thinking about thawing the last bag of rhubarb and making a pie yesterday.  I didn't.

I had some leftover vegetables in cream sauce in the fridge and decided to dice up the few potatoes I had in the crisper drawer along with a small amount of broccoli, cook them and add to the leftover vegetables for sort of a cream of vegetable soup.  It was very good.  I have a second bowl for today's lunch.  I also made myself a chocolate mug cake.  No supper.  Just a big late lunch. Then I will have to make up a menu for next week and then a grocery list.

Well,  I need to figure out how I am going to keep myself occupied for the entire day.  I could just read a book.  That uses up most of the day until 4 pm when I watch Nicole Wallace on MSNBC. I could also work on cleaning up the gigantic mess in the sewing room.  I had to scoop up piles of stuff in order to cut squares for my placemat.  I hate when that happens.  And the carpet in there could use a vacuuming.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Daily Notes- February 27th

Little symbols I draw often.  Suns, stars, planets, houses, crows.  There is even a raised bed garden and some Hallmark Movies.  A new addition to my plain little house shapes.  Peaked roof line.

It's very cold here in Maine.  Winter is never really over here until April.  Last March we had several storms that cancelled the garden lecture series.  There is also a cutting wind.  It finds it's way through all the layers we might have on.  And Mainers have lots of layers.

The Plumber is here--well, he drove off--but I am hoping he returns with pipe etc.  He has promised to install the last four new radiators.  From the renovation of last year.  It's no like we had no heat--we just didn't have new radiators. Perfect weather for having the garage doors open.  The living room shares a wall with the garage.  It's cold in here.

I spent some Time yesterday clearing things off the dining room table.  I had piled too many things there.  Now they are piled in the sewing room.  Perhaps I should begin that "Tidying" where I get rid of a grocery bag of items each day.  Tidy my way into a Minimalist Household (that is so laughable).  This is really hard when it comes to books, papers with ideas, thread, scissors, pens and pencils.  These are the things that pile up around me.  I could add cloth, buttons, glue sticks, rulers to the list.
And string.  And it's not like they are in any sort of "use" around here.  Just "ready" in case.

I am thinking I might make a Chart. Like a erasable board. Organize projects that go from barely begun to almost finished.  These are my two most crowded areas.  Barely Begun.  Almost Finished.  And of course, we also have In Progress which is easier to control.  Few things are In Progress right now.  There is also Thinking About.  I would guess this is where the real bottle neck exists.  I am always Thinking About. Something........making, doing, going etc.  Rarely does that go to In Progress or even Barely Begun.   Actually finishing anything is cause for celebration--including a down the street Parade with confetti.  Speaking of confetti--G is asking about a new batch of sugar cookies with sprinkles.

Yes, a list of things.  And then crossing off the items I know I will never want to actually do.  And then crossing off items that actually get done (how wonderful is that) and then having a time limit on how long things can stay on the list-- some items are closing in on 15 to 20 years.

Well, I have to go-- I hear G looking for something.....which means a great mess if I don't help.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Daily Notes- February 26th

Yesterday, after the Morning Pages (I cannot type them they must be written longhand), I wandered into the sewing room.  No ideas of what to do in there but the sun was shining in the window and it looked welcoming.  I found these four squares.  Some hand sewn during the renovation and some in pieces.  I had 4.  I had materials to make two more and then....because I really really enjoy doing it...I started sorting things out of the brown paper grocery bag where I toss my cloth scraps.  It took awhile.   I never dump it out...that would go too quickly.  I just pull out a handful and mindlessly pick things apart and look.   I did find fabric from the cutting of some of the squares. I also dug a "go with" fabric out of that mess of a closet.  Some cutting and some sewing and now I have 8.  It would take a trip to the Attic to make a ninth one.  I think I know where the brown with beige leaf print is (upper left).  I added a greenish print with gold dots (lower right edge) and there's more of that in the Magic Cardboard Box.   I like the number eight.  But I also like the number nine.

BUT I am sewing them into something by the end of today.  My handwritten Morning Pages for today are complete.  Last night the pages from the morning brought something to mind and into my dreams.  I wrote about that THIS morning.  These Morning Pages must be like Making Compost.  Turning to get things "cooking".  I know by practice that the bins need turning in order to become useable compost.  We'll see if my Life also benefits from the "churning of thoughts and memories".

I had run out of pictures for the top of these posts so took some last night.  They may never be great pictures but you see what I see (and do) and a picture saves a thousand words of detail writing.

We may have run out of things to eat.  G says he has one more pasta meal.  I have one more Panera soup.  And I have run out of ideas of things to prepare.  My mind relating to cooking is a complete blank.

The movie about Van Gogh--Heaven's Gate has been and gone at the local art theater.  I missed it and the makes me very sad.

I finished another book (same author) about Women Addicted to Buying Shoes.  New women with only one carry over from the first book but they needed her to connect the dots to their very odd source of employment having to do with pay by the minute phone "services".  I think the "phone calls" as written were supposed to be hilarious.  Well,  years ago--perhaps.  There was one gal who was on a dating site and had a date with a ventriloquist dummy.  Not making this up.  The later books by this are author Harbison are much better.  These shoe books were her first attempts.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Daily Notes- February 25th

The Old Walmart Black--bleached.  I had no idea, at the Time, that I would never be able to make more of this.  I bleached it, loved it, used it.  This square is all I have left.  I have purchased black cloth at many many places and all of it bleaches out rusty orange.  And then I read a blog where the author bemoaned the loss of the "Walmart Black" and I sighed.  I bought black cloth for the bulletin board at my husband's restaurant. At Walmart.  In the early 1990's.

I do use the rusty orange bleached black.  But that soft smudgy off white against the soft black is so perfect.

Today is going to be my first day to write three Morning Pages for the Artist's Way.  I need to unblock myself. I have gotten into the habit of daily writing here on the blog but have to delete so much that I write here.  Too personal, too negative, too whatever.  Got to keep it all on the surface. So, Morning Pages.  I read that even if I have nothing to say-I need to write- I have nothing to say on three full pages.  I'm thinking I prefer typing to hand writing that many words so after I hit publish here I will move on to the typing part of this computer.  The pages are not meant to be read.  So after getting to three pages--I'll hit delete.  Reminds me of the 10 or 12 full journals in the bookcase.  But most of the pages are pictures from magazines or drawings of things I like or lists of the food I ate that day--the diet mania--so many pages of coffee/bran flakes/soy milk/salad/carrots/olive oil/vinegar/etc.

I just finished a book about five women addicted to buying very expensive shoes.  I don't get it.  I wear the same rubber gardening shoes (replacing only when they get holes in the soles) every single day of my life.  Only the type of sock that I wear with them changes.  Summer socks.  Winter socks.  I thought the book was ridiculous.  But these five women are looking for love and happiness.  I already have that.

I went up to the Attic and found my materials for the Seed Starting classes (two) that I teach this coming Saturday--March 2nd.  One of my most favorite things to teach.  I will need to stop by the greenhouse this week to drop off materials to be copied for the classes so need to get all that sorted out.  As the years have rolled past--I have changed some of the seed starting methods I use.  And there are always "first time" seed starters.  Love their enthusiasm.

While looking for the Walmart Black up top--I stood in front of the small guest room closet and looked at the MESS that is my small downstairs fabric collection.  Stuff on the floor etc.  OMG. Looks like a small explosion happened in there.  Because I do not have shelving.  NEED SHELVING.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Daily Notes- February 24th

More journal pages.  I'm trying to work on light and dark.  Get it right.  It's hard work for me.  And today's page has some color.   Today, here in Maine, there's snow on the ground from last night and this morning and now rain.  G is happy he took the dog for their walk before we went to Goodwill. Overnight into the single digits so ICE for next week.

Goodwill was interesting.  No quilting scraps.  No old linens.  No star shaped cookie cutter. But I did find a voluminous thin cotton shirt in white and coral-big squares.  The left side of my hanging clothes in the closet is a rainbow of lovely colors suddenly.  Not the usual--all white.  And in the mix are two sundresses.  I've not worn a dress in years and years.  Change comes where you least expect it. I found a very old toy car at Goodwill.  A 59 Chevy.  Still rolls. G drove a 60 Chevy when I met him.   And a two pack of index cards in my size.  I adore index cards.  For one dollar.

I made myself a mug cake yesterday.  I cut all the measurements in half because I had no idea how large or small a "cake" it would be.  One to two inches high in my large mug.  Next time I'll do the entire amounts.  But the tiny, warm chocolate cake was lovely to eat while I watched Old Crow on PBS.  A send up of Will Shakespeare.  The little crow that flies over the credits is my favorite part.

At the grocery, across from the bag of sugar I was buying, a new section of---Mug Cake Mixes from Duncan Hines. I bought the deep chocolate caramel four serving boxed set.  This must be the new THING.  Hot or Warm Cake whenever and wherever you want it.  Even sugar free.

I finished another Anne Tyler--Noah's Compass and that will be it.  No more.

My knee felt okay yesterday--all my pain settled into my jaw bones---so up into the Attic looking for golden yellow and gray.  I found two things--eventually--that work nicely with the yellow and gray floral--one is a very nice allover dot.  So I'm ready to start cutting strips and sewing them to make stacked strips to go in three to five vertical lines between the floral print.  Modern.

I was on the internet finding Modern design ideas. A Pinterest site.  Very informative.  Strangely not baby colors or baby themes.  But I did get some block making ideas.  I drew them in my working journal.  I didn't recognize any names of the makers.  But----I was spot on--lots of white, lots of grey and lots of yellow.  Tiny bits of red.  Modern and I are going to get along just fine when I eventually buy some grey.

Well, I need to find myself some lunch.  G is having the sausage and mushroom pasta sauce I made him Friday with cheese tortellini.  I still have some of the yellow cherry tomato and pasta in the fridge but perhaps my jaw has loosen up enough for a mixed greens salad with carrot.  The jaw isn't making any horrid bone cracking sounds today.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Daily Notes- February 23rd

To be or not to be.  I selected a few fabrics churned up by the Magic Attic for a possible baby quilt.  I know these don't look like "baby" fabrics but it's what I have to work with.  Unless I make another Depression Era print quilt.  Most of that fabric is pink, baby blue and yellow.  And not that interesting to Moms in this current generation--gray seems to be a color they like..   I really like that fabric on the far right.  End of a bolt at JoAnn's one day early in Winter.  Modern Quilt Looking. Easy on the eyes with an abundance of pale yellow and gray.  Time will tell.  Nothing is cut yet.

Sunshine again today.  Yesterday was warmer and G and I managed a drive out to the library to pick up books I had reserved (lots), the post office looking for "green stamps" (meaning stamps that had the color green on them for St Patrick's Day as I decided since stamps are "forever" to color code them to the major holidays when paying bills--but no green stamps ), and then the grocery store for soft things for me to eat while my jaw works around the temporary lock down.  I got bags of baby green peas to eat with steamed white rice.  Colorful and soft.  I also bought another pint of Panera broccoli soup.  To which I will add a handful of steamed carrot slices.  I might add carrots to the steamed rice as well.  I might make jello. Pudding would be nice as well but I didn't buy any hoping things are going to go back to normal soon and pudding isn't that great.  Ice cream would be better.  But so cold.

Well, I think I better cook my breakfast cereal while it's still breakfast time.  I'm writing to you early this morning, which isn't usual, but I have no idea how the day will go.  Stay warm.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Daily Notes- February 22nd

Snowed yesterday and today in the 40's.  The left side of my jaw has decided to "lock up" so I will be eating things that require little to no chewing.  Jaw has been making lots of bone on bone noise in my left ear for a few weeks.  Decided to lock up.  Soup, Cream of Wheat cooked cereal, coffee and tea. Difficult to open my mouth wide enough for even a spoon this morning. I am gently moving my lower jaw bones from side to side but not up and down.

These drawings are from before Christmas.  There must have been an image somewhere of these flowers.  If anyone knows what sort of flower they might be--let me know.  The leaves look familiar. The shape behind the flower face is very unique.  They show up on journal pages quite often like yesterday's page and now today's.  Ranunculus?

I have a large pile of tea bag papers so might make a new substructure and sew one or two of these flowers onto it.  Perhaps on the pink stained hibiscus tea papers. And use some of Deb's magic thread.

Carol sent a comment asking for more info on nitrogen fixing.  I was surprised and happy to be asked. I had to do some research this morning Carol, but it gave me another wonderful handout of info for my March classes on soil nutrients--so thank you!!!.  And I will be picking up a package or two of Fava Bean seeds (and inoculant) to plant around any shrubs or trees that need help (not thriving). It occurs to me that I could ALSO start a packet of Fava beans on top of the compost piles to increase nitrogen there as well or white clover and then turn it under early before it goes to seed.  I am really interested in experimenting with this way to increase nitrogen.  In the compost pile.

This year, G will be building higher side walls on our raised bed garden.  So we don't have to get down on the ground to plant, harvest or weed.  Possibly knee high.  I know some gardeners have gone to just below waist high.  And then had to fill the boxes with compost--quite a lot of compost. But, they can still garden.  Grace has high boxes in her new garden.  I like the look of them.  I think it would be a good investment for us (use some of the money we have for old age).  Then I could garden well into my 80's standing up.  That would be lovely.

Read Anne Tyler's book The Clock Winder yesterday and it had little to do with the title.  The last few pages was sort of a rush to gather it all together into an "ending" while for the most part the book had no framework.  It was a disappointment and now I no longer wonder why I stopped reading this author.  I have one more of her books (which I may not read) and then another author that interested me that I found a few inches to the right of Anne Tyler's section of shelf.  I love how that happens.

My eyes are dry and sticky most days even with drops.  So most things that need me to "see" are not getting done.  Once Winter is past, there will be more moisture in the house air.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Daily Notes- February 21

Another snow storm.  Not what they predicted but everything is white and the temps are going higher so--it will all melt during the day and freeze into ice overnight. As usual.  Thank goodness G took the snowblower in for repairs before it snowed.

A surprise found in the newspaper holder out by the mailbox.  My Coffee Date friend left me a bag of 10 or more avocado pits  (for eco dye work) and tea bags.  The weather has kept us apart.  We aren't sure"when" she left them as G doesn't look into the holder--he just picks up the newspaper.  I love surprises like this.

I had enough of the floor mess and got the vacuum out after breakfast and did ALL the floors and baseboards.  Dog hair, dust, stuff collected on our shoes and boots and dog food crumbs.  It certainly collects.  But the work is very hard for me and I am tired now.  Mostly struggling with the central vac hose.

Up top, another page out of the drawing journal.  I see things on the internet and if they are interesting, I draw them into the book.  Later I added graphite since I just found the set of Czech graphite pencils I purchased somewhere in Europe in the 1980's or more recently at the Art Supply in Portland (2000).  Very smooth graphite.  Lovely stuff.  The Magic Attic coughed them up one day a few weeks ago.  The drawings are never used as is--there is just something about the design that interested me-perhaps the layout or the negative and positives of light and dark or the colors. the ideas might be used in something I am working on.  I always need help with contrast.

G has even been using the graphite pencils in his coloring book.  Daughter and I have been giving him tips on contrast.  We are both suggesting darker elements to bring out the mandela designs. Well, more like the designs you get in one of those tubes you turn and the design changes as you look thru the viewer. Snowflakes.  Either way, he enjoys working on them.

I need to get busy with prep work for my March 2nd Seed Starting class at the greenhouse.  And work on the class at the library in March.  The 18th or 19th.  and I need to haul the frozen bags of soil out of the garage and into the vestibule to thaw out enough for me to start my milk jug seeds.  Yes, I was going to do it in January but that didn't happen.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Daily Notes- February 20th

Someone, I think it might have been Connie, asked about my paper journals.  I write all the Time--not just here.  I write on the desk calendar under the keyboard.  This page was from around  the Time of the California Fires.  I know this because of the jar with the red "flames".  Grace wrote of a woman who saved her fish before leaving her home. Not able to move a fish tank filled with water she scooped the fish into canning jars.  Would I have had the presence of mind to think that clearly? You?

The Super Moon last night was shining into the kitchen, though the skylight onto the counter top next to the sink.  So I got out the Tarot cards.  I pulled the Chariot, Death, and Knight of Wands.  All about CHANGE. Coming whether I want it or not and nothing will change that. Time to move, let it go, release everything old.  I had said something like that in a recent post.  That change was coming. I could feel it.  Well........ready or not.

I took pictures of pages in other journals for you in the coming days--unless something interesting happens in the fabric part of Life.  These more recent journals have less words and more drawings.

Today I am working on reading and making notes about backyard permaculture gardening as the wonder-filled book I have is due back at the library tomorrow.  I have shared some of this new knowledge with Grace for her land in California.  Perennial vegetables, fruits and berries, herbs that work as habitat for pollinators, nitrogen fixing root systems on plants etc. My list of things I need to look for when the garden centers open is getting long.  But most of all, I need to feed the soil.  Nitrogen fixing plants.  Top of the list.  Second is pollinator loving plants and herbs.  I have quite a few already but need to transplant them around the yard. I may order a copy of this book from the local bookstore run by a poet and the woman who shares his Life.

Chickens are another item that fits beautifully with permaculture as chickens are small manure factories using weeds as fuel but I do not like chickens or eggs.  Goats. Here in Maine--residential goats are not permitted (4 legs).  But you could possibly rent some for a day to clear brush.  We managed to clear our brush the old fashioned way--setting the riding mower blade as high as possible and riding over the stuff year after year until it just gave up the will to grow and we had the space for our fenced (deer) vegetable garden--years and years ago it seems.  Ancient History.

It was very cold last night and early morning with the full Moon.  Zero to one degree.  I think it warmed up this morning to 14 and now it's 25.  I had a glass of red wine before bed and slept better than usual.

No sewing today as I have more reading and note taking to do--but possibly not, if I buy the book. But note taking helps me to store the knowledge inside my brain.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Daily Notes- February 19

From the Magic Cardboard Box--  things unfinished by Beverly.  This quilt, or one like it, is also in the Smithsonian book I found in the box.  Perhaps the cloth is Bev's and I made this?  But I have no memory of it.  That Time for me was not a good Time.   Adrift.  It was the Time between the library job and the greenhouse. And I was deep into sorrow and loss. Of friends and of my father.  Certainly, some of this cloth is Bev's. I think the center is too dark but those Times were dark.

I have another loaf of orange cranberry bread in the oven.  I hope this loaf rises. (it did!)  I had fresh orange zest from two Cara Cara oranges and I soaked Craisins to use in place of raw cranberries.  While mixing, I looked up and the clock was 11:11-- I see it more often that is probable so I walked over to the jar and pulled a word--- transform ---again.  Sigh.  I need to make changes that will be hard.  It seems too late at 72 to change myself yet again.  There have been so many editions of me.

It's cold.  The shear pins of the snowblower are broken.  G is trying to fix it--his frustration with his memory is making things even more difficult.  The dog is having trouble seeing the floor--or the floor is shining in his eyes--it's hard to tell. Hard to get him to his food dish.  I rubbed the Arnicare gel into my knee yesterday afternoon and the pain is gone or not as noticeable.  That is good.  Something is good.

I have one book left to read "The Dinner Party".

The news on MSNBC is disturbing.  I think I am assuming a Knight on a White Horse will ride in and save us all.  But that only happens in Fairy Tales and the Movies. I know what I wish would happen but if I say it out loud  or write it down here, I would be arrested. I had thought the Justice Department worked on its own not under the President's thumb.  We'll see.  We need a Hero.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Daily Notes- February 18

French Hens.   I tried to collect fabrics that had a French feeling--not actually made in France.  The Hens were fun to shop for.  Looking for fabrics that evoked the look and texture of feathers.  And of course, shopping for dotted fabric for the eyes.  All different.

Here's the full quilt.  Sixty inches square.  Perhaps I should have placed the red basket in the center? I haven't ever seen the quilt this way--as a photograph.  Which leads me to think taking a wide view photo and looking at it can make you question some decisions made. before you sew the whole thing together.  The spot that is un-quilted is on the right side of the blue basket in the top row. I made the baskets at home--my Dad's sewing machine wasn't working correctly when I visited but I did cut them out and appliquéd the handles to the top triangles while I was with him.  If I was visiting now I might have been able to fix the machine--but more likely I would have hand sewn the baskets together.  That would have been nice to do while we watched tv and talked.

My Dad had his very own sewing machine (my mother had one also).  He altered his clothing and made himself a very nice bathrobe when he could not find a warm enough one in the stores. He also baked bread and canned pickles and made sauerkraut in large crocks in the basement before he got too old and frail.  My brother told me the sauerkraut of our childhood was so good because it came from big crocks under the basement stairs. I have no memory of it. How could I have missed that??

I have another pot of Vegan Lentil Stew on the stove--all the chopping of vegetables is my favorite part of cooking.  Our daughter arrived yesterday after work--anticipating Lentil Stew to take home for breakfasts this week.  She left with a small container of baked beans instead (and very pleased about that) and the final jar of the chicken broth with ginger and turmeric and the promise of Lentil Stew making today.  I chopped up two pounds or more of potatoes, an entire bunch of celery and four very large carrots. 

Cross Fit people enjoy hot soup for breakfast.  Turns out long distance runners do also.

Daughter spent the unhappy part of her day at the Chocolate Factory waiting on customers.  She's not a "people person" and then was asked if she'd like to help dip strawberries in chocolate.  Yes!!! I think chocolate covered strawberries are just about the worst idea anyone EVER had.  Every Hallmark Valentine movie had them.

Some people are front of the house (me and G) and some are back of the house (daughter and son).

Well, the stew is nearly done and G and Riley are back for the walk where Riley got a run for the money with a small mutt chasing him--so we are thinking he'll be sound asleep in a few minutes.  We're going to the grocery and library and then home again.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Daily Notes- February 17th

From the Magic Cardboard Box.   I didn't make this appliqué.  It traveled here in the box.  I did cut all those half square triangles.  Those are my fabrics.  I recognize them like I would my children. The triangles are for another UFO which I did not pull out of the box for a picture.  I am out of touch with picture taking.  Deleting most.  Usually the light is bad.

I have a finished, quilted appliqué and patchwork project to show you.  It's from the 6 weeks when I went to live with my father so he could leave the care unit and be home.

He nearly died of pneumonia.  Was in Intensive Care for weeks.  Was in the hospital for more weeks and then moved to the care unit.  They told him he couldn't go home to live alone.  I called him there each day at lunchtime.  Encouraged him to sit up at first.  Later to swing his legs over the side of his bed and sit up.  Later to stand next to the bed. And then two steps and back to bed.  Five steps.  To the doorway and stand and look.  Out into the Hall.  Down the Hall.  I told him when he walked to the end of the hall I would come live with him until he was well.  He did. I did.

Each evening, while he watched Becker on tv- I would work on one of the chicken heads.  When each was finished I would hand it to my father and he would run his fingers over the pieces marveling at how no sewing showed.  He was well enough to drive and cook when I left.  If he ate his healthy meals, he could have ice cream.  Or cheesecake.  Or both.  It was all low-fat but he didn't know that.

I will try and get a good photo while G and Riley are out walking.  On the floor.  Flat.  And without a dog trying to sit down on it.  In good light.  All it needs is binding and well, the friend that machine quilted it missed a spot.  I have to figure that out.  I mentioned it and she ran off weeping.  I never mentioned it again.

The quilt itself has been stored in the Magic Attic since the day my friend ran off crying.  She left her home and husband a few months later.  No one has seen her since but  I did get an email years later--she said she was happy.  Things not related to my quilt but perhaps the last straw, as they say.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Daily Notes- February 16th

It wasn't the Magic Attic this time.  Found this green in that Civil War box.  It reads as the same green.  As long as I mix the blocks up in the placement--it'll look like it was meant to be.  I can even remove a few leaves from a finished block and exchange them for the new green.  In the second  block I stitched the flowers so they touch the stems.  In the first block--done, possibly, twenty years ago, the flowers float about half an inch from the stems.  I may have to change that as well.  It would be delightful if the pattern was with the squares--but it is not.  I will have to make a pattern.

Both of the Baltimore Books had this pattern for the Peony block.  One in a very nice finished quilt and the other book had the pattern I had traced to make the pieces.  So I traced the full pattern on freezer paper (a roll was stored in the bedroom closet) so I can tape it to one of the sunny windows and then put the background fabric on top and get the pieces into the right places.

The darker red fabric is no longer in the closet so I found a "look alike" for that as well.  I won't be removing any flowers and exchanging them.  The hand dyed rose color is the same fabric.  I found that yesterday in the Attic while on a second and third hunt for the green.  The Attic isn't forthcoming on early visits.  One must actually hunt, dig and then repeat and repeat.

I am going to look through my Baltimore Appliqué books to see if the pattern for this is in one of the books.  Then I can trace it.  This doesn't look like a commercial patten.  But I could be mistaken. And I will need freezer paper for the pieces.  Attic?  Again?  My knee is really bothering me--so I think I am done with trips to the Attic.  It's going down the steps that hurts.

I found a ridiculously Modern blue print and auditioned it with the Civil War Storm At Sea Diamond for a week now.  It's on the cutting table and I look as I walk past........I just might sew one up.  A batik.  I don't know why I like it so much but I do.  And that "loud" red fabric plays well with it.  Traditional quilters will protest.  Get over it.

G is gone for the day. The Annual Visit To The Home Show to buy "things that do not work and no one wanted".  He'll also stop in at Trader Joes to get Riley some dog treats.  Riley and I will worry until he finds his way back home.  We hope.   G is back home and he and Riley went for their walk. It's now 4:33 and in an hour it will be full dark outside.

Our neighbor with the healing broken wrist is going to Disney World.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Daily Notes--February 15th

Actually, it's raining here in Maine.   Around 36 degrees.  Trying to decide if it wants to stay rain or turn to sleet.  The Man and The Dog went out for their walk--both look exhausted.

This picture is from years ago when we measured snowfall in feet.  Not inches.  Global Warming.  We can witness it here in Maine.  Dry wells, little rain, low snowfall.  Drought.  And Maine is thin sandy soil on top of rock.  The victim of long ago erosion--our soil lives in New Jersey. I learned that fact in Master Gardener School.

I am balancing between going out to a store to find green fabric and just making do with something already here in the house.  Not a match.

I have a newly started pot of chicken soup on the stove for G.  He has a scarf wrapped around his neck.  He is cold.  I had to coax Riley to eat his breakfast and then his lunch just minutes ago (1:30)--I do this by standing at the sink washing dishes with the water running.  He knows where I am.  Eats.  Today I washed my tea cup for the entire 10 to 15 minutes it took him to eat (he was looking up to check on me). Putting in the Time.  Then I scooped leftover tuna salad onto planks of raw, cold carrot and celery.  That was lunch.

Putting in the Time is something you learn to do when you have problem children.

Finished reading Harbison's Driving With The Top Down.  Usually her books aren't this hard to read. Three women.  Road Trip.  Truth.  Tears.  I'm glad I didn't find this author until this Winter.  I have two more books on the table--not this author.  Two others.  Since it's really too dark for any Magic Attic trip or for hand sewing, I think I will read another book.  Wait for the soup to cook.

My calendar has nothing penciled in for the next two full weeks.  Nothing.  Nowhere to be.  I was looking for a Valentine card for my husband--in the big chest of drawers filled with cards, gift bags, tissue and ribbon.  I found calendars from 2002 and 2003.  Every square filled.  Meetings, appointments, comings and goings, work hours at the library.  Every square filled.  And now weeks of blank squares that will not be filled in--except to write-it's raining today.

I have to admit.  Reading the filled in blanks on those calendars exhausted me.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Daily Notes- Valentine's Day

The Sun is shining and temps are in the high 40's.  Riley and I are spending the day together.  G is off delivering Valentine Flowers for my former employer.  He's been busy since 8:30 am so I'm sure he'll arrive home with a pocket full of cash.  Riley misses him.  And they just left for the "walk" and Riley is over the moon happy.

The art up top--- I painted the background fabric with plain white cotton and bottles of paint from JoAnn's with bubble wrap pressed to the surface (look closely). The vase is commercial cotton as are the stems and leaves.  The flowers are "fussy cuts" from a floral fabric.   Happy Valentine's Day!

I have been up in the Magic Attic.  I found one finished, one started and two marked blanks of a floral appliqué.  I finished the one that was started and then went looking for the fabrics I used to make the first two.  It was a long time ago.  Needle turn appliqué.  I found.......nothing.  I did find two really close matches for the pink/red and the tiny red print.  The really great green I used for the stems and leaves---is not in the Attic.  I looked and looked and then went up again to look more.

I was really getting into doing the needle turn --like--it was really fun!  I wanted to do more.  Now I am stumped.  Two are finished and two are blanks.  So--two the same and two different??  It could work.

The Magic Attic coughed up a bit of Valentine Magic.  Batiks.  Not the blue one but a handful of batik dots in all sorts of colors-gold, green, etc.  And three long, narrow brown pieces that look like plant based dye experiments.  The plants printed black and dark grey on the brown.  They will likely go together with the dye sample squares from Karen and I am very happy about that.

I got a Valentine in the mail today.  No name.  No return address.  If it's someone who reads this-- yes
Love Conquers All.  Thank you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Daily Notes- February 13th

Snowed all night and it's the heavy wet snow.  Snowman snow.  Riley is enjoying it.  Digging his nose down into the snow--perhaps smelling some small animal burrowed down.  Or a lost toy or favorite stick.  I struggled to do my "part" which is shovel off the porch out front and the steps and then the back deck.   I had to stop and use my rescue inhaler and then bring out a stool to sit on for breaks from lifting the heavy snow filled shovel.  I should have stopped.......but I am stubbornly stupid.  I got it all done.

I have never been a weak person in health or body (weak in the mind for sure).  And now I am.  And I hate it.  I fight against reality.  I always think I can push through.  I can't.  Riley was watchful and alert.  So, I knew he was concerned.  So, I stopped working, rested on the stool I had out on the deck and when I felt able--I came into the house.

I am feeling better.  No chest tightness.  G will have to finish the rest by himself.

I have been having strange dreams this week.  Stories- with interesting characters.  I often want to stay asleep to keep the stories going.  Stories suitable for a Hallmark Movie.  Which is so ridiculous.

The Town plow just went past and G is most likely saying very foul things as he just finished up out front.  Now, he'll have to go back and clear the end of the driveway AGAIN.  Riley had to add his two cents to the  plow going past--lots of barking.  I think it's the beep beep when the truck backs up. Or the flashing lights.  Sets the dog off on a wild bit of barking.  The UPS truck and FedX have the same effect.

Well, I am going to feed Riley his lunch and......well, I have no plan as yet for what I will do after that.  G and I finished off the last of the leftovers in the fridge and that means I will have to decide what to cook for ideas.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Daily Notes- February 12th

The Magic Closet up in the Magic Attic.  Sorted by color.  There are two more columns of stacks to the right.  And more on the floor.  I sorted "theme" fabrics into storage containers.  Japanese, batik, novelty, Depression Era etc.  So, to find a color of fabric I have the shelves first and then into each box to see if anything there suits the project.  I did the boxes because the stacks were as deep as they could be.  No more room.

And this after donating an entire sedan car trunk full to the Maine Linus project.  At times, I am up there searching and in the very back of my mind, I know it was donated to them and I will not be able to find it. Mostly juvenile.    Not the best decision at the time but I was overwhelmed by the amount of fabric.

It's in the single digits today.  Very cold and even the Sun is struggling. A storm is coming.  I just checked the freezer for things that I can make if we get snowed in.  I always check to see what I might need.  Winter still has another 6 to 8 weeks and here in Maine, the end of Winter is always worse than the beginning.

I am resting my eyes today.  They are getting dry and sticky and I am needing to add drops to lubricate them.  And it didn't help doing all that tiny snipping to release the Goodwill fabric from the elastic gathering.  Now to wash it and see how that goes. I never know how fabric from India will hold the dyes.  The fabric is already deadened.  Not brightly colored.  So I won't have to soak it in the sumac pot.

I am picturing my next project in my mind.  Long strips of various fabric rectangles with wide sashing between rows.  Nothing straight but slightly wonky.  A six or 8 inch wide strip cut from fabric and then into rectangles and then randomly sewn back into strips.  I have the squares fabrics on the worktable but need to wait before continuing.  I am learning to wait for the fabric to decide what it wants.  Like Grace's baskets of fabric--the pieces work their way to the top in their own good Time.

I think I know which fabric wants to play-- I can see it in my mind.  Not to find it.

At the quilt shop back in the Fall--I purchased a fat quarter pack of golden tan fabrics.  Not what I would ever have chosen but my hand went to them and I stopped questioning.  I will find out why. When it's Time.

Our minds are like computers and sometimes we just need to do a complete re-boot and sort through the available files.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Daily Notes- February 11

What I bought at Goodwill yesterday.  A lovely watercolor of an apple.  On just the heavy 300 pound watercolor paper, not matted and in a terrible shiny gold frame.  The apple is seven inches by seven inches.   Extra white paper on either side.  Enchanting. It has "story".  How could this end up at Goodwill?  I imagine this being a gift to someone once upon a time.  Not signed.

I will take it to my Picture Framer and we'll make something wonderful to frame this apple.

I also found a printed top from India for one dollar.  Cotton.  Black and cream.  Several different but of the same theme printed designs.  I spent a few hours taking the top apart to get "yardage"--but my hands and fingers got tired while snipping the elastic bodice apart.  Many thousands of tiny snips.  I am ⅓ of the way.  It is going to be well worth the effort.   I say yardage but we are talking about long strips about 7.5 inches wide--perhaps 2 yards long.  More than enough to make something.  Before anything happens the cloth needs a good washing.

Did you notice that the two things I bought are about the same size--7 to 7.5 inches.  Lucky Seven.

I also found--for five dollars-a brand new single ZOKU  "Quick Pop Maker"-  It makes one ice pop. The item is brand new, never used and comes from Williams Sonoma.  The price wasn't the greatest bargain as the pop maker sells for $14.99.  It also has one of those love it or hate it review records. But it can make one popsicle in 7 minutes.  SEVEN minutes.   I didn't know that until I went to check the box--it was a surprise to me!!!!!!  And you put whatever healthy juices etc into the little Zoku pod and wait 7 minutes and "Bob's your uncle" you have an ice pop.  It has 3 sticks and the pod stays frozen enough to make 3 pops in quick succession.  The review mentioned three year olds making their own pops.  So, there is half a chance I can make a pop for myself---in a few months.

My morning cream of wheat cereal turned out perfect this morning.  And my coffee is good also.  I have already done one load of wash and folded the stuff that was in the ice cold dryer.  A direct conduit from the outdoor vent into the dryer.  23 degrees.  Brilliant sunshine.

I'm returning to my gathering elastic removal.  Tedious but the very best print is there with the elastic.
The smallest flowers.  Three different but co-ordinating prints--I noticed in the sunlight that one of the prints is actually indigo and cream not black and cream.  Interesting.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Daily Notes- February 10th

One of the early tea bag projects with a "crow on it".  Lots of thread.  It is nice to stitch thru the paper. As you can see I enjoyed it for hours.  And then tried out a few buttons.  The type of tea in the tea bag and the way in which it dries (or doesn't dry) gives the bags different looks.  this one remains on the wall.  I may have already shown this picture--I can no longer keep track.

I was helping get Riley ready for his walk.  His collar and the velcro things on his hunter's orange vest.  No hunting but it helps G to find the dog's location in the woods.  I got sort of "sun-blind" from being out there with the sun low in the sky and reflected off the ice crusted snow.  Actually, none of it is snow--it's all ice.  And even with full sun and no clouds--it's freezing cold out there.

I had been watching the Garage Sale Mysteries on Hallmark Mysteries for a few days but now they have reverted back to Monk.  So we watched the Mummy and the Mummy Returns that I had recorded on Super Bowl Sunday.

Later this month A&E (I think that was the channel) has a three day "investigative biography" of the Trump family.  Fred, Donald and The Kids.  All the dirt and then some.  I'll be recording it.  I don't want to watch commercials.  I'll look it up on the TiVo.  I guess it's time to have fun with Trump.

Today's Schedule:   I am returning to Goodwill today.  After G returns from the walk.

The local Garden Group has a lecture on Plant Propagation by the owner of the greenhouse specializing in Pot Production. I wonder if they realize that???

It's been awhile since I read a book so I thought I would do that today.  My eyes are a bit "tired" so a nap might actually be a better idea.  Not tired but blurry.  Possibly dry.

We (G&I) are working on cleaning out the fridge.  Lots of unfinished leftovers in there.  I did stop at the grocery and stocked up on sale produce.  Large bag of local russet potatoes for $5, celery and a huge bag of big fat orange carrots.  I still had onions.  Most of my recipes begin with--chop......and then it's celery, onion or carrot.  I even purchased a head of garlic even though I loathe the smell of it. My daughter is hinting at another big pot of the lentil stew.  That uses up 2 pounds of potatoes and an entire bunch of celery right there.

Yesterday I had a jelly donut and a small cup of chicken nuggets. The day before a gigantic mixed vegetable salad (cleaned out the salad drawer in the fridge) and some leftover pork. Today I might make soup with broccoli, cheese and carrots. (and a potato?) or help finish off the pork.

What are you eating this Winter?

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Daily Notes- February 9th

My Scrap Basket.   Like a compost pile.  Let it sit and eventually something lovely happens.  This pile is still too young to have anything good.  Probably needs a good stir. And more cutting and trimming for blocks etc.  (that floral print to the lower left is saying "pick me" so I might have to see what it wants to be)

Work this morning--I got there just as the door openers arrived.  Three people showed up for the class and they had good questions and since it was only the three, we went thru the notes and then had a chat regarding what they had wanted to know.  No one was watching so I emptied the floral trash and got a nice good bag of flowers etc for my compost.  They had cleaned many dozens of roses so lots of rose leaves (picked of the stems).   I even have a few of the broken red roses in a jam jar--my own tiny bouquet.

I did remember to buy fruit tree spikes (fertilizer) for the Queen of Plums and the two Peaches.  As soon as the Earth is thawed--I'll pound the spikes in around the root balls.  I even have some spikes for the Fig.

I'm watching Rugby for the very first time today and it's quite fascinating.  I'm rooting for Scotland which is behind right now by 9 points.  MSNBC isn't very interesting and our public tv station is doing another endless round of fund raising.

I wore a line shirt to work today--green --and gave it a spray of starch and a quick iron--just laid flat and pressed.  I may even do that to the summer camp linen shirts.  Just a quick one sided flat iron instead of wearing the shirts rumpled as they arrive out of the dryer.  We'll see.

Well the Rugby is calling me.

Friday, February 08, 2019

Daily Notes- February 8th

Something else that floated into view in the Magic Attic.  Bev's fabric and her project. I added to it with her already cut pieces.  Bev had opened her home to a visiting exchange student from Japan.  And was given many lovely gifts of fabric by the student and her family over the years.  When our little quilt group divided up Bev's cloth after her death--I was the only one interested in the Japanese cloth.  This was never actually finished or quilted.  I think I second guessed my plan here and wondered if I should try for a square instead of the long runner it had become.  Which would involve unsewing and trying to figure out the outside edge.  I never decided.  And I had only a certain amount of fabric to work with.

I also found another unfinished top--a surprise--with cut pieces and the sale slip for the book in the box with everything else.  1997.  Smithsonian Quilt Collection.  Very tiny dark Civil War fabrics. 15 fabric quarters for $1.75 each.  Only one small piece in a dark navy blue.  Not enough for Storm at Sea.  Lots of cream fabrics with little sprigs and designs in brown. Lots. What was I thinking?

G is working on coloring a new snowflake.  He enjoys the work and we consult on his color choices with the aid of a color wheel.  These color consultations take awhile.  Which is good for thinking, planning and organizing.  And remembering.  He also helps me with my fabric choosing.  Usually to give an opinion on what he likes or doesn't like. One end of the dining room table is covered in boxes of colored pens and pencils--the other piles of cloth.

Riley does not like the coloring pencils.  It interferes with his daily walk.  Which G is postponing because of the wet cold drizzle.  And the wet snow that freezes overnight and is coated with water in the morning.  Very slippery.  So Riley is here by the computer desk with me--trying to encourage me to get G to go for the walk.  The sun is trying to make it's way thru the clouds.

I made chicken soup for our daughter.  She has picked up some kind of cold or flu from the Candy Factory employees and customers.  She has two days off and wants to try and get rid of it with plenty of soup and is willing to break her diet restrictions and eat chicken.

I made a loaf of banana bread for G and another loaf of orange cranberry for myself.  His baked perfectly and mine didn't rise.  So...its very flat and dense.  I would make another but I used the last of the fresh cranberries and G doesn't want to share anymore of his orange juice.  I did buy a fresh can of baking powder just in case that was what went wrong. It's just okay to eat but not as wonderfully delicious as the two previous loaves.  There are plenty of leftovers in the fridge.

Well, I guess I had better get back to whatever it was I was doing.  And G has reminded me that I have over 60 messages on my iPhone to delete.  I have read almost all of them here on the computer. And deleted them.  Now I have to go thru the process of deleting them a second time (and lets be honest...a third time if the delete isn't in sync with the computer).  And then a FINAL delete.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Daily Notes- February 7th

Nine.  Stars made from small scraps of Bev's cloth and mine.  Slivers of cloth in the sashing.  More than fabric.  Love.  Memories.  History.

I have it here so you can see what I described in words.  But also, so it lives here in Google's memory files, which my son says are "forever". And I believe him because I have years of posts here--in the blog--which I can visit whenever I want. Somehow, better than the journals. With pictures and words.

G and I went out together this morning.  I wasn't sure of the streets with overnight rain and then ice. I got my hair cut.  We went to the grocery which G said was all "mixed up" and nothing was where it belonged.  While he got his ham and turkey sliced--I walked.  Observed that everything was exactly where it has always been.  I told him this but I am not sure he believed me.

Our check out cashier said to me "you're the one!" and I was waiting to hear what I had done. G was apprehensive. I had recommended no straw over grass seeds if you plant grass in the Fall.  I was right.  Her neighbors were wrong. She wanted me to know.

G asked me what I was going to be doing today.  I have a book to read.  I have class notes to look over and get ready for Saturday.  I have Valentine cards to address and send.  Only 6 so not that many but I do like to write short notes in cards I send and like I had to do in elementary school--I have to decide who gets a card.  Are any of you old enough to remember the decorated Valentine mailboxes we made to sit on our desks at school back in the 50's?  And Valentines weren't "politically" correct then and some classmates got few if any cards and others got a full box. I always hoped I would get at least a few.

My children gave a Valentine to each and every classmate -as was the rule.  My son (in 3rd grade) signed each with "from your friend (adding his name)".  That's what he wanted to write and it took  us many long afternoons for him to get them all done.  You see, after bad experiences in another school--he finally had friends.  Wanted them to know they had a friend as well.

These childhood experiences linger far into adulthood don't they?

G is drilling drainage holes into the quart plastic milk jugs so I can start some seeds.  I use the milk jugs like a small single use greenhouse to start my seeds outdoors.  Email me if you want to know more.  It's much better than rigging up lights etc over trays of seedlings, watching them sprout and then die.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Daily Notes- February 6th

The Diamond.  Auditioning with a few supporting cast members.  The left side triangle fabric on the diamond is from the Goodwill baggy.  The right side fabric triangles are from the strip of fabric that I found on my slipper.   I have very little in my fabric stash that is dark blue.  And traditional.  I do have fabric printed with blueberries but--it didn't play well.

The  "thing" about the years I was a member of the local quilt group--almost all of the members used fabrics like this 100% of the time.  I happen to have the fabrics on the left side of the diamond because--at times--I had to subvert my own choices just to "get along" with the larger group. In doing so--I eventually (years and years of membership) got to like the tiny prints.  The Civil War pieced quilts etc.  And, I inherited fabric collections from two dear members when they died.  I don't have much, and most is buried in the shelves of the Magic Attic closet.  I had to dig.

I was Program Chair and President of this group.  Really.  And I did needle turn hand appliqué worthy of any 19th Century Baltimore Quilt.  With ribbon roses.

The baby quilt top is on it's way to Kentucky.  I also purchased Valentine stamps.  While in the post office I was asking about stamps displayed on a large poster above the postal desk.  No, No. No and finally-- "it's just a poster--we don't have any of the stamps".  Then take it down.  I would have enjoyed the John Lennon stamps.

Today I am going to vacuum the floors.  Dog hair is collecting along the baseboards.  Struggling with the central vac hose uses up all my energy. So, after that, I have two 7 day books that need to be returned by the 8th.  So, I'll read them.  One is a the latest Longmire book.  The Mexican desert. Searching for his kidnapped daughter.

And I need to get seeds started.  For my garden.

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Daily Notes- February 5th

Another example of "pin a crow on it".   This slim piece has been on the wall in the sewing room--right above the ironing board.  Nothing sewn.  Painted fabric and my favorite batik ocean blue dot fabric-- nearly used up--treasured and used sparingly.  If there was ever a fabric that is perfect wherever and whenever--it's this blue dot.  The batik travels thru all the values of blue--this is the darkest.

I purchased a yard each of other dot batik color ways recently.  No blue was available.  I have gold, rose and grey but my heart doesn't beat faster when I trial those new ones.  Only for the blue.  Like the crow--it makes everything better.  If anyone out there has a piece of this old batik---I will happily pay to own it.  As you see, I even paint fabric to run with the batik.

I have used up all the pictures I took with the new phone.  Now I need to find more things photograph.  Yesterday, while listening to MSNBC investigate the President's "executive time" in his daily calendar...............I pulled out a few of Deb Lacativa's Magic Threads and did some stitching on that current tea bag piece.  It is starting to work.  Now I have to back off--I love the thread so much that I use too much.  And overwork.

I also managed to make two new side triangles for the Storm At Sea side diamonds.  UGH!  The triangles mirror each other.  Guess how many times I made the wrong side of the mirror??????

But on a happy note-- a nice internet conversation with a friend and reader of the blog.  We chatted about our fabric scraps and our pets and Diane mentioned the Tiny Tuesday Rainbow Scrap thing people are doing.  So I had to go look.  I also went back on the search for the Storm At Sea cutting directions for the blocks.  For those mirror side triangles and for the small side square in a square. I now have measurements if for any reason I decide to......make blocks.

Well, the baby quilt is getting a good press with the iron today and going off in the mail to Connie. I may put sashing on Beverly's scrappy star quilt.  Get moving with finishing that.  And I have my Winter placemat to finish before Winter is gone.  And G's to begin.  February is moving fast.

Monday, February 04, 2019

Daily Notes-February 4th

Baby Quilt top for Connie's Quilt Group.  They donate baby quilts to a Cincinnati Hospital for preemie babies.  I found the foxy half yard at Goodwill and added the red dots and brown dots because I have so very many kinds of dots in the Magic Attic.  This one was difficult to compose.  Limited fabric yardage etc.  Lots of unsewing.  Add and subtract.  The quilt top spent lots of time on the floor being observed (weeks and weeks)  It just might be ready to be sent away this week. And now that the irons are working--I can give it a good starch and press.

The long diamond segments are part of Storm At Sea.  I Googled.  I have 16 of them (I don't seem to be able to count).  I'm thinking four rows of four with two kinds of sashing-different widths. And then onto the sewing room floor to see what I can imagine happening next.  This whole top is off the cuff.  And the fabrics are NOT what I use or buy.  Today I am trimming the blocks so I have an even edge for adding the borders.   I have the Storm at Sea block drawn into my desktop journal.  I keep glancing at it.  Thinking of trying one of the border additions.  The square inside four half square triangles.  (huh?)

The football wasn't exciting.  A total defensive game rarely is but the Patriots won (SIX TIMES) and everyone will just have to try and get over it and beat them next year.  The Duck Boat parade in Boston on Tuesday will be pretty great-- temps in the 50's for the day and sunshine.  I did my part and made pizza just as I have for every game this season.  One commentator mentioned the Rams shouldn't even have been in the game.  The Saints would have been playing if the refs had made the right call.  That's the game I wanted to see-- Patriots and the Saints.

The sun is shining here in Maine today almost 40 degrees.  Lots of snow on the ground so not looking like Spring or anything.  I have no idea what I will be getting up to today.  Feels like I should do something out of the ordinary--not the same old/same old.  But can't think of anything right now.

Sunday, February 03, 2019

Daily Notes- February 3

Cold but sunny here in Maine.  Football and Pizza.

While carrying all the big diamond and triangle pieces down to the sewing room last night--- I tripped and looked down at my slipper.  And there, tangled on my sock and slipper was a narrow strip of a printed pale blue and white fabric .  Oddly enough (or more)--the correct width for hand cutting a "trial triangle".   It worked.  It looked nice.  I was bewildered and a little bit spooked. And I walked away and shut the door on the sewing room and........ Will I discover it never happened?  Or did?  Which would be worse?  I am tempted to go look.

I had also been wanting chocolate cake and this morning's feed had a Cuppa Chocolate Cake.  One of those mug cakes.  I had forgotten those.  So after the pizza I'll mix up a Cuppa and top with whipped cream.  I don't want to mess with making an entire cake because I'll eat it.

I also have a ripe avocado to eat today.  And I am planning to have a big salad with my pizza.

The bright sunshine here in Maine fools us into thinking it's warm.  It's not.  It's very cold.  I have a class to prepare for.  Edible Landscaping.  Planting things you (or wildlife) can eat rather than things just ornamental.  It's very popular right now.  I am reminded of planting mint around a tree instead of a regular ground cover.  They look the same but one is edible.

I have been having very strange dreams lately and wake up very tired.  Right now I think it would be easy enough to just go back to bed.  All in all, today feels strange.  So, I may just go look in the sewing room and then solve that mystery.  And then take a nap.

G wants me to go to Goodwill but I am thinking I won't.  We'll see.

Well, the fabric was still there in the sewing room and I cut pieces and, sigh, I had only about a 3 by 4 inch piece left over--period.  And I counted incorrectly--there are 17 center diamonds.  If there had been 18-- I would not have had enough fabric of any kind to make side triangles.   This was my first time ever cutting triangles to fit around a diamond shape.  It was also the LAST.  My avocado was perfectly ripe and delicious.

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Daily Notes- February 2nd

This is about the size of a placemat.  Made from a charm pack a dear internet friend sent me for the holidays.  Last time she sent one--I made potholders.  But they get dirty.  This fabric was too pretty.
So once it's got a nice border of that linen I purchased for "something", layered etc--I will quilt it and have it to cheer me thru many meals and MSNBC.   I had the squares in an nice balanced arrangement and then the dog came to visit and his tail got things a bit off.  But I like it.

Wintery but without the Snowmen and Santas. Like January and February.

I quite forgot to post today.  The day sort of got away from me.  Haven't done anything, really.  Did go up in the Magic Attic twice today-- in that one dollar baggie of leftover quilt pieces from last Sunday's visit to Goodwill, there is an interesting diamond with four triangles to stitch on the four sides.  The other pile of pieces are useless.  But the diamond and the four triangles--well, I sewed one together and it looks pretty nice. About 8 inches by 5 inches finished.  The other fabrics in the baggie do not help the design.  I can only hope that they were never meant to be used together.

Doing the math ahead of time-- what a concept!!!!--I can only make 8 rectangles with the side triangles in the baggie. That leaves 8 other center diamonds without triangles.  Early days so I could always change out two on each diamond.  But with what?  And then have to cut those fussy triangles.

I'm not sure I'm up for the challenge.  Might just put it all back in the baggie and re-donate it.

One more visit to the sewing room closet--where the good stuff lives--to see if I purchased anything in the last 6 months that is a tiny print (floral) with a cream background.  Not a polka dot or a batik.

And then it all goes into the baggie and back to Goodwill.

Friday, February 01, 2019

Daily Notes- February One

With changes/additions.   Still pale.  I've taken that "sun" and the fabric under it off.  The star points are painted teabag--spattered with watercolors.  (I found the inks- will try them next).  The tiny house in the left bottom corner is painted teabag as well--the lush garden to the right is Deb's Magic Cloth. The green background more painted/spattered tea bag.  I mention all this in case someone out there wants to try this.  If nothing works here--I will cut it apart and keep the house and garden and the star.  I wanted sun, moon, star but sun is hard to make.  I could imagine that swish of pale yellow cloth to be sun...... and stop trying for anything more.

The washed, used teabags are very strong.  When painted and otherwise manipulated they become fragile, crisp.  Lessons learned.  None of these could be handled.  More paper art and less fabric art.

I am also considering cutting and placing all the good parts into a "long" cloth and not the rectangular shape.  The star directly over the moon.  Or the center few inches cut away and the house moved closer to that swish of sun. It's all experimental. Mental.  If it was a sheet of paper, I would be erasing.

I am also thinking about painting fabric.  I feel like painting.

February.   Warm enough--the 20's--for Riley to have a short walk.  They are back already, mostly because its difficult walking for G and he gets tired.  Not icy but would have been better with snowshoes.  Riley got to visit with two dogs.  One Poodle and one Lab.  A good start for February.

I was cleaning out the bookcase and found an old "diet diary" and while turning the pages watching myself NOT lose weight....I found my Pinterest password.  Ha!!!  As soon as I saw it, I was reminded of what was going on in my life in that moment.  The college girls, the greenhouse, the Summer.  All came back.  The girls had gotten me interested in Pinterest.  Even though they always cracked up laughing when I called it Pin-interest.  I also revisited the rash I had around my eyes.  Many notes on the pages of how terrible the rash was.  I was having soy milk every morning.  Soy.  Not good.