Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Field Notes- the Rain woke us this morning- no trucks next door. I took a shower before 8am.

 Found on the floor and photographed as evidence of Trump' "taking good care of sensitive documents".

I am reminded of his private secretary saying every surface in his office in Trump Tower was covered in piles of paper.  Old newspapers. reports, documents.  It's a form of mental illness.  The hoarding of paper for no reason.  And the overpowering "need' to not have anyone move or touch any of it.

Will we never be rid of this "man"?-- in quote marks because I hardly think of him as a mature adult.

Rain came early and we are spared a day of construction noise as our wake up.  Husband is sad-- he had outdoor plans for the day and will have to entertain himself with the new puzzle. Our morning newspaper "will not be delivered today"--that was the message on the newspaper phone line. No explanation. I am reading a Nantucket book by Deveraux.  A ghost story.  A falling in love story.

At the beginning of COVID my library was getting rid of most of their Deveraux collection and I was not lucky enough to know about the daily discard cart out front of the library..  So I only have a few of, if we want to read the books --we order them from "other" libraries.

Daughter delivered (yesterday) a few items she has been finding at the Dump in Georgetown (Maine).  An art book and a very nice, brand new Tarot Card deck that is meant to be colored with pencil or pens by whomever owns the set of cards. The art book was printed in whatever way some books  are being printed and bound these days- incredibly HEAVY.  And hard to see how or why it is this way. The interior photos are of no interest to me.  Not even to cut and paste.  If the library still had carts outdoors I would add this art book to the cart.  I could just leave it on the window sill in the vestibule.  Why not.

That's it for today.  It's cloudy and damp outside.  If it rains I might collect rainwater.  Grace is adding water to her walnut/ iron pot.  My aging, rotting black walnuts (from Grace and/or Dee) are in a Goodwill $4 crockpot in the garage-- with a piece of rusting metal.  All it needs is water to get going again. what's a bit of mold????  added interest to old cloth.  Or just dirty brown color.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Field Notes- Awakened by a loud truck horn this morning. Next door...lots of trucks.

 Ashley Mary- wall designs- pasted paper.

Now this might be possible.  Pasting paper to a large canvas.  Pasting over paper already pasted- but not working.....just continually pasting paper.  Like an Artist.  Like doing the work of an Artist. I have paste and I have paper but might need more paper.  And eventually more paste.  I'll start small.

AND I want to find the dye painted cloth.  And finally add the stitching to it.  I saw it once while looking for something else.....should have stuffed it into my pant's pocket.  Now...I don't see it.........

I am intrigued by the idea. the do ART again.  Not piecing not appliqué but ART.

My daughter went over "publishing" with me.  Entirely possible to print the Trade paper edition BEFORE the Hard Cover edition.  Because "they can"...... do whatever they want.  so "let it go" she says.  You did read it before and now you read it again......let it go.  So..I let it go.

I have to return to the library today.  I forgot my reserve books on the Hold Shelf.  Ditz.

I have no idea what I will eat today.  Cucumbers.  A few of the Black Tomatoes have red bottoms and are ready to eat.  I could eat one of them.  I have cheese, Balsamic vinegar and bread in the freezer.  The bread could be inedible. Been frozen quite a long time.  I feel like I have been frozen quite a long time........

Monday, August 29, 2022

Field Notes- Monday August 29th. Heating and Drying and Death.

 I tried this once.  In college.  I didn't have colors.  So that was  55 or 57 years ago. I think I used this image before and said the same things.  I'm on repeat.  My memory is also going.

The Garden is pushing ahead into September.  I still have lots of green tomatoes.  The cucumbers are coming in...... the squash is finished.  The grapes have either been eaten, fallen into a death spiral or just gave up.  There will be no jelly.  No grape water to color cloth blue. Just leaves.  Whatever killed them in years past- came again......

My husband minutes.  Or immediately. He shows me post it notes I write to him and asks me what they mean.  He reads them but then can't.......process.  I don't know what happens but other times he is normal..  Today- I can't talk him out of watering the garden.  So........he's going out to water the garden for a few hours and will weed etc. It calms him to have work.  Work is all he has ever cared about.

George took Peaches.  I told him he either picked them (yesterday) or the deer would......

I watched PBS last night.  Boleyn and Henry last night.  I tried Guilt after but ....gave up.  Wolf Hall is on the shelf in the bookcase.  And the next book as well. Bringing up the Bodies.  They were a dollar each at the Library Booksale years and years ago.  When I organized that. Now the Library has a Used Book Shop.  When I asked about authors- "we don't carry things like that" was the answer.  A Used Library  Book Shop carries everything.  There is no "things like that" with a sneer. Welcome to My World. Where my choices deserve a curved lip and a sneer.

I wish PBS would repeat Wolf Hall.  I think PRIME may have purchased the rights from PBS, for everything.  I could subscribe to Prime.  If I knew how.  I don't really know how to navigate...the Future passed me by .... I stopped learning at some point.  I gave up.

I wrote checks for our bills.  Three.  House phone.  Cell Phones. One credit card- husband paid for his new glasses.  My credit card bill hasn't shown up yet.

Book Lovers.  She went on a date with the tall blond with the horse.  She and the Book Editor almost had sex on a table in a Library Reading Room.  Just like I remembered.  I need to go thru my book journal and find the entry- solve this publishing puzzle.  The inside info is 2022.  I only have to search this year.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Field Notes- Sunday August 28th. Grocery shopping today instead of tomorrow.

 Cornfield- Tony Allain

The corn in my back fenced garden has been eaten by mice or other rodents or by large birds, squirrels etc. and animals are eating the peaches now and just leaving the peach pits as evidence. fine- eating the whole peach ...not just the one bite that spoils the fruit.

I made a second Peach Cobbler.  Husband asked me to make it again.  He is back to eating dessert with his evening coffee.

Husband took the compost kettle out to the pile and brought back a nice summer squash.  Reminding me of the packets of seeds I dumped into the compost pile in the Spring.

I am reading a book.  It's new and freshly installed in the Best Sellers of NYT list.  Book Lovers.  Emily Henry.  Hard Cover and none of her others have been.  (Lessons in Chemistry is also on the list and Crawdads..)  I LOVED both of those books.

What is ODD.  I am reading and it's like "I've read this book" quite awhile ago.  Not in the past year but I have read it. Before that. Before COVID. The cottage out in the fields, the long stairway, the abandoned town, dyeing each other's hair, swimming at midnight with the handsome guy............ I read enough books over and over to know when I am re-reading a book--(no surprises).  But today- on the Best Seller List.  AND investigating my bookcase- there is a Trade Paper copy of Book Lovers.  Already on the shelf next to her other two books (been there awhile)). In other words....WTF.  And it's not even a good book.  Her others are so much better. Beach Read and  People We Meet On Vacation. 

This was the first book the author wrote......a long time ago.  And it wasn't published.  My guess. I think the Editor in this new book is named in Beach Read.  Waiting for pages. And a plot line from the book being written in Beach Read is also mentioned. See...I remember my books.

Husband read a book for 2 hours and forgot COMPLETELY that he had been reading just minutes after closing the book.  I tried several ways of jogging memory- but it was GONE. Now I wonder ..was he reading or just staring at the book for two hours?  Like Amnesia.

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, August 27th. It rained. A lot. with thunder and lightning. yesterday

 Here we are- near the end of August.  Everything is 'back to school" etc. And Political.

My Master Gardener friend and classmate was here yesterday.  I fed her Peach Cobbler and made her a cup of coffee.  My own favorite coffee mug slipped out off my fingers and broke on the cement front porch where we were sitting.   I loved that cup.........

We sat outside on the porch- she has had COVID many times.  I hesitate to go places with her but did go strawberry picking. weeks ago- it was outdoors so felt safe except for the car ride.

We had a long conversation.  Her right shoulder is still not completely healed.  She fell on an icy slope at someone's house.  They didn't have property insurance to cover accidents (or they had a super high deductible) so she has paid out all the medical bills herself. The co-pays on each therapy visit are wiping her out.  I would offer to help her   but....she wouldn't take it and the offer might end the friendship- which is stretched pretty thin as it is.......

She left at the first roll of thunder.  About 30 minutes later it started to rain.  Everything is well watered.

I finished reading a book about a Jewish Matchmaker.  Who falls in love with a man who is not Jewish. Mr. Perfect On Paper.   I found a list of ..."if you liked this book you might like these".....and ordered them all.  Five, I think. Some are still in transit from other libraries.... Different.  But I am enjoying them. And I can't recall which book I had read that led to this list........serendipity.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Field Notes- Friday, August 26th. I am having difficulty remembering what day it is.

 Yoshiro Tachibana- colorful landscapes

It's dark. almost 11am and dark- we need to turn on the lamps. The weather report in the morning paper is suggesting rain might fall.  Same as yesterday when we had thunder followed by 10 minutes of "sprinkle". I'm not impressed.  If it's dark enough at 11 am for the house lights to be should RAIN. 

There was loud noise early this morning from next door- someone dropped some ladders etc just to make sure we were awake. Whatever was dropped was made of aluminum.  And there was a great deal of it. Most of the morning wake up noise is centered in the garage next door.  For maximum annoyance. It's the closest area to our bedroom window.  None of it seems accidental anymore.

Are they paying them a bonus?  Just to make noise between 7:15 and 7:30 am???  Monday- Friday.

Other neighbors are starting to notice odd behaviours. I got the scoop, so to speak, with the delivery of the Bran Muffins.  My only addition to their the continuing early morning noise.  Which then stops after they are sure they woke us up.  Signaled by me shutting the windows. Some nights I don't open the windows.-- then they haul out the hammers and saws.  I don't think I will EVER speak to them.

The Mail Truck just breezed past.   Not that we have gotten any "real" mail in days.....but it gives me opportunity to go out and check the box on the street.  Which I will do now.

Yesterday's book was Mr. Wrong Number.  I guy misdials his cell phone and gets the sister of his roommate (she is sleeping in the office of his condo on a blow up mattress--across the hall from his bedroom-- after having lost her job, boyfriend and apartment (fire)).  They exchange inappropriately sexual emails. For weeks. In person, having no idea they are emailing each other, they are aggressively impolite.  It's a great book.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, August 25th Going to be hot an humid today. UH....................

 Peter & Reginato.  Imagine finding that in the garage.

Heat.  Humidity.  August. Ick Poo.  I should have bought Popsicles yesterday.

I'm not reading as much these days.  I have laundry to do each day it seems.  The washer is full and just needs me to close the lid and push buttons.  The shirt I have on feels too small because the shirt I had on yesterday was sizes too big.  I'd give anything for "just right". I doubt it exists in my closet.

Husband decided he "likes" Peach Cobbler.  And I thought it would be "all mine".

I followed Connie's advice and got more yogurt (strong bones) and layered it with Bran buds and a peeled sliced Peach. That's for later.  When my brain says it's lunch time.  The time varies by the day.

My cross the street neighbor brought over freshly baked Bran Muffins yesterday afternoon.  To say thank you for picking up her mail while she was away.  Just two days.  I was out there getting my mail so it wasn't any effort on my part.  The Bran Muffin was very good.  Regularity........TMI.

I am not reading anything new.  I am re-reading old favorites.  Mostly Jude Deveraux.  The Nantucket Brides is in the current lineup.  Toby and the man who will soon be King is a favorite. Ghosts and past lives and all sorts of mystical stuff. Lingering looks. It's all very proper.  

The men at the house next door are making all sorts of noise today.  Even with all the windows and doors shut and AC units on.............She plans on doing the interior this Fall and Winter.  Let's all hope she runs out of money sooner than she had planned????

A very large crow is studying the bird feeders out under the big tree..  Making a plan of attack.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday, August 24. Damp, Cloudy. Crows walking in the yard. Crows Returning......

 I made pasta salad yesterday- NOT the one in the picture.  Mine had, clockwise from 1pm- Greek olives, red pepper, no chives, yellow cheese, no tomatoes, is that mozzarella?, zucchini and canned corn.  I made a dressing of mayo and sweet pickle relish.  I saw that on the internet search.  It was pretty good. The pasta is Trader Joe's which usually has a "heavy" pasty taste to it.  I have lots of it and.........I don't really like it. I cut the large pasta into small pieces to match the vegetables.  Husband used to eat homemade pasta meals..  Now he doesn't.

I'm thinking the salad will be better today- the ingredients having the evening to get to know one another and mingle etc.  If not- I'm sure the animals visiting the compost pile will be excited by the food? Who am I kidding- even if it tastes dull...I will eat it.  I did all that chopping and prep work.......

The Tesla across the street (visiting from Boston) charged all night and has now gone off on an adventure. They left the garage door open.  I have a key.  Do I go over and enter the house and close the garage door???  I have decided to let it go.  They left in three cars- someone should have noticed the garage door. I've often wondered why the Tesla charges in the driveway instead of in the garage.  Because the battery might catch fire???  Anyone know?  It's a visiting car so not here often.

We are being warned that heating oil will be in short supply again in the coming Winter.  It was super expensive last year.  I think it's why so many neighbors bought and installed whole house generators this Summer.  Propane.  I have an extra heavy down comforter in the Attic.  It's for an unheated house. When we moved here- in the Winter of 1991- there was an oil supply problem and we thought we would freeze to death.  We almost did.  We really really regretted moving to Maine. For years and YEARS....

Now...we sort of like it here.  Hardly anyone lives here year round.  They visit and then leave which works out just fine for all of the 365 Introverts.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Field Notes- August 23rd. The newspaper weather map has us getting SOAKED today. Hope they are correct.

 Lovely paints and the watercolor journal page is so so GREAT.  Victoria Semykima is the artist.

I need to make a promise to myself to get out the paints and brushes and draw something and color it in. Practice. Practice. Practice.  Same as I did with all the hand appliqué And Baltimore appliqué.with ribbon.

The Twin Boys *fresh from CAMP, their parents and their dog came to pick peaches.  Their mom fell in love with the fenced garden.  I told her to come plant things next year.  We'll buy some Cosmic Compost (name of the company) and she can come by and do what ever she wants back there.  Really.......we could exchange houses but for the fact her small house (huge basement) has all the bedrooms upstairs.  We need one floor living.

I think of that- on this street- exchanging houses.  But most have bedrooms on second floor.  I have a second master upstairs.  I used it as my sewing room.  The room and bath needs updating.  I would do it if my son was coming here to live.  He says no.  Someday he will say yes.

I should get ready.

I made---finally---the Southern Peach Cobbler.  It was still cooling when it was "eating time" and so I tucked it into the fridge few hours later.   My daughter suggested I make myself a "pasta salad" with some sort of pasta, red pepper, cucumber, radishes, corn, olives etc.  I figured that out but am stumped as to the kind of dressing to use.   Any suggestions welcome in the comments.  Oil or mayo???

The comment yesterday of a husband choking on food and 911......I started crying.  I was so much in sympathy/fellowship with you........... and with my future self........ I might start wearing a sign- I need a hug... do you???  Sending one to you as I type..........being silent and get it to you.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Field Notes- Monday, August 22nd. Clouds. Sprinkles of Rain. A day that can't make up it's mind.

 Husband went out into the garden and picked cucumbers- not these.  I picked these  last week and they were very small.  I also found a Crow feather and acorns.  Hard Winter Coming.  Tremendous amount of Acorns. The cucumbers he picked for me looked like the ones I buy at the grocery store.  Really nice ones.

The Peaches in the bowl are finally ripe enough to make Peach Cobbler.  I bought a bag of sugar on the Monday Shopping Trip..  I had a list.  

The young guy stocking the Produce was very good looking.   

I was thinking he looked just like the Carpenter in that book I like reading-- Part of Your World.  If I had had my phone I would have asked if I could take his picture. 

In the check out line- my favorite cashier asked if I had a store app.  I said no.  I said husband had one for the grocery- she asked for his phone number- I said "I have no idea what his phone number is"  I don't.  She said "don't you call him?"  I said "no".  She was speechless.  She asked if I had a computer. Yes.  Do I have apps on it?  No.  It's like she had finally met someone from Another Planet.

Just a 75 year old with no interests other than email and a few blogs..  Otherwise- the computer just sits unused. Oh, I did, once when the printer worked- look up recipes.  Recipes I never made.  No, that's not true- there was a marinade recipe I printed out and used quite often...until husband started choking on grilled meat.  Daughter and I got tired of it.  He choked on Thanksgiving Turkey once too many times. So we stopped having Thanksgiving Dinner and grilling meat in the Summer.. 

I did make all the side dishes last year for Thanksgiving.  And I, alone, ate them all.  I think he asked for a grilled cheese sandwich.  And potato chips.  And then a slice of Pumpkin Pie.  This year--it will be a prepared grocery store chicken dinner. Like every other day. He grew up eating TV Dinners. I did not.

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Field notes- three tries to spell field. correctly. And I got it wrong in the note. Sunshine, Breeze.

 I'm waiting for all the black variety tomatoes to show some cherry red- to indicate they are ripe. This image is of regular tomatoes.  None of the regular ones will be ready until next month.  September isn't tomato month. sigh.

I'm thinking the black tomatoes were a waste of our time and energy.

The Peaches are finally ready.  The chipmunks have been taking bites out of as many as they can.  I don't eat those as I suspect the chipmunks carry disease. Which can spread to the juicy Peach interiors.

If it's not one thing- it's another.  Like I always told my Gardening 101 classes.  Gardening isn't for Sissies. It's all hard work and if we are lucky- some payback.  But often it all goes into the compost pile or into the belly of some rabid chipmunk or squirrel..  The crows seem to like peaches as well- but the ones already on the grass. Birds peck holes in the rosy red blush on the Peaches still on the tree.  

The Twins are coming to get Peaches as soon as they return from CAMP.  They have been AWAY for a week. Parents must have had a wonderful week!!!!!!

I am reading Jennifer Crusie's Getting Rid of Bradley.  It's a small, almost square book.  Strange size. But hardback.  What's hilarious is the number of times the police race to her house with lights and sirens.  Even though she has a detective staying in the house with her.  Fire. Explosions. You name it- it happens.

Wondering if she's related to Agnes???? Wondering what the Hitman would think of Lucy? Or the Detective and Agnes?  So many possibilities. An Explosive Double Date for sure.  Read it if you liked the Hitman book.  Especially Lucy's three dogs.  Good times.  I'm gonna order the book next visit to the book store.

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, August 20th. Sunshine. mid 80's, grass cutting.

 August isn't my favorite month.  It's just a month I have to get my way thru.  I don't fully remember WHEN I was doing the majority of the pickle making and might have been August. Most likely was....I used to grow TONS of zucchini.  This year...the plants gave out so I didn't have much to work with.  I have one giant one that is going to be used to make Chocolate Zucchini Bread.

I found a recipe on line.  Has Espresso powder in it.  I have some of that.

I do know the grapes are still green so it isn't jelly making month.

I think the Peaches under the microwave cover have been gassing each other and might not be totally ripe but they are far enough along to be peeled, pitted and sliced into a nice Peach Cobbler.  (thinking of you Connie).  I checked the recipe card- I have everything I need.  A trip to the grocery isn't something I want to do today.

We watched some of the Patriots Pre Season Game last evening.  The junior quarterback was doing a really great job- most likely because it's an all new game plan and he didn't know any of the other plans. Every one else was having a tough time figuring out what was going on........ Patriots are going to be losing quite often this season.

I did an additional load of wash yesterday.  Husband's garden weeding clothing.  He came in yesterday and told me he had fallen asleep in the garden..........good thing I didn't walk down there to check on him- would have assumed he was dead.

Not sure how I feel about that.

Friday, August 19, 2022

Field Notes- Friday August 19th. Another Damp Foggy Morning.

 Mary Shley-Spiral.  I like this art work but the one slice of white with dots is why it's here this morning. I am thinking of making a shape and dividing it and using my color sticks and making something like this. Just for me.  I haven't applied waxy color to paper in quite awhile.

All the Art is from Something- I think it was also known as Little Somethings (in the sidebar).  I started reading this blog years ago- when she worked as an illustrator and designer.  She made such lovely things.  I think her job was eliminated and she did other things for awhile at the same location and then- as things go in "business"-- she was eliminated.

I think- most of you out there reading this--have been "eliminated" at work for some reason over the years. It's a pretty normal thing for women.  And now it's getting to be a normal thing for men as well.  Down Size Ing.  But she is still looking for art and I love going and seeing what she has found.

Husband cut the Willow down.  Anyone- who has garden experience- should never plant a willow anywhere near water lines.  Willows love water.  And this one was getting heavier and taller with each year.  So it came down and was cut up and then the taller branches were tied with rope and dragged behind the riding mower to the Way Way Back of the property and piled onto the composting pile back there.

Husband was pretty much on zero by this time.  So he ate and then had a slice of carrot cake ( from the grocery bakery) and watched tv.  I was thankful "no one" got hit in the head with a heavy willow branch- knocked unconscious and needing a ride in an ambulance.  Thankful.

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, August 18th. It rained all night- a gentle rain. It's dark and chilly. Loving it.

 Covers an entire WALL.  Ashley Mary.  AM Studios.  (I also wrote- pasted paper designs)

Exurberant.  a great word.

Laundry yesterday and two loads.  I wrote in the Washing Machine Pages book.  Something has changed inside me.  The writing was different.  I am better.  It feels strange but I am I have shed my skin and am getting used to this new one.  Like there is something good to look forward to going forward.....I don't know what it is yet.....but before there was nothing and now there is something.

Depression is like that.  Nothing.  Feeling nothing.  But now something.

If the peaches I have under the plastic microwave cover have ripened enough- I will make Peach Cobbler. Husband was wanting a dessert last evening.  The cupboard was bare. He has his prepared dinners, bagels and yogurt.   I have oatmeal.  But I don't have anything for supper.  Too soon to start making SOUP. I am at a loss...can't even imagine what to make.......... I could make him cookies but he has said "no cookies".

The rain has given us quiet mornings.  The work next door stopped. Until the rain stops. 

My cross the street neighbor has returned home from her "Sunshine and Sand Beach Vacation" with her family. Oceanside on the Coast of Maine in August.  Sigh.  Glorious.  Well. I've seen pictures in magazines.  It's been YEARS since I have seen the ocean- only 20 minutes away by car. Equally as long- since I have eaten a Lobster Roll.

I crawled into a dark place and am still not ready to come all the way out. But today, I think someday.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Field Notes- Wednesday, August 17th. Rain is East of us moving this way. Daughter says it's just a Summer Cold--not COVID

 One of a kind.  Pier One. Years & Years ago.  I wanted a second one.  Have gone on line etc for Years and Years. Can't find anything........I love this lamp.  

Rain coming.  Daughter has another day off from work.... as by the time they got where they were supposed to be working  (outdoors) it would be raining and they would have to drive back home. And she is still manufacturing a "butt load" of snot.  That's my girl.

She actually likes the Passionfruit Orange Juice.  Hasn't tried the Mango something orange juice yet. Learn something new each day.  I learned that I CAN drive to the new grocery store, change lanes and do all sorts of stuff I haven't done in years.  It was scary.  I tended to follow the cars ahead of me- hoping they were going where I was going.   I know.  Stupid behavior. But...they WERE going where I was going.

Up at 7am again as the work Begins at that Time next door.  I don't think I will EVER be able to have a polite conversation with those people.  I lost the ability to "pretend" I like people. To "pretend" I like them and want to talk to them...... I don't go as far as putting a curse on them......let nature take it's course.

The chipmunks have started eating the Peaches.  On the tree.  Not the ones on the ground.  Rat Bastards.

Yesterday I had a cheese sandwich- didn't bother to toast it.  It was fine- cold and not melted.  I did buy pickles in case I make a toasted one.........those are best with pickles.

 I am looking forward to seeing Liz Cheney in the resumed committee meetings in September.  

Anyone know when black tomatoes are ripe?  Some of the long oval cherry ones are turning yellow at the bottoms  but do they eventually turn red?

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Field Notes- Peaches are "almost" ready and I can't find the cobbler recipe.

 A bowl of greens.  Bread.  Next month. No Bran Flakes.  I was wanting to switch from oatmeal to Bran Flakes for 30 days.  A "No Go".  The shelves are bare.

I ate my bowl of sliced cucumbers with sour cream and dill yesterday.  Delicious.  I had gotten a few items from the Fried Food Bar at the grocery- breaded fried cheese sticks and a few very crunchy chicken nuggets.  I like chicken very crunchy with no "moist".  I like the breading best of all. Great Lunch.

Started the day with a mosquito bite and a big black fly as a traveling companion- it's in the house somewhere.

Daughter is showing "probable" signs of COVID.  Running nose.  That stadium concert, the train to Boston etc etc.  No masks.   I will be dropping off  COVID test kits.  Not that I think she will push the stick up into her nose cavities. She's fully vaccinated and boosted. She'll miss a week of work  unless she goes to work- it's outdoors and she works alone so it would be okay.......if she felt good.  We'll see. She is producing a lot of SNOT.

I left you for awhile to run over test kits to daughter and then try two different grocery stores for the juices daughter  wanted.  No luck.  The coolers in two stores are empty. No Peach Watermelon. She got Orange Passionfruit mix. Not what she wanted........and a lemonade.  

I am home.  A bit sweaty.  Sunshine today.  Might rain tomorrow.  I forgot I wanted a bag of three Romaine Hearts for salads.   Not happening.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Field Notes on August 15th. Sunshine and still Cooler than normal. Watering the Peach Trees.

Cucumbers from the garden yesterday.  Sliced and salted and will be eaten today.  I bought sour cream today at the grocery.  Parking lot was crowded with vacationers so I warned the people standing behind their car with their shopping cart in my way- that I was not the best driver.  They stopped traffic .......and was pretty weird and made me laugh.  I thanked everyone.......... who moved out of my way.

There was a older white haired guy looking at me in the Library Parking Lot......... I did NOT encourage him.  

I picked up the third in the Summerhill Series.  As You Wish.  I had books one and two mixed up.  Not that it matters reading them more than once- but for a first timer...would ruin things a bit.  Deveraux didn't WRITE them order.  Met Her Match is Book Two.  The Girl from Summerhill is Book One.

Going to read As You Wish today.  Book Three.  All wrongs are made right.

My Quart Canning Jar with Marigold Flowers, Alum, Cloth washed and scrubbed with Dawn, and for good measure some aquarium chloride remover in the water I added.  Now capped and out in the Sunshine and Heat of the Back Deck.  I know the yellow will be greenish.  But......why not.  I also wrapped a thin piece of floral wire around the scrunched up cloth.  Hoping it will make marks.  I couldn't find any rusty wire.  Need to "make" some.  I saw Jude's on her post.....and I had a jar, cloth, alum and marigolds.  

I'm seeing indigo leaves being used.  My friend got me seeds but I never planted them...... I should find them.  For next year.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Field Notes (took me five tries to get it spelled correctly) sunshine on Sunday August 14th.. Yesterday was cool, almost chilly.

 Puzzled.  This one has 1000 pieces.  And is NOT being worked on.  Daughter found the bits for a bird. I worked on the border and got it finished.  Too much of it looks the same. Too much white.

The Vaccine Booster was on a delay.  At around 2 pm yesterday it hit me.  Sore shoulder (Arnica took care of it) and one Advil took care of the rest of the symptoms.  I had one slice of bread left so I made an extra cheesy half a toasted cheese followed by Strawberry flavored frozen yogurt and the Soccer Mom Madam on Lifetime?   There was also a show I passed by a few times channel surfing about SEX ER Visits. It was obviously not real............ A failed butt implant and a woman on a ski lift who put her cold hands into her boyfriend's pants "to warm her hands " at his invitation............. then I watched the Red Sox baseball game.

I read a book earlier in the day.  Met Her Match by Devereau.  I liked it before and liked it this time as well. I have the Girl from Summerhill with the Pride and Prejudice play, next.  I think my daughter has found or is still hunting for  hardcover copies of these two in used book stores and library book sales.  I'm compiling  photo copies of the covers of books I want to order at the bookstore. Ones that are in Trade Paper.....

I didn't do any baking.  No Zucchini Bread but I do want to find the recipe in the very cluttered recipe box- thousands of cards in there.  From "when I cooked".  I ate most of the smaller zucchini on Friday. Thin sliced and cooked until a nice brown mush and then topped with some cheese and eaten.  I like it so why bother making anything else with them???? Used to grow and use them to make pickles. Never Again. 

Brown Mush Zucchini or Yellow Squash (with onions).  Georgia Food. All that was missing was deep fried okra and fried green tomatoes. And a piece of Fried Chicken. A biscuit.  Peach Cobbler. I lived there six years.....but we were meant to be together....... I think about going back.  Living there again.  But I know it's very different. My brother lives there now.- north of Atlanta might work.

Jude on HER blog showed jars with marigolds and Alum.  Yellow cloth.  I think I used to own some Alum (for Sweet Pickles). I have to look in the spice drawer.  I have lots of spent marigolds.  Drying on the Sun Porch.  I could roll cloth and tie it real tight in several spots with string or rusty wire......soak it on the back porch where the deck surface is REAL hot and the Sun Shines All the Time.  In a Canning jar.

Looking Cloudy now- Weather says no....but it could rain....... very still. No breezes. Time to set the sprinklers up on the Peach Trees.  Have a lovely Sunday all ya all.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Field Notes- Saturday, August 13th. Cool, Cloudy-- so far a great start to the day.

 The Library will be having typewriters available for visitors to use.  I haven't done it in the past...but this year I think I want to use a typewriter and type a letter to one of my old friends. Or a new friend.  I think we had something like this in high school where I took typing 101.  I didn't do well.......I thought.  But years and years later- I type and don't  look at the keys.  Well, the MORE I type the less I look at the keys. So the class embedded itself in my brain.

Sun peaking out.  George was here yesterday afternoon and checked on the corn, found a giant zucchini  hiding behind the pot they are growing in- good only to grind up for zucchini bread.  I had a recipe for a chocolate zucchini bread and if I can find it I will use the zucchini.  We also picked two slim cucumbers.  Which I was going to eat yesterday but had a grilled cheese with double the cheese instead.  Salad cucumbers rather than pickling ones.  The Tomatoes aren't ripe yet.  Going really slow.

The grapes look marvelous.  Still green but can't wait to make jelly and dye cloth in the leftover juice. I might give the old work shirts a new "look" by cooking them a bit in the juice. They were originally blue but now are nearly white.  Peaches are almost there.  I ate one yesterday and sent George home with a nice one.  I could pick enough for a Georgia Peach Cobbler and let them sit under the microwave cover to gas each other into ripening.  G is almost finished with the Blueberry Cake but not sure he'll eat Peach Cobbler. It's "messy".  He likes things that present as a square or rectangle. Peach Cobbler oozes.

The Pharmacy person giving the shots was excellent.  Didn't feel a thing.  She said it was because she slides the needle in instead of punching it in.  This morning I noticed a small amount of muscle ache- but yesterday absolutely NOTHING - no fever etc. and no problems finding a comfortable sleeping position on that side..  Didn't need the Medicinal Ice Cream.   ....but I will still eat it.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Field Notes- Friday, August 12th. Second Booster Shot Day. MY arm already hurts just thinking about it.

 Andrea D'Aquino Abstracts.

Or Covid Vaccine--Imagined.   Shots at 11am today.  My arm already aches @ 10am.

The News...not good and I was expecting some Republican distancing this morning...but they aren't. They just aren't......and it's so unbelievable.  Why back a Mental Case who admires Nazi Generals.?  Sigh...... Even AFTER they (T's White House staffers) explained that the Nazi Generals tried to KILL Hitler three times once they realized Hitler was INSANE. ...... so, in the Generals. Nuclear Codes???? Taken  home in a cardboard box????? As what? Something to paste in his scrapbook??? Or SELL.  Yep.

It rained over night and morning had a chill to it.....all welcome weather items.  The workmen next door are putting a new surface on the back deck.  It arrived yesterday.  It's the same stuff husband used for our back deck and the front steps.  A "no-rot' composite.  I see commercials on TV but can't recall the name- starts with a T.  They woke me up at 7:30 this morning.

They have been working on the deck sub structure.  Replacing things. The back deck lines up with my bedroom window.  I think they also might have made the deck larger.  With all the trees in that yard and the "damp" I would say a regular wood deck had most likely rotted out over the years.  Likewise with the brick chimney.  Ours was in the Sun and still rotted out.  The fireplace in our house is now large glass patio doors. Metal.  Not wood.  Anything we replaced- was NOT replaced with wood.

 I recall the BRICK front steps of that house next door were also crumbling and moss covered.  Slippery.

A new roof on their entire house should be next.  And then as it gets colder --a new kitchen and new bathrooms. Unless they have run out of cash.  They "bragged" (to strangers they had just met) they were adding 400K to the house. It seems they might have gone past that......from my experience.  Here in Maine.  Stuff is expensive. Real expensive.  I ran out of money before WE could get a new kitchen. I'm still saving up........but as I stopped hardly matters any more.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, August 11th. With a Chance for Rain. But Clouds are fine. Will Water the Peach Trees.

 My bookcase.   Like that commercial on TV- where the woman fills up her fridge after a delivery of food in a big cardboard box.  Only so much being books.  

It was cloudy and very cool yesterday.  I was tempted, for about 12 minutes, to open windows.  A Sucker's Bet.  I've done it before, in August, and regretted it well into September.  Can never get the humidity out of the house.  I need to turn on lights.

The chicken and Big Salad is finished.  I tossed the final Avocado into the salad- will NOT do that again. With my salad...... I had Trump using the Fifth Amendment (for Suckers and Losers in his past opinions) 400 times.  Perhaps more. 500?.  I guess when they said "hello" he took the 5th?  

I spent time channel surfing yesterday.  And then some time reading.  Today I got my hair cut very short. Like really short.  I think this is the case in August. I could join the Marines.

Not much hammering next door.  I think they were rebuilding the back deck?  But now they spend time standing around in the garage.  Perhaps while the owner changes her mind?????  

Before we left to drive to the hair salon- we had to find husband's car keys.  They were in his pocket. Not that I will be nominated as Rocket Scientist of The Year.   I think I added the tip on the credit card receipt incorrectly....for my haircut.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Field Notes- Damp and significantly cooler. Rain likely.

 My work.  From years ago- on the fireplace mantle.  

I walked around the living room and took some pictures.

Prescription pickup (husband) this morning and appointments made for Second COVID Boosters for husband and I on Friday Morning.   Getting us set up for Fall and Winter.  We'll be napping and feeling bad for the weekend but had no plans anyway.  I might buy a half gallon of ice cream after we get our shots. For me.  Usually I make soup. 

Dropped off a book that needed to go back--unread......I'll try again later.  I have a stack of books to get me thru the coming weekend if I feel out of sorts.  Last Booster I had a sore arm and a slight fever. Husband just settled into his couch and slept for 10 hours.  We'll see.......... 

Trump TV today with all his Legal Problems hitting the front burners right now..........

I started this cloudy humid day with a shower.  And then hunted in my closet for pants I wore last Summer which have disappeared in the closet.  I found the oldest pair of knit LLBean pants.  They have several holes in them from getting too close to wire fencing in the garden.  I might do some mending if things continue to be boring.

I have a freshly picked zucchini.  I should try and make something.  For Luncheon.  Or Not.  I do like it sliced longways and then fried till a bit crispy.  That sounds doable.

Haircut for me tomorrow.  Heat and Humidity does me no favors with my hair.

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Field Notes- Cooler, rain overnight and into the morning- Drizzle. I am grateful.

 I may have used this before-  Tumbler I think.   I am trying to clean out the picture file.  Start taking my own pictures...... sigh.  I just paid the bills and carried them out to the mailbox at the end of the driveway. I got rained on.  My shirt in damp.   I like the dotted chest on the birds.  Why I chose the image I am sure.

The guy who had husband's new glasses made "M"...called to check on how husband was doing.  Things are good. "M" thought maybe husband would have difficulty transitioning.  But I said he was very pleased with them and has stopped using the readers 100%.  I told "M" that it was "one less thing for me to try and find each day". Lost reading glasses.  I lost count of how many times he has misplaced them.........

I rested my eyes yesterday.  No reading.  My eyes are tired.  I am tired.  

I asked and husband said he would enjoy another Blueberry Cake- so I went shopping with the recipe card and got ingredients and baked the cake.  He ate his usual sized portion (surprisingly) as I watched the talking heads discuss the raid on Trump's Florida home.  They brought a safe cracker with them. I hope he had copies of his "taxes" in the safe.  

We seemed to have gotten past husband's anorexia phase quicker than usual.  It might have been the cadaver comment I made.  And it was a true observation.

He has quite a few phobias regarding "home cooking".  Restaurant food is 100% okay all the time. My sister in law mentioned a few "common" things she had to put up with with his brother.  I rolled with them and she didn't.  Like "floating" things in soup.  Soup broth had to be clear of any "floating" things. I strained the soup- she didn't.  And she left everything together in the bowl- I separated each item into a separate container...........yes, indeed.  This started in the first weeks of being married.  

I should have packed my bags and bought a bus ticket. But I don't think I had enough cash for bus fare.

I always have "getaway" cash these days.

Monday, August 08, 2022

Field Notes- Monday, August 8th. Very hot and humid yesterday, No rain. In the 80's before 10am.

 From a collection of jeans with mended areas or just patched for the fun of it.  The open side seams.

Jeans- not so fun to but well worn and soft and raggedy?  Wow.  Like outdoor pajamas. Public Pajamas.  Back in the day.  Now with leggings.........everything is open to display. No shame.

So.....I was going to show you the PILE of books going back to the library today- in a few minutes.  But why?  anyway.   I read a churchy one yesterday.  I say that not as a criticism -- the plot of the Book of Jane is based on the Book of Job.  The love interest is a tall, silent man dressed in black from head to toe.  An Actuary. He also knows how to pilot the family helicopter.  Yes, of course, he has to be mega rich. Many descriptive lines in the story on how he butters his slice of bread.  I was riveted. Jane was, also. Eventually...he kissed Jane. Once. she sort of had to force him to do it..........

I am now re reading the book about the Carpenter and the wealthy ER doctor. I wonder how he would butter his bread. He did make her a grilled cheese sandwich.

I chopped up the cold baked chicken yesterday (finally) and mixed it with honey and mayo and had a scoop with my mixed greens salad (I added a carrot). I needed to eat some protein.  I have the remainder of my honey yogurt ready to eat (Bran Buds and a handful of thawing frozen strawberries) today. I may pick up a package of the BBQ pork.  I need protein.  I feel like the melting witch in Wizard of Oz.

That's it for today.  I've watered the containers and the Peaches.  I made the bed. I washed clothes a few days ago and folded it all.  I was tempted to iron a few things but shut down those thoughts right away.

Sunday, August 07, 2022

Field Notes- Sunday, August 7th. Heat and Humidity- 92 degrees or more.

 I don't have much to say this morning.  Daughter went to a concert in Boston and didn't get home to her house till after 3 am.  We were texting each other until she got home safely.  So not much sleep for either of us.  Train, Car etc.  A mother worries.

And this morning- watering the Peach Trees- so humid I could hardly breathe.  August.

Yesterday's book was "If I Never Met You" by Mhairi McFarlane.  British.  Two Lawyers. Don't know what the title has to do with anything.  The ending was sort of thrown together, last minute.  There's a lot of that going on in the new Trade Paper Romances right now.......throwing things together last minute at the end of the books.  A jumble of plot lines.  I don't like it.   One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle also had a last minute toss of an ending.  Too bad...both books were going along find until the last bits.  Smashed up plot a hurry to finish. Deadlines to get the books into print. The ending ruined the entire book.  So...not buying either of them.

I have cold chicken in the fridge to make into chicken salad for food to eat today.  With a large mixed greens salad.  I finished off the vegetable pasta yesterday.  I am considering making something with the garden zucchini harvest.  Batter Fried Zucchini Fritters.  Or Quick Zucchini Pickles.  Or Zucchini Bread. I have recipe cards here in front of me......I could shuffle them and pick one.

I don't have a book chosen for today.  I'm VERY tired and would actually love to take a nap.  Wish I could take a nap.  But falling asleep has always been difficult for long time readers will know.  Husband is asleep on the couch.  He just closes his eyes and he's out.  We had words this morning.  

I think it might be best for me to start looking for somewhere else to live. I've used up all my kindness and care.  I just feel used up. Empty.  August.......not my best month.

Saturday, August 06, 2022

Field Notes- Already Hot and Humid at 10am.. Peaches are watered- Garden?...we'll see.

 Last night we saw the Sunset and a gloriously pink sky- behind the trees.  We hardly ever see anything beyond the darkness of the trees. So husband called me out on the porch to look. I should have snapped a picture.  I didn't. I was looking at the darkness of all those trees. 

The Wedding Crasher was good- so I tried the first book in the series the Worst Best Man. It was terrible. I think it was just as terrible the first time I tried reading it. I was lucky I read them in the wrong order.

So...I am reading One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle.  She wrote a strange but very good book- In Five Years that I read years ago...but not five.  She's also written The Dinner List.   If I recall correctly In Five Years is written backwards?  It starts near the end and goes backwards in/time for most of the book and then goes forward in the final pages.  This one seems to "time travel" as well.  Or Time Shift.  And the participants are wealthy Beverly Hills people.  There's an expensive holiday in Italy, clothes, food etc. Money Porn. I'm one third in and have already read the last few pages just to see if I want to continue reading.  Not a Rom Com- far from it. More a slog thru rich people "problems".  I may not finish it.

I do that- read the see if the end is worth slogging thru the middle.  Few books are.  Worth slogging. If I have to turn to the final few pages to see if it's worth my time and trouble I already know it's not a book I want to finish.. and I rarely continue reading.  Fresh Water for Flowers was an outlier.  The midsection of that book...was difficult.  The book with Ugly in the title- that one was horrific to read-- but so worth it.

I read a lot of books- but I don't FINISH reading quite a few of them...... when it gets tedious....I stop. I often wonder who the Readers were for these books...didn't anymore say- gosh this one's a slog.....??

Husband has gone out to water the vegetable garden.  He skipped yesterday because he cut the grass.  I need to go check on things......the corn has very very tiny "ears" under the tassels.  The Elderberry shrubs have tiny berries which I need to cover to keep the birds from eating..  The grapes are looking quite wonderful.  I need to buy some canning supplies. Pectin and Sugar.  I won't be doing the canning kettle.  I'll just make a few jars and refrigerate them. Use the grape juice left over to dye a few shirts which have faded......the grape juice makes a really glorious blue. Vinegar is already in short  supply.  All the boxes of canning jars are gone as well at the stores.  Sugar will be next.

The Porch Tomatoes were looking half dead but they liked the top pruning George did and now they are in the garden-- in the dirt-- and they are looking quite amazing and have many little flowers.  Future Tomatoes. George's tomatoes are all purple.  Small cherry and larger ones, also purple.  The late planted peppers are getting taller but still way behind. But August has plenty more Sun and Heat for growing. 

Friday, August 05, 2022

Field Notes- Friday August 5th. MUGGY. UGH I actually could never live in the South. Again.

 Sigh.  Gave husband permission to mow the front lawn.  I was giving the TruGreen fertilizer a "chance" to make the grass green again.  It made the weeds green again.  So....I surrender gracefully.

Husband is cutting the weeds.  The mower mulches as it mows.  Weed mush.

The grocery store was-- oddly unsatisfying.  After all these COVID YEARS of being a delightful diversion.  I did find a bottle of sweet soy in a new brand further to the right of the regular soy with stuff for sushi.  As we get into cooler weather (PLEASE) in September- I will revert to steamed rice and vegetables with sweet soy. Maybe October?

I was tempted to buy the Vegetable Sushi early in the shopping trip.......for about ½ a minute.

I had a Library book to pick up.  And I returned the Wedding Crasher and got the first book in the series (of two books) The Worst Best Man.  Why not.  I'm thinking there will be a book three...cause the gay room mate needs a wedding.

I got some baked chicken breasts at the Deli- they were more expensive today.  Only two. pieces.  I need some protein to go with the salad greens in the fridge.  I find I am not interested in tuna- I used to be- but not any more. I also prepared a yogurt bowl with frozen strawberries- which I hope have thawed out (overnight) and moisturized the Bran Buds.  That will be LUNCH.   I eat twice.  Breakfast and Lunch. Just like my husband.  It makes everything easier.

Husband went, alone, to get his new glasses.  Old wire frames and new High Tech line-less lenses.  $476. But he can now read with the regular glasses and not the Readers.  I have never had a single issue with the three bars of different lenses.  He did.  I guess he's the Prince and the Pea????? But I do wear Readers if I plan to read for hours. Easier on the eyes.

High point for me and worth $476 is that I won't have to "search" for his Readers three or four times a day.  Still have to play hide and seek with the hearing aids though...... he takes them out for lawn mowing, watering the garden, workshop things, reading, listening to me, etc.  And forgets where he put them. This is why I think I will die first. Of Simple Repetitive Aggravation.

Thursday, August 04, 2022

Field Notes- Thursday, August 4th--Another Hot Day. Happy to have that second half of baby watermelon.

 Peach cobbler.  Coming Soon...but not soon enough.  I am watering the Peach Trees as I type. They are a few weeks late and the Peaches might not actually make the finish line.  Fruit is still very small and hard. Patty's Peaches ripen closer to September so- I can wait for the grocery bag of her peaches if I have to...... 

The "Lunch with a Friend" was very very delightful.  The food was good. The conversation was good. And it was just a delight to do something so very very NORMAL.

I had a mixed greens salad and Eggplant Parm with Tiramisu for dessert. Lemonade instead of my usual red wine.  I drink alcoholic beverages when I go out with Patty.  More than one. Never when I eat out with husband.  It makes him anxious.  He always orders a drink for himself. So so weird. The things our parents do to us, huh???   

I had been procrastinating on my second COVID Booster shot but NOW I am happy I did.  There is a Super Booster arriving in September or October that covers more variants.  If I had had the other Booster I would NOT have been able to get this new. Can't double up.  So, by dithering- I got a better outcome.

Husband did some tree pruning and was still at home when I got back- NO trip to the Urgent Care this time.....I'd asked him to spare me that.

I have no idea what I will be doing today.  Sports is a bummer right now.  The Red Sox- SUCK.  And the Patriots Training Camp........well, it's a Cluster F...if you get my meaning. sports and BBC is only showing Bones and zero Law and Order.  No reason to Live or Watch TV.  I have another book waiting. Well, I have 6 to 8 books waiting.  I get to chose.  A Buffet of Books.  I read another Science one out of my own bookcase- The Love Hypothesis.  Stanford PhD students.

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Field Notes- August 3rd. Hot Weather- 90's I think....sigh.

Well, that took longer than usual to get this set up back......occasionally, I misplace my brain.  

I am going to lunch today with a friend from the Greenhouse.  I used spray starch and the iron to get the shirt I am  going to be wearing looking better than my "usual" which is straight out of the dryer and onto me. Rumpled. (that's my signature look)  But I will be wearing the ironed shirt and these new to me pants daughter got at the Goodwill.  I have more pants than tops from that Goodwill haul.  The pants fit.  The pair I have on- I pulled the drawstring waist thing as tight as possible.  My waist doesn't match my hips.

I like the pants.  The hem is just above my ankles.  And the fabric is very soft.  Navy, I think. Yes.

For the past few weeks I have been working under the impression that I have been losing weight- looking trimmer- clothes are significantly loose.  XL sized and not 1or 2X. Today- trying on clothes for going to lunch- and looking at my self in the bathroom mirror where I get a knees to head look...that isn't what is actually happening.  

All the reading (sitting) has widened my rear end--considerably.  I have so NOT lost any weight.

I had something salty.  Yesterday... And my wedding ring (one of them) is tight.  As the years and the income changed- the rings-"improved" but I never had an engagement ring...  so the wedding rings have diamonds.  The one I have on was a surprise on our 20th.  I had stopped wearing rings in the 70's when I wore the original on my middle a warning.  Back off or DIE.  

I think this is why Agnes and the Hitman is one of my all time favorite books.  Even a  Government Hitman was afraid of Agnes when she got mad and had a cast iron frying pan in her hand.

I caught the pad of my right thumb on a rose thorn and ripped it. (while turning on the Peach Tree sprinklers).  Finally stopped bleeding.

The end of yesterday's chemistry book- broke my heart.......But that's what happens in real Life- 

Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Field Notes- Tuesday August 2nd. Was nice and cool at 9am but now it's sunny and VERY humid.

 I've never grown turnips.  I do buy them to tuck into the vinegary pickles I make for daughter (gut protocol food).  I haven't seen these.....but if I did...they would look fantastic in the pickle jars.

I am reading a wonderful book.  I hardly ever feel this way.  The characters are fully formed.  You feel like you know them.....the plot lines are clearly written and followed- I don't know how many times a plot line gets buried for pages and pages (100's) and then pops up out of nowhere to tie up a loose end. I hate that.

It is not a rom com.  It's pure fiction of the best kind. You'll laugh and you'll cry.

The book was on the 7 day shelf.  Meaning our library "rented" it instead of buying it.  The rented books never make it into the collection.  No matter how often they are checked out. One of my library peeves. And why I buy books.

The title is Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus.  It takes place in the early 1960's.  The time when women had no rights......Just look pretty and get married. Elizabeth Zott wants to be a Chemist and get her doctorate.  Instead she meets Nobel Prize nominated Calvin Evans at work.  

I can't say much else without ruining it for anyone reading this who might want to give the book a go.  It reads- smooth as silk---there are no bumps or missteps......things hardly ever go the right way for Elizabeth Zott but she doesn't give up- even though instead of Chemistry she ends up with a 30 minute Cooking show on tv to pay the bills.  She makes it about empowerment and chemistry. It's written on the jacket so I'm not giving away any important plot secrets.

And there's a dog named Six-Thirty.  Elizabeth sees just how many vocabulary words Six-Thirty can learn and recognize.  I wish I had given one of my dogs a name like this.  Calvin saw the dog and asked his name and Elizabeth thought he asked the time.........  Six Thirty has pages in the book when he speaks directly to the Reader as only an observer of puzzling human behavior can with an update on his word count.

I have 25% left to read. I have no idea where we are end up.

Now...watering the Peach Trees.  My Containers are experiencing the August wilt.  Some parts are dying. It always happens and it always makes me very very sad. It's why I took that picture.  to remind me of when the container looked it's best.  

The house next door- a weird deep blue with stark white trim- now has a acid yellow front door. OMG!!!! I am grateful for the trees blocking my view. Now to turn on the Peach Tree sprinklers.

Monday, August 01, 2022

Field Notes- While the Sprinklers water the Peach Trees. Another hot and humid day.

 Got these from the blog Something in my sidebar.  Several pairs of jeans with vastly different patches. I liked the little red mends on the left side.

I don't remember what I ate yesterday.  If anything.  Some toast. The tiny strawberry sundae. Ick.

Today I have honey yogurt, Bran Buds and big Fat Blueberries.  And I am changing the bedsheets. I did laundry yesterday and will do the bedsheets later today.  While I read.  I do write in the Washing Machine Pages but have very little to say as I am only talking to myself and myself is living a very very boring Life just now.

I finished Eligible and returned it to the library.  I am now reading Ashley Poston's The Dead Romantics. The daughter of a Funeral Home Owner can see and talk to ghosts.  She "ghost writes" books for a famous romance writer but has writer's block and can't finish the book she is working on.  Her new editor is a very handsome guy and they are very attracted to each other.  Her father dies and she goes home- the guy follows her- but he's now a ghost.  He was hit by a car the night she met him.  They spend lots of time together.  This is the strangest rom-com that I have ever read. And that is saying something..... the author of a very strange one with cross dressing guys and a woman stuck on the subway for 30 years- that author is mentioned in this book several times.  I need to go back and find her name. Mc Quis...something.

Nothing to do with Jane Austin.

Wednesday I am going out on a health risk limb......Annual Birthday Lunch with my friend.  In a restaurant.  She works at the greenhouse and temps in the big glass house have been well over 100 for days now.  I remember what that was like.  Like baking in an oven.  So...she asked for air conditioning. How could I refuse.  The Impasta.  I think I will get the Eggplant Parm.  Tiramisu for dessert.  The Manicotti is excellent as well.  I will get a take away Chicken Parm for husband.  Wednesday.  A date.