Friday, April 30, 2021

Daily Notes- April 30th- Still Raining

 We might have seen this kitchen already but I don't remember it. it is.  But black slate tile on floors.  No wall ovens. 

The carpenter arrived.  Yesterday afternoon.  He's not really excited about the roof drip edge project but won't pass it on to anyone else. I asked... for numbers for the other guys.  He's in a tough place I think.  No fancy truck.  And we found out that construction materials have tripled in price since we last had work done. He said materials alone have caused customers to back out of kitchen remodels. What once was $30 a sheet in now $90.  Even I know that leaves very little room for profit.

My kitchen may never become reality.  Even with Stimulus checks. And guess what?  I don't really care.

We ate actual food at the correct times yesterday.  It felt pretty normal.  But not for long.

I have been selecting five colored pencils for each of husband's mandala drawings in his coloring books. And the end result has been startlingly awesome.  I tried telling him he didn't need ten full sets of pencils- all out at the same time.  Now with the five pencil limit- and if the mandala is detailed- seven pencils- he is doing so much better and is quite proud of his finished work. Actually, they look quite lovely.

It's a poor artist who blames his tools.

The lights are on.  It's quite dark and damp outside.  Good weather for growing grass.  And choosing six pens for the next mandala.  Now...I will read.  Finish the book. And if that fails to occupy me- I will return all the cloth on the ottoman to the Small Cloth Closet and.........or do it the other way round- put the cloth away and then read the book.  yes...that's the way I will roll today.  Put the cloth away.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Daily Notes- A Good Soaking Rain Overnight and More to Come

 The newly built (by husband) Fig Container.  It has short legs at the bottom for drainage.  One of us needs to crawl into the crawl space under the house for paint so the box matches the house. We are seeing how long each of us can "out wait" the other.  Personally-- I can wait forever.

Husband must be reading the blog- he had a grilled sandwich for lunch. Yesterday.

I have not read the remainder of my book.  It sits there waiting.  And I just don't pick it up.  And I have three books waiting.  And I need to get a list together of books to order.  I think perhaps my eyes are tired. I know I am tired.  I have bills to pay today.  I have things to photocopy.  I have WORK to do.

The house lights are on.  It's dark in here. The poor transplanted Avocado is suffering.  Failing to Thrive in its new pot.  Droopy.  Husband says it possibly didn't have enough root mass.  For the size of the top of the plant.  I think he is right.  Every morning I give the plant a bit of a pep talk.  And one day it actually seemed to work and the leaves lifted quite a bit.  Then went back down.  Perhaps a few cloudy days will give it time to generate the will to live???

My seedlings must be happy down in the fenced garden.  Nice and damp.  And the rhubarb.  I won't have to carry water down there for a few days.  Which is nice. And perhaps the rhubarb with increase in height???  A Gardener can always hope.  It's what we do.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Daily Notes- A Walk With my Walking Buddy Around Town

 This could work in my house- minus the tall gray thing as my ceiling is two stories up.  We used to have the dining table in front of the bay windows.  Could do that again.  But white cabinets and black counter tops.  Yes.  Forget the little unpainted cabinets and just have more white cabinets that load from the side.  With drawers.

The Carpenter didn't show up.  Yesterday.  Not surprised.

My Walking Buddy and I walked in Town this morning.  The Maine Governor said we could walk outdoors minus masks when fully vaccinated.  But my friend didn't think we should. So we didn't. I misread the weather in Town- out by my house a sweater plus jacket was necessary.  In Town- the sweater was too warm. We ran out of things to talk about.  It would have been nice to find a bench to sit on but I think they have all been removed.  

After the walk I visited my bank- in same parking lot and then picked up husband's prescription.  and picked up a few other items for husband to eat- he is refusing the grilled sandwich these days. So, I picked up a few things I might like to eat between two slices of grilled bread.  Pickles and Cheese.  Avocado. Lettuce and Bacon.  I need to use up the loaf I bought Monday. Before he decided he was finished with grilled sandwiches.

Oh.......he ate my plain white Chinese rice that I like to eat with peas.  That I ordered extra of. For that purpose.  It was exactly the Wrong Day and the Wrong Thing to Do.

And I thought I was turning 74 this year.  Nope- 75.  I had to do the math.

Our Son in California finally had his first dose of COVID vaccine.  It's was a long wait but's good.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Daily Notes- Tuesday the 27th. Sunshine.

The Desktop.  Only three days left on this page.  

I put the recycling and garbage out (husband usually does but he forgot last week).  The big noisy truck hasn't come yet.  I have a stack of bills to deal with- write checks etc.  I transferred my daughter's over wintering plants to the front porch (from the Magic Attic bathtub).  I had to do it in increments as it was difficult breathing going up and down the stairs.  So...I moved the pots down three stairs and then backed up and moved them down three more until we both were at the bottom of the staircase and then they went out doors.  60 degrees and breezy.  They are up against the house wall- so some protection. Shade no direct Sun.  If it it gets cold in the next few days- I will cover them. Supposed to rain.  Later in week.

I got the library notice dated May 17th this morning.  Curbside only in the morning but afternoons indoor visits only.  The entire library staff is now fully vaccinated- the customers  --might not be vaccinated. I picked up my books Monday morning (curbside) and the librarian who brought out my books said nothing.  But I know, now.

My carpenter guy from long ago and the recent baseboards when we painted the living room area-- called. I had been trying to call him but no answer- so I wrote a letter.  He replied to that and will be over this evening. He and his old partner from the fireplace removal- earliest work on the house.  Just the two of them again. I am going to ask them to install the window AC units (but first we'll get re-acquainted).  After they work on the fascia board. If they want to fix the fascia board- I think they will want to as we still have a kitchen to remodel........ I will just have to get used to four letter adverbs and adjectives again. 

Re-inventing yourself isn't always easy.  Isn't always "f----in" easy.  Just getting used to it.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Daily Notes- April 26th- Sunny but a chill in the Air

 Chopsticks being repurposed into cutting boards.  

We ordered Chinese takeout yesterday.  Huge amount of leftovers which was what I had planned.  And I got a large white rice for myself.  But, again, the supermarket had NO frozen peas.  And canned So I got some sort of yuppie steamed peas package.  We'll see.  I might, indeed, be a yuppie.

Added excitement around 6:30 pm- the power went out.  Husband had been napping and didn't even wake up. I went outside to see what was going on.. my neighbors were out- looking around.  The Power Truck arrived and looked around.  Then went to the power pole on the road to town and flipped the switch back into an upright position.  My neighbor yelled- your lights are on.  And then she raced home to watch the Oscars...having streamed all the movies.   You'd think after it being that one switch EVERY TIME that they would do something about it. Nope.  My daughter had gotten an alert on her iPhone- 11 homes on my street without power.

After that....I continued reading Longbourne.  I am not quite finished.  Another day.  I may watched Pride and Prejudice (movie) that I have in the TiVo file after I am done reading. I have never had much sympathy for the father and mother.  Less so after reading Longbourne. I am waiting for Little Women- just prior to the COVID shutdown- to be on cable.  Somewhere.  And I will record it.  Was a lovely movie.

My Desktop Computer is getting "sticky".  Not easily coaxed into doing my bidding. But once I get "in" everything works just fine.  Deleting things is getting harder.  I like to delete emails etc.  Keep things clean and simple. And then empty the trash.

Had a chat with the TruGreen guy.  While he was fertilizing.  And I was hauling water to the fenced garden (seedlings doing well) and he was walking past.  We spoke of Voles.  He also is seeing much damage in other lawns.  We are not alone.  He says once they have eaten all the worms- they will move on.  I have hardly ever seen worms.  I think the soil isn't interesting to worms.  Little organic matter. And even in my well balanced fenced garden....not many worms, if any. Perhaps they have been here longer than I thought- the Voles.

The TruGreen guy also noticed that I have a great abundance of daffodils- more than he sees in any other yard.  I mentioned digging them up and transplanting every few years.  So the bulbs are NOT smack up next to each other. I planted white ones in the front bed next to the porch- colder on the north side of the house so those are slow to come up...but they are showing green.  So, they made it. I thought we had gotten all the bulbs out of the vegetable garden- no...quite a few are in bloom there as well.  Perhaps my husband only thinned them out.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Daily Notes- Not Sunny Sunday

 A Fully Vaccinated Visit to the garden center where I used to work (with mask).  I brought home a French Lavender plant and these three Lantana for a pot by the front porch.  They have three bright colors in their flowers- pink, orange and yellow.  Last year they were in short supply and I had to make do with the pale yellow variety.  I potted the lavender into a tall clay pot.  It has successfully overnighted.  

Since my hands were dirty- I also transplanted the Avocado Pit into larger quarters.  But the pit did not have as many roots as I thought- so the larger pot wasn't stable enough for the leggy "tree".  So now it has a support stick holding it upright and straight.  The bottom and the top match.

I watched the new Hallmark movie of the NewYork "trending" chef inheriting her aunt's Australian shack restaurant.  And the guy who cooks there, named Cook.   Well, I had high hopes for this one but all the two of them did was stare at each other like they were star struck.  And the single kiss at the very end....awkward. If you are going to fly all the way from Australia to New York City for a girl-- wouldn't you want to REALLY kiss her???  No.  Not in these Canadian (Puritan) productions. Not in any of them. Seriously weird. Even when the actors have excellent chemistry.  Always really awkward. Cringe worthy.

In the Irish movie- with the crumbling castle- the male actor was from Downton fame on PBS.  He actually KISSED the girl.  And he was Drinking Irish Whiskey.

So, I will have to find my romance in books and not Hallmark movies.  It's a dark and dismal day here in Maine.  Yesterday was sunny.  I need to start turning on the lamps.  At noon. I will return to reading Longbourne. 

 I wrote a long paragraph but it might not be what people come here to read- so it's been deleted. Some Vanity Fair articles.  Political stuff.  

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Daily Notes- Saturday- chilly but lots of Sunshine

 Yesterday.  I added the upper star strip.  And another on the right edge you can't see.  I had to stop typing and get the furnace working.  Cold in here.  Or just seems cold to these old bones.

I'm tired.  Stayed up last night to watch Moneyball. It's on one of the stations like all the time. Really. Everyday it's on the schedule.  I don't understand it.  And the sound is often too soft for me to hear even though other stations are perfectly okay- I might actually need a hearing aid.   I tend not to get the sound up too high- we have had situations with the tv staying loud and no way to make it quieter.  It's like things in my house are super attention cravers.  And, no, the tv isn't ancient.  It's a flat screen and everything.  The one in the dining room is OLD.  A box.  Used to belong to my father.  And he's been dead since 2008.

So I watched an old Hallmark movie and I ate some of the pasta husband had made- with butter and cheese.  And then he went to bed and I watched  Moneyball.  I used to like watching baseball.  But now the game is so tedious and BORING.  But it's usually the Red Socks and that is all I need to say.

We are ordering Chinese today.  There is absolutely nothing to eat in the fridge. I can make grilled sandwiches.  But someone won't eat them twice a day.  And all the soup has been eaten.  I could make a pot of pasta sauce with turkey crumbles, mushrooms and marinara.  But's stinky with garlic.  And then husband will be stinky.  For some reason Chinese doesn't make him stinky.  I don't do well with stinky people.

Geez- I am actually getting really irritated with myself.  So..I am going to make my bowl of oatmeal, cup of coffee and read the paper.  And try and wheezle myself into being a nicer person.  Just for an hour or two.   Have a good day?  You.  Not so much me.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Daily Notes- Is it really Friday Already???

 You haven't seen the Avocado in quite a while.  Twenty something inches tall- I don't want to get up and find the ruler to measure.  And a new set of four infant leaves just coming out.  I have a new, larger pot for the Avocado and will be doing that transfer later today.  The dots are from a sparkly ball- the kind they used to have at dances- ballroom sort of thing.  Makes the kitchen area and the peaked ceiling a dot covered experience.  Brings Joy.  We need that sort of thing. I do...need that sort of thing. Joy.

Husband is in the workshop making a wooden planter box for the Fig.  It's pot-bound.  Meaning the roots have no where to grow.  So- larger pot.  I was going to compost the Fig.  Be done with it as it hardly makes any Figs.  But husband says the Fig means a lot to him.  So...making a new pot.  It may be too late.  The baby leaves it had inside the house have dried up and died. No matter how much I water- no new leaves are appearing.  We'll see.

The Peach Trees are massively full of BUDS.  Abundantly.  No flowers have opened as yet.  The Peonies are up about an inch or two.  June.  The Pickle Jars will be full of Peonies in June. (and ants).

My friend with the rhubarb says hers is not ready yet.  She also cut her grapes back hard and nothing happening. We are both Master Gardeners.  Said the same thing- if the grape plants live- fine- if not fine. Mine also show no signs of life other than water seeping from the stems. 

Three of the four pickle jars have been returned.  I wrote a note- saying if they return the jar I will fill it. Giving them a way out if they didn't want any yard flowers.  I have tons of daffodils.  I could give them a second jar of them- what do you think?  Or would they expect something new and different???  It will be awhile yet before the French lilac opens.  Which will be amazingly beautiful.  Deep deep blue. Fragrant.

I had thought the forsythia  But it is straggly.  Having a hard time of it. And the Rhodies are in bud but not in flower yet.  I can't grow tulips.  I would have to sink the bulbs 12 inches deep to save them from winter frost death.  Only in pots.  And they would need to Winter in the porch fridge which is full. Of soft drinks.

I finally, finally have a porch fridge with soft drinks and beer.  Like all my Southern friends.

The Sun is shining- it's not really warm but I think a trip to DQ is on my list of things to do today. I carried water to the garden- three trips and 6 watering cans full- my walking exercise for the day..  My seedlings are still looking good.  The rhubarb is up another inch.

I made a cloth last night.  It needs some ironing.  I also read two chapters of Longbourn- until my eyes felt too dry to continue.  I added drops and rested for a while.  I wanted to return to the book but I knew my eyes were too tired-too dry.  I am looking forward to getting back into it.  Working below stairs was very very hard but the poor house and starving to death was worse.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Daily Notes- Post number 3488?

Earth Day, I think? 

A Patio Garden.  Using pots.  Using Garden boxes (the rectangular boxes on the ground to the right of the suntanning bench.  More than a dozen of them. (15)  I use Garden Boxes and love them- the best part is the soil is re-usable year after year as it's not really "soil".   It's inert matter and by sifting the organic matter- roots etc out at the end of the garden season and storing the dry "soil" (I use 30 gallon garbage cans with lids) you have soil for a lifetime.   You add a packet of fertilizer each year.  Then- just water, wait and grow.

You've seen the boxes on my driveway.  The last time I had pictures here- Riley was supervising the watering. Not as much fun on my own. And last year we only filled half the boxes.  

But I am really loving seeing all of them in this article photo--I might just fill all of mine.  This year.

My herb seeds down in the fenced garden have germinated and I see evidence of infant dill and cilantro.  The larger plants- marigolds are slower to get going.  My rhubarb plants are up about 3 inches.  Lovely mix of green and pink.  I need to email Patty and see if her rhubarb is ready to pull. You pull rhubarb - no cutting.  Patty's rhubarb plant is massive.

Weather here is alternating by the minute it seems- from sun to clouds to rain.  We slept late today and just now eating breakfast- (11:30) and I am starving.  So, a short post. Breakfast and then a load of wash.  And then I'll check and see if my seedlings need water.  Earth Day.  Compost something.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Daily Notes- Thank You For Reading This!!!!

 Not the best photo.  It was evening and I didn't even give it a press with the iron.  I'm not sure the big yellow star was a great idea.  There was a moon there but it wasn't doing anything.  So much has been added and subtracted- I'm thinking I should just STOP and work on something else.  Take this apart and keep the pieces for another day or cloth.   Give the tree rectangles to someone else.

Sometimes- it's okay to make a big mess and do everything wrong.....just get it out of the system.  Like a clogged drain.

The verdict.  Yes, that was cathartic.  I stopped watching after the fifth guy came to the mike to make his speech.  I moved on to Storage Wars.  And really didn't pay much attention and then we went to celebrate at DQ.  Lovely medium hot fudge sundae- no whipped cream.  And we watched people park their cars. It is often a nail biting event.  Maine's population is quite ancient.  And their cars even more so.  And Maine old people are really tiny.  It's sometimes hard to even see if anyone is driving the car. But they do love DQ.  Maine consumes a disproportional amount of ice cream for such a small population.

I'm an Ohio person- so I'm not getting Maine Tiny.  I'm more Farm Worker sized. Sturdy.

It rained a little bit overnight.  A few puddles.  And now the dark clouds are rolling in. I might have to turn on the lamps.  I already have the heat on.

I want to say thank you for the comments on yesterday's post.  It's good to know you enjoy visiting and reading what I write.  I like doing it.  Writing to you.  And France. A person in France reading here.  That's just the best thing in the World.  sigh.  Really...thank you.  So much.  For being out there..reading.

And- a miracle- the blog went back to it's original way.  I didn't have to do anything.  Happy Dance. Now to take apart that cloth up top.  Sigh.  We learn from mistakes.  I'll repeat that as I unsew.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Daily Notes- Fewer People Reading this Blog

I've screwed up the pagination yet again. But I'm okay with starting from the middle and going that way until I find out how to fix it- yet again..... It's been a strange last 24 hours.  I looked into my blog stats and each day fewer and fewer people come here to read, so...I am feeling sort of like a failure at blog writing.

Life goes on. The Life I am living now- is my Actual Life.
You won't magically out grow your self.
Every habit (good or bad), every evasion, procrastination, mistake, word-
all of it counts.
This is written on my calendar.  I don't know who wrote it.  But it's true.
You can't run away. It will always just be you.

It is supposed to rain today.  Husband and I are are sort of looking forward to a rain day.  I won't have to hand carry full watering cans down to the fenced garden- watering my seed beds- as a germinating seed that goes dry- is a dead seed.  And if they want to grow- I want to help.

We have a male Cardinal and two females here.  First time in a very long time. They seem to be staying. And that's lovely.  Husband's Uncle Rip had Cardinals in his yard in Ohio.  They returned every year to his place and the male would stand on Rip's open palm.  I saw that with my own eyes.

His Uncle Art had a black Lab- when we visited our baby daughter was about 8 months old and she reached up to touch the Dog's shiny black eye. The dog was stoic. Never moved.  Later in Life we had Riley and if a child had touched his shiny black eye he would have been just as silent and still. I am reminded of Two Uncles. And Two Black Labs.

One of the Cara Cara oranges in the bag I bought was rotten and moldy.  The others are fine.
The New Improved Dawn dish soap- is actually that.  Improved. Imagine that.

Monday, April 19, 2021

Daily Notes- Sunshine and Warmer

 My down the street neighbor dropped off a bag or two of old magazines.  Four Gun and Garden (my favorites). This illustration was with a short story about an older woman and an older dog who lived his life in a fenced yard-alone.   She asked if the owner minded having the dog walked.  And so....just like that..a friendship. Joy for both the walker and walkee.  The neighborhood puts out stale bread for the ducks.  But the dog was allowed one slice.  The ducks- look like they don't like sharing.... A delightful illustration.

Oddly enough, I have been thinking of finding a dog to walk.  Not to own- just to walk.

So.  Up very late (for a Monday).  Grocery at well past 10 am.  Which is better.  I got oranges and croissant.  I got Bran Buds (there were only two boxes and I did NOT take both). And finally- frozen peas.  And some sour cream to try with the chili. If one was to be of the nervous sort- the flour and sugar section of the store would cause some disturbance.  Not well stocked.  Pretty empty.....And the pancake syrup was also in short supply.  Tons and Tons of beef, pork and chicken.

They had my milk.  But I stopped myself from buying an extra carton.  

I removed my sweater for the first time in 2021 and have a cotton work shirt on (but with a long sleeved thermal under).  Spring has Arrived. I even went out to chat with my neighbor and that was lovely as well.  Masked and distant. Still.  The movie Contact was on when I got home and I was hoping to watch.....but magazines, chat and breakfast came first.  I had breakfast after I go home.

I look forward to Monday all week.  Being out to shop and look at things and people.  But..then I am really glad to get back in the car, take off the mask and go home.  The two sides of the coin.  I think I was this way before the pandemic.  Happy to be driving up the driveway to the house- and not down it and away. Happy to be back home.  

I haven't chosen a book to read as yet.  I did some sewing yesterday along with watching season two of Law and Order.  Pre- Lenny.  Early Chris Noth.  80's.  Shoulder pads and wide hair.  One actor- old now- was really pretty great at crying.  Sloppy nose running crying. Wonder if he cringes when he sees it now?

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Daily Notes- A Cloudy Sunday- Might Rain

 Still undergoing renovations.  It's had two different hills under the tree.  Don't know.  The little tree is from the "way back times" when I had a friend named Kay who lived in Georgia and I went to visit and we sewed things.  Kay wanted to make a tree quilt the week I was there.  She set me up with the sewing machine and a movie to watch and I sewed all the trees together.  Hundreds of trees. While she did something else.  I should have known the friendship was ending.  I also had to cut the tree pieces. And there was ironing.  I was kept very busy.

The fun part was going to so MANY different quilt shops to buy white fabric with black designs.  And greens for the trees.  This tree was extra.  Well, I have a small bag filled with the extra trees.  And other parts.  Which I can't figure out how they went together.  Anyone remember this quilt pattern??? Lines of trees.

Now that I am looking at the picture- I don't like that hill under the tree as much as I do in person.  I'll keep the little star under the tree but replace the hill with something darker.  Possibly some of the black background fabric with white designs.  Some of that is in the bag.  I got the bag down from the Magic Attic around Christmas.  I was going to use the extra trees to make the potholders.  But they would have been too big--the potholders.  But that Hill is going.  Away.

It's dark inside the house.  And wet and raining outside.  I'm really glad I made that pot of chicken soup for husband.  Perfect Chicken Soup Weather.  I added corn chips to my bowl of vegetable chili yesterday (eaten while watching a Monk marathon on Hallmark). Each day I add one additional item to the chili.  Day before it was shredded yellow cheese.  Today?  If I had sour cream I would add that.  But I don't.  But I'll give the fridge the once over. In case.....  But before any of that- the Hill Must Go.   

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Daily Notes- Cloudy with good chance of rain

 My exploration of the Use By Dates on canned goods.  Open to Interpretation.  Rather than judge the contents by date alone- we should notice the exterior of the can first.  Dents, discoloration, bulging etc.  Then opening the can and noticing the contents for color, odor and appearance. Bubbling is a bad thing.

Anyway, back to the cans.  My red kidney beans -three cans- were in good shape.  When opened and dumped into a colander to be rinsed (I never use the thick liquids) they looked perfectly okay.  They tasted like kidney beans.

So I made vegetarian chili. Carrot, onion, spices, beans, canned tomato soup (with it's own expired date and inspection) and it cooked and looked okay. I cooked some small macaroni and added it to the pot.  Chili Mac.  Needed cheese when I dished it up.  I didn't die.  so...all good.

No reading.  I needed a period to ...... not get over the book I just read- but let go of it.  I get involved. And then there is separation from the characters and often...I don't do well with that. I miss them.  Which is why I re-read so many books.  Just to be with them again.  And..I don't know which book to read next. I stand and shuffle thru them but can't make up my mind.  So then..I go visit the Magic Attic and shuffle thru things up there.  Paper.  Paper is sort of on my mind.  Drawing. Painting.  Faint noise..not pressing yet.

And television is a dead loss these days.  Netflix--- I miss it.  Or do a few trial weeks on several platforms. See what I may be missing. Anyway.  It's Saturday and I have six fresh new tubs of dark chocolate caramels from Trader Joe's to medicate myself with...  Daughter and George drove down to Portland on Friday.  She said it was very scary driving with George.  She said she kept thinking of my reaction to George's driving.  Like SCREAMING!!!!! but I certainly would have opened windows.

Another day of RISING COVID cases here in Maine. And rising hospitalizations at the large hospital where husband and I got our vaccine.  Maine has one of the highest percentages of vaccinated people.  Dr Shah is on local TV every single day talking about COVID vaccine. At some point the vaccinated and the population of non-vaccine people will collide.  Perhaps it's already happening.  We still aren't back to normal. Not even close.  Nearly 600 new cases per day.  Every day.  In this small state with 1.2 million souls.   Nearly all cases are under age of 30.  Children.  On respirators.

If old people alone in ICU on a respirator made you cry-- think about a child or teen in ICU. Fighting to breathe.  Get a shot.  Wear a mask.  Stay home.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Daily Notes- Expected Snow is Rain right now. Good News for the plants. 571 COVID cases yesterday.

 King Arthur sent me this photo of Rhubarb Pie.  My rhubarb plants are only up a few centimeters- so no pie this month.  But I have seen some pale stalks at the grocery.  Husband and I love Rhubarb Pie. I do a crumble topping not piecrust stars.  And I never add strawberries.

I read another third of my Cerulean Sea book.  Then my eyes got tired and then I watched the Tale of Two Sisters on PBS.  Mary and Anne Boleyn.  I have always liked Mary best.  I was most interested in the many etchings of Henry.  Fat, thin, even fatter, then even fatter.  And the years that actually went past as he waited to marry.  Elizabeth was really lucky to have been born.  And interesting that no family records of the birth of either girl in the Boleyn family archives. Yes, they were born but no dates.  And they have paintings but no one knows which sister is in which painting. 

As to husband's hearing aids.  He's listening to music on them.  He thinks of the very expensive items as entertainment.  He listens to music, the tv etc on them.  I was talking to him, while he was wearing them, and he didn't notice.  So there you have it.

He did hear me ask if he wanted Dairy Queen.  

Selective Hearing.

I have scribbled a recipe for a bread mixture that can be made into baguettes.  I scribbled it all over  the right edge of my desk top calendar, I won't be baking it as you need a baguette pan.  I haven't been to the Cookware Shop in a long long time.  I haven't gotten any new cookware.  I am sure they sell the baguette pan.  It'll make April's page even more interesting, I guess.

A delightful email from Deborah in Texas with some very very nice quilt work.  She and I often read the same books.  We exchange book lists.  She used to live in Maine and we attended quilt lectures.  She got me started writing this blog.  She was happy to see the DQ photo and remembered standing right where I did when taking the photo.  That made me very happy.  The internet is a wonderful thing.

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Daily Notes- Weather report suggest snow tomorrow and power outages.

 I have some of my favorite buttons in this jar which I can tell was last used at Christmas.  And that is my little avatar.  Nasty Old Woman. I just wish she had red frames on the glasses.

I went into the Magic Attic yesterday and got lost up there.  Looking for black on white or white on black. I found some stuff that I hadn't seen in years.  It was like reunion week.  I didn't do any happy dancing but mostly I was like- why haven't I noticed you before....????  That happens at reunions.

After that thrill....I was re-organizing the pantry cupboard.  And writing expiration dates on cans with Sharpie Marker.  In case my son visits in the next few years.  He checks my expiration dates.  And guess what- one of the shelves decided to give up the job.  Just quit.  And all the cans were rolling on the floor. It was quite exciting.  I had to wait till husband was done gardening before the shelf could be repaired. Everything is okay now.  The most heavy items are on the bottom- now.  All have dates on them- the red kidney beans have expired.  I have them on the sink countertop.  I was going to look and see if the date was merely a "suggestion" or was absolute. March 2020.  I could have made chili.  I should have paid attention at the start of the pandemic.  If the shelf had given way then and not now.

Putting dates on the canned goods- I really don't look.  It's just for the boy.

My book is very interesting.  I had to stop reading yesterday due to dry eyes.  Tired eyes.  I was doing too much reading and so I tried to find something to watch on TV.  Some Curling.  That was okay. Then I watched something else which I can't remember at all.  So it wasn't all that memorable. Oh- Finding Your Roots on PBS.  The woman's past relatives were Spanish royalty and the other guy- all his people arrived on the Mayflower.  It filled an hour of my time and then I went to bed.

Husband is just getting back from his hearing appointment.  His Lucky Day.  The Hearing Aid company lost his hearing aids- sent in for repair.  Signed receipt.  So.....he arrived home with brand new hearing aids- free of charge- and they actually work.   The Hearing Tech said she was pretty stern with the company.  Not letting them off.  Signed receipt an all.  So, husband is pretty darned happy.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Daily Notes- Sticky Eyes- House must be very dry.

 A few modifications.  My favorite thing is the white star under the house roof far left. Accidental. But my eyes are drawn to it.  Which doesn't say much for my design abilities. Drawing the eye to the far left.

I am eager to make another.  I haven't been eager to make cloth in quite awhile.

I finished reading Jane in Love.  Thru tears.  Even sobbing quietly toward the end. I might have just been tired. I may have been over wrought.  I don't know.  It's been quite a few years since reading words on a page has made that sort of emotional response.  Now...I guess I will be reading the entire list of Jane Austin.  Just remembering the pages...I am weeping again.  My new book is The House in the Cerulean Sea.  I think it is magical fantasy of some sort (book jacket).  The book cover also says it's an enchanting love story.

I could just be overwhelmed (tears) by everything happening right now.  517 new cases of COVID here in Maine just yesterday. Young people on respirators. Children. We were all looking the other way (old people)........ for far too long.

Yesterday's mail brought our bank statement.  And in reading the list of additions to our bank account- Social Security payments etc- there were the Stimulus amounts.  $1400 for each of us as a direct deposit. Well, that was a surprise.  Of course the first words out of husband's mouth were- let's go buy something.  The amount of the two checks won't even cover our property tax bill. I'd need four checks. My first words were- how did they get our bank account number?????  My guess is Social Security.

And today is Washing Machine Day.  The Laundry basket is overflowing.  We must both be out of underwear and husband changes ALL his clothing after each gardening experience.  So- lots and lots of layers. I am looking at the basket with anxiety.  But I have a new notebook with strange writing prompts so the writing will be varied and peculiar while the clothing gets washed.  My new reading book seems peculiar, also.  Perhaps my Cloth House will also be peculiar on this Wednesday.  Interesting.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Daily Notes- And a some cloth work

I've been seeing houses on several of my favorite blogs.  Jude, Hazel (Handstories in the sidebar) and Dee.  I especially liked the starry cloth that Dee (Pattern and Outrage) is using.  So...I went up into the Magic Attic Fabric Closet and looked.  Really looked.  And found in the stack of black fabric- STARS.  And I don't have any moons.  So I looked for fabric that could be a Moon and found this one.  Rolling in the sky.  My little house is looking up at the Moon. But I am not sure I will be keeping the grassy hill.  I might unsew that.  I still have to sew the top strip- it's folded and pinned.  I am using the back side of the yellow and black stripe.  Softer.

We'll see how it goes.  Today.  So far I am happy with the sky, the moon and the strip border.   Everything else is in the iffy column.  Everything that is good came from the Attic yesterday.  Everything else was on the ottoman.  Tomorrow it might be a picture of just the Frame. the Sky and the Moon.

How could I have forgotten that starry fabric?  I remember using it as background for Christmas trees.   Oh!   I still have the Christmas Trees.  Well, this is getting interesting.  I am loving that Moon.

After the Social Excitement of was hard to calm down- back to just silence and television voices.  And after the other police doing bad things.

I have spoken here- before.  Of my father who served for his entire working career as a police officer in a large intercity.  And NEVER fired his weapon at anyone.  He wasn't a desk cop.  He was a patrol officer- often alone in a car.  Often racing with the siren and lights.  Into danger. When he arrived- he was terrified.  He told me this when he was in his 80's and I came to take care of him.  Of how scared he was.  But he pretended to be calm and just talked to the people.  Talked calmly.  About the situation. Listened.

These incidents- these angry altercations leading to unnecessary deaths.......have me in tears.  These people (pretending to be police officers) have no right to be wearing a badge and carrying guns or tasers.  They are incompetent fools. They are criminals.  They belong in prison. I cannot watch the trial of the death of that man under the knee.  Now the taser- no mistake- she knew it was her gun.  By the weight.

A gun is very heavy.  Very heavy.  In itself and in it's purpose.  And so was that man's knee.

I went down the dark path with this post after starting out with a moon and starry sky.  But life isn't happy in 2021.  It's mean, dark and filled with lies that we are supposed to believe are truth.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Daily Notes- Cloudy, Grocery shopping, Chats with Neighbors and Friends


A very cute picture came to the top in the drawer where clippings wait for their chance.  Here on the blog post.  Grocery shopping was great but I forgot the frozen peas- so will have to go back.  But not just yet.

First I had to eat breakfast.

We were up late last night (early morning) as neither of us was paying attention to the clock. We have the house lamps on- it's dark in here at 1 in the afternoon.  Humid but not raining.

At the library- my neighbor down the street.  At the end of the street in fact.  We rarely see each other.  But we used to schedule a "coffee date" prior to the Lock Down a couple of times in Spring, Summer and Fall.  We are both fully vaccinated and wearing masks.  So I think we might be able to have a Coffee Date soon.  We had a long conversation in the library parking lot.

Now I am home and the groceries are put away.  Minus the frozen peas.

Jane in Love is becoming......a book I will buy.  So I can read it again and again over the years to come. The author is fully "realizing" her characters. Everyone has purpose. Jane is wanting to return to her Time and write her books.  Which are disappearing in the Future. The longer she stays..... only five books left. We all know how it ends...because we still have her seven books. Here in the Future.

I was going to sew a house.  Jude Hill on Cloth Whispering is building Nine Houses.  Invites us to build along with her.  I love building houses.  Playing House.  I might add a Sun in my sky- not a Moon.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Daily Notes- Cooler this morning and clouds. No Sun.

 Soup.  That's what this image says to me.  Soup.  I think I have been wanting soup for weeks now. I know my husband would welcome soup.  It's been a long time since we had soup.  Or seems that way.

Son sent a text.  He is well.  He has no chance right now for the vaccine.  Not like here in Maine. California is too many.  Too many wanting, needing.  Not enough vaccine.  Or- he is not looking. It's one or the other.  But the chance to get out must be strong.  So should the search for vaccine. I think.

Yesterday- again no reading.  I watched Hallmark- a mystery series.  It took up "space".  It was all I needed.  Space being taken.  I didn't want to read.  I didn't want to think.  I didn't want news. I watered my seeds and that was enough.  A Time Out.  

Today.  Soup.  Unless we get Chinese Take Out.  Which for husband is Soup.  Good Enough. Well, dumplings also.  Better than Good Enough.

Yesterday- Sunshine all Day.  Today.  Darkness and Clouds.  Gray.  Which is okay.  The Earth can rest. There is no Rain.  No water from the Sky.  Drought.  Never ending.  But Clouds.  Okay.  Resting.

I may bake a pan of brownies and add chopped pieces of the "too soft- too sweet" milk chocolate caramels to the batter. That sounds like a good thing to do with them.  If I had bananas- might be some in the freezer- I would bake banana bread.  Either one.  Okay.  I'll tell you what happened today- tomorrow.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Daily Notes- Time to put away the sweaters

 The back bed- up against the back wall of the house.  The white daffodils began as a new house gift from husband's brother- 20 bulbs.  I have divided and transplanted the initial 20 many many many times.  They are in every bed and even in the vegetable garden.  You can barely see them...but I planted miniature daffodils in yellow glimpsed in the lowest left edge of the picture.  I have hyacinth bulbs in every color but the deep blues are my favorites.  That bare branch shrub is a hydrangea that has never produced a flower.   If it ever does- they are dark, inky blue.  

Temperature yesterday and today- mid to high 50's but perhaps into the 60's today.  No rain. Little snow over the Winter. Very Dry. Drought Conditions for the third (fourth) year in a row.  I am thinking. Global Warming.  Heat. No Rain. I am giving up on the grass already.

I planted that hydrangea (the leggy brown sticks to the mid left in the photo) over the outgoing septic line. thinking that all the hot water from showers etc would warm the ground to a zone 6.  It hasn't.  The plant makes abundant leaves but never a flower bud. I wait each year to see.....but am forever disappointed.

I didn't read again yesterday.  It wasn't my best day.

I did carry the watering can down to the fenced garden yestrday- repeatedly- considering it a "walk".  I moistened the beds in the herb garden that I seeded.  And gave the pruned grapes water.  I have two French watering cans- but one- even with many repairs--still leaks.  Most of the water gone by the time I get down into the garden. So just one can.  The balance is better with two. Which is true of everything.

Friday, April 09, 2021

Daily Notes- A Sunshine Day

 Yesterday and Today.  Yesterday we skipped lunch and went to get Dairy Queen.  The refection at the bottom left is husband's handicapped thing.  So he can park next to the front door of businesses.  But what I wanted you to see- most of all--was our Maine Sky.  And at the moment I took the picture- no traffic. this Town with the DQ is pretty rundown.  They do have an ever expanding new Business Park and Retail Sector farther down the road.  But this area is still mostly rental units in run down old farm houses.

Today- already- I have had to find my husband's bottle of Daily Vitamins.  Again. 

There are issues between my daughter and I that have reached a tipping point.  Someday I will be dead and gone (sooner than she imagines).  I am doing my best with "tough love" to get her prepared for this but she refuses to change. In some Future Time she will have to make financial decisions on her own. Get her own taxes done (not by me).  Now is the Time To Practice. Not later when I am living happily in assisted living.  

Husband is checking in the shed to see if we own a rototiller.  We did once.  He is not sure he has seen it lately. I may set aside some time today to just sit and cry. 

I also- now that the hoses are out of the cellar and set up around the outside- might wash my car.  I was thinking of asking husband to go get gas in my car and then run thru the car wash.  It seems too complicated.  But I do need a tank of gas.  And the car does need to have all the winter road salt washed off.

I am reading a fascinating book.  Jane in Love.  Rachel Givney.  Jane Austen is feeling old and unwanted by any suitors and fears she will never be loved.  She visits an old woman, makes a wish and is transported to modern day England and onto the set of a Jane Austen inspired movie.

 She is staying with the movie's star who thinks Jane is part of some secret  hidden camera show the producers are filming without her knowledge.  I have gotten as far as Jane experiencing her first shower with indoor plumbing, meeting a man (the movie star's brother), and her first modern clothing- pants and a shirt.  

Her hostess has shown her the 7 published books Jane Austen wrote and taken her to to Jane Austen Museum.  The longer Jane stays in modern times- the more her books begin to disappear and she begins to have never existed.  Jane must choose.  Love or Books.

Thursday, April 08, 2021

Daily Notes- Feeling Lonely

 Monarchs and Milkweed.   On the Riley Walk, we used to walk past a large field that self seeded massive amounts of milkweed.  This weedy, rangy variety.  And at the right time- the field fed dozens of Monarchs.  It was wonderful.   

I collected seed heads and let them fly out back where I have a spot like the meadow.  But no plants ever grew.  I had hoped for a meadow filled with milkweed and Monarchs.  But it did not happen.

I got my hair cut today.  My hair grew...quite a bit more than usual and was getting curly over my ears. It was nice to see that.  I always had naturally curly dark brown hair.  And now I know my pure white hair will still curl.  An inherited thing- white hair. I'm used to it now- it would be hard to think of it being any other color.

As I was driving down the driveway this morning (on my way into Town) I almost didn't notice the wild turkeys walking up the front lawn toward the side yard.  All females- (10) and one male.  He was bringing up the back of the line so he didn't lose any of his women-folk.  They either didn't notice me or didn't care.

We also can hear two woodpeckers pecking away in the trees. And a male Cardinal calling out to any single women in the woods.  Spring has actually arrived.  Almost 60 degrees today.  I didn't wear a coat for the first time in 2021.

I haven't read a book in nearly four days.  That is astonishing.  I watched the final episode of Hemingway. And I must say.....even the talking hosts of this series were hard pressed to say anything positive by the end.  

Having been raised in a family where the tendency to alcoholism (and addiction) is in our DNA- the drinking was hard for me to watch- so that could have tainted my thinking.  But suicide was there as well and mental illness. And the senseless killing of beautiful animals in Africa.  That was actually the tipping point for me.

Today I will try to find something to watch that will make me smile and feel good.

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Daily Notes- Weather is Ambivalent. Clouds, Rain or What?


On the ottoman where I collect things.  I made the rectangular piece while watching something on tv in the afternoon.  Not yesterday- that was the walking day- the day before.  I sewed with red thread.  I like the stitches to be visible.  I will use the pink thread next.  I like the bit of purple that escaped the bleaching of this cloth.  I have forgotten what color it was to start.  But there is a greenish brown and the purple.  The slim edges I added- the Walmart black I bleached a few weeks ago.  Time is ephemeral these days.

I placed this rectangle on Riley's cloth.  It looked like it belonged there - so today I will appliqué it to the place I thought it worked best and then cut from behind to leave only one layer of cloth.  Use what I cut away to make something new.  That's why things are on that wall.  To grow or morph or stay the same. It's a thinking wall.  

I always am reminded of PBS shows about painters here in Maine or New England.  How they stand in front of the painting and just look.  Then dab some paint and then stand and look some more.  I need to be more like that.  Stand and look. Dab. Dab, again.

Husband has also furnished the front porch with a two seater outdoor loveseat and two arm chairs.  Plus the two rockers he prefers.  I have no idea why.  I was thinking the chairs would be nice in the living room. In case people ever came inside?????  Next year.  Maybe.  Nice brown "wicker" arm chairs.  I like the idea of them in the living room.  Which is actually mostly empty.  

My husband asked- this morning- if Trump will have a Presidential Library.  When I stopped laughing I asked what sort of stuff would he add to his "library".....husband mentioned a box of Sharpies.  What I imagined was a bathroom.  With a gold toilet.  His "library".

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Daily Notes- And A Lovely Walk With A Friend

 Cloudy With  A Chance Of Meatballs.   DebL will get it.  I loved the look of this bowl of awesomeness in my morning email feed.  And a nice glass of red.  I don't have meatball meat but it's not that far way- next Monday.  I may chop up another sofrito and make a vegetarian pasta.  Eat that.  Today.

Walked with my friend today.  I had some difficulty with the mask.  I had to use my rescue inhaler.  It would have been fine without the mask.  But I need to do some solo walking to get my lungs used to the mask/walking. It's difficult.

Got home just in time to do the Daily Grilled Sandwich for my husband.  He carried three chairs down from the Attic for back deck sitting.  My FigTree- all the baby leaves dried up and died.  Here's hoping it tries again.

I was given a college magazine and it had awesome art in it and I spent a wonderful time clipping and cutting art for my daily calendar.  April is going to be amazing.

Two new books to add to my stack.  Sigh.  It will be a tough choice as Storage Wars is on... and Law and Order. 

I watched PBS last night- Hemingway.  I have not read any of his books.  It was interesting to see his writing style of short sentences.  To have the narrator read the words.  I still don't think I will read him. Also.... the family suicide rate.  The words on his pages read like a suicide note in some instances. There was a darkness there in his beginnings- tonight another episode?  Or later in the week.  We'll see how it goes.  

Monday, April 05, 2021

Daily Notes- April 5th

 A pretty picture today (the site was selling the French jar).  The lilacs here in Maine have weeks to go yet before they bloom.  Today's rain is perfectly timed.  I planted all sorts of flower and herb seeds yesterday and tamped them down firmly (I forgot to to that last year) and added cow manure.   And now the rain.  To moisten it all.  Timing is everything and I am NOT usually right on it.

I have all the lamps turned on- the house feels dark today.

Grocery shopping was fine- as usual.  Most of the people inside were doing Monday restocking. Everyone wears a mask. They had my milk.  A good selection of yogurt for husband.  The Deli guys were great.  The baked ham was on sale so I got more than usual and some Finlandia Swiss.  For little rollups as a lunch for me.   I also bought seedless red grapes for my Fruit of the Week.  Crisp and sparkling. I still have three of the grapefruit.  And I finally ate the tub of Romaine hearts I had in the fridge.  A BIG salad.

I got 3.3 pounds of pork for $3.29.  Wow.  

I don't usually buy meat but that seemed like an outrageously good buy.  I'll cook it with vinegar, brown sugar and cayenne.  It'll be great.

I did not read yesterday.  I rested my eyes.  I did not sew.  And I forgot to see if the store had marked down jelly beans.  I doubt it.

Sunday, April 04, 2021

Daily Notes- Happy Easter Sunday

 I found this photo weeks ago and was saving it for todays' post.  It reminds me of the dining room table my husband's mother used to set for holidays.  She might even have had pink glasses.  

I am reminded of the Easter Holidays as a child.  We drew wax designs on the eggs.  They were already hard boiled. And we used the little color kits and my dad made wire egg holders so we could dip our eggs in the cups holding the dye.  He and my mother made more intricate designs.  And then my father would hold the eggs over the gas flame on one burner to melt the wax and we would all be wonderstruck by the beauty of the layered designs and colors.   Then we would eat potato pancakes and homemade applesauce.

But the time we were living in the house I am remembering- I was 9 and older.  So, I was the designated potato pancake fryer.  And didn't  get to do much egg decorating.  Already firmly in my household helper role.  Rather than one of the children. The much favored Boys.  I got to do all the dishes also while my brothers got to watch television.  An Easter movie or Disney.

So...part of the Easter memories are good and part are not.  Before that house--in the early days when we lived with my father's parents.-  there were Easter Basket hunts.  Gifts. A lovely Easter dinner on the good china upstairs where my grandparents lived.  And Easter bread.  Braided, buttery and decorated.

I missed all that when we moved away. My grandmother must have missed all of us very very much.

Saturday, April 03, 2021

Daily Notes- March 3rd- Fully Vaccinated Day

 Crows.  Old Crow.  whatever.  I love them. So clever and family oriented.

I'm not seeing any.  Perhaps they have moved?  Usually, there are always crows where I live.

Today is two weeks from the second vaccination.  So, fully involved. Daughter had to drive far but she had her first vaccination.  And she purchased a laptop.  With her stimulus check.  Texted her brother and he said- "now we work on Mom".

The fruit trees got sprayed.  I may pound in the fertilizer spikes today.  Or not. My husband has a list of things to do.  He went out late in the afternoon yesterday to finish the back beds.  Now clear of all old fallen leaves.  And ticks.  Ticks love leaf litter.

He forgot to apply sunscreen even though his dermatologist removes cancerous cells on each visit.

Well, 20 hours later (exaggeration) I am back to finish this post.  We cut and pulled down all the grape vines off the garden trellis.  We neglected this task last year and got no grapes.  The Twin Boys down the road were very sad. They liked eating them.  So this year--- we cut and we hauled (and there was swearing).  New vines are healthier and we need to replace the top layer of the trellis.  We talked about different ways of doing that.  Ten minutes later my husband was vacant on the entire plan.  He nods like he is listening.  He isn't.

We also cleared out the herb beds.  I pulled out leaves and old stalks (shaking off any seed heads onto the bare soil)- tomorrow I will toss dill seeds out and cilantro.  I don't like cilantro but daughter loves it. We have only one elderberry bush- good sized.  I neglected to cut berries last summer.  I do love elderberry jelly. This year- fingers crossed--the plants create another harvest.  Last summer I was well and truly exhausted most days. We have three small Christmas trees that need to be moved.  The blueberries also need some tough love pruning.  Sigh.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I can read.

Friday, April 02, 2021

Daily Notes- Sunny Busy Day

 I'm considering trying to make another pasta dish.  With green stuff. With bacon. We'll see. It's what I have in the fridge.  I also have tuna. And black olives.

Today.  A phone call from our banker.  He will drop off the taxes on Monday.  We'll mail them ourselves. He mentioned that he had gotten COVID and he thinks from a grocery store cart.  He couldn't think of any other deviation from his protective habits.  He is now okay and fully vaccinated. Not our grocery store.

We...deviated from our ways- and I did library pick up today (out of books) and then visited my old work place the nursery/garden center.  I got dormant oil spray for my fruit trees (and sprayed them), fruit tree fertilizer spikes and a small rosemary plant and smaller lemon thyme plant.  I neglected my many years old potted rosemary this Winter and it dried out- I saved the leaves in a jar.  So I will start over.  And, lemon thyme is new to me.  I think I will like it.

And then we drove in a circle and arrived at the Dairy Queen.  Open for 2 weeks now.  We hadn't checked. Husband had forgotten what he always gets (and I never paid attention).  I asked for a medium vanilla cone (he promptly forgot that) and when he walked back to the car- I was handed a medium hot fudge sundae.  He had his mocha chip blizzard.  He remembered? No.  He didn't------ the clerk at the DQ remembered his order for him. (think about that) Must be karma of some sort that he doesn't have to worry- someone else remembers.  

I kind of think he's ALWAYS been like this.  I think his secretary remembered for him for years.  I know she remembered Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and my Birthday.  Every year he was International out of Chicago. I always got amazing flowers even when he wasn't even home.  Ah.........We should all be him.

Now to find or make up a green pasta sauce.

Thursday, April 01, 2021

Daily Notes- April Fool's Day- Cold with Rain

 March's calendar.  Rolled and put away.  Different but still very interesting to look at.  The Month began with snow and storms.  And eventually- well past the first week- the images started being more artistic.

This month, April, I will try to do more actual drawing.  And I just now recalled that my pencils are actually watercolor pencils.  So the addition of water will make the drawings more painterly.  The paper is sturdy enough for a bit of wet.  I have January here- folded into a rectangle.  I hadn't gotten into the magazine art and colored pen and crayon until February.  Now...well, nothing is actually off the table- so to wise.  Even double wide days.  I like that day when I am looking directly at you.  One eye. More self portraits??

Yesterday we were out cleaning up the center island bed out back behind the deck.  And today- it's cold wet and dark.  A good day to take a long nap.

I climbed the stairs to the Attics and watered daughter's potted plants.  I also looked for plant info sheets and class packages and books for her to use in her landscaping work.  And, more likely, in her very well landscaped yard.  Another home has sold in her gentrified neighborhood.  For high money.  Her own lot would be just for the lot.  Her house would be knocked down.  Something modern built there. Well, modern bungalow.  Very popular now.

I have seven books waiting for me at the library for pickup.  I need to buy fruit tree fertilizer spikes for my trees and the grapes and the blueberries.  What I fed the blueberries last year was great- but the birds or chipmunks ate all the berries.  Dormant spray for the fruit trees as well.

The mommy goat at the Farm where daughter's employer lives- twin baby girl goats. Born early this week. Everyone is enchanted with them.  Already.