Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Daily Notes- July 31st

From one of the Food sources online that love to send me pictures of FOOD.  The ratio of vegetable to meat and cheese seems okay.  Looks like mayo and ketchup.  Pickles.  Cheese.  Don't see onions.  I like onions and bacon.  Terrible to see on a hot day like today.  Heat index of 103. Hot and still.

I watered the garden, my Grow Boxes, the flowers in the three planters, and the Peach Trees.  Oh, and the very hot back deck.  My work for today is done.  Forgot....I picked a very large colander of blueberries.  And not ONE single mosquito bite.  My body chemistry must have changed.  I am no longer a siren of desire for the bloodthirsty beings.

Hello Dolly suffered from a lack of sustained enthusiasm last night: audience and performers.  The audience finally woke up about 15 minutes before the curtain came down.  Which is the same lack of enthusiasm they felt for Sophisticated Ladies.  The audience just sat there.  And then to ruin a good ending--they decided to beg for money for a leaking roof.  Last summer it was a fork lift.  Sigh!.

I am reading Summer of 69.  The Summer of 69- the same months as this book--  we had left college and driven to Georgia for G's first job out of college. My husband had received notice that he had been called for active military duty (Vietnam) after we had arrived in Georgia.  We asked for a one year deferment as he was the sole support of a wife and a baby due in August.  He had to drive all night to get from Georgia where we lived to Ohio where he had registered for the draft.  He did get one year's deferment.  And the next year they had the draft lottery.  So Summer of 69 was a hard summer.  And in August we had a baby.  And no money to buy anything for this baby but cotton diapers, rubber pants and baby bottles.  A greenhouse manager didn't make a lot of money. My mother had sent a crib along with my dad when we drove from college to Georgia.  So the baby had a bed (G and I didn't).  It's hard to remember exactly how poor we were.

G's cousin (who lived in Georgia) arrived one day with a brown grocery bag filled with his baby  son's outgrown clothes (tiny little snap front white tee shirts), blankets etc.  And that's what our child wore for her first year--the contents of that grocery bag (and our son wore the same clothes when he arrived). This same cousin found us an inexpensive but clean apartment and a rattan table and chairs --- at an old furniture sale- and a bed frame for the mattress and box springs that we managed to buy.  And he had the seller agree to payments for the table and chairs.

The table and chairs I use when writing my morning pages.

My first and most memorable Random Acts of Kindness.

So reading this book is bringing back terrifying memories and sweet memories.  Of a time of such terror and joy.  Sometimes in the same moments.  And Apollo 11.  I think that's the flight the author of the book mentions. I could be wrong.  And no baby quilt--perhaps that's why I make them?

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Daily Notes- July 30th

Riley and I checking on the little green tomatoes.  I know there are Readers who like seeing Riley.  And he's still a handsome dog with shiny eyes and perky ears.  He's having a hard day today.  His throat is stiff and it's hard for him to breath.  Labs gets this problem with the larynx as they age. I think it's spelled wrong but spell check isn't helping.  But he still wanted his daily walk.

I have been up longer- reading blogs in bed on the phone.  Bad new habit. And I have sorted a huge bag of 6 inch squares that I cut for a French appliqué project that--when finally sewn together (just a sample)--looked horrendous.  Really terrible. I could never had gone forward with it.  So it got un-sewn and today I sorted into piles the hundreds (not really) of different fabrics.  It just seemed like hundreds.  I had piles on the table, chairs and finally on the floor.  While I sorted I had long (well for a dog) conversations with Riley on how important it was to sit down or lie on his bed or drink water or remember I had already taken him outside four times already.  He didn't care.

Today is my son's birthday.  He's far away but as I wrote in my Morning Pages, he's been far away since he was 4 and realized (as children do) that he was far more intelligent than his parents or thought he was. I believe in reincarnation and that the child chooses his new life for whatever reasons. I'm thankful for his intelligence, kindness, love and care that he gives to his parents and sister. And for the wonderful man he has become.  If he lived close we would bake a cherry pie together and perhaps play rummy around the dining room table like we used to when he was home from college in the summers.

I forgot to send him a birthday card.

I sent him an email last night-so he could read it on his phone this morning with the picture of me and the tomatoes.   And I said I would still send a card-eventually.........

Music theater tonight and daughter is coming to enjoy the AC after a day of landscaping work and also to watch cable and take care of Riley.  Music theater is Hello Dolly an old chestnut.  But I'm sure it will be fun.  The Actress playing Dolly always does a fantastic job of being entertaining and making the audience laugh.  We loved her in Singing in the Rain as the voice coach for the "actress" with the terrible voice.  She delivers a line and then looks out at the audience.... and we love it.

Monday, July 29, 2019

Daily Notes- July 29th

Here I am in front of my Grow Boxes and tomato plants.  Wearing my "new" black knit Bean pants and one of my white linen camp shirts.  You can also see the support sticks that are keeping the tall support boxes from tipping over onto the driveway.  Over to the the right of my feet--the parsley that is trying to recover (growing in a water from the bottom window box).  It got too hot on the deck.  This picture before 10 am and already 80 degrees with very high humidity. I just finished watering the boxes.

I wish I looked slimmer but the weight sticks to me even though I am watching my food intake.

Riley and G went out for their walk while I was in Town having a coffee date with my library friend. We had iced coffee and a nice conversation.  Now I'm back home and realized I forgot to buy garlic so I can make another jar of refrigerator pickles with the cucumber from my Grow Box.  Yes, the plants managed to produce 8 nice sized pickling cucumbers.  Actually, 10.  I ate two of them. Since I forgot the garlic I will slice the cucumbers thinly, salt, drain and then dress with sour cream, vinegar, sugar and dill for a nice cold salad.  In years when the cucumber production was WAY out of control, I ate bowls of this cucumber salad for lunch every day.  It's also good with grilled sausages and fried potatoes and onions. (but that involves cooking)

G just went to Walgreens and purchased a pill organizer for Riley's daily pills.  I need to be "organized".  Nine dollars.  So much for Walgreens being inexpensive. Newly redesigned and opens with just the touch of a finger but not child safe.  But I'll have Riley's AM and PM pills sorted and I can stop using the index card on the microwave to remind me.  G has many pill sorters but this one is for the dog.  I don't take any pills.  Isn't that odd for a woman my age???  I think it is.  I often feel left out when people talk about all their daily pills.  I'd take one if there was a pill for the bones in my right leg and hip.

Well. it's hot outside so I am going to do some sewing.  Enjoy the house being cool. Perhaps we'll get some ice cream later in the day--when it's okay for Riley to go for a ride in the car.  AC on.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Daily Notes- July 28th

It's hot today.  Even in the house.  I have leftover zucchini pizza to eat.  Cold.  Or I can toast it a bit. But cold sounds okay.  I followed the directions from Food52 exactly (it helped that they also had a video of the two gals making the pizza) and it all happened just like on the video. I'm eating it cold. But it was very delicious hot out of the oven--and crispy.

I so want to have a slice of this ice cream cake.  But I don't have the skillset to actually make one. Or eat one.  But it does look perfectly delicious (minus the liquor). Made from grocery store ice creams.
I had my one and only ice cream cake on a visit to Georgia to see my friend.  The one we ate had a chocolate cake layer somewhere in there.  It was wonderful.  I looked forward to dessert time each evening until it was gone.

The other sweet memory from those visits was sewing together.  We made quite a few quilts and my friend hand quilted them all.  I would love to be sitting on the couch next to her-sewing my little squares and hearing her mutter-"dumbest thing I have ever seen--what useful thing could you ever make out of them?"  We had to make useful things.

I watered the tomatoes on the driveway and the fig tree on the back porch and I just turned on the sprinkler for the peach trees out front.  They seemed to have stopped dropped as many infant peaches since I started watering.  But there are still quite a few peaches on the trees. G turned on the big sprinkler for the garden out back.  We seem to be watering more weeds than vegetables out back.  We also have added a Beech tree in a pot to the back deck -for me to water.  We'll plant it when the weather is cooler.  And when we decide on a a  "spot" for it.  It's a tree that G likes to look at in the woods.  We'll see if it likes suburban life.

While watching PBS I stitched a handful of little one inch squares.  It's a very good project as there isn't much to think about as you baste a ¼ inch turn all around the edges.  Exact is very nice.  Not quite right works just fine.   I need to be starting a few 2.5 inch squares.  Turning their quarter inch edges and basting.  I'm not sure I will make 3 inch ones but I could surprise myself.  I saw on the website for this class--- someone had made half inch squares.  And a few quarter inch squares.  They were very cute but not my idea of a good time.

Goodwill was lucky today--must have been my new cloth bag with the blue handles.  I found two lovely white short sleeved tee shirts.  The kind I wear everyday and the kind I sleep in everyday. New ones are made from a silky (slimy feeling) cotton these days.  But these were older.  Hardly worn.  My small stash of really old tees are looking their age.  Frayed on the edges of the neck turn.  I have considered making bias and covering the edges of the old tees with a pale faded to nothing cloth I might find someday but not today.  And I bought a one dollar linen shirt (so soft) to cut up.  Beautiful color that isn't represented in my fabric closet.  Deep plum.  And a white with blue stripes loose, thin shirt for hot August days to wear not cut.  I do have dye sample squares from a friend in California--that are sort of plum colored.  This new fabric will "play well" with the dye samples.  I manipulated a purchased lime green into the brown tinged lime I needed to go with the dye samples.

Karen- you have given me just the push I needed to start "making" my own colors (to go with yours).  Thank You!!!

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Daily Notes- July 27th

Working on this off and on this Summer.  The fabric for the 2 inch patches is Goodwill.  I found three different patterns of the same design on three different Sundays.  The auditioning teal is from a gift box from a dear friend who sent me her scraps.  It looks more like it works on the photo than it does in real life.  So-- it's going to be a border.  I'm making replacement placemats for the really old and stained ones I made years ago.  Fresh placemats.  Gotta start somewhere.

A neighbor has a workbench that G wants.  Which means he has to clear out space to put it.  Which means he has to "get rid of a bunch of crap" in the garage.  He has to LET GO of stuff.  And before Tuesday morning, I have to climb the stairs to the attic and get the remaining three full boxes of empty jars down and into the recycling container.  Not good canning jars.  Pickle, jelly and pasta sauce jars. Washed.  But not needed.

But that is beside the point.  G said yes to the workbench and now he needs to clear space for it. Or he needs to admit that he has more junk than he has Time left to do anything with.  I have admitted it. Which is why I donate 1 to 5 things to Goodwill every Sunday.  I want to start taking furniture.  Two big upholstered chairs for certain but will keep the ottomans-we use them.  I sit in one on Christmas day to open gifts.  Never again in the remaining 364 days of the year.  And the wing chair which no one likes to sit on but where I stack old cooking magazines.  And the stupid ottoman that goes with it.  So that's 4 things right there. And the wicker porch furniture.  Not old. Not great to sit on.  But looks nice.

I am also going to take the 1940's tablecloths and such to the little shop in Town where they sell things like see if they want to sell or barter.  They sell a good brand of chalk paint.  Which I would like to try on a few items. I think they might also want to buy or trade for two or three very old but charming quilt tops-to cut up to make stuffed baby toys for the holidays.  One is even red and white.  Another yellow and white.  I also have really old dishes they might want to buy. If I don't start getting rid of things--it's all going into dumpsters when we die.  I know my children will just throw it all away and get on with their lives.  It's what I did when my dad died. But a percentage did go to thrift stores and the food pantry.

Our library has a magazine exchange area in the vestibule.  I got two 2009 cooking magazines--one has a caramel chocolate pie (oh, yes!!) and the other a recipe for real Italian red sauce with all the meats that simmer in the sauce all day long.  I am making both of these things as soon as Summer is behind us.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Daily Notes- July 26th

That's a mosquito in the picture.  I saw it on the fridge one day and smacked it with an envelope.  Was surprised at the blood splotch.  And took a close up picture.  Wish it was more focused but it isn't. The best I could do with the iPhone.   Emblematic of July. Bloodthirsty mosquitos.

I am going to look up a few things I might want to watch and see what the guide now on______"  I know it never says Netflix unless it was the Marie Condo program or Chef's Table.

Yesterday G cut the grass.  I sat on the couch sort of watching a really stupid McBride (never again) and sorting thru the flat tray of sewing items on my ottoman.  Thread, assorted bits of cloth.  I returned the DebL Magic Thread to the box I keep them in.  I re-wound some other plain floss onto new paddles.  I keep wanting to wind the thread on clothes pins like Peggy has done.  I did one and it looks really nice. But I have to find a place to buy more pins.  And it might take up too much space.

I sorted things on the guest room bed.  Unfinished Projects.  My daughter suggested I pack them up and send them off to Goodwill.  There was one she did emphatically say I should finish.  Made of Japanese fabric and she said her brother would love it.  I can't see him loving anything "extra" for his home.  He's a bare necessities guy.  Well, for everything but TECH.  TECH-he has to have it ALL!!

But she could be right. He could, maybe, like a Japanese something on his leather couch.

My eyes feel sticky and blurry today.  Could be tired.  Could be allergies.  Hard to even see to read what I have on the screen.  I might just sit on the couch with my eyes closed for a little while. But first I am going out thru the garage to water my tomatoes.  And then out front to water the peaches. and over to the back yard to water the grapes and blueberries--after checking to see if I have produce to pick on the zucchini plants.  Still haven't eaten the first 2019 tomato.  Still waiting.  I did pick cucumber number two.

Watched PBS and the report on the lack of bees to pollinate.  They should come see my cucumber plants.  So many bees.  PBS had a story on tiny little bee drones filled with pollen in California. Where they have to pollinate that way because when they rent bees at $250 a hive--most of the bees run off and the remainder die.   Sadly, there might not be enough Almond Milk to go around in a few years.  And that affects my ability to have tubs of dark chocolate covered almonds.  So this PBS report on little drone bees.....very interesting.  Perhaps my son can make a few for me for next Mother's Day? I will have to find out who makes the pollen they fill the drones with?

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Daily Notes- July 25th

Sorting my one inch squares.  (finished size)  These are 1.5.  I had them out during the last hour of the  testimony yesterday.  I was using mostly the light pink and yellows for the bottom border on the Little Cow.

I have changed clothes three times today and it's not even 12 noon yet.  Too cold, too hot, too wet. I sneezed unexpectedly.  Always a surprise.  But at 72.5, it shouldn't always be a surprise. I woke up thinking I need to be in assisted living or in a full service hotel.

Well, my take away from Mueller's visit to Capitol Hill was that the man is not in good health. But I have to say, if it was me, and I was as fragile as he looked--I would have taken a chance and swung for the bleachers.  I would have said everything I ever wanted to say about this President and his men.  A Hail Mary pass.  For the Constitution and for America.  But he didn't.

And Trump declares himself a Winner yet again.

I switched to the Hallmark Channel and wished myself a Merry Christmas.  Insane that anyone would want to watch Christmas movies in the summer.  And then over to WE to watch Law and Order.  I have decided to stop paying for Netflix when we never watch it.

Get either HBO or Amazon Prime. Though HULU seems to be buying huge chunks of movies and programing.  ACORN is offering 30 days free right now.  Any recommendations from commenters?  I go on Netflix and run through the programs for 30 or 40 minutes-finding nothing of interest.  I guess I am not their demographic anymore.  I looked at Salt, Sugar, Acid etc but it didn't hold my interest and the food looked disgusting.  Chef's Table has....well, it's not good anymore.  I have watched all of the new episodes. I liked the old episodes more--they were beautiful.  The food seemed inedible to me but beautifully plated.

G doesn't care what I chose just that I STOP watching Hallmark.  So, let me know what you think...
We don't go out to the movies-except for Star Wars.  So, Have missed seeing a great many interesting movies.  Who might have the most current stock of movies?

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Daily Notes- July 24th

Well, it never rained.  We had some dripping but no rain.  And the sun is out andI think it's in the high 70's.  Not bad.  I do need to run the AC in the car though.

Riley had a one hour ultra-sound today.  The two Vet's looked at his liver and spleen to see if there was disease or tumors.  No.  No reasons for the high blood levels.  But we are happy there was nothing to see.  And since our Vet was learning how to use the equipment--they maneuvered Riley around on the table to look at as many internal organs as possible.  We didn't have to pay. Riley is an easy going dog.  So, two of us are doing the "happy dance" over here and one of us is sound asleep.

I stopped at the grocery to select vegetables--not growing in my garden--for a big salad.  I love a big salad.  That's where I am going as soon as I hit publish. To the kitchen.  Carrots, romaine, radishes, spring mixed greens-I might add green onions.  Live on the wild side.  Big Salad.  I usually try to have some protein on the side.  Tuna or Chicken.  I can't eat Tofu as I am allergic to soy. I have some chicken in the fridge.

I also bought two more bulk aisle tubs of dark chocolate covered almonds.  Not allergic to them!!!

Not much more to say.  Finished The Knife.  And Harry was at the airport getting on a plane.  Ready to disappear once again.  I often wonder why the police-of which he is a detective--never check to see if he's used his passport.  One of the loose threads that always annoy me.  Perhaps the next book will feature a new "hero" detective- Sung-min Larsen and his retired police dog Kasparov.  I wouldn't mind.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Daily Notes- July 23rd

Baby Cow.  Used to have a wide border of two inch soft white squares.  Which you can see, I removed.  I started sewing little one inch yellow and pink squares together but stopped to go into the living room.  G was watching a loud adventure movie and it was too noisy for stitching.  And then the mail arrived and I had French fabric scraps to unfold, smooth out and stack and fold and sort and fold and just have a whole lot of fun with.

There was also Hallmark Mysteries with a McBride detective show.  Not bad but I kept trying to figure out when it was made.  Seemed old.  But they had cell phones.  It was pretty old fashioned. Sort of like Perry Mason.  The women all had sprayed and teased hair, push up bras and way too much makeup. Like Trump's first wife.

I stitched French scraps to my other French scraps during McBride and PBS News Hour, Antiques Roadshow then switched to Diners, Drive In's and Dives.  I also multitasked by re-heating left over pizza for G.  My method?  I put the pizza slices in the oven on the pizza stone and then turn the oven on.  As it heats up--so does the pizza.

Riley is just back from his short walk in the woods.  Just enough to get all his "business" attended to, but not too much.  He is trying to catch his breath.  I have started giving him am and pm tranquilizers.  At the same time I give him the Amoxicillin.  G said the dog stayed right next to him the whole time.  Which is not the way it has been.  Riley is an "off road" sort of walker.  Running off and then shooting out of the woods ahead of G.  An old dog these days.  He is now asleep.

The sweetest thing is happening.  Riley won't sleep in the bedroom anymore (he's afraid-something must have happened one night).  He and G sleep in the tv room.  G on the couch.  But early in the morning, after they go out (4 or 5am) for Riley to pee-Riley walks down the hall and sleeps on the carpet next to the bed where I am sleeping.  I can tell he is scared but he wants to be there with me.  Just typing this brings tears to my eyes.  The long goodbye.

So....a rainy day.  Always good for reading, sewing, doing quiet things. No need for thinking about things in the garden.  Whatever happens out there will be fine until the sun shines again.  The three of us in the tv room-- reading and Riley sleeping.  G will most likely fall asleep after a few pages. I have less than 100 pages to go in my murder mystery.  I have no idea who killed Harry's wife.  Right now Harry is out in an ice covered river after trying to commit suicide.  Whose's blue polka dot dress was caught in the tree in the water????

Monday, July 22, 2019

Daily Notes- July 22nd

Vegetable Ramen Salad.  I need to dig my vegetable slicer out of the cabinet and start slicing things--hopefully not finger tips-to make this beautiful salad.  My carrots are orange not red but otherwise--I've got what's needed here.  I've made a few things from Bon Appetite magazine--just because I liked the photo.  We eat with our eyes.  Would be nice to have a cold noodle dish for supper.

The weather people say the heat is moving off.  Heavy rain tomorrow.  It looks nice and sunny outside but I haven't gone out to test the heat index.  My thermometer says it's 86 outside and humid.
My neighbor across the street has the Plumber who has come to fix the sink.  Again.

My Coffee Date friend is very busy this month so we won't get together until August.

I did, eventually, make the zucchini pickles yesterday after 5pm.  I set the kettle on to boil with the jars inside and rinsed the salted vegetables and made the brine.  Eight jars and not a smidge or drop of anything left over.  Never gotten 8 jars before.  If the garden produces enough squash--there are no flowers on the plants right now--then I'll make another batch.  But I am not buying any squash.  Nine hills of plants out there and not a flower to be seen.  Very disappointing.

Blueberry report in the Sunday paper says the berries are about 10 days late for harvest.  Like the strawberries.  Lots of You Pick places for both crops so they have notices in the paper so everyone isn't calling to find out if they should come pick.  I still have blueberry jam I made my first year with a good crop.  Not many people I know like blueberry jam.  So I no longer make it.  G did eat all the grape jelly I made that summer my friend Patty brought over a huge bowl of grapes.  The daily watering of the peach trees is increasing the size of the peaches.  The plums are falling off the tree still very small and green.

In news that might not interest any of you (anymore than the crop news) I was out in the garden and decided to taste a daylily flower bud.  I read a blog about edible foraging.  She has lots of pictures of food with daylily buds.   I picked one and took a small bite.  Crunchy.  A bit sweet but very very pleasant.  If I make the above salad- I'll go see if I have any buds on my plants and add them to the salad.

I am reading my book and did only a bit of unsewing of a block yesterday.  Now I can make a new "frame" and audition center squares.  I have to go register my car today and get a new tag after paying the tax. And visit the post office.  And that makes this Monday a busier than usual day for me. I might stop and buy some radishes for my salad.  In case the daylily has no fresh buds. And I think I will make myself an iced coffee when I get home.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Daily Notes- July 21

As you can see--it's a stay inside the house day for the three of us.  Riley wanted a walk and they were out about 10 to 15 minutes and then Riley raced--well walked faster than usual-- over to the hose and got soaked with cold water.   The bright spot is the kitchen skylight.  Indoor temp at the bottom is 74 with 54% humidity.  Window A/C units are set on 73.  We're pretty comfortable but waiting for it to start raining.  Bright sun comes and goes.

Another of the tomato box support systems fell over and lost lots and lots of the little green tomato babies..  Not sure the stems of the plants weren't damaged.  The other one is "recovering" which means- not dead but not growing.  We'll see.  G added some supports to the side of the boxes facing the driveway.  The wind seems to come from behind and "blow them down" matey!!  I got one pickling cucumber.  That's all that has grown so far.  It was delicious.

Todays' adventure to Goodwill.  A Crate and Barrel mug with indigo blue flowers and leaves on white.  It was large, had a good sized handle (easy to grip) and looked nice.  One dollar.  I purchased a turquoise/aqua zip front running or Cross fit type clothing item.  Daughter's color. $5.  I should have kept it to give her next month on her birthday.  No fabric.  No linen shirts.

And, Connie, I have on a new (to me) pair of the Bean black knit pants.  Feels nice.

I also decided to turn the mattress 10 days early.  I was washing the sheets and just decided to get it over with and turn the mattress.  It came with instructions to turn every 3 months.  Well, actually, rotate.  The head part to the foot.  I turn the mattress clockwise.

I woke up hearing Riley's sleeping snuffle sounds.  He'd thrown up on his dog bed in the living room and decided it wasn't so scary to come sleep on the bedroom carpet (his usual spot for 12 years) where there was no throw up.  If only he'd decide it was a safe place to sleep again.

I started reading a book yesterday and got halfway.  So, because it's a really good book--I will be reading the second half today.  The Knife- Jo Nesbo.  Harry Hole.  He's a drunk, drug addict at times and the best police (special crimes) detective in Norway.  They made a movie of one of his books--The Snowman--but seemed to have messed it up.  The book was horrific. Well, they are all horrific. The things that have been done to Harry.  I'd drink and take drugs.

I had toast for breakfast with strawberry rhubarb jam.  Coffee.  My pickling cucumber.  A few corn chips G shared with me.  He was eating lunch.  Riley had a tooth cleaning treat.  He likes them better than food.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Daily Notes- July 20th

Found in the very bottom of the brown paper grocery bag I throw scraps of cloth into.  Both sides are nice.  One side more faded with white background and the right side more beige/gray.

I was happy to see, in Jude's most recent class post, that she inserted a center square into a frame of 8 2 inch squares.  Just the way I do it--because, of course, Jude must have had a video of this on one of her posts that Winter I was reading my way thru 'pages'.  I need to stop using my spool of thread and return to using 2 strands of DMC embroidery floss.  Softer.  My thread is not soft.  I might even call it wire-like.  See how it curls?  On the cloth.  Not soft and pliable.

Riley and I spent the evening together yesterday.  G wanted to go out to dinner.  Can't leave the dog home alone and the car would be too hot in a parking lot (sun still shining) but G wanted to do just that. No. So he left us both home.  Riley didn't like G being gone and stood and watched the back door for hours.  Trembling and drooling. I tried talking to him but nothing worked and finally the dog gave up and laid on the floor--still watching the door. And that's how it was. Lovely.

When I hit publish here I am going to the grocery store for a few items we need and then back home. It's very hot outside.  I could send G but he forgets why he went out.  He forgot yesterday.

And I never made the pickles yesterday.  I must have gotten involved in something else??  I did stop and look for fabric for awhile.  And made up a package for Connie. And was on the computer for a little while.  I was also doing laundry and cleaning the sink.

This morning I was trying on pants. I keep wearing these black knit LLBean cropped pants that are so faded and have holes in them where I snagged myself on a nail or chicken wire.  There are also a few spots where I dripped a tiny bit of bleach on them.  The other three -identical--pairs of cropped black pants all fit.  But they seem "too nice".  So, I am wearing the old faded ones.  I think I need an intervention of some sort.  And it's not like the three new pairs are valuable.  They cost 25 cents each at the employee store.  This old faded pair of pants DID cost $38.00 new.  Right?  Certifiably Nuts.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Daily Notes- July 19th

July.  Well, for the past few days, I have woken up each day thinking "today is Friday" and none of them have been Friday.  Today, yes.  But I thought today was going to be Saturday.

I guess I am "on vacation" because on vacation I never know what day it is and have actually almost missed flights back home for not knowing what day it was.

Not that we go on vacation these days.  We just stay home.  Because of me, not him.  He would go go go and I would prefer not to.  Perhaps because in my 30's and 40's I was going somewhere all the Time.  All the Time.

I remembered I had gotten a Zoodle making machine at Goodwill.  So I will be making Noodles with some of the zucchini I will be picking in the garden.   I learned a neat trick from a book during the Year of the Elimination Diet.  Make your zucchini noodles and then let them dry on a cookie cooling wire rack.  Toss them anytime you happen to walk past.  They can be left to "dry" all day and even over night.  The resulting noodles will be dense and chewy--not wet and slippery.

My local grocery has a cooler filled with different kinds of vegetable "noodles".  The one I see in shoppers baskets most often is the noodle made from butternut squash. I am guessing my Goodwill find will cut butternut noodles as well as squash noodles.

I also was reading a recipe for zucchini pizza on my phone late last night before bed.  Shredding the zucchini and then squeezing it dry and then letting it dry a bit in a 300 degree oven spread out on a cookie sheet.  About 10 minutes.  Then proceed with the crust recipe.  A drier dough.  A crispier crust.  I often made zucchini fritters in the summer but they were always soggy in the center.  Perhaps made with a drier batch of shreds the fritters would be a better, drier texture?  I transitioned to using shredded sweet potato in the recipe and liked those fritters much more.

Whatever I make--pickles, noodles or pizza-- it will be made with the abundance of zucchini growing out back in the garden.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Daily Notes- July 18th

A few Winter's ago-- certainly not last Winter or the one before that-- I made a "page" of one inch squares out of a very soft old cloth.  I sat alone and stitched.  Yesterday, I took apart that sheet of tiny squares and then sewed the little nine patches with a new center for each.  It was "picky" work removing the center square and replacing it.  But, I am happiest with "picky" work.  Now there are four.

I remember making more than one plain white "page" but I cannot find any of the others.  And I have looked.  I may cut more cloth and make more plain soft white squares.  To be sewn with the colored squares.  My Components.  Now that I have enough of the one inch--on to making the two inch.  Plenty of already cut 2 inch squares from my other project.  Colors.  I will need white and perhaps something dull and beige or grayish.  And I think the purpose of this new class is to have on hand many different choices when making blocks. Not to be specifically "making" anything.  Just to have a supply of materials ready for "what iffing".  So I will need darks.  In the one inch and the 2 inch.

Riley is sleeping.  He had a good night.  Not the best day, yesterday, as there were moments of great sadness here.  He looked frail.  He looked like he was in pain.  He trembled.  He wandered aimlessly. But this morning, clear eyes and easy sleep.  Relaxed body.  And so it goes.  One day at a time.

I am hindered in my daily tasks by pain in the bones of my right hip and thigh.  I am fine right now-sitting here.  I am fine washing dishes at the sink.  I am not fine walking any distance.  When this happened last time--a full Xray of my hip  and leg produced nothing but that it all looked normal.  "nothing to see here".   My ligaments need stretching they said.  Walking is the best exercise for that.
Okay.  Thank you very much for the help.

By the way, my jaw isn't locked tight anymore.  It occasionally makes a terrific "crack" when I am chewing something but I am pain free 95% of the time.  There is still some reluctance in the jaw bones or ligaments to open WIDE enough for 40 minutes of tooth cleaning.  And the little crackling voices the bones make--well, I'm getting used to hearing them. But no pain.  And for that--I am most grateful.

I have two really good books to read.  I keep putting off beginning to read either of them.  I don't know why.  Well, I do.  My eyes are very tired.  More truthfully--I am very tired.  I go to bed tired and wake up tired.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Daily Notes- July 17th

I was busy making components for Jude's class Part II yesterday.  My printed cloth is a little too bright to play well, so I used the back side part of the time and the front side a few times.  My favorite so far is the lower right corner.  Mellow.  Interesting lines.  I had made many "pages" from soft white cloth.  35 one inch squares in each.  I am thinking I will take one apart--unsew--and then have 35 small white squares in the box with these squares.  The "pages" never amounted to anything. It's something I am thinking about.

I have a few piles of small squares ready to fold and baste.  Because it's raining here in Maine and very humid.  Riley had a Vet appointment at 8:30 am so we were up and out of here early.  Riley had his nails clipped and got another liver panel done.  Refilled his Amoxicillin prescription. He's sleeping now.  Vet appointments wear him out. The office has an orange tabby cat in the waiting room and there was a woman with a big cage with two parrots checking out.  Very exciting stuff.

I sliced up zucchini and yellow summer squash for another batch of bread and butter pickle.  This batch will be water bath canned.  Even in this heat.  I'll probably be making several batches this month (prime squash growing conditions) to stock up the pantry for the rest of this year and hopefully  until Summer of 20.  Right now G is enjoying the refrigerator cucumber pickles.

We had an overnight leaking faucet on the back of the house.  The plumber came and replaced the whole assembly.  Water here in Maine is very expensive.  Few people water their lawns or wash their cars.  Electricity is very expensive here in Maine, also, and quite a few of the more expensive homes have solar panels on their roof.  It's a hard place to live.  We have pot stores on every street corner though, it seems.

Well, I went to the grocery store after the Vet but seemed to have forgotten to write my coffee and cream on the shopping list.  So, I'll be going back at some point today to get those two things.

It looks-- but looks can deceive-- like the tomato Grow box that fell over face first onto the driveway is "recovering".  The leaves have perked up.  Nothing looks wilted.  We did lose several branches of leaves and tomatoes (tiny and green) but we have the rest of July and all of August to go yet.  My two "hills" of cucumbers are sending tendrils out to climb the supports that G built for them.  I do love to eat small pickling cucumbers warm from the plant.

I have two large zucchini I didn't slice up for pickles--I'll either slice them thin and fry quickly in a hot pan and eat just like that or I can shred them and make zucchini fritters.  Both recipes are delicious. Or I can try the zucchini pizza recipe off the Food52 web feed I get. I remember when I would make a heavy with fat zucchini pizza crust.  Low carb.  Now, I guess it's made with cauliflower crumbs.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Daily Notes- July 16th

For the first time, in like forever, no picture.  I just don't have anything to show you today.  Perhaps tomorrow.

I spent more Time than I enjoyed bleaching a few items with my new product SoftScrub with bleach. It never quite did what I wanted and worse, I could not remove the smell of bleach from the cloth, no matter how many times I washed the cloth.  When I use just bleach, one wash with  Dawn and all the bleach smell is gone.  I don't like the smell of bleach.

So no new cloth was made.  No new strips of patches were made.  Nothing is going on in the sewing room or on the dining room table.  Nothing was cooked or baked.  No book was started. I tried to watch the news but...well, I have had enough.  Pence standing in a room full of caged men without toilets or showers.  This is not America.

G was outside weeding and pruning dead wood from some of the shrubbery.  He also set up a sprinkler for the peach trees.  They are dropping small fruit.  Holding on to the large fruit.  It must be a survival thing.  We thought the trees might be stressed due to heat and less rain than usual.  So, the sprinkler.

I gave some tips on orchid care in the comments section of yesterday's post if anyone is interested. I also mentioned that all the teddy bears now have bowties.

Riley has fallen back to sleep.  He's happiest when the sun is shining.  And when I am timely in the dispensing of the Amoxicillin. And when I am sitting in the desk chair (that squeaks) and reading and writing on the computer.  We go to the Vet tomorrow and she will most likely do another liver blood test.  See what the numbers are.  We are sort of just trying to make the dog as comfortable as possible--until we can't.  Evenings when G just won't come into the house until dusk--well, those evenings aren't happy ones.  Riley likes us all together.  Its safer that way in his mind.

I love watching Riley sleep.  Boneless and so peacefully content.  And he makes little happy sounds. In the days when he was young, he would run in his sleep and even woof. Recalling some great adventure.

An Edit:  I just finished watering the garden, gathering about a baker's dozen zucchini, washing out the bird bath and giving them fresh water a a few rocks to perch on, I watered and fertilized the orchids (thank you Anon for the push), and solving a running water issue--it ran all night so the water bill will pay for someone's college tuition.  The Plumber is coming later today to add a good shut off. and it's not even 1pm. And, here  in Maine, it's hot!!! and humid!!!!.  Thank goodness for AC.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Daily Notes- July 15

The July photo of the Orchid Table.  Lots of flowers.  The white orchids have decided to put on a show.  They are the hardiest of the orchids and their stems and flowers are very strong.  A new orchid has arrived via my daughter.  It is "out of bloom" and no longer wanted by it's owner (a friend of daughter's).  So, has come to live with me.  A nice healthy plant with two long flower stems.  Full, plump nodules on the stems.  Very possible that one of them will make a new branch.  Wonderful if more than one sprouts.  I need to repot it.  Daughter doesn't know what color the flowers were.

G cut the grass yesterday with the riding mower.  He is unsatisfied with the overall look.  Some places got scalped.  But, I mentioned, the grass is cut.  And now we know the job is getting to be too much for him.  Yesterday he did all three large sections.  Usually he does a section each day.  So three days of lawn cutting.  Too much.  I think we have over an acre of lawn in the three sections.  And trees one must navigate.  And valleys and hills.  One a few spots are flat.

I went to the grocery an hour ago.  Very crowded.  They have a new  "order and pick up" grocery service and most of the cashiers were doing that.  Leaving long lines at the few open cash registers for those of us who actually come into the store to shop.  And lots of us were very grumpy about the long lines at the registers. Growing pains with all new things made worse by few employees.  They have help wanted signs out.

But something good did happen on G and Riley's walk in the woods.  Two trees have fallen across the path.  Okay if you are walking.  G can climb over and Riley can go around or over.  But the people on bikes have to stop and carry their bikes over.  G noticed yesterday that someone had cut one of the trees.  And just as he and Riley were walking up to the one still on the path, an 8 or 9 year old on a bike stopped and reported that he was going to cut the tree and get it off the path.  He said he'd cut the other one yesterday.  And sure enough, he got out his saw and started right in.  G thanked him. Imagine what a man this boy will be someday!!

And I stopped to help an elderly woman get some kleenex boxes off a high shelf at the grocery.  It WAS high and I had to get up on my toes to reach.  But as I was getting the boxes down I noticed a young man waiting to see if the two old women would need extra assistance.  There was kindness in that also.

I have some cloth that is calling to me but also books.  Perhaps a little of each?  Antiques Roadshow tonight.  It's a good day!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Daily Notes- July 14th

Class Home Work.  Templates for tiny one inch patches and view finders for other sided patches.  So you can find nice variations before cutting.  These just tumbled out of the envelope for this picture but you can see what the viewfinder does best.  Like that little one with the tiny point of purple.

These are "my size" which is --for the smallest square--9 little graph squares by 9.  Then 18 by 18 little squares.  Because I can freehand cut that size without thinking.

I have had--in a drawer--for years and years a large expensive hand dyed piece from a professional dyer.  She used to sell dyed cloth.  Her first name begins with an M. I decided to wash and dry it before using.  My finger tips are purple.  The dye runs.  I am beyond angry.  The stuff was expensive.  And there's 1.5 yards of it.  It's now in the washer with some dark colored old clothes.   I fear it will continue to shed dye.  It's a color way cloth running (how true) from yellow to orange to red to green to blue to purple.  I used to own a bottle of something that stopped dye from running.  Synthr... something.  I'll look for it.

Meanwhile my finger tips will be dark blue.  Like frost bite.

Hallmark Christmas Mysteries most of yesterday.  Three nice zucchini from the garden.  Panic attack for Riley.  G was nailing something to the wall in the garage that backs up to the wall where Riley and I were watching tv.  I asked him to stop.  He did not.

Goodwill today.  No cloth.  Nothing.  So we drove across Town to the other Goodwill.  I found a very nice pink linen shirt for one dollar and ...even at the full price of $6-the nicest white linen shirt which I think retailed at the time I was buying this brand 1995?--for over $100.  And I put it on and it's now my best/favorite shirt and I'll be wearing it all the TIME.  Really!!!.   So nice.

I also got a nice spool of twine to use to tie up my tomato plants at Goodwill.  And some zebra stripe paper clips.  My favorites.  So I'm happy.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Daily Notes- July 13th

My pile of fabric auditioning for my components.  Most all of these are Deb Lacativa's work.  I am using them instead of hoarding them.  Hoping that when I need more Deb will still be making more.
And, I can enjoy holding the fabric as I work on the components.

Yesterday I pasted my little square graph paper patterns on to heavy old vintage index cards.  I made Jude's sizes and I made my own personal sizes.  The sizes I naturally freecut.  Somehow they all end up fitting together. So there must be something to it?

G and Riley are off on their walk.  G didn't go yesterday.  He took a nap instead.  I have a "rule" here that if G works one day he must rest the next day.  He refuses to comply.  And pays for his foolishness by making mistakes, getting hurt and just plain exhaustion.  Yesterday it all caught up with him and he napped until 3:30 pm.  Anyway...Riley gets a walk today.  Loves his walk.  Riley, of his own design, now makes a shorter walk.  I always said the dog was smart.

G called to report that I need to check my zucchini plants  down in the garden as some might be ready to pick. Wow!! I have some green tomatoes on the heirloom plants that are bigger than golf balls but not tennis balls size.  So things are growing.  G has been working on making wooden supports for the Grow boxes.  Like book shelving with out the shelves.

And making my own fertilizer for the Grow boxes instead of buying the company fertilizer packets? Well, it looks like you don't need to buy the fertilizer packets. It's actually a hydroponic system so any additional food can be added to the water in the base as the plants need additional supplements..  I gave the green peppers (last year) additional sulfur to build strong cell walls.  I am giving the tomatoes (this year) additional calcium. I also fertilized the tomatoes with Osmocote time release and Tomato Maker fertilizer in the ProMix container soilless mix.

I didn't do much of anything yesterday.  I worked on pasting my templates for my components for class.  I didn't actually make any.  G was sleeping so I watched Hallmark quietly for a few hours by the dining room table.  Today I am pulling out the central vac hose and wrangling it around the house to vacuum.  That damned hose tangles and bends and makes me swear.  By the Time I finish the entire house I am swearing  continuously.  Swearing I will be putting that damned new hose in the garbage can. Where it belongs.  The old, original hose was easy.  And it worked with duct tape on the cracks.  G decided I needed a new hose.  Took the old one far away.  So I couldn't go back to using it.  I save some of the best swear words for G.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Daily Notes- July 12

All I need to work.  Scissors, thread, needle and cloth.  The color is off.  There is no natural sunlight this morning as it rained hard over night and this morning is cloudy.  Still. Not even the slightest of breezes.  This blue is actually a true blue not steel colored.

I woke up this morning with tears in my eyes and its been like that.  I am emotionally fragile today. Best to keep to myself.  I also woke up tired.  My dreams ,which I can't recall, must have worn me out.  

Riley is sleeping.  He had a good day yesterday and slept well.  He does better on the Amoxicillin.  It must be controlling the the effects of the liver disease.  The Vet said that his liver is shedding caustic debris which can cause pain.  The Amoxicillin  means less debris?  Or less caustic debris?  Whatever. There is no cure.  We can just provide ease and comfort. 

Jude has something new for us today.  I thought I would write to you and then go there to listen to Jude.  Her voice provides ease and comfort to me.

I visited a blog yesterday- I had gone there in past years and then forgot where the blog was---but now the author is stopping and I just happened on her goodbye.  Not many comments anymore and she just felt it wasn't worth the effort any longer.  I had tried in those earlier years to write a comment but the system she was using (that many bloggers use) would not allow me to make a comment no matter how many tries I made.  So she will never know how much I enjoyed seeing her work.

 The blog is called Blue Sky Dreaming.  I hope the images stay there on the internet.  She gave me much to think about in the early days of my work with cloth.  I added drawings of some of her work that I liked very much to my drawing journal.  Just in case.  Jupiter's Moons, Indigo Sky, Amulet, Winter Blue. I didn't go back far enough yesterday to see her mandala.  I really loved that cloth.  It informed my work.  Blue Sky Dreaming was a sort of mentor to me in the beginning of my work with cloth and color.  I wanted to say thank you on the blog but I will do it here. Thank you.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Daily Notes- July 11

Taken apart.  Not as it was and perhaps will not be this way much longer.  In my "sorting" of fabric in the big laundry basket I found the "rest of the shirt" where the original half circle on top came from. I guess I just took off the long sleeves and made short sleeves.  I actually thought I would wear this shirt. No.  Just no.

So I cut a circle. A complete circle.  And then Life happened and I straightened out my sewing room, added shelving and made piles and vacuumed and then started making components.  But I had taken a picture-- not a great picture but still a record of where I was thinking of going.  The sun light on the bottom half and shadow on the top so not the best picture.  I just don't know.  And that's fine.  My daughter just said "what is it supposed to be?" and I said "nice to look at". Abstract art isn't anything really, just a very good looking, balanced composition of color and texture and line.

Not that I am implying I am MAKING Art.  I am TRYING to make Art.

Today on the class video, Jude was talking about coming back to a work and seeing it with new eyes. Of making things extend into the open spaces.  Of changing course.  So, I'm finding my own way.  Not so far from what Jude is teaching us.

My day began in the dark.  4 am I think.  G and Riley went outside so Riley could pee like they do every morning in the dark.  On the way back inside the house, G missed the bottom porch step and fell face first onto the cement porch.  It's a small crime scene out there.  G woke me and I cleaned up the blood in the bathroom (noticed his blood clots-mine does not), wiped down the light switch and the wall next to the switch, cleaned his face and applied an ice pack. He had bitten his lip he said.  We didn't notice until morning that his nose is now crooked.

 Leaning slightly left of center. He had an appointment with his foot doctor at 10am and the doctor thought the nose was left of center.  The guy who repaired G's eyeglass frames later in the morning-also thought his nose was tilted left. Neither of these "guys" mentioned getting it corrected. I wasn't wearing my glasses when I looked at him at 4am or I would have gotten dressed and driven him to the ER.  He doesn't care.  Nothing hurts.  I guess that means something.  That his nose doesn't hurt.  I don't know as my nose has never been broken and my brothers never had broken noses.  No experience.

He and Riley have now gone out for the daily walk.  I can't go as my hip bones will not allow it.  Not muscles.  Bones.  I will do something else while they are gone.  Wait for the rain to come.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Daily Notes- July 10th

Working on this while I sit at the dining room table watching television to keep  Riley calm and contented.  I am taking Jude's part II class on "components".  Patches of cloth.  We are only supposed to be making the patches "ready to use" with the quarter inch turn back basted down.  My patches decided to get stitched together as I turned the quarter inch back.  I had brought the coral fabric to the table for something else--but it also decided, quite on it's own--to join the patches but is only under them and not sewn to anything.

Fabrics here are self colored with plants or paint except for the best ones which are created by Deb Lacativa.  And Deb if you are reading this--- second from the bottom on the left a small smidgen of cloth from that box you sent.  In small slices--it's okay and worked out perfectly here.

In case anyone is wondering.  I didn't use templates.  I just cut freehand.  I would trim an edge if it stuck out too much.  But pretty much I finger pressed a quarter inch on two fabrics, put them together right sides together and sewed along the top edge (over the top edges).  When opened they lay flat.  Perfectly flat.  This hasn't been pressed.

I don't know if I'll use the coral.  But right now--it looks okay.

Treasure Island the Musical was most excellent.  All male cast.  Loud, strong, deep operatic voices. G had to remove his hearing aids and put them in his pocket.  Ben Gun was very limber.  Getting into some strange squatting positions and then hopping about -like a grasshopper. Captain Morgan looked like he stepped right off a bottle of rum.  Sets were perfect.  Really seemed like a ship.  Then an island. All the original songs were wonderful.  Enjoyed our evening out.  Next show is Hello Dolly with some of the same cast members as last night.  That will be at the end of July.

Riley (knock on wood) has enjoyed a trio of good days.  Good walks, three meals eaten, naps etc.  right now he is napping on his bed near the computer.  Relaxed and sound asleep.  I'll be going out to do errands.  Grocery, bank, library and health food store.  Arnica (thank you Grace).  The little pills are making G's persistent back pain feel so much better.  He might even start standing up straight instead of hunching over.

How can dogs make sleeping look so damned comfortable????  

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Daily Notes- July 9

My "new" and slightly wonky shelving units.  The largest stack to the upper right is plain cloth. Old linens, white cotton yardage from an old soft bolt, etc that I can use to eco print.  When I find things of color out in the garden.  The darkest peonies would have been wonderful in the steamer but I realized that too late.  But I did collect a few that hadn't dropped all their petals and a few others past prime time in the geranium pot.

The stack in the lower left are cloths I have eco printed in my kettle.  Yellow (onion skins), grey/black (leaves and iron water in various degrees), darkest is what happens with tin cans and iron water.  I watched a demo on a blog site of eco printing on watercolor paper rolled around a blackened tin can, tied with cloth strings, steamed.  I very much want to do that.  And then go in with a fine tip black ink to make line drawings.  Paper, ink, line and splotch.  The things I love most of all.

I wish I could draw on the cloth I make  --well, I have no idea what I make cloth into. That's sort of the problem.  What am I making with the cloth????

Perhaps I can make something good from eco print paper to send as my Christmas card this December.  Rather than a commercial card as I have for the past few years.

I just stopped making.  I don't know why exactly.  I think life and living just became more complicated than I was aware.  And I got lost in all that and forgot about JOY.

And more evident as I try and work thru this---I have lost focus.  I have no plan as I work.  No idea of what I am saying in the cloth.  My daughter looks and says "what is it?" and I say......  Daughter did really like the polka dot baby quilt.  Said it was Amazing!!!!  Everything a baby would want in a sensory experience.  So I got that right.

Music Theater tonight.  Treasure Island.  Getting rave reviews.  It's something new and original.  I'm going to have a gin and tonic before we go.  See if alcohol makes a difference in my enjoyment levels.  And I'll make sure G has fresh batteries in his hearing aids.  One died just as the house lights went down last time.

Monday, July 08, 2019

Daily Notes- July 8th

My right hip hurts.  Long ago and far way-we owned our first new car.  This one-or very much like this one--$1200 new.  And on a drive one afternoon, we got hit from the side.  The right side.  The car plowed right into that right side door.  And me.

We got the car repaired.  I suffered for a week or two.  Bruised and battered.  But ....just kept going. Seven and a half months later our son was born.  I was a few weeks pregnant at the time of the accident and refused pain meds and a Xray at the hospital.  Somehow I knew.

Anyway.  Can't do the daily dog walk with G and Riley.  Am missing the walk but not the heat, humidity and the mosquitos.  G and I are working on building tomato supports to go around the Grow Boxes.  The tomato plants are growing like wild jungle plants.  Sungold and Snow White cherry tomatoes.  It has not been a smooth process.  G over thinks and over designs.  I simplify.

We just got back from G's semi-annual visit to the doctor.  He asked me to come along at the last minute and its hot outside so we had to leave Riley home alone.  I can trace the dog's steps as he drooled all over the hardwood floors while we were gone.  But it was okay.  Nothing destroyed.

I'm going to be helping on the construction of two more tomato cages ???).  Watering the garden.  Making a big jar of refrigerator pickles.  The bread and butter ones I made Saturday -well, the little peppers I added were too "hot" and G is not a fan of hot spicy food and will perhaps have one or two thin slices of pickle and then no more. Sigh.  As my kids and I used to say--all the Time--more for us.
Is it any wonder that as the years go by...I have just about stopped cooking???

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Daily Notes- July 7th

G's brother Roger made this wooden bear from a big chunk of wood using a chain saw.  It's small for a log (about 2-2.5 feet long) but it's really heavy.  And Roger mailed it to us.  Ten or 12 years ago. When I worked at the library.  Toward the end of that 10 year period.  The Bear has been on the front porch, under cover, since then. I think I've had it on the blog before.  But I was thinking about him.

 A tender face, huh?  A tender man.  He used only the chain saw to do the work.  With a light hand.

The Soccer is finished.  The USA Women's Team Won The World Cup.  It was a good game.  The Netherlands Team was a fitting rival.  They left everything on the field.  No regrets. New York City is organizing a huge parade.

I went out early (for me) to the grocery store.  I had forgotten to pick up my inhaler refill yesterday. I needed it this morning.  And I bought fruit and salad things for me.  Meat and cheese for G.  Chips.
No bread.  I went to that section but none of it looked delicious to me.

Yesterday after soccer: I made up 7 jars of bread and butter zucchini pickles.  Good thing I did.  I went out to the garden and all the zucchini plants are only making boy flowers.  The girl flowers are dropping off unfertilized.  I need bees.  No baby zucchini out there.  None at all.  I will need to go out and pollinate the girls by hand.  But right now the sprinkler is on..

I haven't been reading class posts.  For the patchwork class I am taking.  Sigh.  I have the cloth ready. But perhaps Jude isn't posting until next week.  Perhaps we are all supposed to be gathering things.? I don't know.

Riley is in here panting. He went outside with G and stayed in the sun.  and a black dog in the sun in July isn't a really smart thing.  So I lied to him about going for a ride in the car and got him in the house.  Bad me.  And now I get to listen to him pant and try and cool down.  I would  suggest he walk over to the AC unit and let it blow on his hot little self. OHHHH--he had drooled all over my nice hardwood floors--gotta grab a towel.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Daily Notes- July 6

My front yard peach trees.  My peaches.  I guess all that rigamarole with the seed cloth wrap and reducing "property values" on the street worked.  The last Spring frost didn't kill my peach blossoms. G reports there are lots of tiny plums on the Queen of Plums as well (my eyes can't see them).  And the blueberry bushes are heavy with still green berries.  It's all good.

I sorted more scraps of cloth in the sewing room.  Still not enough carpet clean enough to use the vacuum.  I don't want to run over something that I hadn't noticed was on the floor and wreck my vacuum. I've done that enough.

My hip and knee still hurting.  And I am not sleeping well.  G hasn't installed the AC unit for the bedroom "wing" as yet.  He says he'll do it today.  I have pickles to make.  Riley is doing okay.  He had a few shaky moments last night as it got dark but we wiggled him out of it.  Distracted him.

It's already over 80 degrees at 10am.  Going to be a very hot day.  Mainers will be driving to the ocean.  It's just 20 minutes away.  We never go.  There's even a great sandy beach where they make  Hollywood movies.  We don't go there simply because we have no idea how to get there. And there would be no where to park anyway.  That's how Maine keeps out the foreigners.  No parking.  Strictly enforced.  Nothing like a day at the ocean beach and then finding your car has been towed away.

Most of the shoppers at my local in Town grocery store are wearing bathing suits and cover ups. In Town to buy things for a lunch cook out.  We also have camp counselors buying cartfuls of food to take back to camp.  Like the entire hot dog section and six huge watermelons.

I keep forgetting to go into Town.  We are running out of everything.  G was eating a sandwich-with bread-- and I asked where he had found bread?  He said  there's a note taped to the cupboard   "Bread for Sandwiches in the Freezer."   I wrote that note a long time ago. A long time ago.

Friday, July 05, 2019

Daily Notes- July 5th

The mess that was my sewing room floor yesterday.  It's now all tidy.  Removed all the the office supplies from the office closet.  There was a wire shelving unit behind the door.  I MacGivered it into the  closet and up onto the edge of the shelf and then balanced on the molding on the opposite side. Shelving had gone all the way across but was split at some point in Time for hanging clothes.

Then I started folding and making small piles of cloth.  Some-used in projects that are finished now-to return to the Attic and the Magic Closet.  Others- that have Future Purpose-were folded onto the shelving.  I even pulled fabric off he guest bed and folded it and arranged it on this one shelf.

One shelf.  All that was needed to bring order to my small World.  There was room for a half wire shelving unit and that is also in use but not filled.  I then placed all scraps and art cloth in the big laundry basket.  Ready for Part Two of Jude's on line class- Components.  Riley was acting badly so I sat and sorted cloth while he panted and drooled on the carpet.

Today I will be dragging the vacuum down the hall and vacuuming the carpet.  Now that I can SEE the carpet.  That box in the middle right is Bev's un-finished project.  Not sure what it was supposed to look like-there was a book with a quilt that looked like the parts that are sewn together.  All Civil War type fabrics and all cut half square triangles.  Not my "wheelhouse".  I bought it down to look to see if there was anything I could use in that Storm At Sea diamond thing.  Now it's all going back up.  Into the Attic.  Perhaps in my 80's????

It's not that there is so much (of mine) in the room.  It's that the room is so small.  And filled with three bookcases (all filled with G's stuff) a large gun cabinet, a large filing cabinet with two long drawers topped with another bookcase.  I added the cutting table.  The ironing board.  The sewing machine was already in the room from when we had to empty the guest room.  I can touch all my stuff while sitting in my rolling chair.  Just roll in a circle.

Now the Magic Attic is spacious.  The closet large. And its also got really good light.  And its VERY HOT up there in the Summer.  And the climb up and down the stairs is killing my hip this year.

So, having the wire shelving in the closet has made my workspace 100% happier.  Such a small change.  Wonderful.  And while sorting and folding--I have more unnecessary things folded and ready for my next climb into the Magic Attic.

I sat for awhile in my rolling chair and just gazed into the closet and at my shelf.  And I can close the door.

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Daily Notes- Happy July 4th

My Jude Hill Class Project.   I took it with me to coffee date and Janet suggested I remove the little square patchwork things and add more of the plaid.  Janet was correct.  I don't know if the pink square upper left will stay.  I was looking to balance the sides.  Perhaps it will just serve for today-as a bit of pink fireworks???  But it does balance out the weight of the other side.

A class project is never really meant to be "something".  It's more like a collection of homework assignments all in one place.  I have certainly learned a lot.  And Part II of the class which began yesterday--well, it's quite different but Jude is using the same platform of the three cat trees.  Whether I continue working on this along with the new class or begin something new....I am enjoying the journey.

And, truth be told, I would NEVER have made this piece, up top, on my own.  Never.

I took a picture of my sewing room but will not publish it.  The room I am using to sew is very very small and it contains all my husband's things.  His desk, chair and three bookcases and one file cabinet and the gun cabinet.  I have very little space to store things.  So they get piled on the desk chair.  Rolled around the room.  My space is the ironing board, sewing machine and cutting table.  A few feet of carpet.  A window which is my saving grace here.  I can look outside as I sew on the machine.  Very little storage space even in the tiny closet.  After finishing a project-like the baby quilt-I have to take all the fabric I used back into the Magic Attic closet.  Up and down.  All the time.
Good exercise but hard on my hip joint on the right side.

 Sometimes I stay up in the Attic--which was once upon a Time my actual work space.  Very very hot in the Summer time and cold in the Winter.  But big and open and a nice space to work in. I had a tv up there and music and it was where I made so many things.  Far away from home.  Which was downstairs.  

I wonder how I can talk G into dismantling his office?  Moving out.  Packing things up--he actually has no use for any of it.  I could fold my fabric onto the bookcase shelves.  Easy to see what I have. Oh, well.  Something to dream about.  Having shelves.

Right now, it's the Fourth of July and we just need to get Riley through the evening of fireworks going off in the dark.  We have no plans for a cook out or anything.  I have a few bags of sweet cherries we can eat and spit out the pits.  If you need me--I'll be down in the "office" folding polka dots and then up in the Magic Attic putting them away in the Magic Closet.

And the rain and humidity has made the grass grow very tall.  We need to mow.

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Daily Notes- July 3rd

Something I selected to put into my Kitchen file.  I don't think we will ever really make over the kitchen.  I can't imagine living thru that-washing dishes in the garage sink, etc.  But deep wide pull out drawers for my collection of pots and pans?  Yes, I would like to imagine that.

Perhaps the upper shelf in the existing pull out drawers can be removed and used to make a divider or two?  And then I will have to find places for all the pots and pans and sheet pans etc.

I walked out to the garden yesterday-after the soccer was over.  I have infant zucchini on several of the plants which are now flourishing out in the sunshine (heat and humidity).  We turn on the sprinkler each day when we turn on the soccer.  My two pickling cucumber pots need to get planted.  They are sending out tendrils to attach to something so they can climb.

I went up into the Magic Attic after Morning Pages and sorted and found more polka dots.  Interesting ones.  They are now in the Magic Closet.  The polka dot baby quilt top is now finished and starched and ironed.  Ready for layering and quilting.  I am tempted to do it myself.  It's been awhile since I have.  Quilted anything.  I used to do fancy things like swirls.  Now I stick to straight lines.  Evenly spaced.  I'm thinking I could use one of the  patterned cloths for the backing--make the quilt two sided. Perhaps the school bus one or the pancake one.

I was "saving" these fabrics.  For something.  I have forgotten what exactly.  Most are nearly 10 or 20 years old now.  I moved away children's quilts to art quilts to not making anything.  Now I am just trying to use this vast amount of fabric up.  And, it hardly makes sense, but now I like solids better than patterns.  Good thing I still love dots.

I am going to the store to buy zucchini for pickles.  I am not going to can the pickles.  Just put them in the fridge and G will eat them all within two months.  But he is out of pickles and needs some for his daily lunch.  The making without the canning is something I can manage.  Who knows I might even feel like canning the jars.  But I am not waiting for my own zucchini to grow.  Remember I made 7 jars in, was it April?  And they are gone.  Riley is giving me the-why aren't we doing something look--he hasn't gone on his walk in three days.  Too hot.  But today he is saying "enough of this--I want my walk".  He is already breathing hard and panting--in the AC cooled house.

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Daily Notes- July 2nd

Mending.  The knee on G's pants. Perhaps my cloth work should be more like my mending?  The going forward and then pressing the backward button and wondering where the needle will go--sort of like drawing.   I was looking for a strong cloth that would be soft --this is the knee of his favorite gardening pants.  I also mended a few other small circles.  How that happens--I don't know.  Perhaps on wire?  Snagging on wire fencing or something else.

Riley has finished his Amoxicillin and is now getting a blood test to see what his liver levels are.  They were in the mid-500's.  200 is where we would like them.  Nothing will fix his liver but perhaps he can have less pain and distress.  Riley doesn't know who we are sometimes during the day. There are days when he eats his three meals a day (he started this way as a puppy) and other days like today-when he refuses to eat anything.  There are days we let him go outside and he refuses to come back inside.  Ears back and terror on his face of us or the house.  Both.

My days look like my mending.  I cry often.  There is such anguish.  How will I deal with the loss of my husband or child if this is how I am with my Riley?  I am lost.

I can think of nothing else to type.  I need to go blow my nose.  I sit here with no kleenex or hankie. ill prepared for what I write here not expecting to write this anywhere but the Morning Pages.  Spilling over.  Sigh.  Forgive me but this is Life and blogs should reflect the truth.

Monday, July 01, 2019

Daily Notes- July 1st

Goodwill find.  The colors and flower shapes and the not being commercial finished with a shiny spray makes me think 70's???  Anyone out there know what I might have here?  I washed it.  Hung it to dry. That's why it looks crinkly.  And the back side looks interesting. To me.

Coffee date today and my friend and I had to wait and listen to two guys discuss mustaches and other  issues ( while we waited for the one guy's "triple cap" to be made.  A triple cappuccino.  $7.  Small cup.   Difficult to say but one could have been in Town for the Music Theater production this week.  Treasure Island.  The other is always making coffee at the Bohemian. With and without the mustache.

Library only coughed up one book for me.  But I found a 1995 Gourmet magazine in the pile of magazines to take or add to.  I took.  And there was a little map like they made back in the day of where I used to live in Germany.  So close to France (on this map).  A few hours on the train.  I could have gone there any day of the week.  The future me is kicking the past me.

So....Riley has had one horrible night and now two good ones.  He was left home alone today as G had lab tests at the same time I had coffee date.  Nothing bad happened.  So.  That was unexpected and fine with all three of us.  4th of July is coming up and that is "never good" as the fireworks  have set off the dog even when he wasn't already on edge.  Riley and G are getting ready to install the FLAG on the porch so we can be patriotic.

Which reminds me I am supposed to be seeing which side the stars are on when the flag is hung on the wall.