Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Morning

Work was slow but warm (the heaters were turned on) and my class was smaller than usual but nice just the same.  A customer (an old friend from the days we mentored in the Middle School) stopped in for flowers and mentioned seeing my Carrots at the 10 by10.  She said they were "stunning" and so vibrant in color and texture.  I was speechless.  So many blessings coming from that 10 inch square of fabric and stitch.  They must have already been purchased by the time she saw them.  Now, I wish I had taken a second, non-blurry photograph of them.  I had settled down to thinking I would have the carrots back, unsold.  So this is all rather splendid in it's "surprise".

I never made it to the actual 10 by 10 reception on Friday (though I had been looking forward to it as a  rare social occasion).  I had spent the morning with G in the ER with G getting two bags of IV solution.  After taking him home, taking the dog to Doggie Day Care and then stopping at Walmart to drop off his prescription for an anti nausea medication, I went to work. After a long, cold, damp day: pick up the dog, drive to Walmart,  drive home in rain (new wipers doing a perfect job) and by then it was after 6:30 and the reception had started at 5.  Parking would be a problem and I was exhausted and had prep to do for my class.  So I missed it and was in bed by 10.

Monday (tomorrow) will be a busy day.  There is the reveal for the 12 by 20 Maverick block and I will be delivering the "new" Spooky House to the Town library for display for October.  I decided five years was long enough to hold a grudge for losing my job there.  And, my new job makes me much happier than that job did (at the end).

I am certainly making changes, aren't I?

My Master Gardener Friend & Classmate, Patty, dropped off a grocery bag of peaches off her tree.  I have been enjoying the sliced fresh peaches in my daily yogurt for lunch for the past two days.  So delicious.  And I have been taking the time to make myself a "frittata/omelet" each morning (packed and taken to work to eat there after I water) even though I have not been as good about preparing a good dinner for myself.  Usually it's a few big scoops of peanut butter.   The garden produced a small bagful of cucumbers (remember I wished I could have one more bowl of cucumber salad?), many green peppers and more spaghetti squash.  I collected the final few tomatoes.  I think I will make a pot of vegetable soup today.  The largest cabbage cracked open.  I should have pulled it a few days ago.  Too much going on and I forgot.  I think I can salvage some chunks of cabbage for soup.  The rest will go into the compost.

I made up two of my low carb "biscuits" so I will have something to eat today.  Perhaps with soup.  It's cold outside and raining so I am glad I did all that planting last weekend but wish I had actually gotten everything in the ground.  I still have a few sedum, a rose, a peony and some rue to plant before the ground freezes.  But not today.  Today I can make art and fire up the glue gun to do some minor repairs on my Spooky House.  And look for the Halloween Quilt.  And the tarantula I never remembered to sew onto the treat bag on the quilt.  And shirts to iron.

I think this week was my 7th Blog-o-versary.  Seven years.  Thank you for Reading!!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy Morning

An email this morning advised that my 10 by 10 Carrots had been SOLD.  What a delightful start to a cold, dark morning!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fantastic Halloween Costume

What would Vincent have thought of this?

Another day at work.  Not bad.  Pretty busy.  Not raining.  G is still not 100% from the "stomach flu" that he developed on Sunday.  I am making homemade chicken soup for his "first" actual meal which isn't toast or rice.  I did make applesauce but G thinks applesauce needs pork chops and mashed potatoes in order to be edible.  So, he didn't eat applesauce.  And he has refused since he was 6 years old to eat a banana. And that's the BRAT diet.  Banana, Rice, Applesauce, Toast.  G has lived on water, toast and rice.

I am also boiling two marrow bones for Riley.  His other bones are looking a bit worse for wear. Riley does love to "chew" his bones.  I know that most dog owners give the dog the raw bones to gnaw.  I think that is "icky" so I boil and then clean out all the "stuff" inside the bones or attached to the bones. I do leave the honeycomb interior of the bones.  Takes Riley about 2 to 3 hours to get the bones nice and clean, inside and out.  Then he falls asleep.  A good workout.  And very white and clean teeth.

I have shirts to iron.  A load of darks to wash.  Lots of television to watch tonight.  Person of Interest and Elementary.  And Big Bang and Project Runway.  Thursday is the BIG night for television.

I drove G's 2001 black Jeep Liberty to work today.  I was asked several times about "my sweet new ride".  I don't think of an eleven year old Jeep as a "sweet ride".  I t does only have 72,000 miles on it and it is very shiny and waxed but, I guess, in comparison to the orange Honda Fit--it is much sweeter. that Honda Fit is getting inspected, oiled, rotated and washed in Portland as I type.  G offered to drive it down there for it's "annual" visit.  They are changing the wipers but refusing to refund my money.  And the tech said they wouldn't recommend the "winter blades" for that car in the future.  See, they were terrible.  Yes, they were on the car for an entire season--I didn't know how to take them off--an entire season (winter icing, snow, rain etc and I couldn't see anything but smeared window at eye level--I had to duck down and look out the window shield at steering wheel level) and I DO NOT drive to Portland.  Never have and never will.  My next car is going to be purchased IN my Town.  And serviced IN my Town.  If I ever get bad wipers again--they will be removed the same day.  And I will get my money back.

Years ago I gave the Portland BMW dealer bad reviews for service because they never washed the car when it was serviced ($345 oil changes) and eventually the dealership refused to make service appointments for my car.  I had to call BMW USA, complain and ask BMW USA to call and get me an appointment.  Boy, I thought they were mad before--now they were ballistic.  And they still didn't wash the car.  Honda washes my car every single time.  Jeep washes G's car.  BMW?  Not a chance.

In case you are wondering-- the service of the car at BMW (at all times) was impeccable.  I never had any complaints about that.  I take that car to someone else now that the warranty has expired.  Always nicely washed when we pick it up, about 45 minutes drive north of my Town.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rough Start

I accidentally removed my blog list from the right side of this page and then had to try and remember what blogs I read and go looking for their URLs.  Now, because of "new" blogger the blogs are in a thin strip along the side.  I can see if they have updated recently and their post titles.  I guess this will keep me from checking them and finding the same post?  The stress of having to figure out how to recreate the list has possibly fire up some of the neutrons in my brain. Some of the ones I haven't used in a great long time.

Work yesterday was duller than watching paint dry.  I can see why people stop in to ask if we are closed.  I managed to get a $6.50 tip for doing just about nothing.  I divided a begonia into three pots.  It came to $3.50.  The customer said that was ridiculous and later the cashier appeared with the change from the customer's ten dollar bill.  Now, the hours of work I put into another customer's custom wedding containers--- that equalled nothing.  Not even a thank you.  I also got a pint of fresh rendered lard for the horseradish root I gave to a customer.  (?)  I'm wondering if the tip is not even related to the work?  What is it related to?

I watched Wallander last night.  Despite having read all the books--I was mystified regarding this episode.  Could not figure it out.  What a mess.  G wanted to watch the Patriots.

I don't think I got much sleep last night.  It all seemed very choppy.  But then perhaps I was dreaming I was awake????  Made a very nice frittata (I think) for breakfast with the same ingredients from yesterday only this time I flipped the browned cake of eggs over and then slid it back in the pan to brown on the other side.  Then let it come to room temp.  THIS is how I enjoy eating the eggs.  At room temp.  I also cooked the egg, sausage, onion, kale, peppers and cheese mixture with the lid on the pan which made it all "puffy". I think, technically, this is supposed to be top browned in the oven.  I am not turning on the oven.  I am back to eating Egg Beaters.

I plan to get dressed and visit the bank, library and Target.  I want to buy striped Halloween costume socks to wear to work.  I want orange and black stripes and black and white stripes.  Then I'll roll the cuffs of my pants to show off my stripes.  I also have to do some work getting ready to teach the Compost class this Saturday.  I love compost.

G just came home from work.  Sick to his stomach.  Just like yesterday.  I wonder if it's a reaction to the flu shot he got on Thursday.   He's in bed.  Miserable.  I don't have anything to give him.  My own tummy has felt queasy the last two days.  Wonder what it is????

Sunday, September 23, 2012

It Took Awhile But Now I Know What's Wrong

My birthday was last Monday.  Tuesday is K's birthday.  We would have known each other forty years, forty one in March 2013.  But.

Last spring K decided to email me to let me know she no longer wanted us to be friends.  She felt I was getting a bit too "snippy" in my comments on her family.  It was okay for her to complain about them but I guess I was only supposed to listen, not make comments.  K said that she never made "helpful suggestions" when I complained about my family.  Which was true.

I think, now, that her lack of interest in my family problems or my own problems was more a total lack of interest in anything but her own life.

When we shared interests ; like quilting or shopping, we got along just great.  I remember laughing with her most of all.  And that is what I miss.  Laughing and having such a comfortable relationship that we could just sit around the burn pile at her house and not even have to talk.

I visited her.  She came to my home only four times that I can remember when we lived in different states (and countries).  She always had a long list of chores for us to do together.  Burn pile, cutting out quilt pieces, sewing quilt pieces, pruning shrubs, visiting quilt shops, cooking dinner, attending her grandchildren's birthday parties.  I enjoyed helping her.  We had a good time together.

Tomorrow will be the second September birthday we won't be sharing.  And in a few months the second Christmas I don't send her a specially handmade card.  For her collection of handmade cards from me.

There are times, like this, when missing her friendship is like an open wound.  How many people do we have in our lives who have known us, so well, for so long?  I was 25 when we met.  She was 20.
We raised our kids together.  She went through three marriages and three divorces.  We purchased our first homes.  Our lives are, were, totally imbedded with the other.

Now that is gone.  I had thought, hoped in my heart, that after a year of no communication she would miss me as much as I have missed her.  And email that we should be friends again.  She didn't.  We aren't.  And I am grieving.

And that's what was wrong when I wrote that last post--except I didn't KNOW that that was what was wrong.  I had to work it out.  Thank you for putting up with me regarding this emotional "habit.  Now, when I feel like crying--I will know why.  And that's the best I can do.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


I woke up this morning--and in truth was thinking these thoughts before bed last night-- that I was sad. I haven't had much communication with commenters lately (well, for months) and since I don't have any more friends who like to talk about what interests me, they prefer we talk about them or personality free topics, so I am sort of left to live inside my head.  Not a good position.

If left to this "inside my head" living,  I will slowly be moving away from a healthy way of thinking to depression.  And, for me, that involves lots and lots of sleeping.  Like all day and all night.  I'm not in danger of that yet.  Winter.  Not working.  That's when it will happen if I allow it.

Reading blogs hasn't helped.  I keep looking but can't find any that I connect with.  Am I that different from everyone else?  Shouldn't I be able to find people with interests like mine who might just try and be supportive of me?  Perhaps I just don't know how to communicate?

I'm also a bit hungry.  Not much dinner last night and now it's almost noon and I still haven't had any coffee or breakfast.  I have the frying pan going with any vegetable I found on the counter, bacon fat and an onion.  I plan to make bacon and fry the last three eggs.  That should do it for breakfast.  I didn't buy anymore eggs.  Real eggs.  They just aren't doing it for me.  Eggs still taste better if someone else cooks them for me.

It rained overnight or early this morning.  Fall seems colder than usual.  I have garden chores to do.  things I have neglected to plant.  There always seemed to be time ahead, all summer, and now the end is rushing forward much too quickly.  The garden is finished. Or pretty much finished.  Still some beans and the spaghetti squash.  The rest needs to be piled in the compost.

I have the Summer 12 by 12 to make.  I have the bed sheets to wash. The shirts to iron.  The dog. I have plenty to do.  I just miss being able to communicate all this with someone.  Someone who talks back, makes suggestions etc.  Someone who cares about me.

Self pity party.  OMG.

The bacon fat fried vegetables are amazingly good.  The egg yolks got overcooked, but it's still a good breakfast.  And the coffee is nice.

I guess I just need to pull up my big girl panties and get on with the life that I have. Work on my To Do List.  Get through the day.  It's not like someone is going to knock on the front door and say "need a friend?" or anything.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

So Many Colors, So Little Time

We have new chalk at work.  Crayola.  Pencil shaped chunky pieces.  Easy to write with.  And a newly painted chalk board.  So, I quickly scribbled the list of "specials" on sale right now on the board and balanced it against the doors in the entrance of the building (at work).  We now have four (going on five) chalk boards.  It is amazing haw a constantly update-able chalk board can make the place look so "lively".  These boards are wide and tall.  The letters have to be "big".

I always wish I could write, in chalk, like the French do on their boards.  I know someone who practiced copying the French style of writing and can now do it in English.  G gave me some "chalk" pens.  I think I will be painting a few pages in my journal with my black gesso and practicing my penmanship with my new chalk pens.

I also have chalk crayons--pastel -- that I love to work with on cold press watercolor paper.  I think it might be fun to try that on a smoother surface.  Whenever we visit the artist supply, I try to find a new pastel crayon to buy.  I also have a collection of water resist and water soluble crayons and pencils.  In every color.

Wouldn't it be deliciously ridiculous to have a drawer like the one above--so many crayons?

My first two days of being 66 have been rough.  My hip hurts and my feet feel stiff.  Difficult to walk after sitting for any length of time.  This just came on me in the past two days.  I haven't been drinking enough water. That's the only change I've made.

Oh, and for those interested, I made version four of the sugarless, flour less "cake" and added too many extra liquids.  I had to keep returning the liquid cake to the micro until it was mostly solid.  Still more of a flat souffle and less of a cake.  But it was a delight with a big scoop of Cool Whip (low carb).  Next time I will skip the coffee liquor and the heavy cream.  Or else I will add almond meal to the mix to hold all the extra liquids.  It's just an egg, 2 T cocoa powder, 1 T butter, 2 T Davinci SF vanilla syrup and Splenda to taste whisked together.  Microwave and then let cool completely.  Version three had 1T Davinci and 1T heavy cream.   Version One had 2T almond flour, cocoa, egg, 3T cream, butter.  They all have Splenda or whatever sweetener you like.  Splenda tends to be bitter when mixed with chocolate. I don't like using the chemical "sugar alcohols".

Wasn't that boring?  Baking for the sugar/flourless people in this world is like taking a chemistry final.  I mix all these odd ingredients and place the little bowl in the microwave (everything is single serving size) and then am usually surprised by what comes out.  The things that do not include cocoa come out rather wonderful.  The cocoa stuff has been a challenge.  I haven't tried the pumpkin stuff yet.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

I have always loved my special day.  Even when I have to bake my own cake, which was what I always had to do as a teenager (12 to 18) or there would be NO birthday cake.  Even when there are no presents (which has never been that important).  Even when everyone in my family forgets.  I still love the day and am happy all day long.  It's the way I roll.

I have been wondering, for many days and weeks, about birthday cake.  There are a few low carb Muffin In A Minute recipes for chocolate flourless, sugarless "cake".  There is also the zucchini chocolate brownies made with coconut flour.  I could bake a flour less chocolate cake in the French ganache style.

Yesterday I had lunch with a dear friend, visited the Resale Shop (where I found really cute Born lime green flats with flowers on the toes for $12).  I was wearing something less baggy than usual and the Resale Shop owner finally got to see my 2012 "shape". She had previously been aware of my 2007 shape when I was wearing 10-12's and looked like a walking skeleton. She suggests that I wear close fitting tops that show off my little waist and ignore my hips and thighs.  Little shaped jackets.  Blouses with darts to shape me at the waist. Skirts with black tights.  Imagine the Jennifer Hudson ads for Weight Watchers.  That hourglass figure with the wide hips.

I have a haircut at 11am and then work until 6pm.  I am wearing the golden orange capri "test pants" to work today.  These are the pants I try on when I wonder if my diet is working.  They usually don't button, won't zip, or have pockets that pull open.  This morning they button, zip and the pockets are flat.  Happy Birthday.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Online Preview of the 10 by 10 Art

Here are my "blurry" carrots again.  But you can go here 10 by 10 Arts are elementary and see all the art that has been donated to this worthy cause.  There are previews on September 27 and the Sale is the 28th from 5 to 8 pm.  The money raised is used to provide artist "teachers" in the elementary schools for exciting programs i.e. puppet making.

My last name begins with "S" and Mine are the only Carrots.  The picture they have isn't blurry.  You can click on the pictures to enter a slide show with large images.  Enjoy!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Take What You Need

Today G and I celebrated (a day late) our 44th Wedding Anniversary.  Yesterday I worked all day and taught a class so no time for celebrating. I did bake him a pan of brownies.  Today I helped my daughter make chicken soup for her sick friend and we worked on her hair.  Then G and I drove down to Portland.  Whole Foods, Trader Joes and then a lovely restaurant lunch.  I ate too much.  And I "cheated" and had BBQ chicken nachos.  Worth every extra carbohydrate.

Only 6 more years and we'll be "Golden".  How the hell did that happen?  I thought "Golden" was for old people.

Lots of big events this month, including the seventh anniversary of this blog.  I'll be writing a celebratory post on the anniversary of the day I first learned how to "post".  OMG, I thought I had discovered cold fusion or something.  And the day I actually got my first picture to post---you don't want to know how excited I was about that accomplishment.  Jumping up and down and shouting was involved. Nearly as exciting as the day I drove to Augusta on the HIGHWAY all by myself.

The title up top should read "Take What You Need" with a subtitle of "At Your Own Speed".

My class on Saturday went well, I think.  There was a guy at the back who was nodding in agreement to all my points.  Made me feel less nervous.  I had more than 40 people in the class.  All the chairs in use and some standing.  Hydrangeas.  I knew it would be full.  We had what is known in Maine as an "open winter" (no snow cover most of the winter) which eliminated most of the fall buds.  The Endless Summer hydrangeas look nice and leafy but nary a blossom to be seen all summer.  Mine had nary a leaf as the deer visited 2.5 times and ate as much as they could.  This would be what you call "severe pruning".

Made a large pot of tomato basil soup for G to have this week.  With those little cheesy dumplings.  I found a beautiful head of escarole at Whole Foods and will be making Tomato Escarole soup for myself.  I am trying to use as many of the tomatoes from the garden as I can.  The green beans are so delicious, I don't have to worry about the two if us eating all of them.  I miss the cucumber salads. My 2012 Garden was a complete success.  I have great onions even though they are small. Six spaghetti squash.  Lots of potentially orange/red peppers. My kale seeds have sprouted and are now a few inches tall.  I'll have baby kale for omelets in a few weeks.  There are sprouted carrot seedlings (whoopee!)  I have plenty of parsley to roll into freezer logs for winter meals. I even have three cabbages that managed to outgrown the snails and slugs all summer.

I need to write down what worked and what didn't.  How much I planted and how much I actually needed to plant.  And draw a diagram of this year's garden and where everything was planted.  Best of all, the raspberries (the late fall crop) is getting ready to ripen.  Oh, I do love my raspberries.

It's been a great weekend.  Hope yours was the same.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Desktop Still Life

The days seem to be rushing past just now.  That happens at the oddest times.  Our anniversary is tomorrow and my birthday on Tuesday.  Is that why?   We don't do anything special for either day.  At first, G always forgot and felt sad that he had.  I never cared all that much.  In the past I LOVED my birthday so much that I would bring cake and presents to my coworkers just to share my happiness.  Now, I don't quite know how I feel.  Sixty six.  So much and not enough.

My "cold" or "allergy" seems to be settling down and I haven't been as miserable the past two days. No Nyquil last night but I did take a Benadryl.  Been falling asleep pretty fast (for me) but waking up around 4 am.   Not getting enough "rem" sleep and always feel a bit wobbly.

The kitchen island is COVERED in tomatoes.  Some are actually rotting so I have to check and turn them to make sure nothing starts collecting tiny flies.

Riley is outside rolling around in the dewy grass. Yesterday on his walk in the woods with G, Riley found a large pile of poop and rolled around in it.  G doesn't have a very good working sense of smell, but he was knocked backwards by the smell on Riley.  Riley didn't seem to notice.  Two hard scrubbing baths later, I gave G the "thumbs up" as I , with the delicate smell-o-meter nose, could not detect the odor. Needless to say, G fell asleep on the couch right after dinner.  Two dog baths wore him out.  Why do dogs like to roll in stinky stuff?

Work has gone by quickly this week.  I have today and Saturday to get thru and then two days off in a row.  Tomorrow I teach a class on Hydrangea.  A first for me.  I worked on my information handout last night.  We'll copy them today.  I set up an nice display of plants on the tables in the front of the class chairs (in the greenhouse).  New hydrangea are coming in on today's truck so I will switch out any I have for better looking product.

More perennials are arriving today.  So the condensed tables will be expanded.  We finally took the time to get the shade plants back into the shade.  I have another month before the perennials are cut back hard and sent back.  They look worn out.  I even look a bit worn out.  I had to add a belt to my work pants to keep them up.  Now, I'll have a belt to hook my radio on.  It's hard to decide how to dress for work.  Pants are too warm and shorts a bit too cool.

The PUMPKINS have arrived and they look amazing.  So ORANGE and perfectly shaped.  Six weeks to Halloween.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Shoes

These are Zodiac Blacks by Merrill.  I wore them to work today which wasn't the smartest thing I have ever done.  They were happy shoes until after lunch when I needed to add a bandaid to one of my toes. I don't have any really bad blisters, but, it just might have been because I was working on the Houseplant shelves and didn't have to walk around much.  $8.  That's a Farmer Tan Line on my feet from wearing the Crocs all summer. ( at least they had solid tops and I don't have white polka dots on my feet like some people) At the beginning of summer I tried to sit out on the deck with my feet in the sun to even things up.  I lost interest in that pretty quickly.

I attended Art Club tonight.  It's been so long since I went that no one remembered me. Which is okay. I think I went to Art Club when I was still weighing 238 pounds and coloring my hair brown.  One gal did remember the "distressed photo" demo I did for the group.  But not me.

I am trying, really trying, to open up to new artistic opportunities.  I have sort of circled my wagons for the past (?) years and stopped going to the places, meetings, groups that I had frequented in the early years of living in my Town.  Closed up.  Now, I am working on "opening up".  It's not as hard as I thought it would be.  Nothing is really as hard as one thinks it will be. Next I will work on always being "positive" even if I have to lie.

I had chicken salad and a baggy of carrot sticks for lunch today.  It was good.  Dinner was two cold slices of the breaded eggplant and some swiss cheese.  I feel like I have a cold.  In olden days, I would have a nice cup of hot tea with sugar  to make me feel better.  Tea with Splenda is not so good.  Tea with honey is not so good.  So, I'll have a glass of water and a Nyquil.  Working the open shift tomorrow.  Today was closing shift.  That's all I've got for you.  Hope it was enough.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Best Things In Life Are Black

This Fall.  Black jeans. Black cashmere.  Black leather biker's jackets.  I am just returning from a) the Library b) the Resale shop  c) the Dentist  d) the grocery.  At (a) I got to chat with my former coworkers and we had a good time.  I love those women.  At b) I got to buy some $8 Merrill shoes, a cashmere black turtleneck, a red acrylic tunic sweater and a black JJill tee.  I also had a nice chat with the shop owner.  Then (c) the dentist for my 6 month cleaning which always ends with the hygenist wanting to schedule me for deep cleaning on two molars  and a discussion of the 2nd molar right above (with a filling that is crumbling).  Long story short-- I will have two less teeth in my mouth sooner rather than later.  All of my other teeth are sound and very nice.  My gums are very good also. L also thought I should get an implanted tooth where I have a molar missing.  Since it's a first molar my dentist thinks so also.  Those are expensive and require lots of visits and whole days lost to the shot that puts you to sleep while they pry open your jaw bones and insert the screws.  Blech.

Then I went to the grocery and caved.  I bought yogurt and a pineapple.  I needed comforting.  I also bought a roast chicken breast, shredded it and added large amounts of mayo and honey.  I forgot to buy ground beef.  I got two nice steaks instead.  Porterhouse for $7.99 a #.  I've never eaten a Porterhouse. G will have to research it on the internet to see how to cook them.  I got baking potatoes also.  We have green beans in the garden for our vegetable.  That will be tomorrow.  G had a late company sponsored lunch and I had a few mouthfuls of chicken.  I think we're done eating.

I was visiting French Essence on line and discovered the five basic items for Fall 2012.  Skinny black jeans, black cashmere sweater (check), black leather biker's jacket, ankle boots, drop earrings.  There are other things like black and white tees, a white blouse, a black lace blouse and a new LBD (little black dress).   You can wear the Biker's jacket over the LBD and add the earrings and ankle boots for a chic night out.  I think jeans, the cashmere turtleneck and a down vest/ or jacket will do it for me. This IS Maine.  So happy to be "in fashion".  And the cashmere was $6.

G has taken Riley for a walk.  Riley is pretty happy about that.

The picture at the top of the page is one of the sheets of stick on numbers G gave me out of his store POP kit.  I love stick on numbers.  I used 1 to 11 for my Paris Packing List in my journal.  I plan to use the numbers for all my lists until they are used up.  Peel and stick.  Sweet.

Sunday, September 09, 2012

A Quilting Idea

It's Sunday.  I made it through another week.  Work was slow and cooler than usual.  We discussed Halloween costumes and Zombie preparedness.  We also had quite an interesting political discussion over lunch.  We all came to the conclusion that people the age of my co workers (mid 20's to 40) are screwed.  They have low paying jobs, no extra cash for emergencies (like snow tires or car repairs) no medical insurance or worse, medical insurance that costs a lot and is worthless (like a $5000 deductible).  They have no thoughts of "making it" through hard work and effort.  Some are going to community college and take a class or two each year (what they can afford in cost and time as all are working) but they aren't actually getting ahead.  And there's the Zombies to prepare for.

I had tomatoes and mozzarella for breakfast and tuna with mayo and a very large green salad with oil and vinegar for lunch.  Dinner, so far, has been two large slices of the eggplant I breaded and fried yesterday.  I feel better having eaten the two cans of tuna for lunch.  I wasn't eating any or even enough protein most days this summer.  I am missing my yogurt and fruit.  It'll take a few weeks to get over it. I am thinking today would be a good day to mix the remainder of the cream cheese with heavy cream and SF vanilla pudding mix.  Sort of a cheesecake.  My own little Fat Bomb.

Wallander is on PBS tonight.  Happy Dance.

I'm going to see the dentist tomorrow to have my teeth cleaned.  On the way home I will stop and buy ground beef for a large batch of meatballs in marinara and more ground beef for a pot of chili.  I enjoy eating chili with sour cream and cheese for dinner (or lunch).

I had to stop to bandage G's incision.  I decided NOT to go to this dermatologist for removal of my two moles.  The incision was "pulled together" with puckers at both ends.  Really ugly.  Is that what is called "a good job" these days?????

Friday, September 07, 2012

Yard Sale Eve

The car is packed up.  I have change in a bank bag.  I remembered empty shopping bags for customer purchases.  My thermos is ready to fill with coffee.  I plan to sell the extra green peppers from the garden.  The attic looks more spacious without the 85 suitcases, bags etc that we seemed to have accumulated in all these years. I carried down all the comforters I had packed away.  Not the pillows.

It was "stinking" hot at work today.  And people were crabby.  Me, included.  I did start in a very good place --- with a large Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee (with cream).  I don't know what they put in that stuff but it's like a drug.  Only one Splenda in that large cup and I could have skipped it I think.  Lunch was on the skimpy side.  Celery sticks and half a cup of delicious blue cheese dressing from the BBQ place.  And another half cup of the, really, last of the garden cucumbers in sour cream.  The cuke vines have died.  Later I had a spoon of peanut butter and a handful of peanuts washed down with some SF tea lemonade mix in a big glass of water.

G is doing fine after his out patient surgery.  We both overestimated how bad it would be and needed to rest up after being worried and stressed out.  We rested at our favorite BBQ place.  G had cheesecake for dessert and grapes at home.  I woke up several times to assure myself that he was sleeping comfortably.  He was.  Riley was.  And then it was morning.

I am going to have a large piece of cheese for my very late dinner.  Perhaps a handful of raw almonds. Call it a day.  I plan to take the camera tomorrow and give you a peek at the neighborhood sales.  I hope I find something wonderful to buy.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Fabric Fish- A Very Neat Idea

I, personally, don't like fish.  But these fabric fish caught my eye on someone's pin board.  I like the use of newspaper as the background.   I made quite a few Susan Carlson Fish after taking her workshop and buying the Cutting Loose book.  Somehow, wild fabric changes fish into something that doesn't seem as "fishy".  I don't eat fish.

I am sitting here, after work, having a big slab of my coconut flour zucchini brownie topped with a few ounces of cream cheese.  It's like "frosting" without the sugar.  I discovered I need to eat my chocolate earlier in the day in order to get a good night's sleep.  Ditto with coffee (even decaf).  So, also having coffee with my brownie.  The coffee and cream cheese are helping the brownie move down my throat. Anyone else experiment with coconut flour baking???  It's very strange stuff.  Very "absorbent".  They should use it to make socks.

My daughter called.  She now has two broken ribs.  Her regular doctor noticed that the fifth and seventh ribs were fractured on the X-rays.   She left a message saying she would be bringing the tables up from the basement for the yard sale, herself.  Not the best idea.

Today was Issac day.  The hurricane finally arrived in Maine.  We woke up to a heavy blanket of humid air.  Rain.  Even more humid air (reminding me why I didn't enjoy New Orleans).  Rain.  And now the sun is shining--a bit weak but at least it's not raining.  Everyone keeps saying we needed the rain.  I think it rains enough.  I cleaned up seven large Boston Ferns.  Made quite a mess.  Filled the garbage can with fronds.

I had my last yogurt lunch for the year.  Now I'll try eating tuna-mayo-green salad for lunch until it gets cold.  Then I need to eat all meat chili or baked sweet potatoes and lots of butter.  The last of the blueberries were super sweet today.  A nice way to end the yogurt lunches.  I had tomatoes and cheese for breakfast.  I enjoy eating a large bowl with EVOO and balsamic vinegar.  We have lots of tomatoes ripening on the counter.  And I had steamed green beans with the last of the zucchini casserole last night.  I always forget how much I love green beans.

So many other things on my mind, but I can't write about them on the blog.  I made a few rules of what content was "for the blog" and what was "not for the blog".  I allow myself to type it all into the post and then I delete it.  It's all probably available out there somewhere, as nothing is ever really deleted, but this is the solution I arrived at.  Writing things down here helps me think about the things that are on my mind.  I find I can then let these problems go or at least I have thought about solutions.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Which Side Of The Brain Wins Today?

It's always a fight.  To do Right Side things (fun) or Left Side things (work) or a combination of the two.  I started out with work.  I need to start getting the produce out of the fridge and into the freezer (or on the table for meals) and it's a bit creative and not a little of plain work.  Breakfast (at 11 am) was diced tomato, cucumber, onion (all from my garden) with fresh mozzarella.  I had already shredded four summer squashes to use in that pizza/pasta like casserole that G ate.  I had sliced two large farm fresh eggplant for more breaded and fried eggplant.  I have the last full bag of cucumbers on the counter and will be slicing then thinly for cucumber salad as soon as I finish here.  And I have a large pile of shirts to iron.  The dog is staying close in case I decide to take him for a walk in the woods.

The dining room table remains 95% clutter free which is amazing.  I carried most of my clutter to the workspace and now it is more of a mess than usual.  I had meant to buy more storage containers.  That was long ago and I never did it.  I also meant to add labels to the already filled containers.  So I don't have to open them all to find something.  And, I am starting to realize that I gave away some fabrics I should have kept.

Another member of my former quilt chapter stopped to chat with me at work.  Dues are way up.  Discontent is up. The elders are breaking away to meet during the day.  When I was president of this group that was something I tried to get started.  Daylight meetings for those of us with night driving problems.  Yes, I was president.  I don't shy away from the hard work of being a member of a group. I was also program chair for several years.  Now that's a hard job.  Never can please everyone at once. I don't think I can ignore the Universe sending these messengers to talk to me much longer.  I tell each of them I can't drive to the meeting site in the dark.  My night vision is really terrible.  I wonder if the library has a room open at the library on Mondays?

I have the Summer 12by12 to make before summer ends on the 21st.  I have the Maverick 12by20 to make before October first.  That should be an easy one for me--someone who makes up their own rules.  There was a Maine quilt group named the Renegades.  Oh, I wished I had been doing good work at the time they were organized.  But, alas, I was only a beginner.  They are no longer a group as each became famous for themselves.  And Frayed Edges.  Now Twelve by Twelve.  It's so nice to watch these groups begin and then blossom.  Someday it'll happen for me.  I just have to actually be making art at the time.  SMILE.

I think I'll have my first cup of coffee, make the bed, iron the shirts and think about walking the dog.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

This Is Not My Garden, But I Like The Fence

My tomato plants are struggling to stay alive long enough to ripen the loads of tomatoes still on the vines.  I bring in the ones that have some pink, so they can ripen here in the house.  Each day I fill my basket with more.  The peppers have started to change from green to red.  I have containers full of jalapeƱos.  I need to make salsa and perhaps "cheat" with some corn chips.  I know I can buy corn chips that are healthy.

The garden will be moving into September with spaghetti squash turning from white to golden yellow. With pole beans getting big on the bean teepees.  With onions ready to pull, even if they are small. The kale seeds I sprinkled over the empty garlic bed are a few inches tall right now, but they enjoy a good frost to sweeten the leaves so I have time to wait for them to grow.  I think I saw a few tiny, tiny carrot whispers germinated in amongst the kale.  G thinks he may have seen them too.  I am hoping the cucumber plants I started with seed in June will produce a few more cucumbers in the coming week or two.  If not, the vines will enrich the compost pile.  My parsley is looking robust.  My basil plants are making "just enough" leaves for the twice weekly tomato and fresh mozzarella salads.  I'm not sure we like pesto.  I think I had it once on a sandwich of olive bread and mozzarella.  On that, it was delicious.

Work was slow and sort of sad today.  The high school kids are off to college.  The high school kids are no longer on the schedule.  Other, older "kids" are finding better jobs while trying to afford community college for a year or two.  Saying goodbye at my age is such a sad experience.  I am a very sentimental old lady.  I miss them all already.  They make my days so lively and interesting.  Make me forget how old I am.  Help me remember when I was their age.

G and I just returned from eating at the restaurant with the great Eggplant Special.  Eggplant Milanese. G typed the menu description into his iPhone and sent it to me via email.  Baby spinach, Italian baked eggplant, red peppers, ricotta, spinach, provolone with pompodora sauce.  I will be trying to make it here at home.  I have a jar of Trader Joe's red peppers in the cupboard until my garden peppers turn red. I managed to spill some down the front of my blue linen shirt.  Ugh.  The Sunday Special Margarita was still $3 and still delicious.

Now, my book and PBS Masterpiece Mystery.  A very nice Sunday.