Thursday, February 22, 2024

Winter Notes- Thursday, February 22nd. 35 degrees and cloudy.

 Marigolds.  I had so many in the containers last summer...Cheerfully bountiful.

I managed to get today's NYT's Whole Orange Snack Cake printed off the internet.  I actually feel sort of "Rocket Scientist" smart right now.....just sort of....  I had to cut and past the recipe title to the page...

I have "just enough" oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow..that's how close I am to having no breakfast.  Recall me standing and looking at the oatmeal display last Friday and not buying a container.......sigh. Wasn't on the list.....on the list for tomorrow...for sure.

I showered this hair feels all soft.....I also have on pants I haven't fit into since 15- 20 years? perhaps... from that Fall I worked at LLBean.  That was a long time ago.  LLBean doesn't make these pants anymore.... corduroy with waist, button and zipper.  Now it's elastic and no zipper.  Like all day corduroy pajama pants.  This doesn't mean I lost any more weight....I don't own any thing but large pants. Some fit and most don't.  All LLBean rejects. With zipper and button at the waist. Soft green.

When I like something...I like it forever.

I found two fat round bars of grapefruit orange soap.  I have only half a bottle of Pink Grapefruit body Spray.  From a store that sold soap and body spray.  I would love to have more spray so I could smell like grapefruit every day.  Bath and Body...that was the store up the road a bit...gone now. Half a bottle.

In one of my romance books the guy wears something that smells like cedar and grapefruit....and the girl finds it so very nice.....even when she doesn't like him.  In my next Life...

No bagel for mid morning snack.  I could bake the last two sweet potatoes for supper later today.  I had promised to make soup....but I didn't.  I should check the crisper drawer...see what's left in there. Add what I don't have to the grocery list under Crisper Drawer....usually carrots, celery and cabbage.  I might also need a few onions and potatoes. Soup Supples.  We are nearly done with Winter Soup....or I am nearly done with Winter Soup.   A Cooking Show had No Fry Eggplant Parm yesterday.  I could try that.

Well, I think I have bored you all enough for today.  It was suggested I take a daily walk.  Last time I walked away from the house I fell down and hurt my arm and broke my glasses (bloodied my face) so I won't try that again....yet.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Winter Notes- Wednesday February 21st. Sunshine and 26 degrees.

 Butterfly. Moth?

I need to grab some interesting stuff for the picture file.

My eyes are incredibly DRY this morning...I added drops but still a problem. Entire House is Dry.

My Daily Horoscope says a change will spark my imagination and offer a different perspective on what's best and next for me.  Since I haven't had an interesting "next" offered to me in years....I don't have a clue.

I finished  reading Love Her or Lose Her yesterday. Tessa Bailey.  Not my favorite.  On to the next one. But less and less to choose from.  Amazing Grace Adams is next up--- not a clue. what's it's about. I put two in the return bag (unread) as I recalled reading- or trying to read both-- years ago.....and being disappointed.  The house is dry and my eyes are bothering me...even with the French Eye Drops. 

The news about the people Trump has lined up to help turn America into a religious dictatorship......I am starting to be glad Canada is just a few hours drive from here....but they might close their border if too many Americans make a run for it.  I never never thought we would get this close to a third world dictatorship. With a certifiable lunatic running for President. He has spelled it out...wants to be a Dictator. This time.

I am certain that, here in Maine, we (all 1.25 million Mainers) can safely just stop watching the news and reading the paper and we won't have a clue that anything is wrong.  We already ignore Tucker. And he lives in Maine.  

I haven't watched MSNBC in a few days....and there is nothing I want to watch on BBC America.  I don't like Bones.  I am watching PBS- Cooking and Science stuff. Reading.  Staring into space.  If I was actually depressed I could revert to sleeping all day....but I'm not.  Though now that I consider it- sitting on the couch with my eyes closed

And I have locally made Jelly Donuts.......yep they are back.....from where ever they went....last year.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Winter Notes- Tuesday February 20th. Sunshine and 27 degrees.

 Red Bud.

We sold quite a few of these in my Greenhouse Working Days.  A very very pretty Spring Flowering Tree. I never actually bought one for myself as our lot is quite packed with trees....none of them very pretty but they are tall and expensive to have removed.....

If husband and I had our way (and any money in the first 10 years- we did NOT), this yard would have been mistaken for a Botanical Garden.

This red bud would have been down the yard near the road, the sidewalk wrapping it like the walk in the picture.  Next Life...if I can remember.

My new frames are quite remarkable....not the look but the fit....the tech bent that one side arm and it really changes everything.  I no longer have to tilt my head to the right.

Son is busy trying to dig something "too thick" out of the shredder....I have it unplugged.  I was going to say "never a dull day" but quite a few of them are significantly dull.  I paid two bills today.  And I believe that is the extent of my responsibilities today.

I finished reading Unfortunately Yours and it was very very good.  Today's book is Love Her or Lose Her. I was going to re- read Chef's Choice but...I am not in the mood for it.  February is coming to an end and the book a day might also be on it's way to the least for awhile.  I can't say for sure.

I might want to be be doing something else.. I gave just 4 minutes to thinking about learning to knit..taking a walk to the end the the street and back is another thinking point- but not when it's 27 degrees.  One more bowl of oatmeal and I will have to find new things for Thursday and Friday breakfast.  I do have Bran Flakes.

The shredder is fixed.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Winter Notes and Still Monday

 Immediately AFTER hitting publish the left lens fell out of my eyeglasses onto the keyboard... the frame- that green aqua replacement one out of the bargain bin at the eye place....... cracked in two places.

these are my all day glasses- NOT deep shit...

I called son down from the second floor and showed him what happened- he asked if I had other glasses. and I did but they were older scripts so not great to be using.... Frames were nice. Wrong size.

Anyway we went out and the nice lady at the eye glass place dug around in the cabinets and found the box with the same frame like I ones are black and gray mix....and because I was in the room (this time)- she bent and got the arms correctly for my uneven ears.....I am quite happy.  And everything looks amazing...

I am betting that there might be a tweak to the new script on April 29th.  We'll see. And then I chose brand new frames.....hopefully a fantastically attractive color. And new unscratched lenses.

Then we went to lunch.  

Winter Notes- Monday, February 19th. 26 degrees, 45% humidity and sunshine.

 Bird Brain is actually quite large.

So...Monday.  I spent some of yesterday and a bit more this morning trying to contain and control my hair which suddenly decided to become "something" which it hasn't been until now.  Wide and unhinged looking.  Very very unhinged.  I look like a Mad Woman.

I am enjoying the Hallmark Jane Austin Movies.   I shouldn't be.  But there we have it. I liked most of them.  Enough to perhaps watch them a second time....even though they are so so...not great.

Son is going to get his new eye glasses today.  I am still in circling mode waiting for my April something appointment to get my eyes examined.....then I can get new glasses.  I add drops to my tired eyes...

We had No Football Pizza yesterday.  It was as delicious as ever....We have leftovers. I have no idea what I will eat today..but will start with oatmeal....I should have gotten a new box of oatmeal ...I recall standing and looking at the shelf filled with oatmeal.....and then not getting a container.   Wrong Decision.  From now on if my brain decides to stand and look at something....I need to buy it. But only at the grocery.

I have a tendency to stand and look at things I have no business buying.

Anyway.....I am not liking the book I am reading......hasn't hooked me.  So I might just move on.  I feel dull.   Boring.  Nothing is sparking any joy today.....not even a bagel and cream cheese.

So, I will stop typing and go have breakfast and look out the window......wait for inspiration. Or take a nap.  I wonder if  Law and Order is on today?  I am getting seriously fatigued by MSNBC.  And I have no sweater mending to do- which is usually very soothing.