Saturday, January 28, 2023

Field Notes- Saturday, January 28th. 30 degrees, What didn't get shoveled is now ICE.

 Small birds are eating the seeds we have in the bird feeder (not these birds in the photo).  Squirrels running around eating seeds that fall out of the bird feeder.  Very busy........

It's quiet here.  Husband is going out to Bed Bath etc to get the "big box of coffee pods" before BBB closes for good. There's quite a bit of that going on..... Chain stores/chain restaurants closing.. becoming places to buy "medicinal drugs". 

Funny funny story.  Back in the Day....when the growing of certain plants was illegal.....I was the go to person for growing and maintaining knowledge of these sorts of "plants" at the greenhouse where I worked..   The guys had fat wallets chained to their back pockets full of one hundred dollar bills........ and discussed  "the Product" with me.  I made sure I read all the packaging on products they were interested in- so the plants were safe to "ingest".  We never actually used those terms....because I wasn't supposed to "know" what I was talking about.  I would read something that bothered me and then point to it and let them read it and then let them decide.  Usually, they put it back on the shelf. A few times...we actually discussed what would benefit the leaves.

I got very good at it and the Mother Ship Greenhouse started buying things for the shelving that looked like it was specifically for the "product".  I am guessing they were getting the same sort of customers and legally, things were getting looser..

We also started stocking a wide variety of "Grow Lights".  which I had to know all about......

Right now we (husband and I) are watching a local "eye glasses" place that used to be a bank.  There are usually 12 to 15 cars PARKED in the drive thru.  Every time we drive past I count them.  Could have become a call center. Could have become almost anything.  Certainly NOT an eye glasses place.

I'd say 50% of the businesses on that busy road are now boarded up or looking very odd.  The local motel seems to be closed......usually there were homeless people begging out front or making "tents" out of tarps etc on the lawn.. That all seems to hav gone away....... People still "camp" in the Walmart Parking lot after the store closes. Usually older people..which is very sad.

Friday, January 27, 2023

Field Notes- Friday January 27th- Feels really cold in the house.

 Buddhist Monk's Hands.

Very cold this morning and our land line phone doesn't work.  Here in Maine cell phones are iffy.  Now, I guess the land line is also.  I was trying to call in a refill of a prescription.  

This simple task stressed husband out to his maximum limits.  He couldn't figure out how to make a call on his cell phone. It's things like this that really put my Life in sharp focus........and I don't like what I see.

So.....prescription is called in.  House phones (land line) not working.........

I have black beans which have soaked overnight. And need to be rinsed and "washed" and then I can start cooking.  I forgot to write down how long to cook......damn.

Everything else is on the card but that.......

Well. Perhaps husband is not the only one here who no longer should be in a household setting unsupervised.  If he had just made the call...he would have done fine- but having to do it and thinking about it.- he didn't have thinking processes to do it. As a reflex, he would have been fine.  An example: if he just goes out and starts the snow blower or lawn mower everything is fine.  If he thinks about it..he can't figure it out.  

I imagine myself sitting in front of my sewing machine not understanding how it works.  Where do I turn it on.  I do it by rote so many times......but to stop and think...that's where the memory issues show up.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Field Notes- Wednesday, January 25th. Streets are clear and dry. Another Storm coming.

 Hair cut.  Bird seed purchased.  Fresh Pot of  Chicken Soup started.  Books picked up at Library.  Bread Purchased at grocery store (for me)-- also Raisin Bagels and cream cheese.  I know.... not a balanced portfolio. 

I am trying to find out what the Bengals QB and Sweatpants is all about.......... I might Google.

The Vitamix Cookbook looks to have similar things to the regular cookbook that comes with the machine. I was looking for something else.  You see......I use the Vitamix as I would use any tool in the kitchen. Not for an entire recipe...but for part or parts of the recipe.  Like when I blended the figs and sugar.  I was supposed to let it cook and them mash and do something else like push through a sieve.  I just Vitamixed.

So I want to know some of those "tricks" and "shortcuts" but the Vitamix Universe seems to want controlled usage.....for safety sake and no lawsuits, I guess.  I want to color outside the lines of Vitamix. Way outside the lines.  I used to watch this restaurant cooking show- real kitchens real chefs (not GuyF)

and I watched what they did with their Vitamix- and it wasn't book recipes.......

I tossed all the Broth I had in the Pantry Cupboard.  2019.  I must have been "into" broth that year.  The Trader Joe Marinara is also gone. Way expired.  Husband stopped eating pasta with Sausage Marinara. The Spice drawer looks good. I tossed 89% of it- expired.  Drawer looks empty.

I need to work shelf by shelf in the Pantry Cupboard but...that's so boring.  I just open the door and select something and read the expired date and then take it to the sink and open and either dump in compost bucket or down the drain. And then the same for multiples of that....I need to get rid of black olives next. Way over-expired.  Maybe next week.   So that's it. I had a nice shower this morning.  My hair looks fine.

The Beans are good to eat....not expired.  Black ones and white ones.  If I could just think of something to make with them.....soup? Yes.  They were bought to make Dee's Pantry Soup.  But the last few times I made the soup- way too salty to eat......  I'm sort of Soup Shy.......last pot went directly to compost bin.

I have black bean recipes to look at- Corn and Black Bean Salad.  Not for winter???  Texas Black Bean Soup- stewed tomatoes,  diced tomatoes, broth and Mexican Corn.  I do have a Black Bean Bisque recipe card in the Recipe Box.  I might go there........I remember loving that soup and it seems perfect for the Vitamix as the two gals running the restaurant did use one..........  Beans get to be Bisque....... 

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Field Notes- January 24th. Snow has Stopped. About 12 inches- possibly more.

 So....the snow has stopped falling from the sky.  It's heavy dense snow.  High water content. I shoveled the front steps and then gave up.  The weight of the snow itself and the added weight of my very heavy black wool coat...was too much.  My heart and lungs- well, the lungs mostly...were signaling I should stop. I did.  I found my hat.  My Winter Shoveling Hat.  All is Right in my World.

Another fat fly.  My count was off- I think this was nine.  

Reading "the Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks" by Shauna Robinson.  Her first book was Must Love Books-- ( I read it all the way to the end..but it was tedious bordering on whining.)  This one was better. but still not something I would buy.

The inside cover had many praises from authors of books I do like and do own.. Abby Jimnez's Part of Your World: Freya Sampson's Last Chance Library.  And Wibberley and Siegemund-Broka's The Roughest Draft, Sutanto's Dial A for Aunties and Kelly Harms the Overdue Life of Amy Tyler.  Also Sajni Patel's the Trouble with Hating You.

I haven't read the Lonely Hearts Bookclub by Gilmore or the Chicken Sisters by Dell'Antonia or A Hundred Other Girls by Hariri-Kia.  They are on my list now.

Husband has gone to the dentist to get his teeth cleaned.  Then we will venture out to the grocery and the library.  Then home.  Husband spilled gasoline on himself yesterday while using the snowblower- and now that is all I smell.  Here in the house. Giving me a headache.  He can't smell anything. He spilled gas in the car a few weeks ago- I still smell it.

I emptied one shelf in the Pantry.  Expired Food.  It's now in the compost bucket. Expired in 2020 and 2021.   So, It's been in there for awhile.  Pre pandemic for sure. I will do another next week. Or sooner if I am bored out of my head......again. I was yesterday.

I read in the paper that COVID will be with us for years to Annual Shot.  Like the Flu. Constantly updated vaccines due to the changes in the it tries in variations to kill us. And take over Planet Earth.   (laughing)  Or possibly not laughing......