Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Field Notes- Tuesday, May 30th. Got very cold last night- 40's and now..morning in the 60's.

 The newest index card art.  They have all been colored.  I am assuming I am getting better at this as I go along...... I like this one...very much.  I found a site with line drawings of cactus....not in pots. Like a coloring page.  I go and just look at them and then draw something else.  This first one is very like the images.....today's?  Don't know as yet.  I add details to the plain outline shapes.  Take ideas from one and put them on another.  I like the dish.  I did a good job on that.

When I went to get the newspaper I saw lots and lots of Ant Hills.  So I found some spray and just got in from spraying them...and now have a whiff of Ant Spray on myself.  I need to get something safe to dose the ant hills.

I might have already written this.....I vacuumed.  The entire house.  I had to take resting breaks but I got it all done.  and since I reminded myself...I had gotten sliced yellow cheese so I toasted it on a bagel and then added Bread and Butter Pickles.  A lovely Luncheon.  Ending with the last of the Sparkling Lemonade Water.

I have laundry to do. And perhaps a bunch of things to offload into the Pages.  Stuff I don't want to carry any more.   And I feel like I have ants on myself.

I changed the water in the birdbath out front.  Been used as a toilet by some of the birds.

I tried watching news yesterday......but wasn't the best thing to do.  Well, I need to eat breakfast.  then when husband is ready- the Library.  I have to check the Summer Hours...

Monday, May 29, 2023

Addition to Monday's Post.

 We drove into Town and directly into the ONCOMING MEMORIAL DAY STREET PARADE with a swift left turn into a side street- hoping it wasn't a dead end....then a few other turns and into the Grocery Store parking Lot.

Parade had tons of Participants, Cars, Wagons, Marching Bands.......

While in the grocery- Parade Goers were coming in for snacks and drinks.....

Gosh....for moments there I was thinking- a few minutes later- and we would have run smack into them..

Field Notes- Monday- May 29th. Happy Memorial Day.

 Another one but I cropped the top edge....oops.  I drew another after breakfast but no photo as yet.

I colored all of them while listening to daughter's excuses for not coming over etc.  She's tired. I get it...landscaping work in this heat...not so much fun... etc...

I fried Pot Stickers (from the freezer) for husband.  He was thrilled.  I had Mexican Street Corn Chowder from Panera (in the refrigerated section of the grocery store)...and added frozen Mexican Street Corn from a bag I got in Freezer Section last grocery shopping day.  Mixed and heated in microwave....delicious.

More ANTS.  I have no idea where they are coming from........

Husband dragged out a garden hose and watered the Peonies.  And some other stuff. I had to stop him and get all the hose knots and kinks OUT. Just that got his back all whatever and he was in pain.

It's going to be a LONG SUMMER, if you get my drift?

Yesterday's Book- Little Beach Street Bakery.....so so very good. Especially the end where he walks out of work, gets in a cab to the airport and a plane across the ocean with no baggage back to the Little Beach Street Bakery.   This book is going on the Book Store Shopping List....I have a $450 check from Joe Biden to cash. And spend on BOOKS.... 

Coffee to finish- it's gone cold....Shopping but no Library as it's closed today. No invites for Burgers from the neighbors......

In town College had Graduation.  All that (that!!!) in Town..... And then they will be gone for the summer.  The students we are used to-- the Parents...not so much...EVER. How many Mercedes, Lexus and BMW's can a small Town HOLD????  A LOT.  Oh, and Electric Cars. It's like a Luxury Car Parking Lot.  I hope they are all gone.....by the time we get to the grocery store.  Which is just a hop skip away from campus. Bowdoin.  Heard of it???? (Bowdoin graduate in a Russian Prison right now) Absolutely GORGEOUS campus. And the new ultra modern buildings....all very organic.  One has a Field of Sea Grass on the roof. Alumni trying to out spend each other with buildings.........in contrast to the ones from the early 1800's.

Earlier graduates- donated artwork to the Art  Museum on campus...Wow..some wonderful things there. My walking buddy and I spent time there before COVID,

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Field Notes- Sunday, May 28th. sunshine- temps in high 80's???

 I've been doing a few extra cactus in pots.  On index cards.  I have three.  I did this one last night. Free hand.  Not using an image. Bit crowded but.....nice.

Chipmunks in the garden beds.  Rodents.  Read "Shipped" out of my own bookcase.  Little Beach Street Bakery is today's library book- the last book on the table.  A few of my choices are going back with only the first ten or so pages read....I don't like a tedious start to a book. I actually don't like a tedious start to much of anything...... (good first line for a book)

I haven't made a pie.  I think about it and then decide = not worth it. I also haven't been having Fruit and Bran Buds with yogurt. I 'd rather have five squares of dark chocolate.  Husband has been accepting Chocolate Chip Larabars as "dessert".  World is coming to an END!!!  Dates and Cashews..... no flour, sugar or butter or eggs.......I was speechless when he asked for one....and ate it.  Then next day asked for another.  And Earth is still rotating.......go figure.

And he's eating FRUIT.  This memory loss stuff is EXCELLENT!!!!  What's next?

Anyway.... Air in the house is getting dry...I have a bit of a tick-ly cough.  Need a lemon drop.

So...what's going on.....Procrastination is Top of The List.  Lots I could be doing.  Don't want to.

And that's about all I have to offer.  Tomorrow is supposedly a HOLIDAY.  Perhaps the Twins will invite us over for a Burger????  Could happen.  If they do...I'm going.  Not sure about a grocery visit tomorrow... Not sure Grocery will be open.... There are odd bits and pieces in the freezer......some vegetarian meatballs.  Pot Stickers I can fry up and make dipping sauce for.... for husband..... not me.  Too greasy. Two leftover slices of Pizza...... I keep hoping some American Cheese slices will magically appear so I can toast a bagel with cheese and add sweet pickle slices.....my favorite lunch. Sigh......

Well, index card and Uni-ball pen calling my name.....Time to Draw....  that Uni-Ball has an amazing ink line.  So smooth.....so black.  So inky.  Love it.  That's all it takes this week...a few good romances and a Uniball pen.  Oh...index cards.....it's all good here.....knock wood.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Field Notes- Saturday, May 27th. It's so cold in the house. I need socks. I refuse to open windows.

 Yesterday's cactus in a line drawing by me....  on top of my loaded desk calendar.  There is a blank edge up under the base of the computer.....which I will fill in on the day I switch pages.  For June.  I have just started in on a second cactus.  Tiny work.

I have on a thermal shirt under my work shirt.....but no socks.  Because i have on  above the ankle pants. I just will not wear socks with ankle pants......I have my limits.

Pizza yesterday.  Husband was thrilled.  And there are two leftover slices.  

Velchi had a very interesting show on last night....I got into liking him when he did the 10am to 12 noon show on MSNBC with Rhule.  They were obnoxiously funny with each other.  He who tightly buttoned up and Rhule with these wrap dresses unwrapping...... I was waiting for the day (morning) when her dress fell off onto the floor.  Watching while the guys were taking my house apart and putting it back together. Telling me to order Future Stuff for bathrooms they hadn't even started on.....Filling the hall closet with sinks, faucets and shower heads.  Door knobs and hinges.  Wood floor planks pilled in boxes in the entry way. My bedroom (empty of me- but holding the washer dryer /bathtub and other stuff)... I felt like I was tight Velchi...unraveling like Rhule.

So....I've read my way thru all the Meg Cabot.  I think there might be others...sigh.  The last one I read I think is the newest.  Police Chief and Children's Librarian.  There are two more.  Island books.  This one was the last of the Island series.  I'm not going to go looking for them.

I might have actually reached my Book A Day limits.  At least for a few days. Until Monday.when I visit the library.  Two reserves are in transit.  From "other libraries"...because my library doesn't actually buy  NEW books anymore.  They Fund Raise. For the Endowment.  And A Book Mobile. Laughable if it wasn't so very very Sad.  The Library is in the very center of the population needing Bookmobile services.  So already "there". Everywhere else...well, a Bookmobile coming to my area of Executive Homes....is pretty ridiculous.  And the Community Cottages between here and the Library start at 800K.  And I wouldn't "fit".  If you get my meaning????  I'm not sure I even "fit" on my street anymore. We don't have a whole house generator.  Yet.