Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Something Pretty

The guys were back this morning and Riley was over the moon happy to see them.  They kept asking him if he wanted a sip of coffee.  You can imagine how happy he was just thinking he'd get some coffee.

My 2000 pound rectangle of granite is here.  Along with a big tractor that G had his eye on. (the tractor was only visiting)  The guys drove the tractor on the side yard "road" and then up along the back of the vegetable garden and along the side of the property.  I didn't want them going over the top of the septic field.  It was in quicker than I thought and looks wonderful.  Then the guys used the tractor to scoop up the rotten wood G had along the left side of the garden (for too many years) and dumped it on to the burn pile.  Wow.  That was a huge favor.  Now G can reset the final rotten post for the garden fence.  And the mice and rodents can look for somewhere else to hang out. Even a snake.

J then helped me decide on the cabinet fronts.  He liked the same one I liked.  Now we'll see if we can get a piece of soapstone in a color that looks nice with it.  The "chalkboard" black made it look too "taupe".  Which means it looked "pink".   Not a good color choice on kitchen cabinets.  J also thinks we can get the soapstone in ONE piece for the countertop.  That would be sweet.

Today, one window got framed.  All the wood to finish off the window trim is here as is the clapboard  for the outside.  I will take pictures tomorrow of the one finished window and the granite step.  I can even show you a drawing of the new kitchen.  It's not the "professional" drawing.  I can't have that unless I pay for it or order cabinets.  We haven't gotten that far but I now know what they will cost.  I have to start looking at light fixtures, a new stove, a new hood and a new sink and faucets.  And I need to decide if I want gas or electric for the stove.  Gas is propane and I would need a tank and a line put in.  But I could then have a Rinnai endless hot water tank, gas logs in the living room fireplace and a gas stove with an electric convection oven.  J says I can have anything I want--if I pay for it.

Really.  You make one building decision and it's like a house of cards.  I want.  I want. I want.  Until the money runs out.   A neighbor is getting three new bathrooms this winter.  She's very happy.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Have We SeenThis One Already?

I have so many pictures.   This is the size counter top the designer wanted me to choose. (NO!) Only one piece of whatever we choose for a counter top  (no marble!)--no seam.  This isn't much bigger than what I have now.  The difference is that my sink and dishwasher are at right angles to the back wall (where we are seeing a fridge and windows), making the aisle area very tight.  The designer says it's not up to code, what we have had here in the kitchen for years and years.  I have rather gotten used to walking around in tight circles (around the island) to get anywhere.

The dog has learned how to back up.  Which my husband says isn't normal.  When Riley was a puppy, I would make the beep, beep sound (like trucks backing up) and Riley would be encouraged to back up out of my way.  There really was only "just" enough space for him to turn around.  As he got older (and bigger) turning wasn't possible but there was so much wonderful stuff on the floor.  So he started entering face forward and backing up to exit.  Clever dog and messy Joanne.

I started this morning in pajamas, garden boots and a down vest (it's cold) and I wanted some kale for my breakfast frittata.  I got kale, a few more tomatoes and a few green peppers.  Then I came back for a container for calendula flowers (for a salve I intend to make) and then another container to pick October raspberries.  Lots of them.  Riley stuck his nose in the container and ate some so I had to keep the bowl off the ground for the remainder of the picking.  A nice full quart of berries minus what Riley ate.  My freezer is filling up with peaches and raspberries to eat with yogurt until it's red grapefruit season and I switch to yogurt with grapefruit (my absolute favorite) for the winter months.  Lots of work to cut all the segments but worth it.  So tasty.

I add some mending to do.  A king 280 thread count sheet had two small cuts ( I bought it for little money) which I sewed shut with my zigzag stitch.  Backed the cuts with a strip of white cotton in my wastebasket.  Then I sewed up the rip in G's pale blue tee.  A nice right angle tear.  I was thankful the machine was set up with white cotton thread top and bottom.  Threading the machine isn't one of my favorite things.  Especially in the morning.  Before coffee.

I am working retail today and tomorrow.  Late.  Later than usual.  Not all that pleased about it.  I like working mid day.  Getting home at 9:30 at night isn't something I want to make a habit of but I am thinking, as the holidays near, it WILL be more likely.  Hardly any customers that late.  Lots of folding and restacking.  Bad for my back.  I think I may say something about my lack of night vision to my leader.  See how they react.  I'm sure it will be a negative reaction.

Now to go plant garlic.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Slightly Different Kitchen

More country. All the shelving seems claustrophobic.

I woke very early today.  Still dark.  Lights on in the house.  Wet.

This morning I have wet perennials to load onto carts.  In all the years we have done this--always cold, wet mornings to load them.  I will be soaking wet by 9 am.  I plan to have dry clothing to change into. then I need to order enough empty carts for the rest.

The mums are buy one get one free right now.  The pumpkin piles are not very high anymore.  Winter is coming. So much quicker than I had wanted. So dark.  On the way to work and on the way home.

In Germany they called this the "dark times".

G has the telescope out.  Looking at stuff.  The moon was too bright but he finally has time to read the instruction book--the telescope has tracking and will follow a selected planet or star as it moves thru the sky.  I remember looking at Saturn from a rooftop in Sonoma California with this telescope.  Amazing.

I don't think I am scheduled for any days the first full week of November at the retail job.  No email last night with my schedule.  I can get some work done here at home.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Yet Another Kitchen

This one has a center island as big as an actual island.  And, I think this is what mine will look like.  The stove behind on the back wall, the island with sink and dishwasher.  Cabinets under the counter top.  A few chairs (I am thinking--two).  Doorways on either side (already present).  J and I are debating the thin shelf units on the stove wall.  He is thinking that a number of items would be up there and not on the counter tops.  Easier to keep clean.  Like salt, pepper.  I just spent some of my "day off" cleaning, washing, wiping the coffee maker, sugar jars, spoon jars etc, etc.  All the stuff that is on the counter top.  In use.  Making dirt.

In any event, the workers have not been back here in a very long time.  They have that two story garage and breezeway to finish.  My work was delayed due to waiting for windows so I missed my window of opportunity, so to speak.

I friend moved into a rental and agreed to take/borrow the huge set of lined curtains I had in the attic.  I am so relieved to have that box gone.  Really nice, custom curtains.  Not me.  Now.  I bought them at an antique show a dozen or more years ago for about $100.  I used one curtain for that many years over the front door.  Got my money's worth.  I think they were for a sunroom or something.  All different widths but the same length on all of them.  Floor to ceiling.

I woke up this morning while it was still dark.  Got to fall back asleep.  No pending employment today. Woke again, later, and pulled on the "uniform" of work shirt and pajama bottoms.  Made coffee, read the newspaper, paid the bills.   I also washed the ripening tomatoes on the back porch, cut off the bad spots (lots) and have a new  4 quart batch of ketchup (tomato jam is what the foodies are calling it).  It's midway in the 3 hour simmer.  I taste tested the first batch on a piece of chicken.  Very tasty. I keep telling G we need French fries.

Last night, for dinner, I had the BBQ pork with one of the GF noodles my daughter gifted me with on my birthday.  I had the mung bean fettucini.  Smelled like drying grass.  Tasted like dried grass.  But it was okay.  I think if I covered it in enough "something" it would be doable as a pasta.  And no heartburn today.

I am planning to get dressed, finish doing laundry and visit the grocery and Goodwill.  That's all I have planned.  I am hoping the grocery visit stirs thoughts of "something for dinner" that has tons of leftovers for the week.  G usually enjoys baked chicken in heavy cream with lots of mushrooms served with rice and broccoli but what about me????  A kale/sausage/onion/pepper frittata?

I have the new Jo Nesbo thriller Police on my table.  Finished a light FBI romance.  Hotshot. Have another Scandanavian mystery but I got book two and not book one.  I am thinking I should start with one.  G and I watched episodes 2 and 3 of The Fall on Netflix last night.  Only two more left.  Then we will have to look for something else.  It has been suggested we try Orange is the new Black.  Or House of Cards.  I am dying to know what is happening on Homeland but have to wait till the season is over.

What about you?  What are you reading, watching, thinking about?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another Kitchen Picture

Hey! (I'm getting like Si on Duck Dynasty) here's another picture.  I want cupboards under the counter to store the six sets of dishes I have collected.  This design has cupboards and metal fronts.  My carpenter wants me to have things hanging over the counter--I am not that interested.

Today is my NINTH day at the retail job.  Doesn't it seem like triple that????  It feels like so much MORE.  Friday (#8) I worked the cash register line with 4 of my classmates for about 2 hours.  Either we were finally "getting" it or they were giving us a "trial by fire".   It was the dinner hour and things were slow.  We only had each other to ask for help.

I taught Pruning yesterday at the greenhouse job.  It was fun but I never have enough time to tell them everything I want to tell them. An hour is not long enough.  We never got to actually pruning anything.  The arborists usually only talk about big trees.  I talk about shrubs, roses, blueberries and fruit trees.  Things regular gardeners have to deal with themselves.  We spent a great deal of time on hydrangea pruning. Big time difficult when you keep losing the flowers.

I have been eating a healthy diet and still weigh 205 pounds.  Yes, I weigh that much now.  I was weighing 173 when I was complaining of not being able to lose the additional 10 pounds (to get to size 14).  But, and this is VERY strange, I am still wearing most of the clothing (16) I wore at 173.  It's not as loose but I am still wearing it.  I did, finally, have to put my favorite greenhouse pants (14) away.  I could still wear them, but they weren't as comfy.  And I couldn't fill the pockets.

I like my clothing loose.  There's nothing about have saddlebag hips and thighs that looks great in tight clothing. And this is where I carry almost all the extra weight.  And tight clothing always makes me feel like I am struggling out of a straightjacket or something.  In fact.  If given the choice (as I was for many years) I will wear the black cropped Perfect knit pants from LLBean and a K-mart mens XL pale blue work shirt (the set of four of them is now over 20 years old as there is no Kmart in Maine anymore) every single day of the rest of my life.  It's my favorite "uniform".  Unless, I am wearing the work shirt over pajama bottoms.  All day long.

Going to work--Hey! not the most comfortable outfits.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another Great Kitchen Island

I'm not sure if this is stainless steel or poured concrete.  But it's the set up I want.  Would you be "put off" if you looked at a house for sale and this was the kitchen?  Or would you just think--hey, this is simple and easy to cook in.

I worked early this morning (greenhouse) and drove to work in the dark.  I don't like having to get out of bed in the dark.  Best part of the day, so far, was going home at 2 pm and stopping at the library for two books for me and two for G.

We used Netflix last night and watched The Fall: episode one.  It was very, very good.  We were just about to cancel Netflix and just use Xfinity on Demand.  But guess what--Xfinity wouldn't load.  Just kept getting an error message.  But Netflix--loaded right away.  I guess watching season one and two of Homeland was all we were getting from the "X".  Worth it.

I was surprised, last night, to come home and find that, somehow, Congress had agreed to pass something.  Not that I think the "something" was worth passing.  Now we just have 80 days to wait for the next "great mess" when they can't agree to anything.  It's hard to feel proud to be an American these days.

I think I will take a shower, turn on lights and look for something to eat for dinner and then decide to read or watch more of The Fall.  Tough choice.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My New Fascination--Ferns & Food

I have brought in two of my ferns--for fresh (bug free) soil and larger pots before the cold wind gets here.  I have a very nice asparagus fern and a "table fern"  I have the Latin name, but have forgotten the spelling and spell check keeps taking over with it's own words.  So, we'll settle for "table fern".  I also purchased a new fern which is still nameless.  I will need to do research on a fern website.

I don't know what I will be doing with the three (now) huge Bostons on the front porch.  Remember I got them for $8 each in the summer from one of the big chain stores.We have, easily, enjoyed them much more than $8 worth each.  So, I can let them go.  Or I can clean them of insects and insect eggs, give them a butch haircut and hang them in the upstairs (unused) bath.  Lots of light.  No heat.  But not freezing.  Any ideas?

I am loving the organic rolled oats from the bulk section of my grocery.  Chewy. I won't be going back to Quaker.  Equal amounts of oats and water. 3.40 minutes in the microwave.  Easy.

I just peeled another sink full of "fallen" peaches we collected from my friend's yard.  I got a large bowl of slices and a grocery bag of "compost".  In the oven the slices went with a melted stick of butter, a batter of 1 cup sugar, 3/4 cup flour, 2 t baking powder and 3/4 cup milk.  Pour the batter in on top of the melted butter (no mixing together) then dump the peaches in and bake at 350 for one hour.  The batter will puff and mingle with the peaches and the whole is so much more than the parts.  This is a Georgia Cobbler.  Not for the faint of heart when it comes to butter and sugar.  The original wants 2 cups of sugar.  I always cut the sugar to half in all recipes.

Also in the fridge is a whole mess of BBQ pork.  I had to find room in the new freezer for peach slices, green pepper slices and those surprise raspberries.  So, out came the biggest pork blade roast and in it went into the slow cooker with a rub of brown sugar, garlic and cayenne.  The liquid was about a cup of apple cider vinegar.  It was fall apart tender when I got home from work at 6:30 ( I ran it on high).  I picked and shredded it and then added  2 bottles of store BBQ sauce and a handful of brown sugar.  Let it cook another few hours.  G had some, I had some and the rest will be used in burritos, sandwiches and nachos.  I will eat mine with a mixed green salad.  BBQ salad is one of my favorite meals.  I'll add shredded cheese and carrots.

I also cubed up all the useable parts of the ripening October tomatoes.  The seem to go bad before fully turning red.  I got a good 4 quart saucepan full.  I added stuff and cooked it down for 3 to 4 hours into a delightfully "adult" ketchup.  I finished the four half pints in a water bath and look forward to dipping French fries in the stuff this winter.  I also tried making a Peach Jalapeño Jam.  But, while nice and peachy--it has no jalapeño kick.  So a disappointment.  I added four jalapeños from my October garden and they tasted hot but didn't hold the heat while cooking.  Two of the half pints sealed in the water bath but one did not.  G has to use it in the next 2 weeks.  I should make him a pan of biscuits.

I am working, mostly, in the greenhouse this week and no complaining.  I'm pleased.

6 pm is dark here in Maine, already.  I have two good books from the library.  But I am sad to see the end of summer this year.  It must be my age.  Or something.  I am also wondering if I will get my Social Security check this month.  Bills to pay.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

October And Christmas Cactus

I meant to tell you this.  Before now.  October is the MONTH you don't water your Christmas Cactus.  So it will be sure to set buds for the holidays.  Now, some of your cactus might have an early start--mine always do because I forget to water them (frequently forget).

And coming up: don't water the Clivia (if you have one) from now until New Year's Eve.  Then water again.  This is called "dormancy" and some plants need a resting period before they can produce a flower.  Mine were washed off with a hose after spending the summer on the front porch (spider webs) and now they are headed to work with me for repotting.  Hey, it's what I do for "work" so I might as well be my own customer.   While the Clivia (pronounced Clive- E- Ah) are resting they don't have to be front and center.  Mine rest up in the unused second floor bedroom.  No heat.  And Clivia like it cool and shady.

I had a day at home today, finally.  So I went into the garden to get some kale and noticed that my June/October raspberries had produced berries.  I picked a huge quart of berries.  I also battled huge bees.  What a splendid surprise (not the bees).  I also dug out Iris, replanted my Mountain Laurels where the Iris had been, sorted my bulbs for planting (only crocus, snowdrops, blue hyacinth and garlic this fall).  G and I drove over to my friend's house when she gave us the Peach Alert.  I got a nice heavy peck basket of peaches.

The ripe ones are (sliced) in the freezer with the raspberries.  The unripe ones (we had quite a windy day and they left the tree early) are on the sunporch getting ripe along with the October tomatoes.  I also picked another load of green peppers and jalapeños.  They just keep coming.

G worked on putting together another rolling 5 tier shelving unit.  For the sunporch and all the plants we overwinter.  He also cleaned up the sunporch and organized my pantry things.  Things are moving along.  The smell of autumn is always sort of over-ripe.  Rotting.  So many bees and little gnats.  I also got a cup full of Concord grapes off my friend's vines--a pitiful crop this year.  No jelly.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Good Friday Morning

I had a 3 hour instruction session at the retail job (R) yesterday but backed up to my "sick" day the day before adds up to two days off--I calculate.  I feel rested.

The Prednisone is making me sleepy and fog-brained.  Slow to digest the information yesterday.

But the rash is not red this morning.  It's dry and a bit scabby.  Doesn't burn.  And I dropped 4.5 pounds overnight.  Retained water.  It went as quickly as it appeared.  Not from my diet--as I am eating whatever I want (and lots of it as the meds make one hungry), but watching the salt.

G has been trying out his new diet (from his doctor) and purchased his second half loaf of whole grain bread.  This, second one, has all sorts of seeds and nuts in it.  I had the butt end with peanut butter yesterday and I liked it very much.  Very satisfying and filling.

This morning, coffee and organic rolled oats  from the bulk bin (so MUCH tastier than my usual Quaker Oats)  And not as pasty. I am planning to buy some at the health food store to see if they are better.

I am working (R) today into the evening.  I need to pack two snacks and a dinner as I MUST take two breaks and a lunch half hour.  We are more "informal" at my other job.

So--feeling better, a bit groggy from the meds, but not red and swollen.  Nearly normal.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Other Job

Is in retail.  Seasonal.  Because the holidays are when they need extra people to handle the crowds. And there are already crowds here in Maine as the leaf peepers are traveling the East by bus and by sea.  I punch in and I have a customer in front of me until I punch out for breaks.  It never ends.

In answer to the many reader inquiries;  I, too, think the rash and irritation is caused by chemicals on the clothing and other items that I am touching with each customer. A great deal of the merchandise is imported (much to the dismay of workers here in Maine who have had the fiber mills shut down due to lack of work here in America) and who knows what is being used in foreign factories.

The rash did in fact begin to develop when I worked four days with a day at the greenhouse between.  Two long days retail, greenhouse (a brief spot of happiness), two more long days retail.  Followed by noticeable redness on both eyes on Tuesday.  Followed the next morning by swelling.  Those four days were days #2, #3, #4 and #5.  Yes, I have only worked 5 days.  And had a rash for 4 of them.

The rash began in the corner of my left eye on Wednesday of last week--I rubbed it with my fingers while I worked.

I never rubbed my right eye but it is much, much worse.  Raw and bruised looking.  Like it was scratched and scraped raw.

I have always been sensitive to chemicals and fragrances.  All the products I use are scent free and as plain and soothing as possible.  Even these simple creams and soaps make my rash burn.  It takes quite awhile for the burning to stop after I apply something to the super dry skin around my eyes.

As to why I am doing this seasonal job ---at this point I think it was sheer stupidity -- all this for a good discount??  I am wondering if there is any "good way" to get out of this but this employer is very difficult when it comes to "letting go".

Sometimes the things you think you might "like" to do, are just not right.   And, sometimes your body tries to let you know it's unhappy with the choices your brain makes.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Sick Day

My eye rash "exploded" overnight and I woke up to red swollen eye sockets.  G gave me an ice pack to try and reduce the swelling and called the doctor.

I was supposed to start work at the greenhouse at noon and the doctor's appointment was for 1:30 so I had to call out sick or go in and scare people with my swollen face.

Turns out--doctor doesn't know what is wrong with my face.  But they are now concerned with my blood pressure.  Which was high (150/90).  I had eaten three cucumbers from the garden haul that G brought in yesterday.  Liberally sprinkled with coarse salt (the way I like my vegetables).  Just before the doctor's visit.  And last night the "food fairy" served up cheese covered nachos and salsa.

I'm not saying this is why my BP was so high but it could have contributed.

Now I am on Prednisone to see if that makes the rash go away.  It is making me more irritable than usual.  G is not impressed.  The doctor suggested wet tea bags on my eyes. My heart is racing from the Prednisone @ 7pm.  The skin around my eyes is dry and irritated (tea bags) but not swollen. I would still scare small children.

On a sweeter note: my Riley has not left my side.  He stayed with me this morning until I got up, through breakfast and cold compresses and after I returned from the doctor and had tea bags on my face.  He watches me with those caring eyes never more than a hand away (so I can reassure him with a pat).  It felt nice to be watched over.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Where Have I Been?

It seems like a hundred days since I last had the "energy" to post.  I have been working every day--my first day off will be this coming Saturday---still a long way from today.  My second (seasonal) job is taking a lot out of me.  On Sunday, very busy, I was actually able to get into trouble and get out of it without asking for help.  It felt great.  The next day___well, you know how that goes.  Terrible.

Today I was happy to be at the greenhouse.  But I kept trying to touch the register screen to make things happen.  Nothing happened.  Wrong job.

I also have developed a skin irritation around my eyes that is very dry and can even start to burn.  I am trying very hard not to touch my face with my hands.  It could be anything from the soap at the seasonal job, to the chemicals on the clothing I am handling with customer orders. I have dry skin anyway and try to use the plainest products (fragrance free) on my face.  I try and wash my hands before and after my breaks.  My hands aren't dry.  Just the skin around my eyes (eyebrows and corners) which I must be touching while I wait on customers.

On the way to work today, I even did an "errand".   I haven't even had time to shop for groceries.  So, this morning I made time to stop and buy deodorant and some new undies.  I couldn't do without a day longer.  LOL.

I noticed that G has picked more stuff in the garden.  I am thinking I should make tomato jam with the weird tomatoes I have ripening on the porch.  Sort of a spicy ketchup, but a jam.  And today I was reading about jalapeño apple jam.  Served on a block of cream cheese with crackers.  But I don't have time to make jam.

Now, I am going to take a shower and apply medicine to my dry eyes.  Perhaps the "dinner fairy" will provide a meal????

Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Window Reveal

Here is the view of the room this morning before I had breakfast and went to work.  You can see the long table, the large plant hanging off the kitchen divider (which someday will be gone), Riley's bone collection under the table.  Riley was going in/out through the opening for the doors all day yesterday--and NOW he thinks this is THE way in/out.  Even though there is nothing out there to land on.  You can also see where the skylight was removed.

G is working on cutting the drywall, adding strapping and eventually putting up bead board on that long wall. It's his "project". I think I want to wrap the bead board around onto the window wall but J (carpenter) thinks it should be used only as an accent in the room.  What do you think?

Here is the view from the kitchen sink.  A whole wall of windows.  This changes the room so much.  And it brings the garden inside the house (it seems).  And you know how much I love my gardens.

I worked 7 hours at my second job today and I work there Friday, Sunday and Monday.  I should be fully trained and completely lifeless by Tuesday.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The New Windows Are In

This is the window that was formerly the bay window.  When it was removed the guys found tons of mouse poop above the window and a mouse nest with babies below the window.  I chose NOT to keep the mice.

The is the view from the kitchen door.  The plywood is where the French doors will be (already are) and the other four windows are all floor to ceiling (or as close as we could get with oil baseboard heat. Those ugly things under the windows are not baseboards.  They are ugly metal heaters.

This is the corner up close.  You can see outside.  And there was LIGHT in the dining room for the first time in weeks.

Tomorrow I will take a picture of what I saw when I got home from an eight hour day in the greenhouse.  I can see why we don't regularly work 8 hour shifts.  I feel like I got beaten up. Anyway. I got home to find the French Doors installed and my dining room looking like I dreamt it would.  The carpenter hadn't "gotten" it until the doors went in and then he said to G "I had no idea it was going to look like this.  This is "money".  Meaning it's really good.

There were tears in my eyes and I sort of choked up.  It's really that beautiful.  Tomorrow.  Promise. And it's not even trimmed out or painted.  I'm having him build me a REAL fireplace mantle in the living room next.  All trimmed out anyway he wants.  My gift to him.

I am now 100% hooked on renovation.  I just have to find some more money.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Windows Are In

Pictures tomorrow.  By the time I thought about taking a picture for you, it was too dark. I will remember in the morning.  Not sure if the French Doors (in the garage) will be installed or not.  They have to do some work below the door as the entire door has a latch that locks into the foundation so wind and rain can never blow inside the house (when the doors are locked).

I was told that these doors are on ocean front houses and when the winds are screaming, the home owners lock them down and it's completely silent.  No sound from outside as they are that tight.

Riley is exhausted.  He had three carpenters to follow around.  He had openings in the house where windows will be, to jump in and out of.  He had carpenters with snacks and coffee to supervise. And then they found a nest of baby mice (in the bay window) and put them in a bucket and let Riley see them.  Well, you can imagine what happened next.

The bay window is gone.  The mouse poop in the ceiling of the bay window is gone.  The mice are gone.  And I am quite tickled with the new window that replaced the bay.  And J didn't find hang rafter damage so he can close up the roof shingles pretty quickly.