Monday, January 31, 2022

Daily Notes- Monday January 31st. End of the Month

 I need to find new photos.  I'm out.  So you get cherry cheesecake.  And doesn't it look AMAZING!!!

The snow is cleared and husband is wanting to go to the grocery store.  Prescriptions to pick up. He is wanting to "do something".  Anything.  So we will go to the grocery store- I am wondering if they will have what we need as yesterday was first time things were moving around here on roads.

Football.  OMG.  It was fantastic.  Bengals defeated Mahomes.  And the announcers said for the third time this season.  I had though Mahomes was bulletproof.  I guess he isn't.  He scrambled a lot behind the line of scrimmage but had no targets to throw to and decided not to try to run.  That last play he just sort of gave up.  And McPherson put another one over the goal posts.  He's my favorite footballer right now.

Then the 49ers and the Rams.  Cooper Kup is my favorite on the Rams team.  And I never saw Beckham so focused and involved.  He wanted that win..  His first Super Bowl.  Imagine that.  

I KNOW Connie is very happy the Bengals are going forward.  

I can't wait for 2 pm and my Sports Show. The guys there didn't have the two teams that won- in their lists of talking points.  They dismiss young quarterbacks. Ha! Can't wait for the backtracking.

Well, I wrote to you before eating breakfast and I'm very hungry.  So, until later.  Thank you Kim for the comment yesterday- I replied to you there.

Sigh.  January is coming to a close.  February.  Well, we'll see what happens.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday, January 30th- And the Snow Is Done

 The front porch.  The bear my brother in law Roger carved for us as a house warming gift..  The neighbor down the street- a lawyer- shoveled our porch and sidewalk.  He and husband are now dueling over who clears the driveway with the snow blower. Men.  Me? I'd say have at it neighbor.

It snowed all day yesterday and into the night. Wind blowing the dry snow sideways.  Accumulation was at or under two feet.  Very light dry snow which is blowing all over the place.  The heavy wet stuff- well, that's killer.  The electricity never flickered.

Husband was clearing heavy snow the day he had his heart attack.  But Riley let us know it was his heart and we got him to the local ER fast enough and they got him all wired up and into an ambulance and the ER at the big surgery hospital 40 minutes away was waiting and rolled him right in to the operating room and then two days later opened his chest for the big heart surgery.  We take snow seriously.

Gary's brother died in his snow covered front yard in Wisconsin years ago- same age as my husband when his heart gave out. And their father the same age when he died.  That bear is always there.  On the front porch.  Like a protective guard dog.

Snow always brings back these twin memories.

So...the Sun is shining.  Bright sparkling WHITE everywhere.  Football today, I guess.

The Sunday paper was delivered an hour ago.  All is right with the World.  Another storm is rolling in..but we have today, the sunshine and what's not to like?, huh.  And Snow is the most excellent of fertilizers as the snow holds all kinds of minerals and moisture.  And we have the best neighbors.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Daily Notes- Saturday, January 29th. Blustery Snow Blizzard

 All this Old Bird needs is some red frame eye glasses, a sweater and I can use it for my driver's license.

Late in the evening yesterday- I made a big pot of vegetable soup.  The lead character in the book I am reading spent time, twice, chopping vegetables for soup for her mother who is vegetarian and not feeling well.  And I was thinking, if the power goes out and we are using the generator...then I won't be able to cook on the stove until power is restored.  Microwave will be on the generator.  So I made three quarts of soup.  Using up most of the vegetables in the crisper drawer.  Adding items to the shopping list. Husband has his prepared chicken meals.  I have my soup and my oatmeal which I prepare in the microwave.

Alls well.  George will come to start the generator.  Husband put his back out last time pulling the start cord.  Two years ago. He doesn't remember.

I got up a bit late....when there is nothing to do..I tend to lose the need to get up.  But I did get up and with the secondary thought of the snowstorm- I did a load of laundry (while we had electricity and hot water) to make sure I was stocked up on underpants.

Soup. Generator. Underpants. Books.

The snow, so far, is tiny and hard.  Blowing. Sideways  The wind is the real problem.And power lines going down.  Which is the actual reason they have asked us not to drive- people sliding into power poles with their cars/ trucks with bald tires- and then other cars sliding into the truck and then the power pole. 

 Three inches of hard crunchy snow has accumulated and it's just after 12 noon.  Another 24 hours.  At least that is what husband is reporting.  Mostly White Out conditions out there.  As I look out the window to my left- I can still make out the big tree and the fenced vegetable garden.  The dark items in the yard.  

Newspaper was delivered and the mail came a half hour ago.  In Maine, we just accept these things. I am now going to reheat my coffee and settle into the couch with my book.  Books, Soup and Clean Undies.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Daily Notes- January 28th- Waiting for the Snow Cyclone/Blizzard.

 It's  Perhaps without the /events we can get to something more?

I look forward to owning some faded blue denim on which to mend and mend and mend. I do have bits and pieces I use to patch pants.  I'll start saving them up.

I found, this morning, a list of ingredients but not a recipe.  For the recipe I have to sign up and pay. Potato Flautas.  Mashed potato mixed with butter, milk, chilies and cheese. Rolled into a- now here I am making a leap- corn tortilla??- and frying.  I'm Austrian-Hungarian-Slovak (like my printer/copier)  so I have a great love of all things potato and cheese in my DNA.  I mean who else is craving mashed potato cheese fried tacos right now???? Me. I'd add raw onion to my mashed potato.

Yesterday on PBS- The British based Jamaican Bobsled Team.  For this year.  Training by pushing cars uphill and running the sled on wheels down steep hilly roads- practicing getting on a moving sled..  But they were having the time of their lives and the Queen was tickled to meet them. I was, too.

Snow is predicted.  Wind.  The Wind is the major worry.  All our electricity is strung up on tilting wood poles.  They come crashing down.  Often.  When it rains. Blizzard?  Everyone cross your fingers and pray for us. Please.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Daily Notes- January 27th. Still very COLD

 I chose this image for the colors.  There were many of this type of image to select from.  I liked the black and white also.  And that the stockings and shoes were also painted.  Here's another idea that I had about a quilt.  Painting the fabric as one whole and then quilting it.  I did this on small pieces. It was fun.  Most were sold or given as gifts.

Today is brilliantly BRIGHT outdoors.  Sun reflecting on SNOW.  BLINDING.

The numbers of unvaccinated Mainers in hospitals and morgues grows each day.  Unvaccinated. Sigh. It's almost like suicide. Only it takes so long and the ventilator is horrible.  And who pays???? I mean it's expensive to be in the ICU for days and even weeks.  I can contemplate insurance companies refusing to pay hospital bills.  As it was a "personal choice" to not be vaccinated.  And for those with no insurance?

So...library email today.  More books.  Books I want to read.  So we'll make another voyage in the car to the Library after husband finishes all his puzzles.  The Word Search and the Jumble.  I helped with the one from yesterday.  The single jumbles are fine- but the one that has a silly word clue that uses the letters from the four single jumbles...... isn't.

We had cheesecake (finally) for dessert last night.  It was delicious.  Husband had candy sprinkles on top of his slice.  And whipped cream.

My VERY HEAVILY mended sweater has more threadbare holes showing up- next to the mending. So I need to do some additional work.  Susan sent me a link to a Mending Blog.  And it was a delight as some of the clothing shown was ENTIRELY mending.  Laughing over here.  Jeans with not one speck of denim showing.  I LOVED it.  Which reminds me- Daughter's gardening pants need a third application of patching on the knees. Annual Mending.  The pants themselves ..are heavily painted. Like mother, like daughter.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Daily Notes- January 26th. Not as Cold. But Still Cold.

 Talkie.  Grace's Chicken.  Windthread.    I had to bring the image here.  So so wonderful-- isn't she? Such Character. Personality.  Spunk. (so like Grace)  I used to make fabric appliqué chickens.  I think I will make a Talkie square.  Her colors are so deep.......  that eye.  What's not to love and admire???? And I happen to have a large amount of red fabric. A good amount of it- chosen because it resembled feathers.

Oil Delivery.   198.9 gallons (the guy thinks the tank might hold 250)  Total cost. $898.52.

Last time they delivered the same amount the bill was $367.

I am happy we replaced the original oil burning furnace with a more efficient one years ago- when it started "seeping"......we asked and the guy working on it "mansplained" it meant the oil was "seeping" out of the furnace thru worn out seams.  Which is why we smelled oil fumes in the house.

But still...$898.52 was quite a shocker.  And I never have the heat higher than 65 (even when it's minus 10 outside).  Because- we have sweaters, corduroy pants and wool socks and down comforters on the bed..  But still- our hands are always right now.  Icy fingers.

I fried up Potstickers for husband yesterday for his 3 pm meal. ( mostly because we had spoken harsh words to each other)  I had steamed white rice.  I forgot to add frozen peas to the rice while it rested after cooking.  So.....Just Rice.  I also forgot to add butter.  Sigh. Those words were harsh..... But it was least we had a meal. And today is another day.  Fresh Page or Slate.

More books have arrived at the library for me- interlibrary loans.  We might drive over and get them. And that's about all for today. I have a Meatloaf Prepared Dinner (from grocery) for my dinner today.  And Cheesecake from the Grocery Bakery.'s a Lovely Day in The Neighborhood.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Daily Notes- Tuesday, January 25th- Snow Over Night. Light and Dry.

 I am assuming (yes) that clicking on the image will take you to the source.  What did I like the most? the white dots of course.  I'm not sure of the composition itself.

So...snow overnight.  Light and dry-- so easy enough to shovel, except there is an inch of smooth ice under the snow.  Accident Waiting To Happen.

Oil delivery is supposed to come today.  I usually don't pay any attention in the 30 years we've lived here- but husband noticed it was down to a quarter tank and I started...being worried. I called 30 minutes ago.  They were sort of amused.  It's coming they said.  Hung up.

Customer Service isn't what it used to be.

I prepped a bowl of Vanilla Noosa Yogurt, grapefruit segments (removed from their skins) it's called something I have tried to spell but can't- I saw it on a cooking show and taught myself how to do it. Removing the fruit from the segment covering.... supreme something.  Fussy. Good knife skill to learn.  The naked segments are so much better that way.

The Cooking Channel was quite different in the very beginning when I started watching- 1990's.  They mostly showed a French Chef cooking on a huge blackened stove with flames and using dented blackened pans.  The way restaurants really cooked back then.  I watched their knife skills, their sauce skills, plus mixing, folding, whipping.

I learned how to cook.  I even made my brother shout with laughter when I told him the pork I had in the oven was  "acid forward" in flavor.  Then he tasted it. Then he "got" it.  "oh!".  I think my rolling metal shelving unit of pots and pans was another thing he stood and inventoried.  And the large full knife block.

I used to even make homemade Potsticker Chinese dumplings from scratch as they say. They were fantastic. I don't do that anymore.  So........we went to the library yesterday and today a notice that books have arrived for pickup.  More books.  I am reading Pride, Prejudice and Other Flavors.  Not sure I like it yet-- one character's last name is Dashwood.  In the first book I read- Wickham.  I'm not even sure which is the first in the series of three. Very large Indian family- Raje. Pronounced RaJay. Written in the book.

Monday, January 24, 2022

Daily Notes- Monday January 24th. Slow Start Monday

 Football.  Sunday.  Pizza.  Screaming at the TV.  Those teams refuse to listen to my advice.

Some won. Some lost.  But.....I was  super happy the Rams won.  Super. Happy.  Cooper Kup for the Win.

We had Football Pizza.  Got bored during the Tampa Bay game.  And angry.  And then laughed when Brady got one to the mouth.  His wife, in the party booth, was laughing with some guy and eating candy with her back to the game. Supportive.

Then the 49 Niners Game.  Not happy with that.  Buffalo gave up.  It happens and I don't understand it. Aren't they primed to WIN???  Had a couple good chances.  My coaching from Maine wasn't enough, I guess.

We have already shopped for groceries and toilet paper.  I went to the library to pick up books I had ordered from other libraries.  Husband driving my car.  Always ..not a pleasant experience for me or my car.  I bought bagels and a carrot bar cake for husband.  No treats for me. I wanted kale for soup but- was way too large.  No escarole.  I like bitter greens in my soup.

I usually buy a package of four moist thick Brownies but not today.  I bought Dr Bronner's Baby Soap- unscented for washing my hands in my bathroom.  I have a second bar by the kitchen sink.  COVID hand washing.  I had stopped but now I wash my hands after leaving the house (returning).  Masking Order in my local area.  Safer. But.

I did buy two very large heavy red grapefruit.  Smooth skin.  To segment and eat with vanilla Noosa yogurt and Bran Buds.  My grocery had a "new to them and me"--quart container of Noosa in the coolers.  I love Noosa. This means I skip my Statins while eating the grapefruit and then start up again after.  So four days (or more) with no statins. My blood work report was Perfect.  And I have permission to eat grapefruit.  Just not WITH my meds..  As a special treat in Winter.  Like this week. So that is super exciting.

Susan S has sent me a link to a very very delicious Mending Site with Pictures.  I am in Heaven. Yes, Susan- just the kind of mending I like. So so great.  I'm going there when I hit publish.  The sweater I am wearing right now is more patches than sweater.  And I noticed a few new worn out places. Let the mending commence.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday, January 23rd- Bengals and 49er's Win. At the Last Minute.

 The view from inside my house.  This post might not get finished as the computer had an "episode" last night that required a hard shut down.  Last legs. And it was difficult waking it up this morning.  But this is the view.  The part closest to you is ice.  Down, right of the big bushy thing- the side walk is dry. And further down the driveway is dry also.  Ice where the Sun Don't Shine.

Football yesterday.  Bengals!!!!!!!  And this morning we read that Jimmy G didn't "crap his pants" and the 49ers beat Green Bay in Green Bay where it was FRIGID.  Now.....which one of these teams do I want to play the Buc's and Brady????  Well, if Brady makes it today.....the betting lines got two games wrong so far.

I have a ball of pizza dough warming up.  Just out of the fridge it takes it a few hours to get itself going.

My co worker at the greenhouse sent a book title- A Noise Downstairs.  Barclay.  She says it's a creepy mystery, if I like that sort of thing.  I do and I don't.  I sort of like being scared- but then I don't.

I am re-reading the Hating Game for like the 10th time.  And it's very different this time.  This happens. I'm different this time so the book is too.  Things that bothered me about the book the first 9 times- this time they don't.  This time I am reading it entirely differently.  There is subtext I never realized before. I am enjoying the book so much more, being more sympathetic to the male character. I am evolving.

Finished my soup yesterday- added a bit more water to make it looser.  Had another Swiss, Mayo and Romaine sandwich (the last of everything) while tucked under my down couch blanket..   No candy.  No cookies.  I did some sewing.  Started today with a hot shower, fresh clothes.  I even remembered to comb my hair (I tend to forget as I wash up sans eyeglasses and don't really SEE my hair looking all weird)  

I am trying to remember if I brushed my teeth???

The computer thing shook me up.  Made me feel like I was alone on a dark strange highway not knowing where I was or how to get home.  It woke up sort of fine this morning.  I'll give reading blogs a try now that I've written to you.  Because you are one of the best parts of my day.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Daily Notes- Saturday, January 22. Cold but lots of bright sunshine.

 Isn't it Delightful!!!  The Bird Feeders here are full.

My car passed inspection but needed to have the battery charged before and after.  In the cold (with no driving) the battery goes dead.  They did something else- replaced an air filter in the dash.  I got fresh oil. A new filter.  I got my sticker.  All is well, in my tiny tiny World.

The Twins dog is getting neutered this coming week.  I doubt this will change his tactic of dragging the owners down the street.  The dog "pulls".  Riley tried that.  I would wind the leash around my hand and stand and lean back (not on ice covered streets, though).  We would stand.  Like that. Each time he pulled.  He stopped pulling because he wanted to walk.  Sigh.....each dog owner has to learn on his/her own, I guess.  

The breeder of my Riley had one bit of advice.  YOU are in charge.  NEVER the dog.

I think that is true of raising children as well...up to a certain point.  After that, they never listen to you.

So...Football Games today.  We are pretty excited to have something to watch.  Husband opened the new puzzle and is looking for edge pieces.  It's a huge puzzle.  He likes having a selection of activities open to him.  The Daily Jumble puzzle from the paper.  Then Coloring.  Then the  Jigsaw Puzzle.  Then reading his book.  Which reminds me- I need to ask if he needs some of his pencils sharpened.  That's my job.

It's very cold and mid week we called the oil company as we had only a quarter of a tank of heating oil. Our next delivery is Tuesday.  It's very cold.  And each time the furnace goes on- I worry it might be the last time. If husband hadn't looked and told me- I wouldn't have a care in the World regarding the furnace. But now I know and now I am worried as we have no secondary source of heat.  We got rid of the wood stove long ago.

I just take a deep dive into WORRY.  It's my personality type.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Daily Notes- January 21st- Very very Cold- Nine degrees

 Bird Walk.  

It's very cold here in Maine.  Mostly the colors of this image.  Brown, grey, white. Nine is cold.

My husband has taken my car in for an oil change and State inspection.  I don't know how long it takes so I can't get too worked up about how long he's been gone.  yet.  I am hoping my little car passes.

I spent some Time yesterday hand sewing.  I was going to show it to you today, but I'm not sure I like it enough but...we'll see how it goes.  I'm treating- so far- the patchwork surface like a big sheet of drawing paper.  Just Doodling with fabric and thread.- but using pencil to draw the shapes--  Easy enough to "erase" items if they don't work long term- just snip and pull the thread away. I think the pencil lines will stay.  They are very lightly drawn. Adds something - something I like.

My Desk Calendar is looking different this year.  Still colorful.  But there is occasional "darkness" in the items in the squares.  And some squares overlap and meander into Future days and weeks. And under the art- there are some appointments etc.  But they get covered up. longer a journal so much as it's art.  The squares have appointments and book lists etc- before getting covered up. 

Less a calendar and more of a story board.  January is a story, so far, of being alone. Empty. Searching.

It's just January.  I have eleven months to figure out how it goes.  I might have a designated area to fill with book titles.  I might have another area filled with things that happen.  That area doesn't have to be very large.  Nothing happens.  knock wood.

I need to feed myself.  I can't live by eating only my morning oatmeal and then several cups of coffee that start hot and end up being finished cold.   I am reading Incense and Sensibility by Sonali Dev. A play on Austen's Sense and Sensibility.  Yoga and Politics.  With a body guard.  20% in and we are still having introductions and explanations.  I'm still reading so there might be something here.  Might.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Daily Notes- January 20th. Not as cold. Not snowing.

 I added four trees like the one on the left and yesterday made the little black and white line.  Which took a long time and made my eyes go fuzzy.  The squares are 1.5 inch finished. I think there should be something on top of the black and white "worm" line" but don't know what yet- I am going with a flat wide flower with black stamen I can't get spell check to get right.  Things that have pollen on the ends. I think they will look amazing.  I may have gotten it.....right.

I also sprayed and wiped down husband's bathroom and my own before going to bed.  They needed it.

Today was BUSY.  And weird.  Got my haircut.  Big sign about wearing masks.  Six weeks ago- last haircut-I was ONLY ONE wearing a mask.  I was also ONLY ONE who hasn't had COVID in past 6 weeks.  Everyone in shop got it. Yes, they did. I really dodged a bullet.  Really......

And I learned that Viagra is supposed to "increase blood flow" and combat COVID. (really this stuff is great) And that my hairdresser asked her doctor for a prescription for Trump"s best medication Intervectin ????  No call back by her doctor.  I pressed my lips together -hard- behind my mask. Lip cramps.  Over a thousand new cases a day here in Maine.  That's a lot of Viagra. Increasing blood flow and getting rid of COVID.  I do get an excellent haircut.......... in case you wonder why I go back.

So........ then I also went to the grocery store.  Chicken Dinners and Cheesecake.   And then Library where I got a bunch of books- with more coming from other libraries....... Deborah- I got Sourdough.  

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Daily Notes- January 19th- Cold. Colder. Snowing.

 I need to go looking for Art for this Blog..or stop adding an image.  I LOVE this one.

My Desk Calendar Art is getting "darker" less light and frothy.  I think it's because of the images I am cutting from magazines and the newspaper.  Because...less stuff is shot in pastels these days.  More people, unvaccinated...are in hospitals and dying.  Here in Maine in the 4 digits each week.  Unvaccinated. Dead.

I keep wondering if "new" people will move here or if the population drops below one million for the entire State.  "Settlers" arriving in covered wagons.  Who knows.

Yesterday.  I heated up a big bowl of my soup.  Later I had some walnuts and carrots.

I also hand appliquéd some bits and pieces on my "yard plus square" of patchwork.  After each addition I tossed it flat on husband's ottoman (next to my ottoman) and just glanced at it for minutes or hours.  Until I was sure of what I wanted next.....or if I was going to remove things.  I tend to unsew a lot.  Do you??? I can see a few things I might unsew today.

When I was a member of a Quilting/Talking Chapter- I could ask these things of the "old 70 and 80" quilters.  Now I am that OLD and I still have questions.  Do you sew things and then take them apart..not right away but eventually?????  This particular piece (square) has been hanging around, folded for quite awhile.  I unfold it and lay it on the floor and look at it and then fold it back up.  

I came to quilting late and I was a no rules quilter.  Because I didn't know there were rules.  

Later I did a bit of Class Teaching.  Yes, Me.  It was fun.  Sort of ...if you want that color next to this one- why not.  Give it a shot.  And to be accepted...I even made a few Civil War type things.  Appliqué.

Anyway.  Cloth this week and not books.  Eye drops.  Winter Eyes.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Daily Notes- Tuesday, January 18th. Freezing Cold. Ice. Sunshine

 I sewed while watching tv.  Then the California Chargers game.  Very upscale.  And another twosome where only one side came to actually TRY to play.  It's very strange and none of the "Talking Heads" (commentators) have anything to say about it.  One sided playoff games.

I skipped the soup.  I had a Swiss, Mayo, and Romaine sandwich. Greens.  Lots of Romaine.  I ate it while rolled up in a down filled coverlet.  I'll have soup today.  As it's a slippery, shiny Ice World outside today.

The road below the driveway is clean and dry- they spray it with de-icer.  They is the Town.  Our driveway- the part the Sun shines on is also free of ice.  Our front steps and walkways are ice rinks.

Not much else to report.  I am scheduled to get my hair cut on Thursday. And my Honda Car is scheduled for an Oil Change and State Inspection Sticker on Friday.  Big Week. My car has been "out of compliance" with the sticker for a long time.  The fine is $100 a month if caught by the Police, going back to original expiration date. I drive to grocery store and walk to library from there.  I go nowhere.  And when I tried for a sticker one December (not last month), my car failed.  Repairs to things were needed and they got done- but once it snows- I don't drive.  And here we year later.  I do pay the Town Tax on my vehicle.  That's a tag for the license plate.  The clerk used to do a double take on the mileage when my hair was brown.  Now its white (my hair) and she doesn't.

Anyway........I need to make a dessert for myself..  I finished off the Raspberry Jello.  I have cake mix.  I have brownie mix.  I have cheesecake crumb crust mix.  I know how to make several tasty items in a coffee cup in the microwave..... using cookies. I have a few cookies.  I have chocolate. I have cream cheese. And cream.And Egg Beaters.  I should be able to make myself a "Cup" cake. Or I can just eat candy.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday January 16th

 A new Project.  Embellishment of this small square pieced top.  It has two borders and then I got "blocked" as to what to do next.  Now I am thinking some "shapes" appliquéd just above that thin border and into the blocks above.  Rectangles (thin and tall) or elongated triangles.  I looked for tiny prints in the fabric closet.  I couldn't find the fabric I made the slim border out of.  Just a strip from the border itself.  It might be enough. Just to remind the observer of the slim border.  That cloudy blue is cloth I painted. I might have some scraps of that.

We went to the grocery today.  At around 2 pm.  Just in case the "Threatening Weather Reports" are correct and we need to get the generator working to power the heat and lights. Tomorrow is the day.  Big Wind. which is nasty here in Maine with so many old diseased trees hanging over the power lines.  In any other Town- they would just cut them down and plant new trees farther back from the streets.

Last time husband got the generator "working" he did something to his back.  And was in a lot of pain for the entire winter spring and summer.  He's just now feeling better.  So...cross your fingers and say a little prayer for us????

Well, I need to start in on making my soup.  I didn't do it yesterday.

That book--- Kinsella's Love Your Life. It was good and I had read it before.  The first 20 pages can put one off.  But once she gets to Italy and the writing retreat- it's a good book.  Not great- good.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Daily Notes- January 15th- Bitterly Cold. Sun Shining. Making SOUP.

 My Soup will sort of look like this soup but I won't be sprinkling mine with green herb leaves. Pantry Soup.  I just dug around in the pantry to find the most current out of date cans for the soup.  Each time I do this I vow not to buy two of anything.  The second seems to sit around and get old. Forgotten.

Or I could just make Pantry Soup every week till I use all the cans up.

But the WHOLE IDEA of Pantry is to have things in there for the "last minute" usage.  Nothing to eat??? There's stuff in the Pantry Cupboard.  But I think...the part missing is the actual Daily Cooking. Or ANY cooking.  Which I no longer do.  Since husband has always preferred anything BUT home cooking.  

Which baffles me.  I can produce a better product.  Husband will refuse to eat the soup I am making.

He has also returned to his addiction to playing games on his iPhone (in the bathroom where he thinks I won't find out).  I am disappointed in him. And I contemplate packing a suitcase and just walking away from what is coming. He'll be in the car driving to a restaurant before I am halfway down the road.  Did you think he would be chasing after me?...that's laughable. Well, he might try to find me when the laundry basket is full or more likely just carry the basket to the dry cleaners.   I am not very cheerful today.

Football today.  And the Weather will be...frigid.  And the Patriots seem to have given up four weeks ago.  Something happened.  Something we may never find out about.  Could be Covid Fatigue.  When talking to the public their voices are flat.  Emotionless.  Like trauma victims. Perhaps family things that they have suffered or are dealing with.

No books to tell about.  I was busy re-reading older books and now have a new Kinsella- Love Your Life to read.  No idea if I will like it.  But it's library due date is close.  The last book I was reading shall not be mentioned.  I got 1/3rd of the way in and the confused writing was more than I wanted to deal with.  Mary Alice Monroe- the summer of lost and found. (author used lower case )  Covid.  (I mentioned it).

Friday, January 14, 2022

Daily Notes- Friday, January 14th. Bitterly Cold

 Pillow three. 

Today I visited the site of a quilt ARTIST I had never known about the things I don't know about Thread, Stitch and Cloth.....overwhelm me. she mentions the Dairy Barn in Athens, Ohio where I went to school.  Ohio University.  At the Time I was there- it was still a barn full of cows.

And wouldn't you know it- now I can't find the link back to that Artist..  Will have to exist in my memory. I can't remember the beginning thread I followed this morning.

But before I left her site: a long book list.  She adds a "what I am reading" at the end of her posts.  And I noticed a few books I had read and enjoyed so I copied the list of books from an additional few posts. Eleven.  Now if I had only written her website at the top.

EDIT:  I found her: Helen Geglio.  I added her to my Bookmark List and now have the task of removing 6 that husband added to my computer.  I am reminded that I actually created this blog one evening with daughter.  All the mechanics of it were done by me.  How I have composted in the years since.  Brain Rot.

Now, long time Readers know the number eleven is important to me.  It's sort of a "beacon".  When it shows up- I pay attention. (yep-- this was a beacon that I have let myself slide....)

It's very cold.  But I have had the furnace running for only a short time.  We have a new puzzle.  I found it on the floor under magazines in the guest bedroom.  Vincent Van Gogh.  Blue Skies.  I paid two dollars for it at Goodwill at some point in time- at least 2 years ago- BC  (before Covid). BC. Gosh. 

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Daily Notes- Off to a Bad Start. Trying Desperately to Calm Down.

 Actually there were two pillows I looked at (you will see the second tomorrow).  This one with the bird on red background.  I was thinking it would be nice to replace a few pillows.  On the couches.  And these are colors I have used in the past. And I have a cranberry slipcover for the couch that faces me-- and would it be the one getting the pillows.

If I would be living alone in a small place while husband elsewhere - would this couch with new pillows be too large for my new space? Yes....I don't think I will stay in this huge house alone.  Son can't live here in Maine as the internet is quite awful and not suited to his work needs.

I finished up the food I had made for myself and now need to think of something new to make.  Husband is still eating the Chicken Parm so I only have to make something for myself.  I bought lettuce.  For salads. But when it's 12 degrees outside- not really salad weather. I promised we would have pizza today. And so we will. I can have salad with mine. Thought I do like the salad with pizza to have Caesar dressing. And I do not have any.

It's been a very rough DAY so far. (not even 1pm)  There were raised voices and angry words.  And I know these sorts of days will be commonplace as Time goes on........ In the Gamache book...a wife suggests to her husband that he pack his suitcase for a trip they are taking.  She has the case open on their bed and her husband starts packing.  He isn't going anywhere.  When he's asleep, the wife unpacks the suitcase.  They do this each day as - it gives him something to do.  

It's amazing there will be few sentences, a paragraph in a book that is like a message in a book (not a bottle) to help me get thru a day or a week or a month.  Perhaps even a year. Or many years.

We watched PBS last night.  The scientist with the Octopus in a large tank in his house.  Then butterflies which seem to hold the materials needed to get us thru Global Warming. And finally, the Pacific Ocean.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Daily Notes- A Freezing Cold Wednesday, January 12th.


Let's see how many hits from Garnet Hill with this image of the pillow.  Not the one I was actually interested in...but I was interested in being reminded of the border design on this pillow.  I'd show you the other one...but that means going back in...and that will only encourage bad behavior on the part of of the retail/internet.

I also heard from the baking company this morning (emails) regarding my interest in Buttermilk Pancake Mix.

If it wasn't so irritating and STUPID, I might be amused that they have nothing better to do. I am, quite frankly, their demographic...but I think their demographic has gotten tired of baking and cooking. COVID Cooking Fatigue.  It's a thing......maybe.

Yesterday was Computer Housekeeping Day.  Deleting and then Empty the Trash. Done and Done.

I read more of my Louise Penny book.  I am very close to the end but saved the last bit for today.  It got very dark and ugly suddenly..... as these books do near the end.

My Raspberry Jello with frozen raspberries instead of the one cup of cold water- is VERY TART.  I think the frozen berries were NOT sweet.  Which I solved yesterday with a spoon of sugar (so not what I intended when buying sugar free) on the surface under the whipped cream.  Also not the best dessert on a below freezing- furnace running all the time Winter Day.  My excuse is that I forgot where I put the jello I couldn't make jello in the Summer.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Daily Notes- Tuesday January 11th. ZERO degrees here in Maine. with Sunshine.

 A screenshot from somewhere.  The warm colors are nice on this sunny but now 3 degree day. Warmer?

I am getting dive bombed by Garnet Hill because I looked at a $189 sweater and a $149 pillow this week.  They think I am going to buy something- they would be WRONG.  Mainly because they are annoying me with endless email.  King Arthur has been doing it as well because I looked at an image of Pancake Mix in one of the many emails I get from them each day..  I was just looking to see if it was the same package I see on the grocery shelf.  It was.  If I want it I can just buy at grocery store.  They are encouraging I buy on line with my credit card.  No.  Will NEVER happen.  They think they are the sole sellers of parchment baking paper as well.  So...not...true.

I tend to buy locally.  Old fashioned as that might be. If it isn't sold here- I do without.

Dreams.  I am living over a Bakery.  Getting up in the dark to go downstairs to start the dough for loaves of bread and last night I even made bagels and a few cakes. In the dreams, I sleep most of the day and work at night. I've been baking bread for the last week or more- in my dreams.  I share the one room apartment with someone who works during the day and sleeps at night. Neither of us has any other Life.

Husband has just called- he has arrived in Lewiston to see his Dermatologist.  Husband refuses to apply sunscreen.  So the annual skin cancer review and painful removal of any he finds.  The roads were slow going so he has 30 minutes to wait...and he remembered to bring the book he is reading.

Truly amazing how much his memory has improved by not using his iPad (at all) and limiting usage of the iPhone to 15 minutes a couple times a day.  I think this should be the first thing doctor's do.  Limit screen usage.  My only screen usage is right now.  Writing this and checking to see who has posted.  Reading the posts, if any.  Then moving on to washing dishes, doing laundry.  I already made the bed, took a very long hot shower, ate my oatmeal and read the newspaper.  

My "new" Louise Penny book is as good as ever.  Less meals at the restaurant (COVID).  Last night they celebrated New Years no masks- last one not this most recent one (here in US we were just getting vaccinated at end of 2019/start of 2020).  And someone by the bonfire got the back of their head smashed in with a piece of firewood.  We have more than enough suspects at the halfway mark. I've made my guess as who done it and why.  We'll see.  None of the regular characters are doing much of anything.  The Painter isn't painting.  The Bookstore owner isn't open for business but is spending time in the restaurant by the fire- chatting and eating and drinking with everyone else who may or may not be the murderer. Gamache is setting up the incident room in the basement of a previously haunted house (another book) and is not happy about it.  Louise moves slowly and carefully into and out of the murders.

So, I am moving slowly as well.  I never actually want the books to come to the last pages.  I want to live in Three Pines as long as possible.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Daily Notes- Monday. Sunshine. Melting Ice. 24 degrees but feels much warmer.

 Squirrel.  When Riley was alive- this squirrel would have gotten the run of his Life.  Just for fun.  Riley was only interested in the chase. Riley's much repaired squirrel toy is on a shelf in my bedroom shoe and purse closet- eye level.  We look at each other when ever I need something in that closet. Like fresh slippers.  The original owner of this house must have loved shoes.

So......the Football was Ugly yesterday.  I have my Sports shows to watch.  Not much else going on. I am not cooking or baking today.  No Washing Machine Pages.  I did a bit of hand sewing later in the day yesterday.  I did quite a bit of unsewing.  Taking things apart.  It seemed like such a GREAT PROJECT years and years ago.  And now it's all taken apart.  It was never going to be what I had envisioned. And I can always use the pieces for something else.  Anyone else out there take apart their patchwork???

I had a few typos today.  Occasionally, I type without looking at the keys.  My memory finds the keys even though I am hardly conscious of looking for them. I was typing that this happened before  typing the Women's Club newsletter in the 80's but it was AFTER Germany..  When I typed the Leaflet for the Morton.Arboretum outside of Chicago.  And then I would drive to the Editor's house and drop it off.  A week or so later I would see it in print. I carried a disc to an office place to have it printed.  My job at work was on a computer as well. I was inputting all the advertising sales data.

 I had forgotten the chronological order of my life. Wow.....that is troubling.

At the time, I was taking a evening adult education class at the Arboretum.  Botanical Drawing and Painting.  It was quite enjoyable.  Not the Mix and Splash of college watercolor back in the mid-sixties. Though I was good at that as well....I really enjoyed the Botanical stuff. Still do.

Well, I have Sports Shows to watch.  Men bickering etc.  

Sunday, January 09, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday. Dismal. Drizzle. Dark. Depressing.

 Found a chair.  On some site. Thought you would enjoy seeing a chair here.  I love the background.  Huge swaths (love that word) of BLUE.  Most likely a very large painting.  Used as a backdrop for the chair.

Today.  Bleh....... It's cold in here even thought the heat is the same as yesterday.  I am going to go see if husband left the garage doors open after getting the morning paper..  The wall behind the couch here is also the garage wall.  We should see about additional insulation.  

But that would require building people who actually show up to do Maine--showing up to work is a rare thing in the building trades.

The Twins down the street not have their hockey rink.  In the front yard.  A barrier has to be put up- the pucks were going into the street and yards...some into the woods- where the new dog found and ate them.  They know this because dogs poop where owners can see what's exiting.  Riley memorably pooped a uninflated ball with a distorted clown face.  Scared (almost) the crap out of me as well..  

Watched the Broncos 49ers game.  I really wanted the Broncos to win.  I didn't watch the second game but saw the score- 50 to 27 and they still had playing time.  This is when the coaches should just decide to stop.  I was watching Repair on the discovery channel- a British show about repairing old stuff.  I found the stuffed animal restoration very informative.  

Taking the toy apart, lining each piece and making a new pattern for heavily damaged parts and then sewing it back together and re-stuffing.  A Panda Bear and a tall Lamb.  There was an old steam pond boat.  A large ceramic object hit by a ladder one Christmas and smashed a bit. I wished my Dad had been sitting nearby.  He would have loved it.  Perhaps he was nearby.  I now need to go into the ice cold garage and get the pattern pieces dad saved for new chair upholstery.  My dad was working on it.  Re-tied the springs. He thought the fabric I chose was too fancy for him to work on.  So work on the chair stopped. Not too fancy for the chair.  Just too nice for a guy like him to work with.  Sadly that's how he saw the World......for a guy like him.

Saturday, January 08, 2022

Daily Notes- Saturday, January 8th.

 Cute squishy chair.   I have no idea where photo came from ....... little somethings?

Two visits to grocery.  I had forgotten husband's yogurt.  So a second trip but this time we took my car - to charge up the battery.  It's been weeks since I drove it.  Once it snows- I stay home or have husband drive me.  He has all wheel Jeep.  Streets were clean and dry.

I woke up and my back sort of felt like it couldn't hold me upright.  Like I would fold backward and then collapse. I just stood in one place, not moving, until it sorted itself out.  Now it's fine.  Sitting in the cute squishy chair might be fun.

I might have over sweetened my coffee.  It's pretty darned sweet.

I took the jigsaw puzzle back.  Our daughter suggested we dump it into the recycling bucket.  I told her it was library property.  Husband still thinks pieces are missing.  The entire puzzle was still together when I opened the box- just folded to fit back into the box.

I don't have much else to talk about.  One of the Radio On TV guys got COVID on his Christmas Vacation to Florida and the Bahamas.  His family (wife and two kids) did not get sick.  Even being in close proximity to him.  Weird.  So, he's been broadcasting from his basement where he has been living since they got home.  He looked like hell the first few days.  Yesterday he looked almost normal.

Well, nothing else to say.  We got about an inch of snow.  Maybe two.  Nothing like they were forecasting. Maine is now in severe drought conditions.  Weird but true.  Our natural winter is lots of 48 inch snow storms.  Not...... just under two inches. 

I did laundry yesterday so I could read today but at 4:30 we have Football and again at 7:30.  And two games tomorrow.  Weird.  Extra week seventeen to make things more profitable.  Not a fan.

Friday, January 07, 2022

Daily Notes- Snow. Not much as yet- our iPhones have differing opinions on what is coming or not coming.

 I kept this photo out of the garbage can of ads I get each days as MAIL.  Mostly the two black lights.  I need black lights like these for the wall sconces in the room where we eat.  When we first lived here in the early 90's the room was the Family room.  We watched tv, had the wood stove going.  To the left was the dining table.

The fireplace leaked- water ran down the bricks inside. The huge overhead skylight was rotting.  When the fireplace WALL was removed and the skylight had Carpenter Ants so a new roof was needed.  And all new windows- baseboard up.  Illegal but we have them and they are stunning. (if there were grandchildren we would have gotten standard windows. But no grandchildren.) 

Then the room got a huge table that my husband built from salvaged lumber from a barn.  That was lovely.  We had stacks of things on that table.  Then we had more work done and broke the table down into it's component pieces and have the old German/Swedish table here.  And the new bead board wall has two metal plates where lights were supposed to go.  Like the ones over the fireplace in this picture.  I could have art like that on the mantle.  On either side are bookshelf type cabinets in niche's where we have glass shelving- not installed.  I really want wood shelves.  And the area behind the couch- floor to ceiling book cases.  

I see them on the news shows when people have to broadcast from home.  They set up in front of bookcases.  And I want bookcases.  And I want to buy books.  Not borrow from the library.

I am reading the newest Louise Penny- The Madness of Crowds. The COVID pandemic is thought to be over. Little did the author know it would go on another year.  It is another dark book no matter how many gatherings the lovely people who populate Three Pines have. A wave of "New Suggestions" to balance the budget books of government and households- euthanize the old, feeble and disabled.  COVID gave them the idea.

The book is dark and disturbing.  There aren't enough butter tarts in the world to make it less so.

And, again, I will look up butter tarts.

Thursday, January 06, 2022

Daily Notes- January 6th- Another Day of Infamy.

 This is what Pandemic Life feels like.  Living in a glass bowl.  I used to make these when I worked at the greenhouse.  I made up little stories and then designed the bowls to go along.  This one is quite lovely.

I am rather "attached" these days to gray and green.  Somber colors.

My daughter brought me a pair of beige linen Eileen Fisher pants from Goodwill.  For what ever I want to do with them.  On the table was the scarf DebL had sent me with her dye deck colors. Daughter said- send it.  Have her do things to those pants.  I am thinking a dark color.  My butt is too large to be walking around in light beige.  But with extra people in the house- I think the dye deck might not be working in 2022. Safety concerns.

In yesterday's comments- news of a new variant in France.  I am just starting to think this is all tied into Global Warming.  It's just a thought on the edges.  But...Fire, Drought, Flood, Plague.......... on Ancient Aliens ---Earth is sometimes discussed as sort of "experimental" ........ someone's science project???

I began the day with a shower.  Last night I was lost in my dreams and couldn't find my way back....... it wasn't the best dream.  I woke feeling....lost.  So.  I decided a hot shower was what I needed.  Later today I have two loads of Washing Machine Pages.  

January 6th is not a day I want to re-live via the news on tv. 

 Paula left a comment yesterday.  I am also lactose intolerant but I had never seen it as an opportunity to clear the aisles at the grocery.  Laughing.

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Daily Notes- January 5th. Cold Earth surface, Warm Air, Rain. Maine is slippery today.

 What I'm eating but not as "soupy".   Pasta and Pulled Pork.  I could make mine soupy?? This (pictured) I think is a Ragu on Gnocchi with some sage leaves (not edible) just to make the picture less brown and yellow. I could toss something like frozen peas on my dinner??  I am almost out of cooked pasta and I now have Kraft Mac and Cheese so that might be next up with the pulled pork. I have a very large tub of uncooked pasta shapes..... daughter went a bit crazy. So Pasta every which way is coming soon.

We took the opportunity, after newspaper reading, this morning to dash to the library and grocery. I had books that were overdue.  I picked up magazines in the entry way- donated by Patrons.  I usually look at the pictures and then cut them up to use here on the desktop calendar.  Today I got images of a table and chairs and a painting.  the walkways in from of the Library were icy and as I exited- I saw a woman slip and fall.  I helped her up and brushed her off. She took a real hit.

I have acid reflux.  I ate orange slice jelly candy. Which I love.

I selected one large box of oatmeal....and then after the cheese, butter, milk and yogurt aisle- I picked up a second box of oatmeal.  I just had a "feeling" that was the thing to do.  After looking at the shelving.  Different Aisles.  What was there and not there.  I can always eat oatmeal.

I am not as last night and the words- "We are beginning the third COVID year."  Beginning. Third.  COVID YEAR.  I sit here thinking that next January I will be typing-FOURTH.

Already we are preparing for a second Booster. Children who are vaccinated now get a Booster.  It's coming.  Endlessly.  Endlessly. Like a long march.

Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Daily Notes- January 4th. Cold. Cold. Cold. Snow on ground is a shiny hard surface.

 Same old square with a new center.  I hadn't intended for the piece to get a new center.  I still am not sure I want to do all the unsewing this change requires me to do.

 And this is just sitting on top. Not stitched or anything.  I set the blue square on top just to make the pile NEAT.  And then I noticed.  And have kept on noticing.  Hell of a thing.  The 4 inch square is sitting on top of the patterned blue.  The orange stripe is sewn in.

I am thinking I had gotten too attached to matching things.  I am thinking I need to pay attention to this.

Sort of a Wake Up.

Well.  It's very cold.  I need another layer of wool.  A second sweater.  The house is so big and empty- it doesn't have any things to trap heat.  We never replaced the things we got rid of.  Three armchairs. Rugs. Curtains.  The wide expanse of hardwood is just that.  Wide. Bare.  Two couches.  One that husband naps on and one where I sit and read or watch Sports News and/or Ancient Aliens or Hallmark Movies.  I keep watching the waltzing movie.  Not much happens.  They dance.  The music plays.  People talk.

Yesterday's (and today's) book is Abbi Waxman's The Bookish Life of Nina Hill.  I finished reading it just before bedtime.  I may start it over again today.  A young woman who likes books.  Works in a book store. Was raised by a nanny while her mother traveled the world taking newsworthy photographs as her Life's work..  Abbi never  knew her father's name.  He dies. Has Abbi in his will.  So she meets 3 of his four wives and all her brothers and sisters etc. etc.  It's actually too much for her. 

Her dead father leaves her his favorite thing.  His black 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.  That's the very end of the book and it's not really ruining the story or anything to mention it.  I doubt many of you read any of the books I write about here.  No one's ever said they have.  But one can hope someone will read them.  

My coffee has gone cold and I have a full wash basket waiting for me by the washing machine.  I have NOT done washing.  In awhile.  Sigh.  I don't think I want to do any today, either. so. I'll make a fresh cup of coffee and settle into the old couch cushions.  Again.  At 75... I think I can do whatever I please.

Monday, January 03, 2022

Daily Notes- January 3rd. Dark, Wet and Dismal. Outdoors. Not in the house.

 Breakfast Sandwich.  If I could make one wish and have it granted right this minute- it would be this breakfast sandwich.   I love an oozy egg yolk.  I would prefer bacon to the ham. But would eat the ham.

So, here we are on Monday- the first Monday of the New Year.  I don't really need groceries.  So I am skipping the usual Monday grocery and Library visits. G feels he needs orange juice and shredded Parm. He can wait a few days.

My neighbor across the street has had several home tests be negative.  But she has read that she could be positive again after her 5 day quarantine....... and  test positive again in the remaining 9 days.  So she is driving to Walmart - the drive thru- to pick up an additional box of antigen test kits.  One a day.  She must be really anxious to get back out there mingling with people. I think she was letting me know I could stop picking up her mail and tucking it in her screen door. Masked.

I slept late and husband got up early and then took a nap before even finishing breakfast.  He just woke up. 1:30 pm.  I put his uneaten yogurt back in the fridge.

I had very very strange dreams.  Very.  Strange. Too strange to write down here.

But I remember them.  Yep........hard to forget them.

Patriots Won.  The Jaguar quarterback sure loves his hair.  That was ...... not my dream. The guy should stop with the hair. Really.

We also watched the Bengals.  Cincinnati.  That beating the Chiefs.  And Tom Brady even managed to pull one back from disaster with the Jets and we were watching when AB had his breakdown strip show. We were eating the Football Pizza I almost forgot to make.  And it was a great Pizza.  And the football, while stranger than Truth- was entertaining.

My sports tv people are back from two weeks of vacation time.  So...good times.

Sunday, January 02, 2022

Daily Notes- January 2nd. Dark, Wet, Chilly outside. Global Warming Alive in Maine..

 Books.  January is the month for Books.  Fiction of course.....but also gardening, cooking and sewing. I have to expand my horizons.  I started "mending" last year around this time.  The Time of the  Siege of the Capital and Democracy & Intelligence..  Mending.  It seemed appropriate. But it hasn't helped......

I was tempted by Sourdough last year.  The creating and tending of a sourdough starter.  Still not sure I am that interested.  The Starter is like having a hungry baby in the fridge.  And we two, do not eat all that much (Breakfast and Supper). So daily loaves...not the best idea.  And husband likes store bought bread best of all.  Not homemade. Nothing really homemade is appreciated. He was raised on TV Dinners.

I am vaguely tempted by Crock Pot.  

I do have a Goodwill Crockpot ($4) out in the garage filled with black walnuts and pieces of rusted iron.  All I need to get it going is to plug it in.  Add water (perhaps melted snow which might have minerals etc. as I do not have a Pond anymore)  Then strain the contents and add cloth and heat.. and wait........

I might, first of all, cover the kitchen island and paint cloth.  I need a really great pink.  And a super blue. I want to paint something that looks like it was made in the dye pot. A good red would be pretty darn great. And a green- with acid or black understory.  The color samples in the book I got for Christmas have me wanting different, new to me colors. Madder. Indigo.

But today- it's Football and Pizza.  Got to see if the "sad and depressed" Patriots are interested in winning today.  They all seem to have lost energy and interest in the past few weeks.  I can identify with that.

I am reading (re-reading) the Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman.  Her middle book Ordinary People is not very good and book four was okay but dragged a bit too much.  Characters from three of the books mingle a bit in this book.  Especially at the wedding with the camel.  The Garden of Small Beginnings is first.  I got a copy as a gift.

But...Pizza today and Football.  No time for reading.  Husband continues to work on the jigsaw puzzle. I go over there and find a piece or two and then start sorting.  Last evening we discovered we had put the edges together incorrectly and now- except for one piece- it might be correct.  I even got the ruler and measured it.  That's when we realized we had a few extra edge pieces in ALL the wrong places.

Saturday, January 01, 2022

Daily Notes- January First, 2022- Twenty Twenty Two. Wow.

 I used to have Apps on my desktop.  I no longer have a desktop page.  It went away.  Retired itself.

I miss the little Weather box.  I miss the phases of the Moon Box.  I miss the Horoscope Box. I think there might have been a News Headlines box- I don't miss that.  That's four- I can't recall the remaining two boxes.  

I never make Resolutions.  I just try...everyday.... to do a good job. Get one or two things done.  Not all the things that need being done. Just one or two of them. The vacuum hose has been on the living room floor for weeks.  You just plug it into one of the hose outlets in the walls and vacuum. Easy. Central Vac. But dragging the hose (which kinks) around makes me swear like a sailor.  I am attempting to keep all the wood floors dust free with my Swiffer.  That's a Resolution of sorts.  And our eyesight isn't as great as it used to be.  And dust is hard to see. Yep.

We had slices of the "loaded" Tiramisu Cake last night.  Someone went a bit heavy on wetting the cake slices (at the grocery store bakery) with liquor. Whoa. I can still taste it this morning.

Today is Saturday and I woke up expecting it to be Sunday.  It's been a really LONG WEEK.

Husband took down the old calendar we write things on- and hung up the new one.  For some reason January has pink geraniums.  I found the calendar (for sale) one day at the grocery store.  The colors seemed Happy. It was the same size as the past three years of calendar.  Good sized blank squares to fill with doctor's appointments, haircuts, the few birthdays we have in the family, and I guess that's it..... oh and car appointments for service etc.  Dentist.  Wild and Crazy times.

I have my new desktop calendar install here on the desk under the computer.  The computer weighs a ton and a half.  The first whole week is blank boxes except for tomorrow.  Which means down at the bottom two days are doubled up.  Already 2022 is causing problems.