Thursday, December 31, 2020

Daily Notes- December 31st

So my new calendar was delivered to my door this morning by my daughter.  Very plain and white- businesslike but I have plenty of colored pencils and markers to draw and embellish the pages and days starting tomorrow. 

Have always enjoyed plain white anything and daughter also brought me two heavy sheets of white paper from the Candy Factory I assume.  Can you use this she asks?  Well, yes.  I have noticed my Christmas Tree has a few spots that need stars.  STARS. I am NOT going to try the origami folded stars again.  Any of you remember my pain and suffering and failure after failure- until miraculously I produced four or five perfect stars??  All that I had precut.  I never actually got back to that project.  But this heavy white cardstock would make decent stars.  And I looked through all the posts and it seemed like these words hadn't been used.  Accept or Bloom.  

Accept, even if used twice, - is a good word for right now.  Accept.  Good word for entering into 2021. We will have to accept so many things that are going to happen.  Unknowable right now.  I like that the name of the company is Blue Sky.  I am working on the blue Chakra cloth.  I was going to have it here but when I took the picture I realized that the cloth was not looking great or even good.  I need to take it apart.  Do it over.

We ordered Chinese take out and they have a new supplier of their Fortune Cookies.

"Change has both physical and psychological attributes"  "Best way to avoid temptation is to avoid the tempting situations" and "Every production of genius must be the product of enthusiasm"  Interesting but not really much fun.

I did some math and discovered I am actually 74.  So I will be eligible for the COVID vaccine.  If we ever get our collective American shit together and start giving shots to people here in Maine.  And speaking of that- my doctor's office called to see why I haven't sent in my Cologuard test sample yet.  Welcome 2021.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Daily Notes- December 30th

 Well, I am one word short.  This is the last word in the jar.  Wish.  A perfect word for tomorrow and the entire year 2021.  Wish for better days ahead.  Wish that no one else gets sick or heaven forbid- dies. Wish for Peace On Earth and Goodwill To Mankind.

My Green Square. Unconditional Love. Prosperity.  Abundance. Good Health.  My wish for each and every one reading this and everyone else who I don't even know.

Yesterday I asked daughter to get me a desk calendar for the New Year (I had not seen one in the very  limited number of spaces I am safe to occupy these days).  She was in the parking lot of Target at the time.  She was just about to go inside.  So--my good fortune.   She found only a small calendar and the guy standing nearby tried- as a joke- to take it away from her.  He needed a calendar. Daughter went around the corner and found a large calendar - the size to slide under the keyboard and desktop computer.  Then- because she is the person she is- went looking for the guy to give him the smaller calendar.

I started work on selecting things for my blue square last night.  Then I watched some news.  Looked at pictures of the over 100 service personnel who have died of COVID  (shown on MSNBC).  Police, Rescue and Fire. My dad was Police. So I looked at their faces- mostly older- now dead.  And thought of their families. They ran toward danger.  Could I?  Would I?  I kind of think I would. My father said it terrified him but he still did it. 

Sigh.  I just finished reading the morning newspaper.  Some of the pages were the same as yesterday's paper. How did they let that happen?  I worked for a small Town newspaper and I can say for sure that heads would have rolled and been fired if we had done something like that.  And that paper was pretty incompetent as the last ones to touch the paper were 20 year old pot smoking jokers.  Who made me laugh everyday. I was in charge of the ads getting into the paper.  Who thought I knew how to do that???? Geez, Life was FUN back then.  What I actually wanted to do was type the news copy.  No way.

I actually love typing. If I could live my Life over again, I would have rolls of fresh black inky typewriter ribbon and just go to college with my typewriter and type.  Even though I didn't know how to type.  Because I know now- that you learn as you go-  because your brain figures it out before your fingers do. That one high school typing class I failed- was good enough.  I type.  I am a person who knows how to type with all ten fingers.  I am a person who has volunteered to type newsletters for every organization I have ever joined.  I learned how to do columns. I  amazed myself so many many times.

I WISH I had known I could do this......sooner.

I found a "college ruled" notebook at the  grocery store.  Same kind of page that I used for Morning Pages and now the Washing Machine Pages.  This new one.  This new different sized notebook with a black cover like the others.  Available at the grocery store periodically........well.  It gives me a chance to be writing something else....some other  kind of pages. Now to decide what I will write in this new notebook.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Daily Notes- December 29th

 This scrap of cloth--removed from a larger work that failed miserably- has found a new home on the orange or yellow square all by itself.  I can't quite recall from where.  Not that any of them stayed put- except for red. Which is entirely red.  The other squares eventually- as cloth was added- moved into other colors.  This one with it's red center.  It stays. On the orange cloth.

I am empowering myself to break the  Chakra Rules.  Water flows where water wants to flow.

I selected blues for the next square.  Staying away from the blue I like most- indigo (imagination) for the next square.  Communication, expression, truth -blue.  Ah. True Blue.  The places where I have the most TROUBLE in my life.  Expressing opinions.  Saying too much.  Which is one reason I leave few comments on the blogs I read.  Mis- communicating.  My Achilles Heel.  Here?  Just my Daily Notes. A safe haven.  Don't like it- don't visit. Not a popularity contest. 

Watched football yesterday.  Less to see who wins anymore.  More to see how the game has changed with COVID. How players who, in the other seasons, rarely saw playing time.  How things are morphing.  The Teams who are more "outside the box" are doing so much better, perhaps even for the first time in a long time.  Teams who do the same thing no matter what- Patriots- are failing.  Patriots need a new coach.

Daughter's car is ready for pick up.  There are many things I could say about this but I won't.  One can't know everything unless they walk in the other person's shoes, right?

There are people who also think they know what is right for me.  Not always right. Not always possible.

Communication.  Empower yourself to listen.  Too few of us listen. Too busy talking.

Monday, December 28, 2020

Daily Notes- December 28th

 My bulb garlic is "transforming" itself.  I will pot it up and let it continue to grow.  Way, way too late to plant in the garden.  Garlic shoots and leaves are tasty.  So, let it grow.

Daughter's car went into the shop this morning.  Struts are okay until Honda's recall (good news as it's a very expensive replacement issue). The new ones will be on Honda's dime.   The drive shaft looked bad but after inspection was okay. Bearings were also okay. BUT the car failed the State Inspection again.  This time for the muffler and rear Winter tires.  So those things are ordered and will be replaced tomorrow.

Next time we visit the shop- I'll try to get MY car an inspection sticker.  Fine for not having a sticker here in Maine is $100 a month.  No excuses.  Both of our Honda Fits had to have the entire rear bumper assembly re-built with new parts.  That's why we failed our annual inspections in the first place.  That was when we were trading cars and taking turns with a car in the Auto Body Shop. One car has 34K and the other 140K.  Guess which one is mine.

Overcast without Sun today.  There was a clear viewing of the Full Moon last night.  I had thought the front porch light was on.  No.  Just the Moon. I tried to find Jupiter and Saturn.  But I could not.  I love the Planets.  I love watching Nova programs about the planets.  I had always hoped the Space Program would have advanced enough to be able to take my remains up and leave them out there with the stars and planets.  Not yet.

I haven't read a book in nearly 10 days.  Lack of humidity in the house- dry eyes.  Even with the drops. I tried to do some hand sewing  (other than the holiday potholders) yesterday evening- doesn't look great.  I gave  the cloth a good hot press with the iron and spray starch.  I'm afraid to take a close look at the work.  I might walk around with a spray bottle of water - spraying the rooms.  See if that makes any difference.  

I  checked the fridge.  In my manic holiday shopping I managed to FILL the fridge with cream cheese, eggs and butter.  Lots and lots of each.  Daughter brought me a box of graham cracker crumbs and on the box a very nice recipe for NewYork Style Cheesecake.   I just need sour cream.  I still need to make cookies that require butter and cream cheese.  But that's about it for Holiday Baking. So...the cheese cake.  Or Ina Garten's cheesecake which uses up a massive amount of cream cheese and is like 5 or 6 inches tall. 

 Toss up.  And there is still the Boozy Cake.  Good news is that other than Baking, reheating leftovers and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches......the kitchen is closed.  And Baking is not a priority.  With me.  Cream Cheese has a long life in the fridge.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Daily Notes- December 27th

 A bit blurry but as you can see- a little bird is contributing his little berry twig to the household.  It's cold in the house today.  My eyes are dry and blurry- I need to put in drops.  I might pause here and do that.  

Yesterday I wasted four hours on a History channel program on the 1947 Roswell UFO crash.  Tedious investigation and at the end.....nothing.  The prior program was on the significance of the number 12.  A number that has been interesting to me- but not as interesting as 11.  1:11 and 11:11 numbers I see frequently on the microwave as I walk past.  Too often to actually be random?

The Nashville explosion is taking on conspiracy theories already.  The guys who know these things say it was simply a suicide with extra embellishments.  The close street situation with tall buildings a perfect bomb corridor.  More bang for your buck.  The things we are learning on tv.

I also learned today that a Presidential Pardon removes your Fifth Amendment Right to not self incriminate.  But you can still be brought before a court and asked questions.  Which you must answer.  I am not sure Trump thought this one through.  The Founding Fathers.  Not so trusting.

No sun today.  Cold in the house. I made grilled cheese sandwiches with added ham and turkey for husband yesterday around 3pm.  I rolled some Swiss and ham up and ate that.  Followed by my Boozy Bundt cake and vanilla ice cream.  We never did have supper.  Today we are having pan fried pierogi. More cake and ice cream. I keep adjusting the Christmas Tree lights.  Life in the Very Slow Lane.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Daily Notes- December 26th

 Embrace the way Life has changed.  And Life has changed.  We have all changed. 

Christmas Day was so much nicer than Christmas Eve.  A nice slow slog of a day.  So much rain.  And all the snow is gone and yesterday it was often in the 50's and 60's temperature wise. So unlike Maine winter weather.  We went out without coats.  The heat never had to come on.

Long phone calls with both our children (adults)- we got to hear the geese flying over our son's apartment building in California.  He's on vacation.  Meaning not working but instead playing with all his video games.  Because he will be working from home until August of 2021 (and beyond)- he was given a new laptop- this time he asked for the largest one available.  We talked about "what if" they never go back to an office type work situation.  He said that was entirely possible- only Time will Tell. He said California right now was a serious mess. People refusing to wear masks or stay home.  "They want what they want". My son also said it's the lowest paid workers who are paying the price for all this "wanting". The service industry.

Daughter got us presents- even though I said no.  

We have so much food in the fridge- we'll be heating stuff up for meals until the New Year.  It's in the 35 degree range this morning.  Sun is shining.  I had a bad night and spent some time crying.  Reminded of a painful childhood.  The Holidays make it all cave in on me.  Shake it off.  I keep saying that year after year- shake it off.  

Well, I haven't had breakfast as yet.  And it's almost lunchtime.  Our waking hours are shifting- it might have something to do with being in the house 24/7 and not seeing people.  But we are up well into the night and then waking later and later the next day.  I watched new to me Lifetime Holiday movies last night. They are similar to Hallmark but some of the troubles are more serious in the Lifetime movies and the romance is iffy.  Never a sure thing and the romance is often quite awkward.  It's like the actors have never actually ever kissed anyone before.  I often wonder if the director wanted it to be that way. 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Daily Notes- December 24th

 Well, we did simplify Christmas this year.  No gifts.  No shopping.  I did some "making" of potholders which are being happily received.  I also made another batch of boozy cranberries which are also being welcomed joyfully at doorways here in Maine. Homes without children.

I am in the early stages of the annual Pierogi making.  The ones up top are the cheese and chive ones for daughter.  As soon as I clear space on the stovetop- these will be boiled and then taken over to her house and tucked into the fridge for when she gets home from a long slog at the Candy Factory.

I am resting and have used my inhaler.  This meal has always been labor intensive and stressful  One year it was a complete failure.  The food ended up in the garbage can.  It slithered into the can.

We have weather alerts about high winds and rain.  so I would like to get this all done and cooked before the power goes off.  More stress- at a time when I need less.  Sigh.  Well, we have been disappointed before.  What's new?  Even with the generator- the stove won't work- so no boiling of dumplings.  

I have to get back to work.  So- Dear Readers- the 20 to 30 of you out there- Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.  Be kind to someone today.  I would suggest hugs but it isn't safe.  But send an email hug.  Do Zoom if you know how that works.  Be happy.  Be well.  

I am saying all this now in case I have no internet tomorrow.  It's 48 degrees right now. In Maine.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Daily Notes- December 23rd

 What the World needs now is...LOVE.

My Felt Advent Calendar.  It had little daily prompts in the pockets when it was given to me.  I still have them but didn't put them into the pockets this year (or last).  I'm sad to have to admit this- but I am not feeling the least bit Christmasy. I am scheduled to be making Cookies today.  I am not looking forward it. None of the cookies I will be making- are cookies I eat.  So much of my cooking is stuff I don't eat. I am making the Confetti Sprinkles Cookies and Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I am postponing the sugar cookies with frosting for February 14th.

I am also going to the grocery to buy more raw cranberries as the Brandy Cranberry Relish is wildly popular and has been requested by THREE people.  Evidenced by the return of empty washed jars the day after being gifted prior to Thanksgiving.  I will try not to have it boil over all over and into the stove this time.

I am not really looking forward to much of anything right now.  But I am not depressed or anything.  I am going about my days in the normal ways. The only personal thing bothering me- my left eyelid rash is   back.  Stress related and also could be part of the evergreen allergy.  I do touch the tree everyday while watering it.  And I could have then touched my eyelid.  These things happen.

Some thing going on with Blogger so I am going to stop and publish.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Daily Notes- December 22nd

 Today's word out of the jar.  Would be wonderful to have a really good laugh.  One where your eyes overflow with happy tears and you just can't stop.  Laughing.  Been a long time.  A really long time.

I am working on my green square.  For Heart. "air, unconditional love, intuition, prosperity, abundance, good health"  With a bit of yellow for "trust your gut".  This square is not even five inches wide.  I have miles to go before it's done.  I like the yellow greens but mostly chose the woodsy greens to wear as clothing but for some odd reason- there are no woodsy greens in the Fabric Closets.  Why????

We forgot to eat supper yesterday.  We had breakfast and lunch but then..........nothing else.  Not that I was cooking anything.  I wasn't.  Husband wanted dessert.  So I served him ice cream.  He was good with that.

I tried very hard not to watch any "breaking news" yesterday. Why is his family not intervening???  Why doesn't someone- an adult in the room- speak truth to the lies?  I have started to have less and less confidence in the American "rule of law".  This man is not above the law.  He does not make the laws. I guess I will have to go back and read the Constitution  to find out why we are putting up with this circus.

I am certainly not laughing.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Daily Notes- December 21st

 The Dollhouse Christmas.   Peace on Earth.  The Elves are climbing a ladder to decorate the roof top. The house is no longer furnished.  Daughter took all the furniture to her house.  The house sits on a table in the entrance way - the front door is to the right.  The staircase to the Magic Attic is to the right and behind. Combined with the tree- it's a very warm and Happy Christmas. I had made a "sort of" effort to sell or donate the dollhouse.  But it was "too big" for most people wanting a dollhouse.  So...I am keeping it.

We had rain, sleet and snow last evening so husband is out with his new snowblower clearing the driveway.  If allowed to settle in, overnight we might have a ice covered driveway.  Like the Twins down the street.  Their dad made them a skating rink in the side front yard.  One twin loves hockey.

I did my normal Monday grocery shopping but there was nothing normal about the grocery store.  I had a hard time breathing which makes the brain cells a bit less snappy.  So I kept having to check and recheck my list.  I think I bought too much butter.  (laughing)  I did remember to buy onions.  I forgot last week. I got dark chocolate chips.  

My word for today is "Begin" and I feel like Christmas is beginning. I might bake some cookies. The Confetti ones that husband loves.  Sugar, Butter, Sugar, Sprinkles, Cream Cheese.

For anyone reading who is interested- as of this minute 13:46 on Monday the rash is gone.  Wasn't seen on Sunday either.  Just in case- I bought a fresh new bottle of Calamine Lotion.  

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Daily Notes- December 20

 My Christmas Tree.  All dressed up.   I had a bit of a hiccup getting the image into the post this morning. It had become so easy and for some reason- this morning- it was not.  Perhaps they moved things? Perhaps I am losing brain cells?

My rash was very very angry when I woke up yesterday.  Applied lots of Calamine.  And at about 1 pm I noticed it was completely gone.  I was shocked.  Really shocked.  Kept waiting all day for it to come back. But nothing.  And then about 9 pm- it started up again.  I had eaten a Larabar- Coconut Chocolate Chip. I don't know if that was the trigger it's plain oatmeal and later steamed white rice.  Tea. I would add bananas to the list but bananas give me really terrible acid reflux. I have plain yogurt but it's so cold- makes me feel cold.  The oatmeal and rice can be eaten hot.  Oh, and I did have the last of the vegetable soup.  Could a person get a rash from soup????

 And now I am dressed- still pajama pants and haven't eaten anything yet.  I don't trust myself to put on real pants.

This reminds me of the Christmas when I had a really irritated nerve that ran from my neck, through to the right shoulder into my right hip.  The heating pad and the couch. It didn't hurt (that much) when I was standing- so I cooked and baked as usual.  I just couldn't sit at the table to eat.  The mysterious red rash is much better.  Well, there is no nerve pain.  Which is like being electrocuted unexpectedly.

I worked on two more potholders.  They are looking very nice. I picked an excellent backing color. I am quite good with color but most times- I stop looking when I find something that looks good- and this time I kept looking.  So- I learned a lesson not to be happy with the first good choice.  Keep looking.

My Word for today- Investigate.  I am going to do a search on rashes.   

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Daily Notes- December 19th

 I found two more pieced potholders so will need to quilt them and then fold over the edges of backing to bind the edges.  Easier than making strips of binding.   The fabric is something I found at Goodwill- when I used to go into Goodwill.  Like in 2019.

Well, I have had a very very interesting 24 hours.   Yesterday I noticed a rash on my stomach.  Red, puffy, blotchy.  It would itch if one scratched it- I did not.  It looked like dermatitis.  I applied Benadryl spray. By bedtime my complete waist down body was red, angry, splotches.  Hot shower and Calamine lotion.  Middle of the night I got up to pee and noticed the rash has spread and was now everywhere.  Very very hot shower. I learned this trick from Brown Tail Moth rashes.  Very very hot water.  

This morning the rash was intensely red, puffy and ALL OVER.  Another hot shower and Calamine. I just  noticed (pee break) the rash is now gone again.  This is all very very strange.

But, yesterday I wore a pair a pants I haven't worn in a long time.  There might have been some thing on the inside of the pants that irritated my skin.  In any event- I am dehydrated, sleepy and happy to just wear my pajamas and my robe the rest of the day.  Maybe even take a nap. And that makes me Smile.

Smile the word I pulled out of the jar this morning.  Smile about a rash that- for the moment--has decided to just disappear.  All the Benadryl and Stress has made me very tired.  So, it's a toss up of the couch or the sewing machine.  I'm thinking the couch is going to win.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Daily Notes- Friday December 18th

 Grow.  No better example of that than my Avocado Tree.  Now 24 inches wide and 16 inches tall. See how lovely and deep green the leaves are?  Very proud of my little (not so much) tree.  It has been moved from the sink counter where it enjoys bright overhead sky light to the floor next to the heater and the window.  The skylight has snow on it.   But the sun is shining so pretty soon the snow will slide off and the Avocado and the Coffee Bean plant (last year's Christmas Gift from husband) can return to their usual spots.

Grow- I just love the word and the experience of growing things.  From seeds best of all.  Next month I can begin starting some seeds on the back deck.  In my little half gallon plastic milk jugs.  I think they actually held orange juice not milk.  I have a big tub of soilless mix and the re-cycled bottles ready to go. And I saved seed from  all the beautiful flowers I grew last Winter.

We both worked on clearing the driveway of snow- 18 to 24 inches depending on location.  Very very dry snow.  Not heavy.  Blowing.  That was the worst part- the blowing.  We got everything but the pull out parking spot and the back deck area done.  Husband likes to make a path from driveway to back deck and to the compost bins. He'll do that today.  We like the drive and front walks done right away.  In case of a medical emergency.  Or fire or something where we need to get out of the house.  Or someone needs to get into the house.  That's an indication of the way we think these days.  Husband also makes sure to clear a path to the hydrant out on the street in case of fire. House Fires are a huge problem here in Maine in Winter.

We had a little gathering of neighbors at the end of our driveway in the dark.  A young couple worried I was trying to shovel the driveway myself and could the wife send the husband down to snowblower for us??? and the next door neighbor coming over to help me shovel out the mailbox. My own husband was clearing the drive in front of garage.  My  neighbor across the street doesn't have outdoor Christmas lights so she has decided to turn on all her outdoor porch and roof security lights.  Amazing.  Could most likely be seen by the passing Space Station.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Daily Notes- December 17th- SNOW DAY

 The ornament my son made in Kindergarten.  I am thinking the teacher had all the separate elements pre-cut.  All he needed to do was paste them in the appropriate spots. Cutting felt at 5 years of age- not easy. I also know the teacher had my son reading to his classmates in the reading corner.  I reported her to the Principal.  We did not speak after that.  Yes, he could read at five.  Self taught at four.  Hated reading to the other children.  Saw it as punishment.  His classmates loved having him read to them.  Who was right?

This has nothing to do with my word for today- Inspire.  I actually don't think I inspire anyone. Perhaps I should try harder???I

It has been snowing for awhile now.  About 12 to 16 inches I think.  The plow came by once.  I volunteered to dress up and walk down to the newspaper box to see if we got a paper.  We did.  Our newspaper gal never lets us down.  I was covered in snow by the time I walked there and back.  Daughter told the Candy Factory that she wasn't going to even try to drive to work.  Excellent decision.

I am making Dee's Pantry Soup today.  Haven't had since early days of the Pandemic.  But sounds good. And I have everything to make it.  Beans, cabbage and potatoes.

Yesterday husband had a doctor's appointment regarding the "horrible pain" in his back which came from "nowhere".  I had a list of the "Where" the pain came from.  Doctor and his intern checked his back and hip and found the right hip joint did not open or close when he lifted his leg or bent over.  So, it was kind of stuck or in spasm.  Doctor suggested a ball of socks or tennis ball- something to push against that joint to get it to open- would be painful but once open would feel wonderful.

Daughter had given me this "roller stick" to use to relax muscles.  Massage for pain tolerant people.  I asked husband if I could try it on his back when we got home.  I knew I only had the one chance.  So I rolled it vigorously over the back and the hip joint.  And he yelped.  And then when I stopped he said- it felt better.  Do it again.  And there you have it.  Another few roller treatments and things will be back to normal.  

This wonderful doctor is a General Practitioner not a Specialist. But he has a really creative way of working/listening to his patients and trying to find out what is happening.  Now that Inspires me. And since he has had several students observing in his office over the years- the feedback from these Tufts Medical Students must be very positive also.  Yesterday was a good day.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Daily Notes- December16th

 My word for the day and a little lamb made for me years ago by my sweet little kindergarten going daughter.  It holds a "front and center" place on every Christmas Tree.  She also brought home chicken pox that December.  Tomorrow the ornament my son made at the same age.

My tree now had lights and ornaments and is perfect.  It stays up until  January when the Wise Men arrived.  I can't believe that Christmas is next week. I need to start on my cookies.

Well, I made very large cups of tea for my friend and I.  It was indeed 28 degrees on the back deck.  Even in the Sun.  My tea had sugar hers had honey.  And I had to answer questions regarding the honey.  Had the honey EVER come in contact with a spoon that had peanut butter on it.  Some people eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches. And she has a very big peanut allergy.  

Her family is dealing with elderly parents in care situations and as time passes- money issues. Paying for at home care or commercial care facilities.  Two different situations- And the havoc that trails down to the family members making decisions.  Often not the right ones by mistake.  Making decisions while under emotional stress.  And then we spoke of death. It was an interesting visit. I could relate slightly.  I sat by my father's bed in the Palliative Care unit one November.  Making decisions for my father as executor of his life and estate.  I know what a heavy burden that is. But add to that the problems with money.  A nightmare.

Husband is not wanting to eat his regular lunch of cold deli meats rolled up in Swiss cheese.  So I asked if he "might" eat the same meats in a grilled sandwich.  A "hot" lunch.  Yes, he would.  And he asked for American cheese and not Swiss. he wants the same.  Well, okay.

Susan-- I will indeed test the potholders made with just potholder batting.  See if they are okay before giving them away.  My friend on the back deck and I were reminded of someone who gave us potholders that did nothing to keep hands from the heat of a hot pan.  So, a double reminder regarding homemade potholders.  And a double layer of batting is a good solution if one cannot get to the store for the special "potholder" batting.

I found a few other little potholders that never got bound with edging.  So- a few more.  And upstairs I believe I have Santa Fabric.  I can make them up for next Christmas.

I believe I am allergic or sensitive to Balsam.  My left eye is swollen and itchy.  

Husband has a doctor's appointment today at 3 pm.  I am going along.  The doctor likes me to accompany husband to doctor visits.  Now.  Will be interesting.   Just like every day is "interesting".  Hope your day is also interesting but without quote marks.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Daily Notes- December 15th

 Another image from the fashion magazine (free at the library).  Sort of "trust in helping hands" ( in protective gloves?).  so fashionably COVID.  If offered to me- yes, I will accept the vaccine.

Got the lights on the tree and looked at them last night while watching Hallmark Movies- and kept getting up to fuss with them- a bit to the left, too deep so pull some forward  and then before bed- I trimmed a few branches off the bottom.  Cleaned it up a bit.  It's hard being me......

Today decorations.  Ornaments.  And the daily fuss- potting with them.  That's a word- fuss-potting. It's how I live my life.  Fussing around with things- changing my mind- back and forth.

Before the fuss potting- hot cups of tea on the back deck in chairs- I have to find some chairs- with Patty.  She is recently returned from Boston where she helps care for her 102 year old father.  Everyone in the household got Covid early on.  Caregivers, father, my friend.  They recovered pretty quickly.  Patty is an RN and is now doing contact tracing for CDC.  We are having a visit- outdoors, 6 feet apart and with masks wearing heavy Winter coats, scarves and mittens.  Twenty eight degrees.  We might decide to walk. Rather than sit.  We'll see. How it goes.  But we won't be in the house.

I have not made my green square yet but my friend Patty is "unconditional love".  The takes up all my time.  And energy.

I have three new potholders to quilt and sew (I pieced them years ago it seems).  I cut the backing fabric larger and will fold and bring it up over the edges.  No binding.  I also added warm and natural batting to the potholder insulted batting. I read the paper instructions.  Now I worry the others are too thin.  Any comments?...................... I can't redo the ones that are done already.  But I don't want to give my neighbors something that will not be protective?

Monday, December 14, 2020

Daily Notes- December 14th

 Turn a pile of assorted scraps into something? Or a pile of evergreen cuttings into a new crown for the Porch Goddess? I still haven't gotten that done.  It's been too cold outside. (I could lay newspaper in the sink and work on things there or in the garage)  Or just go up in the attic with knees that have decided to hurt when you bend or climb steps.   

The boxes are down.  No lifting.  I backed down the steps and lifted the boxes down one step at a time.  Old Timer's Ways.  Old Knees.

We actually do have to WAIT until January 20th to relax.  

I have my car back so I can drive myself places.  Husband will need to figure out what the radio wants us to do-  it says insert code.  I am reminded of this happening once before when the battery was dead.  There's a book.  I hope there's a code.  I like my radio station.  I could use CD's if the radio won't go.  Patsy Kline or Jingle Bell Rock.

It's cold here in the house- even with the furnace going. No Sun.  Storm coming.  Rain right now.

Husband enjoyed his home made chicken soup yesterday.  He was also more relieved than he wanted to let on- when I walked into the kitchen and said  "I'll do the washing up".  He'd had enough standing up for one day (one week) and got right down on the couch with his heating pad.  It's like the Old Folks Home here.  

The Library Pick up and the Grocery just about wore me out as well.  Things have to returned to Very  Serious at the grocery.  Only one entrance/exit.  One BIG BIG guy at the door.  This is where the "mask" problems happen.  I found everything I needed to buy.  I also purchased a prepared meal of meat loaf, mashed potatoes and a very large serving of broccoli.  So I can have a proper dinner this week.  Not just peanut butter sandwiches or grilled cheese.  I should make myself soup.  I should.  But I don't.

All that goes on and dark at 3pm- it takes it's toll.  If I don't do things early in the day nothing happens ........and I have stopped reading- my eyes are tired and dry.  I returned books unread today.  I enjoyed sewing the binding on the potholders.  So I am thinking of repairing the old worn out yellow and white quilt.  Perhaps just making it a bit smaller where things are really raggedy.  Like me.....getting raggedy around the edges but still whole in the center.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Daily Notes- December 13th

 My Orange Square-  Let go- let it flow.

Tree is drinking water.  I am watching Christmas Movies on ION and they are strange and delightful.  The actors are different- goofy.  Last night the lead guy looked like he was 20 and had an pre- teen daughter. He parted his hair in the middle and it fell over his ears.  Very stupid looking. At the end of the movie, he got the girl and his hair was combed back and off his ears.  He looked 10 years older.

Next movie had another good looking woman and an off the charts weird guy. He was sweet and nice but he had two outfits.  When he packed to leave for good- a flat messenger bag.  I guess he traveled light.

So that was that. While I watched- I sewed the binding on my potholders.  

Today G wanted homemade chicken soup- not canned soup (which I have been feeding him for a couple weeks) so I went to get things out of the freezer- last package of chicken thighs and then ACK!!! discovered the crisper drawer contents had frozen solid.  Luckily there are two compartments and there was enough celery and carrots in the right side section for the soup.  Everything else went into the compost pot.

My grocery list is  growing.   And then phone rings and the Auto  body Shop was done with daughter's car so we went to pick it up.  Now my winter coat is covered in pink feathers from her steering wheel.  At  least she had taken down the hanging crystals.

Tomorrow I get my car back.  I can go to grocery alone and library. Alone.  In my own car.

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Daily Notes- December 12th

 Well, I am so sorry I am so late to the desktop.  I addressed my Christmas Cards and worked on the binding of my Christmas Potholders.  It was a deep dive into the binding technique- I had forgotten all of it.  So, many mistakes until FINALLY I was back into it.  I need to cut one more strip for the last one- but looked at the clock and........ here I am.  I will hand stitch after I eat some lunch.  While I watch tv.

Meditate.  Yes.  That would be a fine thing to do. Riley and I did that. Meditate.  The first 30 minutes we settled - me on the couch and he on his bed next to my right foot.  He pressed his back to my foot and I pressed my foot to his back- and we were quiet.  Settling.  Being Whole with each other.  I think he was my one great love. Unconditional.  Accepting of all faults.  Green.

I worked on my yellow square yesterday.  Trust Your Gut.  It's different but I like it.  I love my Orange square. Emotions, Creativity, Water/flow.  Next up is green.  Unconditional Love, Intuition. Good Health. I have always loved green.  Mossy greens.

My TREE drank water.  I had to fill the stand a few minutes ago.  I have to get into the feel of it.  Remind myself to check- I did before bedtime but should have checked after breakfast. There was still water so it was okay.  Plain water.  No additives.  That's what trees like.  And it is beginning to smell like pine in here.

Another Art Quilter out in the stratosphere  made lovely potholders and hung them on a little tree in her neighborhood.  Inviting passersby to take one.  I loved how the little tree looked  in her photo- and each day I think she replenishes the tree.  Now- my  plan is to put a potholder in my neighbors (on my deadend street) mailboxes.  Boxes with a little red flag you raise if you have mail to go to the post office. And one in the newspaper box for the gal who brings my paper.

Well, that's about all for today.  Potholders.  I haven't read a book in three days.  I am reading a book- but it's on the computer screen. Coming in in two page segments.  So I don't go blind.  I've read this particular book (being written by a friend) before but she has been editing for the past few years and I never did get to read the ending.  So this is exciting.  I always want to say it's Jack and Diane like that old song.  But it's Jack and Anna. She is limiting the number of pages so my eyes don't go crazy.  I'm getting old-- laughing. She also warns me of parts I might not be comfortable with.  I  like Jack.  I like Anna.  I like one of the Russians. (I know I shouldn't)  I like Chang.  With a book- the more characters a reader likes- the better, huh?

Friday, December 11, 2020

Daily Notes- December 11

 Daughter and her co-worker/friend came by and made short work of cutting the tree to the correct height and getting it into the tree stand.  It will need a few hours to hydrate and loosen up.  Perhaps the branches will relax and widen.  But if not, I don't mind.  Co-worker said- no tree topper???  No star????? No. 

I guess I could make one.

My word for today- heal.

I had one hell of a morning.  Reminded of friends who have died- many years and years ago.  Lots of tears. I am really very very sad today.  Heal.  Tears can heal. Breakfast was good. I have branches from the tree shortening and will make a few swags.  And the Goddess needs a fresh Crown.

I wrote something else on my calendar-  "I'm not arguing....I'm just explaining why I am right"

Daughter's  coworker/friend is a therapist (psych) and suggested husband and I would benefit from a dog- an older one.   I'm thinking- instead of saying something to husband I could say it to the dog???? I miss having a dog.  I miss talking to the dog.  I miss looking into a dog's eyes.

Daughter's bank in town (Bank of America) is closed. Not even drive up window.  Someone has tested positive for COVID and everyone was sent home.  I'm guessing that happened.  These are new to us but more than likely are pretty standard everyday crap fests for most of America and the World these days.

My coffee and oatmeal were excellent this morning.  My tree is in the house.  I will wait a bit to go up and look for the light box and the ornament box.  I love doing the lights but if you recall last year- was difficult getting strings to stay ON.  But once we got them going.  No troubles.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Daily Notes- December 10th

 Express Yourself!!!

Totally Busy Day....  Haircut.  Library Pickup and chat with one of my librarian friends and her new Black Lab- she gets them from the Seeing Eye Dog People.  This particular dog got ear infections and was not a good candidate but fully trained. A real Beauty.  Dog is having the run of the library since no one is allowed in.  These dogs aren't free.  The new adoptive owner pays back the training costs which are significant and the wait is four years. At least that is what I remember of the process.  Library had a fashion magazine on the free rack.  thus- the shoes.

We also stopped by the Auto Body Shop to drop off a check for work on daughter's car..  Rear bumper was off so I got to see the rust and the deteriorated parts behind the bumper. Lying Bastards At Honda. At least the ones in South Portland, Maine.  Anyway.   Haircut. Library. Auto Body.

Daughter and her friend from landscaping work. They are coming tomorrow at noon to measure, cut and install my Christmas Tree in the living room.  They are going to Trader Joes early that morning. He missed out on the frozen and canned food section on his first visit.  I am expressing my thankfulness.

I didn't get to eat breakfast before we left- so now eating my oatmeal which has gotten cold.  I am remembering I like it that way.

I also shoveled more of the driveway and sanded the front steps.  Very icy. All before oatmeal. so I am going to finish reading the newspaper.

Heads up.  Right after Thanksgiving Day my haircutter's neighbor came down with  COVID and died three days later. Which was why her daughter cut my hair today. Three days.  This is somehow different and way more dangerous.  Please be careful.  Wear a face covering.  

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Daily Notes- December 9th

 Yesterday husband took two long naps.  I always wish I was a napping type personality.  I get very tired and sit on the couch with my eyes closed.  But my mind keeps clicking away.  I never fall asleep. Ever vigilant for "danger".  A seed planted long ago in a small child's brain.  You are not safe.

At first I was happy to have chosen 'nap'.  A bit of a rest.  But then ......well, I was reminded.

Today there is still no Sunshine here in Maine.  27 degrees.  Bright. Cold. Brittle.

I was laughing when the news people showed us the reply to Trump's Supreme Court request to overturn election results. He was VERY confident that his FIVE would go his way.  They just wrote one sentence- they could have sent just a two letter word.  NO.  But sent.... Denied.  By ALL NINE.

Other News is not so great.  People are dying. There was no Thanks in this year's Thanksgiving. There was a considerable amount of Giving of germs and COVID.

Husband has cake in the fridge and we still have apple pie.  I was considering baking another Pumpkin Pie. I have to work on my grocery list for Christmas Eve.  I have to make sure I have enough flour, eggs, potatoes and butter. And cream cheese.  The Christmas Pierogi.  Actually  the Pierogi ARE Christmas for this family.  No one really gives a hoot for presents.  And I am alone in enjoying the tree.

Presents were never my favorite part of the holiday.  Stress-filled shopping for people who actually didn't need anything.  Not interested.  I write a check.

Now- Christmas Cards.  I enjoyed making those for many many years.  A big fun craft project. I have an idea for a homemade card.  Not sure I can get it done.  But I am thinking about it and that is sometimes the most fun.  The creative thinking.  And making something out of felt.  And finishing up the binding on my potholders which will be hand delivered to door knobs. Not mailed.

I hope the episodes on Law and Order are better today. And I hope there is ONE good Christmas Movie on Hallmark or Lifetime.  ONE.  Give me just one, please. Where you made an effort to do a good job. 

Otherwise- it's me on the couch with my eyes closed thinking about calling in for the Miracle Spring Water.

Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Daily Notes0 December 8th

 Play.  And while doing a bit of "clean up" I found this face down under everything on the chair.  Under the large box of cloth scraps.  This is from years ago.  When I made paper collages.  Using items from working at the library.  When I used to "play".  Fourteen years ago?

As you can see I also added things to the bottom with my black pen.

My car is fixed.  Now my daughter's car is in the Body Shop parking lot.  Waiting for it's "look see" as it might not be fixable.  We got to visit with the neighbor down the street and Fenway the puppy.  Looking very handsome out on one of their many daily walks.  Both of them.

His driveway looks like ours-  Ice  covered.  We could hope for a warm up day- but this is Maine.  Would be a miracle.   No sun today either.  Streets and roads are clear and dry.  We had a wintery mix storm the other day and 230,000 homes here in Maine without power.  More central and north of us.  The power company says "they are 'working on it".

I found the blog where some of the images I had drawn came from.  There was an email address. I wrote a note- and was notified that the email address "no longer exists".  The blog is still  there-  Blue Sky Dreaming.   But nothing new in many years now.

I need to turn on the house lights- it's dark in here at 12:35. By 3:30 it will be dark outside. And even with the heat on- there is a chill.  I need to go find my shawl.  And then do a load of wash.  The basket is full.

We ordered Chinese yesterday-  husband has soup and dumplings and I have orange chicken and rice which makes me very happy.  I looked for and found (not so many) pieces of orange cloth for the Chakra cloth.  I sewed a nine patch.  I may add strips around the edges.  I may not.  Emotion, Creativity, Flow. Not sure what items I would place on the Orange Cloth.  If any. I might need to do more research.

Monday, December 07, 2020

Daily Notes- December 7th

 Today's word.  Choose.  I am choosing to be happy today.  Two books at the library pickup.  I was expecting four.  But got two.  I am failing to understand the emails I get from the library. But am happy for the two books for husband.  Reading is good exercise for brain cells.  The art is from my workbook.  I keep it here by my left elbow (on the computer desk) and draw and color things I see on people's sites. Things I like and want to remember.  From now on I will start noting the site address as well.  Then I color them in.

I have never copied any of them into my own work.  I just like the energy and colors and shapes.  And some of the shapes reminded me of shapes I have used in years past. More than ten perhaps even 20.

We got a delivery just a few minutes ago.  An LLBean forest container arrangement of pine etc.  The Annual Bank Christmas party was obviously cancelled so they sent out a gift.  Which is very thoughtful.  I added water- the note said I should- to help the greens perk up.  I also added a gold wire with stars that knocks around the living room.  Just always there if one needs it.

The grocery parking lot was full.  But the store itself was not.  But lots of stocking of shelves was being done.  My gluten free coconut cookies were back- I got three packages.  I also got roasted cashews. Two containers.  I got two Chicken Parm meals for husband to heat and eat.  And I choose to buy English Toasting Bread for my grilled cheese sandwiches.  An upgrade.  I thought it would be nice.

Husband is eating lunch, reading the local free paper I picked up at grocery and doing a word search puzzle.  Multi tasking.

I have a cup of freshly made tea waiting for me.  And an email with the first chapter of a friend's book to read.  She says I read books like a Junkie Needing a Fix.  So, true.  

I am also going upstairs to look for orange cloth.  None down in the Little Closet. Sewing today and not Reading.  Change things up.  Law and Order on BBC and it's so impossibly crisp and clean on BBC.  I love it. It must be why I like watching- it was filmed so beautifully.  And I can look for Hallmark Actors.

Sunday, December 06, 2020

Daily Notes- December 6th

 This  prompt from the jar of words.  And just happen to find this old cloth.  Something I worked very hard stitching- and then realized it wasn't good.  So, I cut it up.  Used pieces to make other things.  But this particular piece is very pretty.  Like a dream I had- for what the cloth would be.  Something to consider. Always a new way to go even if the initial plan doesn't work out.

In between applications of CBD cream yesterday- I carried items up into the Magic Attic (storage area) that had been sitting around since March (when life as we knew it came to a screaming halt)  Class Notes for the two classes I was teaching in March.  Cancelled.  The rolls of fabric I used to cover my friend's chair seats.  Other bits and boxes that were piling up on the stairs to the Attics.  I moved a piece of furniture to the other side of the doorway to the living room.  In anticipation of a Tree that might never be set up here in the living room.

It rained yesterday.  The wind blew.  It snowed.  There was sleet.  The lights flickered. This morning the sun and the snow are blinding.  Hurts the eyes.  The plows came after I had gone to bed- after midnight. Here in Maine they wait for the snow to stop- then they plow.  That can be dangerous for travelers in cars. Unplowed roads.  Wind driven snow. But perhaps more dangerous if adding a big plow to the mix.

Husband was up early, had breakfast and off to drive daughter to work (complaining about pain- mostly that he still had the pain- he wants it gone- gosh don't we all by now?). Three of us sharing one car. Daughter texted me late last night.  Co-worker and husband packed 119 boxes of candy yesterday evening.  Today daughter has to type shipping labels for all 119.  And then pack any additional orders. A busy day.

Husband doesn't want to watch football.  I forgot to thaw a ball of pizza dough.  We could have Nachos again.  Yesterday he had soup and I had pancakes.  I haven't had pancakes in ages- they were quite nice.   I wouldn't mind Chinese Takeout.  He'll be okay with that. Hot and Sour Soup.  Daughter will text when he needs to go pick her up at work.  Quiet Day.  Might do a load of wash. Start a new week with an empty laundry basket.  And Dream about the basket not filling up immediately.  Ha!!


Saturday, December 05, 2020

Daily Notes- December 5th- Saturday

 About Time.  That I got an upbeat prompt.   Yesterday.  I forgot to press the publish button.  We had to go drop off the car (guy fixing the car- no mask).  Etc etc  

and I walked away and never came back to the computer desk.  Hardly can believe that.....but true.  Everything was okay. No one killed any one.  The tree almost fell off the car coming home.  That was exciting.

So Dance.  I have just the music to play.  If I had Willie Nelson's Stardust CD- that would be perfect. Singing....... Crazy. But the prompt is not sing- it's dance.

Husband has Pot Products from the Health Food Store (daughter took him shopping-interesting girl).  One for muscles and the other nerves.  After the first application- I have been wearing surgical gloves to apply the products........daughter recommends vigorous hand washing.

I think (know) our Christmas Tree- in the garage- is too tall and way too heavy.  And I honestly don't think the two of us are going to be able to do anything with it.  I don't even know where the stand is. In the Attic somewhere. Or the box of ornaments or the box of lights.  

I didn't put them away.   And he might never remember...... might be Time to just stop having a tree. A real tree. Or hire someone to stand it up and take it down. 

I was up in the Attic looking for the little patchwork Trees I had pieced many many years ago.  Was thinking they would be cute as Holiday Placemats.  Might work as a potholder.  But would need sashing to get up to 9 inches.  I am going to take apart the already bound potholders so I can trim them to 9 inches square.  It's how I roll.  I don't care how much extra fussy work it requires- I just think 9 inches square is the better "look".  Welcome to my Virgo World View.

I now have an index card with binding instructions.  Right here. But might need to get a fresh blade installed in the rotary cutter.  Wow- I hope I remember how to do that.  It's been years!!!!! And I had to change the bobbin thread- it went very well.  That was a  welcome surprise.  Its the wrong color but who the hell cares???? Not me.  It's the color I have in the drawer. Not black.  A lot of black bobbins in the drawer.  Must have inherited them.

Daily Notes- December 4th

 Well...I have vented more than enough the past two days.  I am going to add an "e" to the word and have  an "event" day instead.  No. We drove to the Auto Body Shop this morning and dropped off my Fit for it's repair.  He thinks it might be ready for pickup on Sunday.  Give or Take.  Which would mean husband/father would only need to drive daughter to work once. Auto Body Guy will also look at the way my car is put together to decide if daughter's car can be salvaged.  He has pictures of her car's problems. We'll see what happens--or does not happen.

We picked up our tree and the guys didn't tie it too well and it started to slide off the top of the car.  But our daughter was watching thru roof window and started shouting STOP!!  So finally husband pulled over and we re-tied the tree.  Then drove the back way- slowly. 

The tree is wide and full figured.  Like me.  And is very very nice.  Too tall but a nice trim on the bottom and we three will slide it into place in the house- possibly making a scratch in the ceiling paint.  But not today. We maxed out the energy levels of husband/father. 

Perfectionist that I am- after cutting the last four potholders down to 9 inch squares- I am really almost certain I will be cutting the ones I already sewed binding to- into 9's as well.  Meaning unsewing the binding.  Starting over.  It's sucks to be me somedays.  That will be my Vent.

Thursday, December 03, 2020

Daily Notes- December 3rd

 A few new additions to my Red Square.  The wool embroidered  Poinsettia and the wire wrapped glass tree.  The two gifts of flower and tree are from my Walking Buddy.  I dropped off a jar of that very  High Spirited Cranberry Relish on Monday.  The empty jar had the gifts inside. I am guessing my Walking buddy enjoyed her gift. Yum!

The phone rang at 7:30 am.  Trugreen was outside wanting me to join him.  To look at my lawn. He was already not happy as "you didn't answer the door when I knocked".  I said- "It's 7:30 in the morning". I was wearing my slippers, raincoat and pajamas. No idea what shape my hair was in.  He was no rock star either.  We discussed the absolutely dead section of the front lawn.  We talked about a lack of comments by the service providers who just kept fertilizing dead grass all season.  Not noticing.  Dead grass.  And now frozen solid.  In December.

I am giving myself a very big Gold Star for remaining calm and polite during the entire visit. I am still NOT sending a check for the annual service contract for 2021. Even though 80% of the lawn looks terrific. I might change my mind......... the 80% did look great this morning.

I managed to make binding and layer and quilt four out of eight potholders.  But they aren't square.  More like rectangles- sort of.  I am wondering if that will bother people- make it difficult to use them to grip hot pans in the oven etc.  I made only enough binding to do four.  I may trim the other four into actual squares and then add binding.  I got the corners wrong.  It's been awhile.  Since I did any binding. Of anything.

Today's word in Invent.  I might be using that word when we get to supper time.

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Daily Notes- December 2nd.

From the LLBean catalog but looks just like Fenway- the puppy down the road.  Belongs to the Twins. And my word for today recharge.  Was never so happy to hear all the appliances pinging and coming back on yesterday.  At the same moment the computer woke up as well.  And we watched tv with more appreciation that we normally have for it.  Not sure I am up for any personal recharging.

Newspaper reported lines down in Portland during the storm that melted the sidewalk.  And another photo of a huge tree on top of a house.  We have very poor soil here in Maine- very sandy.  And the big 30 foot trees have shallow root systems.  They tip and fall and take out power lines, houses, cars and sometimes people. Which is why we have big, unhealthy trees taken down near our house.

Today- the sun is shining.  But for some reason my oatmeal exploded all over the microwave.  So there was a big cleanup and then I spilled the milk (in the oatmeal bowl) all over my sweater.  Very hard start to the day.  Plus there is a load of wash for the Washing Machine. I do not want to........

I read the new (newer) Colgan book 500 Miles From You and it was a follow up for the book I had just finished about Nanny Seven (Bookshop by the Shore).  I didn't know that but it was okay.  Same people in the Scottish Town and the little Blue Bookmobile etc.  But half the story in tiny Scottish Town and the other is intercity London.  The end was like a huge box of assorted leftover bits that might have been damned fine in themselves but not in 20 pages in the back of the book.  They had a rating slip in the back and I gave it the middle number.  Not awful and not great.

I am in the midst of another Christina Lauren book- Dating You Hating You.  And not liking the Los Angeles Big Business vibe.  Not sure I will even finish it. Too much descriptive time spent on their clothing and their huge super office building and their clients.  I have two heavy weight books on the table waiting.  No romance in either of them- murder for sure in one.  But that's a good thing.  Recharging. Who doesn't like a really scary murder????  One by One Ruth Ware.

I haven't had interest or  electricity to work on either of my December potholder projects. Interest in the days and weeks prior to loss of electricity. I leave them until December 2021 or do I just do a "force" and make myself do it?  Suppose I make a stretch here-  do I "recharge" my interest in finishing a project started in 2019?   Let you know tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Daily Notes- December First

No picture today.

Storm came through here yesterday about 6 pm or so and blew out all the power internet and tv.  We used candles until bedtime hoping the lights would be on when we woke up.

I woke to generators running.

So we dragged our small one out- that does heat, the fridge and a few lights.  Making coffee with a microwave.  Watching said microwave make the light shutter.  

But about 10 minutes ago- we saw the neighbor had lights so we shut down the generator and the computer started it's little Old self up.  So I came over to say hello. Tomorrow in the paper we'll read what actually happened- 87,000 homes without power.

No picture for the word I pulled for today- BLOSSOM as the phone is dead has and refused to charge up.

The Good Bits-  Worried it would go bad-------I ate the last of the pumpkin pie for breakfast.  I found a bandage for my finger that got all bloody trying to make the generator work.  That was a really good bit. The bandaid bit.  The generator is a pain.  But we aren't hauling the fridge and freezer contents to the dump.  So a very Good Bit there.  I turned on the Porch Wreaths.  Let in the Happiness.

Well, I am well and truly exhausted.  Not by the lack of electricity, internet or cable.  But the worry of loosing food in the fridge and freezer just the day after shopping.  The Husband and the Generator.  Which is not a great situation in even in the good old days.    But we made it out the other side.  It's fine.

How was your day?