Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Daily Notes- A very Emotional last 24 hours

 Can you imagine cutting your vegetables with a ruler?

Anyway- I am awash in "emotions" since yesterday.   The building collapse in Florida.  The Tennis.

I was watching a very young guy- French-  Mannarino- playing Federer.  And the young guy was winning. And then he slipped on the grass.  He injured his right knee.  Federer walked to the net.  Concern on his face.  The young player had been winning the match.  He continue...but then he just stopped and crumpled.  And Federer walked around the net and stood next to him. Such kindness. And Federer is just trying for a comeback after two surgeries on HIS right knee.

And in the paper this morning a quote from Federer ".......he was the better player". So he is now my favorite player and makes up for the Serbian.

And later Serena Williams also slipped and injured her knee.  But I had already gone to bed.

And then there is the building collapse.  And my books.  And my tears.  I think it's a wave of emotion collected since the beginning of Covid.  I am often surprised by them.  An excess of emotions. I am often surprised to find my face wet.  Not even feeling sad.  I think my face would be wet if I was laughing. 

Two and a half months and I will be 75.  I think of that also.  And I think of the Chinese Chicken Salad at..Ruby Tuesday?  I am certain I have the restaurant name wrong.  But...dressing on the side.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Daily Notes- 87 degrees at 10am--In Maine. Global Warming is Here To Stay

 10am.  Both AC units are working right now.  I'll shut off the bedroom one next time I go down the hall. Husband has gone to get his haircut.  I have to wait another 2 weeks.

Husband is having roll ups for lunch with chips and pickles.  Thin sliced ham, turkey and Finlandia Swiss. Like olden days of yore.  Bread for grilled cheese got moldy on the counter and stale in the fridge. Welcome to Summer.  Watched Tennis.  The Serbian.  I can't watch if he is playing though the 19 year old British kid was lovely.

There was no more closet reorganizing this morning.  We did decide to take the garbage out to the street for pickup.  I mentioned 86 degrees and who knows how much hotter in the garage where the garbage sits. So husband put it out one the curb.

Our electric rate is going up- double digits.  This is for electricity that normally goes out for as many days as it takes to rot all the food in your fridge and freezer. Repeatedly.  Usually caused by tree limbs falling on the lines- above ground.  I have never lived somewhere with overhead power lines. I have lived here 30 years.  You would think they would start digging and laying lines under ground.  NO!!!! New housing areas are all underground.  We have a strange situation with squirrels shorting out the pole that feeds this street.  We call it Smoking Squirrel Syndrome.

We all have generators.

So. 87 at 10am.  I read in the paper it might go as high as 94.  I am reminded of a July with 104.  You can see- with two AC units going it's 73 degrees in the house with 58% humidity.  I just got back inside after watering all the container plants outdoors on the from steps.  Refilling the water bottles. Now I am going to sit.  Stare at nothing.  Breathe.  Finish my coffee.  The registered receipt for our taxes arrived yesterday in the mail.  Lajoy.  Sigh.  May 17 to June 28th.  Only 6 weeks for mail to get from Maine to Kansas and back.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Daily Notes- June 28- Already So hot and so HUMID.

 From my desk calendar.   It's already unbearable outside.  but I have watered all my plants and containers and already watered the Peach Trees.  The grass (where the sprinkler sprinkles) is really nice, tall and green.  In other places the grass is barely growing.  Both AC units are on. It's not very cold but it is dry.

Husband wanted lunch yesterday.  So he had roll ups, pickles and chips.  I had Greek yogurt, buds and cherries.  Ice cold.  Later he had pasta and chicken.  I had some tea.

This morning...for no reason on Earth- I rearranged my closet before getting dressed.  All the summer whites, pale yellows and pinks are now on the left, the other long sleeved shirts in deeper colors and plaids (why?) but are to the right.  The dresses and heavier items are now in the guest room closet. Someday...I might wear them. I haven't as yet. One dress is black...for funerals.

I walked into the small sewing room and got distracted by the mess on the cutting table.  Started sorting. But no way was that going to work out so I am now here- with you.  I sorted fabric in the bins a few days ago and came away with a handful of stuff I had been looking for for months, even years.  The bins finally decided to cough them up.  Now...that I am no longer needing them.  

The bins and the Attic.  Sigh....... I have no idea what those foul repositories are thinking or wanting from me now.  Perhaps they are noticing the book a day reading and are feeling abandoned??? Well, it's there own fault.

I noticed that in all Sally Thorne's books the male lead character is ALWAYS six foot four inches tall. In the book I just finished- he's that tall, his straight black hair is down to his waist ( he drags it into a bun) and he is covered- absolutely covered in tattoos. Second First Impressions. Our girl pays for the gas he has just pumped into his motorcycle because he has no money to pay for the gas. (the meet cute) He is given a job as a...I don't know- errand runner? for two old women in a very upscale retirement complex where our girl works.  He has to go get take out for them, and so many strange and sometimes hilarious errands for them (because they are bored).  Meanwhile, he is our girl's next door neighbor- he has no where to live and next door is empty at the retirement complex.  He eats all her food watches her tv (with her) uses her shampoo and rescues turtles. He has nothing. It's like rescuing an abandoned puppy. Usually in these books- the guy rescues the girl. In 99 Percent Mine the two seem to rescue each other......equally needy.  Three books- this last one with the tattooed guy is new. So a long wait for the fourth one.  

Some motorcycle company needs to make the "meet cute' in front of the gas pumps into a commercial. Wind blowing long black hair, black eyes.. the tattoos.  Our girl is dressed in clothing her grandmother might wear.  (laughing over  here)

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Daily Notes- Sunday- very very hot and Humid here in Maine

 From the bouquet my husband brought home for me.

We have both AC units on today.  In a few hours it will be unbearable outside.

A letter to the Editor in today's paper.  "I read with disgust about Racists from Texas moving to Maine. There is nothing Mainers hate more than tourists bringing their drama to Maine".  He continues to say that Maine is pretty white...especially in February. (most likely a reference to the weather).  We certainly have an abundance of Black Lives Matter posters in yards even if we have very few Black People.

I've lived here over 30 years now and---I am not considered a Mainer and will likely never be considered one.  I wasn't born here.  That's the bar Maine has set. I guess they would encourage me to return to Ohio.

We found two of the small (deadly) ticks on husband's clothing yesterday. Clothes I quickly put in the washing machine for a secondary, late washing load.  Drown any others we missed.  The two I found are scotch taped to the calendar. Yep.  I tape their still wiggling little bodies to the calendar. In case we get Lyme.  Then we'll have the tick who done it. I've had Lyme once.  It was enough.

Well, my yogurt and pitted cherry bowl isn't making I will get moving.  Wearing an apron today.  To keep my fresh shirt stain free. I am reading 99 percent mine by Sally Thorne who wrote the Hating Game also.  I had forgotten I had asked for the three books she had written from the Maine catalog and it took awhile for them to arrive.  At the end of this book- are Epilogues for 99 and Hating.  What happened after the books ended.  A neat idea.  I have only about 40 pages left.  I guess I know things will turn out but at this point.....a whole lot needs to be figured out in 40 pages.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Daily Notes- Saturday the 26th- Sunny and supposed to be hot

 Pretty faint but I used pencil.  My husband has run out of coloring books and he enjoys coloring so I set to work making him a few 8-inch square coloring pages.   The others were with a ruler- this last one- while watching Ancient Aliens was pencil. I had a drawing book-  with smooth surface pages.  Easy for colored pencils.  All the other 8 inch square books were watercolor paper- differing surface textures. From rough to almost smooth.  Not suitable for colored pencils.  (he had bought me flowers earlier in the day)

Perhaps I could entice the Chinese to buy my designs?  Publish coloring books.

Grocery again today.  Only because I had two reserve books to pick up at the library.  Two by the author of the Hating Game which I read twice because I liked it so much. (I am reading most books twice- I close the book after finishing it and then open and read it again). We'll see if these two are as good. Since I was next door, I went into the grocery to get husband a jar of grape jelly.  He was out. I also bought another $12 bag of cherries.  Now.......I had no idea the cherries were $4.99 a pound and that the  bag totaled 2.5 pounds.   And after preparing my mid day meal of Greek yogurt, BranBuds and pitted cherries my white linen shirt is dotted with cherry juice.  Bah Humbug.  The threesome needs a few hours in the fridge so the Bran buds soften.

Yogurt, Buds and Fruit was my daily lunch at the greenhouse ( mostly red grapefruit).  Though every so often I would make the Big Salad and eat that.  When you are sweat soaked, filthy and crusted with blowing dirt- nothing is as nice as a soft, creamy fruity yogurt bowl- ice cold from the fridge. Makes Life worth Living.  And yes, I do miss those days at work.  I was on auto pilot most days- only concerned with the alphabet.  Getting plants on the right tables. Hauling hose.  Watering for hours.  Almost ten years.  Until I just couldn't do it anymore.  And....was that a SAD Day. Crushing. I do not miss the 113 degree heat and humidity in the greenhouse during most of July and all of August.  I just.... could...... not..... breathe.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Daily Notes- June 25th- Overcast, chilly (might need a sweater indoors), Dark Clouds

 Road Trip yesterday afternoon. (GREAT FUN) My Master Gardener Buddy called and we drove into a very unpopulated area (rolling hills, two lanes and the horizon)-- and a farmstead- greenhouse operation.  We haven't done this together in years. I enjoyed seeing all the 100 plus year old Maine cottages.  With roses growing over or next to the doorways.  But most of all the horizon...... and not just thick dark trees- which is all I see here at home- even minus the ten huge trees we had cut down.

I got a six pack of mixed coleus.   Aren't they wonderful?  Also the little purple blue flowers. I also bought a 6 pack of cherry tomatoes and a six pack of large Better Boy tomatoes and a six pack of green bell peppers.  Everything was on sale- end of the season. Leggy, root bound and in a few cases- dry as a bone.

Now, I'll have three to six of the grow boxes set up on the driveway.  Like always. And each will have flowers in with the vegetables.  I used to always grow peppers.  Let them get red.  And I gave bags of them away each summer to friends and people at work.  The little pepper plants are in flower.

We'll see how it goes. Right now- it's cold here 62 degrees and no Sun.  Need to go find my sweater.

We also stopped to do some grocery shopping.  I was happy to be able to buy more Greek God's honey  yogurt and another bag of cherries for my daily meal of yogurt and cherries.  The store seemed really vacant yet again.  Everyone still going to the new location about a mile from Town.  Each time I go in- it's more vacant.  I think they made a grave business error.   My store used to be the busiest store in the chain (or the most popular- I don't remember what they wrote exactly), Now it isn't.  Well, its still popular with me. 

While I waited for my friend to find me- we had split up when I dashed off for the yogurt after finding they still had cherries- another woman came by- she had lost her mother.  There we were- being eyed by four cashiers at four empty stations.  Can we help you?  Can we page your mother or your friend?  Please????  The cashier who rang up my purchase was very tall and very young. Soft spoken and polite. 

Reading another book- a romance and in this one the guy is dyslexic.  The librarian choosing books is choosing more and more of these types of romances.  In Bet Me- Calvin was dyslexic.  Reading gave him massive headaches.  In this one, it's early days but already we learn that his parents- two teachers- thought he was......tedious and not very bright.  Those pages were very hard to read.  Two other books had autistic lead characters.  The authors of those books are autistic.  A learning curve for this old woman.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Daily Notes- June 24th. This might have been my younger brother's birthday.

 It's starting to feel like Summer.   I bought greenhouse tomatoes and set them out on a small table in the warm vestibule- to warm and possibly regain their "tomato-ness" after being refrigerated.  We'll see.

I've only walked on a Maine beach once.  I think it was the day Riley- a very young but strong dog- broke his leash and ran off into the waves.  My friend said "will he come back?"....I shrugged.  I didn't know anything about dogs and less about Riley at that point in Time.

He came back.

DQ late in the afternoon yesterday.  Wow, the Bad Parking was Intense.  I had a momentary vision of the guy backing in next to us taking out the whole side of the car I was sitting on.   He later leaned into the window and asked if he'd scared me.  I said- "it looked like it might be very exciting for a moment there". Older guy.  I woman-splained to husband how I knew the guy had money.  His clothing.  The way he carried himself.  The leaning into the window to ask if he'd scared me..........that was a surprise.

Husband used to dress that way.  I dressed him that way.  Now...that guy has totally disappeared. He used to give the other corporate wives the vapors.  Especially his socks. Who knew it would be the socks????

I am thinking about watching baseball.  To see the pitchers being felt up by umpires thinking they have some sticky fast ball stuff in their pants- this stuff writes the paper they said one catcher went  all Chippendales and dropped is tedious and boring.  But if pitchers and catchers are going to be undressed on the field by the referees- why not watch????

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Daily Notes- June 23rd. We think it rained last night. There is dampness on the drive and sidewalks.

 Meatball Subs.  Have I used this picture before?  I never remember as I hardly go back over old posts. Because I get so few comments.  But it's not about comments.  I keep telling myself that. 

Connie mentioned she talks to herself in her Morning Pages and then goes back at other times in the day to talk to herself some more in the Pages.  Got me to thinking.......why not a second notebook.  Writing in that instead of talking to myself when I don't have washing to do.  Doable. Keep it by the couch. Next to the cloth, buttons, thread and drawing books.

I made another small cloth- some of it works but not all of it.  I keep auditioning but nothing works yet.

DebL got me thinking of looking for a floating floral robe to wear.  On the internet.  I looked at a few things but I don't think I have the descriptive words quite right.  I got lots of poly fluffy robes to look at.  I have one of those- in a gorgeous deep cranberry red.  And one is enough.  For Winter.  I need one for Summer.   In Maine- we only have two seasons.  Summer or Winter.  And at times in Summer- we have Winter for a few days.  I am rereading and just now reminded that I have yellow green and gold- I don't know what to call them- but two of them sewn together would make a lovely floating robe.  Problem solved.  Now I just need to find them.  Table coverings?  Window coverings?  Pier One. Long ago.

Today is overcast- no sunshine.  My husband thinks it rained last night.  I don't.  I watered the Peach trees. They need daily regular water because they are in Peach Production Mode right now. My annual containers are busy growing.  The marigolds are getting tall.  The Coleus are getting really tall.

I think my flower production is finished out in the beds.  Peonies are done.  Deer are eating all the Day Lilies. Last summer I ate all the buds because they are delicious.  And I knew if I left them- the deer would eat them.  The deer are larger this year.  Not as skinny.  The Wild Turkey were larger as well. We are being over run by the rodents- chipmunks- yet again.  But husband has baffles on the bird feeders so they are eating elsewhere and just "living" in my yard.  Where is the neighbor's cat when he's needed?????

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Daily Notes- Tuesday June 22- I paid the bills today.

 Scenes from a Life.  My pens.  I sorted thru all the jars all around the house- testing to see what still worked and what was empty or dried up.  The second and third from the left are mechanical pencils.  One has lead the other is empty.  They are quite nice (gifts I think from our bank).  Thin but heavy.  The others are Sharpie pens- I have them on the table for writing checks when I pay bills.  Which I did after breakfast today.

The scissors.  School scissors from when my fifty something (now) children were little.  I still have this pair.  The other two were bought in the 70's for household sewing.  They came in a set of three. I think the smallest one is in my bathroom.  Used to cut open the security strip around the necks of my mouthwash.

DebL mentioned picturing me dressed as Lawrence of Arabia.   Not far from the actual. In cold weather. But in Summer- it's really loose pants and shirts- only linen.  Which breathes. The looser the better.

I washed a load of clothes yesterday.  Some clothing in the load and some table cloths. Napkins. I am washing every four or five days now.  Some days I wash just so I can write in the washing machine pages. Because I have no one to actually 'talk" out loud with.  And, I don't want to get too comfortable talking out loud to myself.  Well, actually, I talk like there is someone listening even though I am alone.  Crazy Woman.  I think that makes me lonely..crazy...or without friends. I even stop talking in case there is someone who wants to talk to me.  Ah, yes-- don't recommend therapy.  I know exactly what is wrong with me.  I was way healthier when I worked.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Daily Notes- June 21st- Hot, Humid and Sunny Ick. Ick. Ick.

 From a greeting card which was on top of the dresser in the guest room.  I saw it when I switched on the AC unit.  The red plums.  I used to be able to paint like this.  It seems so LONG AGO.

I did buy more red plums.  I eat three each day.  In the late afternoon. When my eyes are exhausted from reading.  

Tennis provided a resting hour or two.  But British tennis is on grass and I can't see where the ball lands.  So why bother?  And so many tennis men are 8 feet tall and thin- so thin.  And young.  12 years old it seems.  So...not all that interested in just looking at them serve.  I would give anything for the French clay courts.

I read the Hating Game for a second time.  Knowing what is actually going on- after reading it the first time- it was way more intriguing the second time.  This author has another book- so I will go looking on line to see if I can find it somewhere in Maine.  I have to grab a fresh book from the pile and stop re-reading books.  The pile of books is teetering.

Well, I have already watered the Peach trees and all the annual containers.  Re-filled the water bottles I set next to each of the containers in case they need emergency water.  It's touch and go in hot weather when container plants need water.  Miss it by too long and you have very dead container plants for the rest of the Summer.

My linen capri pants are pale, pale green today.  New to me (found while digging in the closet).  My shirt is white linen and balloons around me- too large.  But in 80 plus degrees too large is quite pleasant.  Like a tent.  I have a full basket of laundry and many things to write into the Washing Machine Pages.  Many thoughts.  Many feelings.  Many tears, I fear.  Have a good day faithful Readers.  

You mean the World to me.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Daily Notes- Juneteenth. It rained overnight. Tomorrow is supposed to be 90 degrees and humid.

 Where I would like to be this weekend.

Humid and damp outside.  But with the promise of heat and humidity.  Which means indoor time. For me.  Hot&Humid air will KILL me.  I live in fear of not being able to breathe. Outside.

So...a good day yesterday.  Watered everything with my recycled orange juice bottles.  Some things got blue water (fertilizer) and others plain water.  I think I filled all the bottles twice.  Just the potted flowers. I didn't fill or plant anything in the Grow boxes.  No tomatoes.  The two birdbaths got scrubbed and filled as well.  Little Goldfinches came to have a drink and a bath.

In some ways it feels good- free of the watering tasks- in other ways it feels empty.  Like I am missing a puzzle piece of Life.  It is what it is.

I haven't decided on a book to read today.  I might just read The Farmer and The Editor again.  Or I might just close my eyes and drift.  Summer arrives tomorrow. I'll just get a head start.

Husband broke his soap dish last night.  My favorite.  A lily pad with a tiny frog.  Why is it in his bathroom?  I don't know.  But now I will try and fix it.  I don't even think there is a soap dish in my bathroom.  Why?  Why do I give everything I love away?  I have stopped looking for the green linen shirt. It's gone.

I am such a mess.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Daily Notes- It's Friday. This week has been slower than molasses. I thought it was Saturday two days ago.

 My very own pale pink roses.  The bushes are taller than I am- I had to stand on tippy toes to cut these. and they SMELL so good.  Roses today have no smell.  These are over twenty years old.  The plants. They don't last long.  The first ones I cut dropped all their petals overnight.  So they are twenty four hour roses.

I finished reading yesterday's book (for the second time) and started a new one.  Much Ado About You by Samantha Young. Our six foot tall Editor doesn't get the job at work so she quits and takes a 4 week stint at a Bookstore on the coast of England- overlooking the ocean.  Her first walk into Town she rescues a Great Dane from an oncoming car and crashes into the ground.  Looking up our Editor sees the most beautiful man looking down asking if she is okay.  The dog belongs to him. And the man is taller than she is. He is referred to as The Farmer but I think he might be much more than that.  

Our Editor isn't making things easy for The Farmer and the first and possibly the second week of her stay have already whizzed by.. and we are not even halfway into the book. And...I quite like the way Samantha Young writes and will be making a photocopy of the other titles she has.

I am guessing I chose the book in an online search--(it's from another library in Maine).- because of the English Bookstore.  I tend to gravitate to books with a bookstore in the blurb.  I am reminded of having a large index card with many many books listed.  And finding half of them to be YA when I searched libraries.  Young Adult.  This one isn't. Our Editor got wasted in the local pub her first evening and sang some naughty show tunes.  And the Farmer held her hair back while she puked.  He shows up with lunch nearly every day.  This is something I always like.  

I'm......well, today an article on the FRONT PAGE OF THE NEWSPAPER reinforced what I know to be true of the State of Maine.  Not the part where I live (so much) but the Vast Landmass North of where I live.  Neo Nazi White followers are being ASKED to COME TO MAINE, to buy up all the cheap land and property (interior land and property- not Coastal where rich people live)- TO BUY GUNS...... to set up schools and to live NASTY EVER AFTER. In The Great White State Of Maine.

I am just.........geez.  Speechless.  But.....dear Readers....not surprised.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Daily Notes- Sigh. Stopped watching News and TV altogether. Too disturbing and or boring.

 Sofrito.   A saute of finely chopped (cubed in my case) onion, celery and carrot) in some good olive oil. You could add garlic.  I do not.  I do not like the smell of it on/in my body.  I then added a can of Italian Mutti "finely diced" tomatoes- almost a mush but you could see the tiny dice if you looked closely.  Let that simmer slowly while the water came to the boil.

I actually allowed the vegetable to cook long and slow before adding the tomato.  I wasn't impatient.  And I timed the pasta to be "to the tooth" rather than fully cooked. It was a very very lovely meal.  With leftovers.  The sauce was sweet. Stanley Tucci and his mother made this dish while visiting Rome for CNN.  Yesterday..I made it like he and his mom made it- with love.

All my roses are in bloom right now.  The pale pink ones- photo tomorrow are quite lovely and very fragrant.  Usually the Japanese Beetles eat them.

DQ yesterday.  I got the Hot Fudge Sundae. It wasn't too hot or even too warm yesterday so the ice cream didn't melt.  It was wonderful.  There was some seriously bad parking in the DQ lot so that was entertaining as were the clothing choices of the unmasked.  I am guessing they also sleep in what they were wearing.  Maine isn't all that "fashion conscious" but my shirt did not match my pants so husband refused to allow me to get out of the car.

I am having some trouble transitioning from Winter to Summer clothing.  I have Winter down- pants, thermal tee and sweater..  I don't do good with Summer.  Too many choices in the closet for warm weather. Dozens of linen shirts in all kinds of colors.  All sorts of colored (patterned) capri (not apricot pants as auto correct wanted) pants. Apricot Pants.  Interesting.

Reading Soulmate Equation.  About a spit in a tube computer dating program.  And two people who test out at a 98% match.  But don't actually like each other.  Until they like each other way too much and too often.......... Christina Lauren.  Two friends who write books together.  The Unhoneymooners and Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating are two of my favorites by this duo.  One of the friend characters writes steamy romances and she takes down the conversations these two (dating) people have for her next book.  I finished it last night and turned to page one immediately to start over.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Daily Notes- June 16th- It NEVER rained. Still breezy and cool.

 Mango Gelato and a cookie.  Not happening HERE but I loved the LOOK of it.  

My neighbor returned home at 9pm  (from her trip) and in the morning found dead animal bodies littering her yard and deck.  I was SHOCKED (it wasn't me dropping dead animals parts).  I was watering plants ON THAT BACK DECK at 2 pm.  Nothing was there.  Certainly, I would have remembered dead animal parts. I would have sent husband over there to gather them up. Being a good neighbor.

Mostly foxes.  Well, parts of foxes.  She has called Animal Control.  Welcome Home.  

The Tennis on the Tennis Channel this week is in the sun and on grass.  TV viewers can't actually see where the ball is.  So why bother watching?  I'm a Chinese Zodiac Dog and really love watching the ball.  The French do Tennis so much better than the British.

Xfinity sent the new listings of channels but neglected to also send the price list.  In order to actually get the Science Channel and the Cooking Channel I have to also get 100 channels I do NOT want and have to spend time blocking.  Science so I can occasionally see programs on Planets and Outer Space.  Which I love.  And Cooking so I can see something besides Guy and Diners and Dives.  So little for additional money.

I am guessing, the Xfinity People will say- this is not a restaurant where you can order "just what your actually want".  Why not??????

I finished my book, Early Morning Riser and it was quite lovely.  Quirky.  Second grade teacher meets a guy on her first day in her new house (he's come to unlock the door as she has locked herself out) - seems he has had sex with nearly every single female in town.  And now, on her first day in her new house- he  has sex with her. For the entire weekend  And.......that's the start of a really nice book.  I loved her ramblings on being a 2nd grade teacher and the neighbors and friends she makes. I would have loved being part of the Taco Tuesdays.  I would have loved having the lead character as my neighbor.  

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Daily Notes- Tuesday the 15th. Overcast, Cool, With a distant promise of rain.

 Something else I worked on during the Tennis finals.  Added a strip to the right side- still needs a good press with the iron.  Added black circles and dots where there were spots in the fabric.  And a few black lines in the flower.  The outer edge fabric is cloth I paint.  Used to paint.  Should start painting fabric again.  I think painting fabric was before I discovered DebL's gorgeous dyed fabric. I love her stuff.

Yesterday's Vegan Salad had too many bitter greens to go with the Green Goddess dressing they included.  Today, I will eat the second salad (same bitter greens)- but with Balsamic vinegar and good olive oil. A much better match of greens and dressing.  I would add some fresh mozzarella but I don't have any in the fridge and didn't think of it until this very minute.

I went to the library (auto correct typed ovary) to pick up two books and found another two.  Then..I broke protocol (COVID) and went into the grocery store on a Tuesday.  SHOCKING!!  And wore my mask. I got more thin sliced baked ham, some additional Chicken Parm prepared dinners for husband, bottled lemonade for husband and a jar of Hungarian pickled banana peppers for me.  My grandmother always put them on sandwiches- even for a four year old.  Hot.  My grilled ham and cheese will be spicy today.

All the red plums were sold out.  Sigh.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Daily Notes- Monday, June 14th. My American Flag is always flying so- everyday is Flag Day here.

 A rough day.  The French Open final for the men's cup.  It was brutal.  The Serbian guy- it's difficult to watch.  Not a game.  Mean spirited.  He's won 19 times now.  The Greek had moments when I thought he would be able to get the job done.  The crowd in the stadium cheered for him and not the mean guy.

While I watched I had to have something calming to do.  So this small piece of painted cloth had a drawing on it- in pen.  I layered it with some of DebL's delicious flecked green an a piece of yellow linen from a pair of old pants.  Then I got some black thread (2 strands) and backstitched my way around the pen lines.  And at the top made a bird.  The piece is about an inch wider and taller than a playing card.

In answer to DebL's comment yesterday.  I do make my own grilled cheese sandwiches (with or without husband's).  And I layer in slices of pickles.  Yesterday I rolled thin slice ham into thin sliced swiss and had roll ups.  Two. Followed by three ice cold red plums.  What a wonderful Summer Treat.  I always find a way to feed myself good food.  My Strange Favorite Sandwich is inches of layered romaine lettuce leaves and swiss cheese (one or two thin slices) mayo between two slices of soft white bread.  It's a huge tall sandwich and I love it.

Today I have not one but two Gorgeous Salads from the Lunch Delivery Service and Sweet Pea Gnocchi. It's my Last Monday Vegan Lunch Delivery--a gift from my neighbor for watching over her house while she's been gone.  Today is supposed to be "outdoor hanging basket watering day" at the neighbor's house.  But it looks like it's going to rain.  It's overcast and windy.  I may still carry the watering cans over.  Just in case it doesn't rain and also give the plants some fertilizer.  I want everything to look as nice as possible when she gets home.

A book I have been WANTING to read has been announced as waiting for pick up.  I am wanting to get in the car and drive over right away.  Plus I had neglected two 7 day books while watching tennis.  The late fees for them is 25 cents a day. I might have to return them unread.  Nope- I have until the 18th. I can do it.  Women's finals this week.  And I have many many ice cold red plums to eat while watching.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Daily Notes- Sunday June 13th. Cooler but Sunny

 In case there are any Avocado Tree Fan Club Members wondering how My Pit is doing.  It had a few unsettling weeks when leaves were dropping and things looked- sad (after the transplant to a larger pot).  But a week or so out on the vestibule and the removal of 6 leaves from the bottom of the stem and we're back in business.

This week is just about perfect.  Sunny and warm but not much moisture outdoors and cool and dark inside.  Rain is expected by Wednesday.  My neighbor is returning tomorrow so my house sitting duties will end.  Well, actually, I just watered outdoor plants and carried in mail and packages.  But it was something that gave some structure to my days.  A job. Purpose.

Here in the house- no longer making the daily grilled cheese.  He seems to have stopped eating lunch. Perhaps because he never knows what time it is.  It has been difficult losing that mid day structural point. For me. He isn't aware of missing structural points other than breakfast and dessert times. Possibly exactly 12 hours apart.

I finished removing the red cross stitches from the square tablecloth.  It actually exhausted my eyes more than my scissor fingers.  The cloth will go into the next wash.  Whenever that is.

I am considering whether I want to re-start ironing my summer linen shirts.  So, I look less wrinkled. But then I think- who actually notices older women?  No one. And if they do notice- do they care???  Like an unwatched clock- does it still tick?

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Daily Notes- And it's Saturday All Day- Cool here but supposed to warm up as the day goes

 Well.  It's Saturday.  We were both up early (for no reason on Earth).  Tennis to watch today.  It's like taking a tranquilizer and then it's not.   I have been coaching the players from my seat on the couch.  Mostly saying stop doing what doesn't work or don't fall for that trick AGAIN!!!.  I should shout that at myself!!  I gave my Reading Eyes two days off but filled up my library bag with 8 new books. Well, not actually new- some I have read before but want to again.  

I fried frozen dumplings for husband's supper and baked a package of frozen Mexican Corn for myself.  I added more Parmesan cheese and some mayo when it was out of the oven.  Might have needed another 20 minutes in the oven.  The times on the packages are never correct.  But if you knew it took a full hour in the oven- would you buy it?  No. So they lie and write- 25 minutes. It was okay.

Husband has promised or just lied to me (again) that he is watering the back fenced garden.  The herbs and the blueberries and the grapes now that they are thinking about growing.  I had just about given up on them. But there are green shoots and leaves poking out of what looks like dead wood. The Lily of the Valley under the French Lilac has overtaken the entire walkway.  And I just don't care.

I have to fill the French Watering cans and carry them across the street to my neighbor's house and water her annuals.  Then come back and water my annuals and then go sit on the couch and recover.

That's going to be "it" for the day.  I could possibly talk myself into doing a load of wash.  More sheets. But I  don't think I have any more words to add to the notebook- Washing Machine Pages. I ran out of interesting things to write after yesterday's load.  But I found some cloth and intend to make more tiny pillowcases for the little pillows we each have.  Like the small pillows we used to get on airplanes- when planes weren't Loaded, Smelly and Quite Awful.  I guess they meant it when they called them Air Bus..

I was picking things up off the floor in the sewing room.  It gets so messy when left alone too long.  Found stuff I had meant to continuing working on (after 10 or 20 years of not working on) and that stuff is now on the ironing board.   Where I will actually SEE it (until I need to iron something- then all bets are off).  Needle turn appliqué.  I also found the Baltimore silk ribbon appliqué I was working on.  Wow.  That looks pretty intense.  I was actually really good at this stuff and then...... what happened???   The internet????  I think so.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Daily Notes- On a Very Cold Dismal Friday. But not hot or humid- So A good Day.

 This looks like toast, avocado, egg and little green speck leaves.  I have none of these things in my house. But if I did, I would make this and eat it.  Over the sink- very rapidly.

The Old Civil War Era house tour was quite lovely.  But when we climbed the stairs to the humid second floor my asthma decided to call attention to itself and I got dizzy and low on oxygen.  It was sort of a combo of really old and my grandmother's house.  I recognized so many grandmother things.  And I missed her.

The family that built the house pre Civil War ran ships to Savannah and back up north for many years. The guide was careful to say they had "freed Blacks" as crew.  And they only sailed north and south and not to wherever one went to collect slaves to sell in Savannah.  I just gave the guide my best- don't believe you look. Because.....

The house had several deep soapstone sinks.  I was supposed to get (buy) a soapstone sink if I ever decided to go forward with the kitchen remodel.  Now is not the time.  Construction costs are like double or triple what they were when we were considering it.  I will not put that sort of money into a kitchen.  I don't have enough years or interest in cooking left in me to make it worth the money.

Today is dark and cold.  Only in comparison with other days this week.

I killed the big fly that got into the house days ago and has been flying slowly around.  I found the fly swatter and that was it for the fly.  I tried my best to get him to go outside.  But he wouldn't go outside.

I feel tired.  Used my rescue inhaler three times in 2 hours.  The humidity and wet air does me in. So, I am going to watch tennis and hopefully fall asleep.  I stopped in at the library to check out 8 new books.  Eight Days of Reading.  And now I think I need to locate my shawl.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Daily Notes- Thursday, June 10th- Cooler today- Cutting Grass

 From the clippings drawer.   Looks a bit like me- the white hair. But it's a self portrait of an artist- a man.

Laundry yesterday.  Shower today.  Washed my hair.  Now husband is cutting grass- so---another shower. Not that it matters. 

Watching the Paris Tennis.  Out of order at times- seeing games and then seeing them again like they were new.  I watch in the afternoon and see what is already finished but other times- what is new to me..  But if I fail to check the sports page- it hardly matters.  The audience fascinates.  Yesterday, a man, in the very expensive front row seat- asleep. Even when his wife or date woke him up-  he looked everywhere but at his front row close as could be vantage point of Nadel.  Serving.  Hitting the ball.  Such a "cool" guy........

One photographer, famously, was shooting loopy, strange images and at times it seemed almost dropping the camera.  We saw knees and feet (audience) and swooshes of tennis almost by accident. And then it stopped.  I am guessing whomever is in charge- took the camera away. But it was fun and irritating while it lasted.  The Tennis Channel.  Very strange place.  It's not in my normal range of Comcast numbers.  Three digits.  This is four digits.  Found by accident.  1224.  I usually never go past 609- BBC.

Tomorrow I have "something to do".   With a friend.  It's very exciting to think about.  I must park my car in the coffee shop parking by 9:45 am.  I must be prompt.  We'll walk across the street and the Town Green and then into a very old house.  Historical House..  I think it will be a good exhibit.  Dishes. I tend to admire and collect dishes.  But right now-  Grass Cutting.  Health and Wellness checks on Husband.

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Daily Notes- Chance of Everything in Today's Weather.- Rain, Humidity, Heat plus POLLEN..

 Reading this book.  It's centered on MATH.  Which- in some other lifetime I must have understood because even though I can balance a checkbook and used to do our taxes by hand- with an adding machine- I don't understand quantum physics or string theory or Chaos Theory..  Or just about anything else.  In this book. But I am trying my best to not sink and continue to float ( I can't swim).

I am still reading.  I am going to go to the end.  There is a murder mystery here.

The table has arrived and is on the coast of Maine a 20 minute drive from where I live.  It's in a garage. Too heavy and too wide for my friend's car.  We'll go get it in the Jeep or in the trailer pulled by the Jeep. It is solid mahogany.  Heavy.  And I had to check the spelling.  Needs repairs- eventually. 


The POLLEN is everywhere-  It rained over night and across the street it has washed down the driveway and swirled into eddies of yellow pollen.  I don't do well with pollen.  So better it be on the driveway than in the air.  And the overnight rain has increased the humidity.  It's ICK!!!  Grass needs cutting.  Ignore.

I have two containers of marigolds left to transplant into the fenced garden.  Across the path from the herb beds as pollinator bait.  And I have thyme to transplant into one of the herb beds with a few orphan pansies. Then I am done.   No garden boxes on the driveway.  I have no tomato seedlings.  I will buy grocery tomatoes and let them warm up in the vestibule until they are ready to be eaten.  My grocery has the really nice heirloom ones for sale.  In many delightful colors and shapes.  They hardly ever have the good pickling cucumbers so homemade pickles will most likely not be happening. I could visit the local Farmer's Markets.  Pay $10 for 4 cucumbers.  This is Maine.  Everything is expensive.  

Not that it matters-  My husband has stopped eating the grilled sandwiches.  I tried transitioning him to an old favorite- roll ups of very thin Swiss, ham and turkey. No.  He is napping two or three times a day.  He is coloring in his books.  Not reading.  On the iPhone the rest of the time scrolling thru...nonsense.  This behavior really does affect brain activity.  He has less each day.

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Daily Notes- Another HOT Day (82 at 8am) with the AC Units Running

 Easter Cactus Blooming in June.  This pink and also the red.  Strange. Very Strange.

I have very few books left.  The huge pile of books is now just four.  But I will wait until the last one before going to the library again.  The book I am reading is supposed to be hilarious. There is nothing here so far that is even amusing.  I think, perhaps, another 10 pages and I will move on.

My eyes are tired from removing the red cross stitch from a table cloth.  I seem to be forever removing cross stitch.  This very very bad cross-stitch.  Hardly crosses.  It's just a mess.  I don't know why cross stitch removal is harder on my eyes than reading?

There hasn't been any mail in a few days- junk of course, but nothing real.  Several postcards from Real Estate Agents letting us know houses are listed for X amount-  eye popping numbers-- and have sold for X amount- equally eye popping.  The houses are modest.  Unattractive.  Old but not the good kind of old. No charm.  And yet--- so much money.  Where are buyers getting money??? Business is not good.

My neighbor has sent a picture via iPhone to show us her new 3 week old grand daughter.  The baby looks plump and intelligent.  How mine looked at 3 months and not three weeks.  I liked the baby at first sight.

My Vegan Monday Lunch Delivery suggested the slice of pie might "benefit" from a short stay in the freezer before eating.  I followed directions and it was sort of a rhubarb cream ice cream pop.  I liked it frozen.  I think the previous vegan "chocolate" pie would have been great after an hour or two in the freezer also. I'm sorry I gave it away.  Right now I have a Vegan Spring Roll in the fridge.  Correct me if I am wrong but aren't all Spring Rolls essentially Vegan?  Not the ones with shrimp but the plain ones.

I also have a Tofu Rice Bowl.  I am trying to find it a good home.  

I carried water all around and watered the neighbors plants and our own.  The Peach Trees are getting 35 minutes of water each morning while I eat my oatmeal and read the paper.  Each day I look and the baby peaches are larger than the previous day.  Early morning water is easier for them to absorb and use.  Later in the day- everything is more difficult.  It certainly is that way for me.  

We have decided to wait until next week to cut the grass.  When it might be cooler.  I'm sure the grass doesn't actually mind being an inch or two taller in all this heat.

Monday, June 07, 2021

Daily Notes- Good Morning- It's VERY HOT here in Maine.

 Long Ago- and Further Away as each day (of better mental health) passes.......I used to imagine a very minimal Life away from Home and Family.  I think it might have been called Imaginary Running Away From Home and Responsibilities.

The book I was reading.  Rules for Visiting by Jessica Francis Kane.  On a visit to see a friend in New York City they see an "art installation" for Minimal Living.  It included a a closet of some kind and shelving. was the list.  So like the list I was making in my very troubled mind years ago- of what I needed to own in my minimized Running Away Life.  

I don't understand two mirrors.  And I smiled when I got to--a desk calendar.  Even though there is no "desk".  But perhaps there was a fold down table or desk in this "Home in a Box"???  There are two folding chairs.  I always "imagined" a real bed.

A large old dining room table is making it's way to my house from Boston.  Seats 8 to 10.  But no chairs. Lots of extending sections can be added or subtracted.  No one in the family had space for it.  And no one wanted it going to Goodwill.'s coming to stay with me.  More than likely- the additional extensions will go up into the Magic Attic and the basic table will sit here- nearby- as a side or end table near where I sit and read..  For projects needing a work surface.  I can see the table covered in pieces of cloth.  Perhaps- at first I will see it fully extended. See what possibilities it has for me.

Sunday, June 06, 2021

Daily Notes- Heating Up Here In Maine- Two books read yesterday.

 A close up image from a large watercolor I purchased long ago.  I knew the artist.  Mentioned that I had purchased the painting.  She replied "I just didn't like that one" but gave me a collection of post cards she did like..  In this close up shot I can see the pencil work that is under the paint.  Always interesting to see the "bones" of things.

The Guy liked the gluten free bread. He made toast that he really really enjoyed.  So I will be baking more.

Two books yesterday. Finished the Honey Don't Book and read another one.  Which I read but didn't really "like".  Today...I don't know what is going to happen as it will be in the high 80's today. It's still cool in the house with just fans running.  I open the bedroom window overnight.  Then close it as soon as we wake up.  No AC as yet.  Growing up- we didn't have AC and had to find ways to deal with the heat as Summer deepened.  We played in the basement.  

Of course- in my Cinderella childhood- I was in the basement quite a bit- doing all the ironing for a family of six.  Sheets, pillowcases, dishtowels.  My brother's tee shirts and jeans.  All pressed, folded. No friendly singing mice to keep me company.  And I wore dresses.  So those needed to be ironed as well.  Amazing that I actually enjoyed ironing for years and years until recently...when I stopped ironing and wear my clothing--un-ironed and rumpled.  Because who looks at old almost 75 year old women???? No one.

I am putting watermelon on my shopping list and cherries.  I love when it's cherry season.  I will be looking for plain or honey yogurt and will add pitted cherries to it.  And dribble any juice onto cloth to stain it with cherry.  I tried last Summer to "print" halved cherries on cloth.  It didn't take.

Saturday, June 05, 2021

Daily Notes- Hotter and Moist-er (a new word) each day. Perhaps even 80 degrees today.

 This image is going on the calendar square today.  Ancient Aliens.  How did people with just sticks and stones get these huge rocks to an WIDE open field and then get them upright???? and lift the top stones that high?

One "theory" is that they kept moving smaller rounded rocks ahead and then shoved that huge slab forward on the round rocks........yes, I can see them wanting to do that for months and years.

And a MIRACLE.  Really....really.   Later in the day yesterday my husband handed me a dirty wet piece of cloth he had found in the bushes- in the dirt...out front.  I was all "ick" but then- dawned on me- my MASK.  Yes, it was my mask.  FOUND.

It is now washed- three times, rinsed, many times and now dry and ready for further adventures. And I was actually quite emotional about it's return to me.  I need to make sure to keep it close now.

Not much is going on.  That's how it is in Summer.  I scrubbed and added fresh water to the South of the House birdbath.  Added water to the North of the House birdbath.  Several tiny birds in brown, yellow and red were perched on the edge of the North one.  All on the same side.  Kinda cute.

I have organic rye flour.  For a possible sourdough starter. "They" imply that organic rye flour has more available  whatever that makes the starter bubble.  If it doesn't bubble- I'll make ordinary rye bread.  Which I like. With lots of caraway seeds.

I actually should be planting up my containers.  The annuals on the front porch are getting rambunctious.

I am just worried about weird color combos.

Friday, June 04, 2021

Daily Notes- I can't believe it's Friday. We had rain overnight and this morning is humid already.

 Today's book.  Something light.  After the Fresh Water For Flowers.  Whoo.  The end......

Yesterday- as a thank you for the AC units-  we stopped to buy gluten free flour (after DQ) and I tried to make gluten free bread.  It was an excellent recipe from a good source.  It was strange.  But I just kept going.  It took longer because I didn't have enough instant yeast and had to use some regular.  And I don't have "baking bowls" because I have no idea which are oven safe.  So I used two identical little saucepans- stainless for the baking.  The loaves are small.  I tasted a section of crust that stuck to one pan- and the taste was good.  And they smelled really good- not like bread but- good.  Tasty smell. 

I don't have any preconceived notion that gluten free bread will be exactly like gluten bread. Close, I hope.

If  George likes it- I will make more with better flour and all instant yeast.

I wrapped them in parchment paper tied with white kitchen string.  And tucked the list of ingredients under the string.  I thought paper would keep the crust from getting too soft.  Daughter will stop by later today to pick them up.  Deliver them.  Let's all cross our fingers and hope the little loaves taste as good as they smelled.

It's cloudy, muggy.  Is that an Ohio weather term?  Muggy?

I have looked all over and my COVID mask is gone.  Lost.  Possibly dropped on the street while I was getting into the car.  I actually had misplaced and found it several times recently before the actual, final loss.  My friend drove the mask to our house one I guess it's Fate.  I still go out and look in the car for it.  It would have been nice to have kept it to remind me of these 18 months of wearing it.

Thursday, June 03, 2021

Daily Notes- Sunshine with a chance of Clouds. Cooler.

 My annuals are getting tall and filling out.  It's going to be less hot today so I will think seriously about getting these plants into containers.  

Husband needed books so a quick trip to the library.  And then, because we are easier around people and I had on a mask- the children's librarian and I had a long chat.  We shared our inter- most fears from this year plus horror show.  We are the same age and have health issues etc.  She lives alone so I think that might be hardest of all to deal with. Children are still not vaccinated so the children's section of the library is fully masked.

Daughter is shopping for plants and calling me to give her the English word for the Latin names on her shopping list.  Luckily I have three excellent landscape plant reference books.  The Botany major sitting here eating breakfast at noon- didn't take Latin in high school.....I did. But that was 100 years ago.

In elementary school I had several years of German.  Everyone did.  Which to me was strange (looking back) as the war with Germany was just over.  Why German?  But I knew enough that I should have taken German in high school.  But then I may not have scored as high on the SAT's.

Yesterday daughter and her work partner came in- they had had a long day digging etc on sites- to install our two window AC units.  Fifteen Minutes and nothing fell out of any windows.  He carried the units from the garage and she stood outside and balanced the units while he got them settled and secure. No one fell down.  (I fell down twice last year)  And, I guess. it's going to be 90 with high humidity by the weekend.

So......stand down DebL.  No one fell out a window.

Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Daily Notes- June 2nd- Supposed to be very HOT today.

 Hand Work.  Someone did the cross stitch on this tablecloth.  Very creatively.  I am removing it as I can see the red thread is staining the cloth under it.  So washing will reduce this to a stained red splotchy cloth and do terrible things to whatever else is in the wash with it.. It's time consuming and after awhile the fingers on my left hand spasm and lock.  So I will need to set a timer.  Limit the time I do this. I love hand sewing but perhaps...only for short periods of time going forward.

This cloth is a small square- 36 or 40 inches square.  Not like the the much larger longer cloths I had to remove poorly done cross stitch from a few years ago.  The red is the full 6 threads.  It wasn't separated into 2 or 3 threads for the work.  My friend remembers her cousin working on this tablecloth. She visited unexpectedly and I would never have had the work out if I had known she was arriving.  Not a great moment.

Heat has arrived.  I have all the windows closed (opened at night) and the ceiling fans going.  If we can keep the house closed- it should be comfortable in here.  Evenings are cool. A cooler front is coming in about four days.

I have stopped watching the news.  I feel like we should be shouting "Danger...Danger... Danger."

I did watch PBS's series on disease yesterday.  How washing hands for a prescribed number of minutes is actually human's best preventive measure.  They imprinted factory workers hands with a stain and they were told to wash with soap until the stain was gone.  The right number of minutes.  Infection rates went down dramatically.  And an epidemic in Seattle.  Flu and how masks and distancing limited the spread. The program went all the way back to the flu epidemic in the early 1900's and to Ebola and Aids later.  

I have already watered the peach trees.  Set the timer while I read the paper.  A new habit. I forget to turn the water off.

I am saving the last third of Fresh Water for Flowers.  Because I don't want to reach the end of this book. Not yet.  Take care...all of you.   Be well and be happy today.

Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Daily Notes- Sunshine and 72 today

We are going without a picture- I just didn't take any ahead of time and I have been--well READING and  I am just submerged in books these days.

Yesterday I went down a very very enjoyable "rabbit hole" with Fresh Water for Flowers.  Perrin. I had a idea of what it would be- I was completely wrong.  I adore this book. The way the author writes- like she is speaking to me alone. And Connie- I am the first person to have opened this book- and that IS a delightful experience. Please request this book from your library if  you enjoyed- no, loved--- Where the Crawdads Sing.   The two books are "emotionally" similar but content is very different.

Today the library is open from 9:30 to 6 pm (and from now on unless misfortune happens and COVID regains it's strength). 

 For browsing and for chatting with people. I wore my mask- others did not.  The Library Staff was masked.  I brought home a heavy bag stuffed with good things. A Deb Lacativa Designer Book Bag. We were FREE to look thru the stacks.  Gloriously FREE.

Yes, here in Maine we eat our DQ in the car.  All Summer long.  Usually with the AC running for the dog. But these days- it's just the two of us.  Husband needed the heat running.

I am going to plant my annuals in the containers today.  And transplant my very vigorous thyme plant into the herb beds.  And perhaps plant a few seeds.  See what happens.

I am feeling........really good.  Happy.  Like the get out of jail card.

Deb L.  I was gifted another tablecloth- how do I tell if its rayon or damask?  Very soft. Very old. If it's rayon I might make it into a shirt.  Because it feels so nice. I guess I could use it in fabric work- just not dyed.  I haven't examined the remainder of the box- but almost all came out of the linen closet.  Aprons etc.  The Haitians (caregivers for many years of the elderly parents) were given all the sheets and bedding items. Now the house will be emptied and sold. It's very sad.  My friend is grieving. And I am also- in solidarity with her.