Thursday, March 31, 2022

Daily Notes- March 31st. Raining.

 Books on the table- waiting to be read.  I was on the "internet" one day (months ago) and found a site with a list of the "Best Rom Com Books" and since a few that I already thought were the best- were on this list- I ordered as many as Maine Libraries had.  This is what I got- eventually.  Everything takes Time.

The one I am reading is not in the pile.  It's Crashing the A-List by Summer Heacock.  I almost stayed up into the "wee hours" to finish it last night.  A recently fired book editor (masters degree in English) in NYC has lost her apartment, shipped her book collection to her mother's house for safe keeping, is drinking wine all day and sleeping on her brother's couch in the small apartment he shares with his fiancee.

She recently was given a "job" to empty abandoned Storage Units but doesn't get paid until they are all empty.  Her employer wants the contents of each and every box looked at and any boxes with papers in it- to be carefully gone thru in case there are securities, bank statements or stock certificates.  She finds dead animals and urine soaked mattresses and the majority of contents go to the dump before she finds a storage unit with hundreds of file boxes full of paperwork.  Her best friend brings bottles of wine and they settle in to drink/ search thru the boxes for stocks and bonds.  Turns out the records are from an "Escort Service" and they find a list (menu) of things clients can "order".

One of the "escorts" (pictures in a file) is a very young man whose name seems familiar. Get out the iPhone and do a search (so very 2019)..... He's a British PBS star (now- years and years later), doing a play in NYC and has an action movie ready for release--can't have this old business ruining everything. She and the wine soaked best friend think they should try and get some money from him in exchange for the file and photos. It backfires (TMZ photos).  I am halfway and was trying to talk myself into staying up all night to finish reading.  I went to bed instead.  I actually thought it would be one of the really almost X rated rom coms.  They actually exist.  But this book borders a bit but not quite.  Bawdy is how it's described.  But not yet.

I am going to have to add it to my Buy List.  She has also written the Awkward Path to Getting Lucky which I am going to hunt down today.  Bawdy Humor.  I am a fan.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Daily Notes- March 30th. Wednesday- my favorite day of the week. Sunshine. Still cold.

 I enjoy looking at "possible" kitchen design images.  Some day.......when COVID and the backed up construction projects (people who have deposits in with contractors)--I might just get my kitchen done- just in time to die of old age.  It's looking that way........a lost opportunity.  I would never have a white floor- I'd have the black slate tiles that we used in the bathrooms and the entry hall.

White. I like it on walls but not on surfaces that will need scrubbing.......I like to scrub- but at my age scrubbing is really really hard work.  And my hands tend to get red and itchy.   Still a bit from yesterday irritating my left thumb.

The blue hanging lamp....quite nice.  And a window in front of the sink.. classic.

The cold weather meant the grocery didn't have pansies outside the doors.  So I have only the four little plants- in the kitchen due to the cold temps on the Sun Porch at night.  One flower.  Open.  Very blue with a tiny yellow center. Hopefully, they will have more if the weather warms up a bit????

Will Smith.  Quite the jackass.  

I have a fresh pile of books.  The odds are that 25 to 40% of them might be good.   It happens.  I can always be surprised though.  That's what keeps me going. That random surprise you didn't see coming. I've sort of lived for that.  What you didn't see coming.  I've missed out on some things.....more than some. Regret is a sad sad thing.  Just have to let it go.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Daily Notes- Took me five tries to type Daily Notes.

 I found a new place to get images.  Cozy chair.  My favorite. Artsy photos.  You'll have to put up with them for a few days.  Tumbler.  I doubt sitting in the chair would be comfortable. I'd love this image on my desk calendar.  It's mostly chairs this month.  Fifteen chairs.  I just counted them.  A theme.

So--I touched something at the grocery store.  My hands are red and itchy.  I have washed them twice and sprayed them with Benadryl.  The right hand looks better- the left thumb is very itchy.  Red.

Library for books.  Five.  All iffy choices.

We went to bed early and were up early.  Husband is now sitting on the glassed in back porch with head phones on.  Garden chair in the Sun.  Listens to music and I think falls asleep.  Outside the temps are in the 20's.  Birdbath water froze solid overnight.

I wrote checks for bills and got them into the mailbox before the mail truck drove past.  

My eyes are back to normal.  It took longer than usual. To get back to normal.

Itch is going away- skin less red.  It will be normal soon.

I had a dream last night.  Staying at a nice resort.  Big central clubhouse type situation with fine dining room etc. in middle of the ocean.  Woke up and we were all supposed to pack up and leave- pronto- I went to my room packed and then saw everyone on the boat- far out to Sea.  Me left. Behind. Yet Again.  I found the power room and turned everything back on.  They had even turned off the food freezers and fridges. Turned those back on. I made myself a wonderful breakfast in the gigantic hotel kitchen.  Walked around and all the houses were open/unlocked.  So I went in.  Found books. Found food in the fridges. Clothing in the closets.  Took what I wanted.  Picked a house to live in.  Wonder what it meant.  Anyone have a guess???

Monday, March 28, 2022

Daily Notes- Monday March 28th- sunshine but getting into the teens as the day goes on and on.

 Snow Drops.  Because it might snow.  (husband is removing the sticks he has along the sidewalk and driveway so he knows where the grass is when using the snowblower).  Sure sign of Spring.

My eye doctor appointment was perfect.   No change in my eyes.  And incredu-ness regarding my two year old lenses- No Scratches.  I got a Gold Star.  Not really but he was QUITE surprised.  "You really take good care of the lenses!!!!!  I learned my lesson after trashing lenses my first year at greenhouse cleaning lenses on my work tee shirt- which was dusty and dirty.  

So the red frames get another year. The lenses get another year.  And no cataract surgery.  It's a good day to be me.  

I'm wearing sunglasses in the house.  Waiting for my eyes to get back to normal.

I had a big Brownie. As my reward for--taking great care of my lenses. I need rewards. I live for rewards.

And no one asked for my Social Security number.  No aggravation.  (so happy)

I have a book to read.  When I can read.  Watching my Sports Show and it's all about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars. And since it's a "sports" show- chat about if it was a real slap, and the weight behind it due to Will Smith training for the Ali movie etc etc.   I am going to move on to other things.

My email is filled with junk and I need to delete.  Well, nothing on calendar for rest of week.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday March 27th. Cloudy with a Chance of Some Kind of Weather.

 Seeing this bird in my garden would be one of my Top Ten Life Moments.  But he lives in a warmer zone.The males are always way more colorful.

Seeing any color in my garden right now...would be a miracle.  The crocus are in bloom but I can't see them from inside. A houseplant, that was a Christmas gift a few years before COVID, is making a flower stem. ( a first)  I hadn't know it would do this.  Most of the leaves have brown edges.  Too much Sun, Too much Water. Hard to say.  House could also be Too cold.  I am going to prune the damaged or sick ones off today.  After I find the slim pruners.

Yesterday's book was Week Before The Wedding by Kendrick.  Today's book will be Cure for the Common Breakup.  Reading them in order.  Wedding book was about Ellen and Ryan (bride but so not the groom) and we met Summer.  Second book is about Summer and we meet the Mayor.  Third book Put a Ring On It we meet Brighton and Brighton meets Jake. I think reading them in order one after the other will be fantastic. 

I made a bowl of Noosa Honey Yogurt with Bran Buds and the mixed berry assortment tray from the grocery store.  Some blackberries. Some raspberries. A few blueberries.   Not too many as I want to get as many servings as I can. Needs to rest a bit longer to soften the Bran Buds.

Started a new puzzle from the discount store.  Was only $8.99 but needed some cleaning up of the puzzle pieces.  Must have been a "second".  Husband always frets about there not being enough edge pieces.  So while he made his supper I put the "not enough" pieces together to form the entire square border.  10 minutes would be too many minutes.  Now he can stop worrying about the edges and the puzzle.  300 pieces. I think that's his upper limit.  And the pieces are a good size.

It's a very busy colorful floral design puzzle so I like it quite a bit.  

Puzzle making shows OUR true differences. I am so Far Outside the Box- hardly aware there is a Box-- and he's ALLBOX.  This showed in our style of Dog Ownership also.  Riley knew.  You could figure out what the dog was feeling by who he chose to stay close to.  You'd think Outside the Box wouldn't be an old dog's choice.  But it was. He'd come find me.  We'd go walking at Midnight or watch endless Law and Order while I rubbed his back with my wool sock covered foot.

When I made quilts...I was surprised by the older Guild members telling me there were piecing, fabric and style RULES. Huh?????? And let's never mention color choices made them grind their teeth. God, I miss those Old Weirdos. All dead now. Possibly waiting for me to rile them up when I join them. But I might not be going to the same place they went.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Daily Notes- March 26th. Cloudy with a chance of anything.

 Not a real live bird- I think this one is made of metal- very well made.  By an Artist.  Name in small print.

I had books to collect at the library today- all my reserves are now in.  Some are from a list I found of the BEST rom com's (reader favorites)....a few I love were on the list so I decided to try a few "new to me" ones.

Husband was out of bagels. So an emergency, by myself, drive into Town.  Library and then grocery. Husband needed more batteries for temperature and wind speed gauge in the back garden.  Because one needs to know back yard wind speed............ it was three AA batteries and now we can just not talk about it.

Grocery had pansies.  Big pots and little four packs.  They had the pretty sky blue I like. I got a pack of four little plants.  I might get another pack on Monday when I go back--they had no blueberry bagels today.  Husband likes to rotate thru three flavors.  We are one flavor short.   They had raisin but he would NOT eat raisins.  Hopefully Monday will be a Blueberry Bagel Day at the store????

I was going to put a real photo here but my iPhone- an antique relic- has decided to not just take one picture but to just take the same picture 65 times. It is also doing other stuff it's never done before.  Gone mental.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Daily Notes- Cloudy with a chance of just being quiet and feeling okay.

 No Mammogram.  Yesterday I went toe to toe with the great white shark of managed health care.  A nameless company BOUGHT our local hospital.  Where the mammogram was to be given today- right now.  I was called- the call very very similar to the endless calls I get from third world call centers.


They wanted my social security number.  Social Security regularly sends letters saying no one needs the number and not to give it out over the phone.  So I said "no".  And the verbal abuse began.  The woman on the phone was also pissed that my phone number -which she called- was a LAND LINE.  Not a cell phone which she could attach herself to to make my Life a Misery till the End of Time with texts and emails..

Later, the mammogram lab director called.  To apologize.  She did say I could come in and have the mammogram but that...after the mammogram--- the calls and harassment would be endless. She had gotten calls from women experiencing the harassment. Her voice was sad, exhausted and lifeless.  This was her job. Her employment.  And she could see it was going

My eye doctor is part of the same hospital.  Monday.  I may not be having an eye exam either.

My Primary Care Doctor gave up-quit.  Harassment vs Mammogram.  Eye Exam????

I am reading a CIS gender novel.  We/They/Them.  Of one character who is very tall and muscular. The other who is she/her/me is a female for sure who likes women.  I am one third in and know zero about we/they/them.  The author is only discussing the identifiers but not the person being identified as to history, interests, back story etc..  I have read books with people identifying sexually in any number of ways. I have no problem with reading these books and enjoying the characters and story.  This book ....I don't know who decided to publish it.  But I have given up.

I watched my Waltz Movie and then Jodie Foster in Contact.  To get myself back to somewhere okay yesterday.  Little Woman, an excellent 2019 movie, is on FX today at 7pm.  I am recording it on Tivo. I saw it in the local theater (the one that is now boarded up and closed).  Something to look forward to.

My oatmeal was good.  And I have Little Women ahead of me. Will have to be enough. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Daily Notes- Wednesday, March 23rd. Sunshine-40's but good enough.

 This is actually my favorite color combo.  Black, white, grey.  I am noticing a very faint pale blue- which is fine with me.  I love the wobbly circle line in the middle cup.  Zigzag lines far left.

Daughter was in close proximity to a co-worker last week who has now tested positive for COVID.  I don't think she was wearing a mask.  Sigh.  So...long distance for the next few weeks.  Or just talking loudly with her on the sidewalk and me on the porch.  She is, rightfully, disgusted.  This is never-ending. Daughter is vaccinated and boosted but co-worker might not be.

Daughter can't wait to be back working solo outdoors with her gardening jobs.  Can't wait.

I made something simple yesterday. Pasta, butter, cheese.  It tasted funny.  I didn't like it.  So I ate a Noosa yogurt gelato instead.  Delicious.  I know COVID can change how food tastes.  It makes me worry. Even though I never had COVID.  

I am 6 months away from being 76.  Seventy Six.  Gosh that's old. If I'm lucky- I might have another 10 years before I die. But I only want the extra ten years if I am as healthy as I am now (???).  Only that way. And if I die quickly.  Alive one second and dead the next.  That's what I want.

I bought dust things for my Swiffer and intend to dust under our bed.  The Swiffer does a great job on somethings but I doubt it works well on dust.  But I will let you know what happens.

Two long emails from local friends I don't see at all anymore.  One a co-worker from library job and second co-worker at the greenhouse job.  Twenty years of employment.  Ten each.  We keep in touch. Usually have a coffee every month or so.  Not so much of that anymore.  Or at all.  I wouldn't know how to talk to them- and what we would have to say?  I'm not actually doing anything.  I guess we could discuss what we are reading.  They are both very very good people.

Monday, March 21, 2022

Daily Notes- March 21st- Sunshine- Rain yesterday and into the night.

 At One Time in my Gardening Life- certain areas of my yard looked like this.  It's hard work.  Too hard for me now- when I would MOST appreciate it.

I spent yesterday reading " pre-owned" books out of my bookcase.  Library favorites my daughter hunted down and  purchased for me.  A Librarian's summer in New York City.  Finding herself and love. Kelly Harms' the Overdue Life of Amy Byler.  Spell check, repeatedly wanting a T instead of a B.  I also read Beach Read. I love that book. Two published  authors with writer's block.

Right now, I am reading a book my daughter also bought- possibly at Goodwill.  Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters.  There is a moment- a sentence- for the first time in memory- I laughed.  Reading it and the laugh just escapes.  A silly thing.  But, just perfectly written.  Six words?  That never happens to me. 

The lead character is trying to prove that "meet cute" actually happens in real life and isn't just a trope in rom com books and movies. So far she has tried wedging her heel into a grate (what movie was this?)- but all she attracts is a bunch of street cleaners.  She has tried a book club meeting and finds herself in a group discussing a very very strange sex fantasy with dragons.  None of these are the one that made me laugh out loud.  What rom com movie was a book club?  Jane Austen Book Club? Something with Meg Ryan.

She is writing these actual/real life "meet cutes" down for a screen writer.  Who is very very behind in a script he needs to produce.  He didn't want to do a rom com...but is now sending texts saying- send more..... but he could just be enjoying her misery.

I should write them all down and we can have a movie guessing game.

It's in the 40's this morning- possibly into the 50's as I type.  Usually I would open all the windows and let fresh air into the house.  Usually.  And wash the windows.  Not happening.  So Not Happening. Ever.

The Sports Show was already hilarious this morning.  Friday they were looking for an affordable car for one of the interns.  Under $2000.  People were calling in with 50 year old trucks (on blocks- needs brakes and tires) big old boat cars from the 70's etc.  They did find a car but now Milliken finds his insurance will be $700 a month.  Upon discovery-- he's had a few rear end collisions.  Four. He's 22. He has NO credit rating- or it's negative numbers.  He's like a Pound Puppy.  See-- hardly any Sports.  Just laughing at Milliken.  He calls dryer sheets- Dryer Napkins.  It's surprising he has a job.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Daily Notes- March 19th- I forgot to post yesterday. All is well.

 Well. It's been quite awhile since I forgot to post.  I actually don't know why it happened.  I was surprised to see that I had missed a day. I must be going mad.......

It's dark outside...rain is coming, I think.  It was cloudy and dismal yesterday as well.  We lost power overnight.  Hard to say why- another fried squirrel perhaps.  They do like to run on the power lines.

The house next door is under contract already ( 7 days) but we have no idea what sales price was decided.  I don't care but a number of others are concerned about the values on their properties.  We got our house for a bargain basement price.  The woman living here just wanted to "get the hell out of Maine".  We were happy to make that possible. Right place- right time.  Husband is very good at this when it comes to buying a house.

My email file has been loaded with crap from box stores etc. for the whole of February and March.  I spend the first 10 minutes deleting and then emptying the trash.  I never open any of the emails.  Just encourages them.  It's been three years since I have been inside one (box store)- I don't miss it.  Who needs more crappy junk???  Husband and I already dress like bums.

Our Strawberry Rhubarb pie is terrible.  Sour.  Rhubarb pieces are hard and raw.  It's going into the compost bucket.  I could go and complain but...I just don't have the interest in doing it.

I got a call from the Mammogram people.  My primary care doctor is a pain in the ass.  Even after quitting her practice.  I guess it gives her more free time to annoy people.  Anyway...I agreed to show up next Friday and get squeezed in the horrid machine.  Isn't there an age limit on these things???? 

Update after posting: the single serving yogurt with candy or cookies is what is missing.  The tubs of plain yogurt are in good supply.  I made a mixture of leftover cookies, sprinkles etc for him to add to the plain stuff but it's not making him happy.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Daily Notes- March 17- Happy Paddy Day to All

 Well........sigh.  Not much going on here.  I did buy a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie but we forgot to eat any of it yesterday.  We will today.  My Gardening Pal usually loads me up with Rhubarb and I make a fantastic homemade pie and share it with her.  She lives by the ocean and has an aquifer under her land.  The stalks of rhubarb are wide and sturdy. And delicious.

The leaves will transfer color to cloth.  I have a book now with instructions.

It's dark and damp outside and there are three white utility trucks next door and one Volvo.  Possibly they are having an "inspection" of the house.  Might have an offer.  None of the neighbors are sharing "news" with me but they all know I am interested. So...nothing to know as yet.

I stopped making Corned Beef And Cabbage a few years ago.  But I made it for about 40 years before stopping.  I loved it.  We had it growing up. It was a meal my mother could stretch to feed three growing children.  Lots of vegetables and a small portion of meat.  I stopped making it when my kids were both living elsewhere.  College and then apartments.  Husband was not a fan of the meal.

Still almost bare yogurt shelves at grocery. So husband got an "assortment" of different brands and flavors. He's being a "good sport" about it.  Not admitting that some of the items are actually better quality.  What's left is the expensive stuff. Noosa.  And the little French glass pots.  Oo la la.

I am making Refrigerator Pickles today for daughter.  The recipe passed the Gut Protocol Guide Test.. Cauliflower, Carrots, Onion, Garlic, Colorful Bell Peppers and some turnips and root vegetables. She remembers the pickles as being Salty but they have Sugar in the list.  I hope I am making what she thinks I am making????

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Daily Notes- Wednesday, March 16th. Raining. 40 degrees. Pile of deer poop by the birdbath.

 I was going to go out and snap a shot of the pile of deer poop.  But....... these rice bowls are so much nicer.  I need to add Deer Repellant to my shopping list.

I read Sophie Kinsella's Twenties Girl yesterday.  A ghost story.  I liked it the first few times I read it ..and I still like it.  A good book should always be enjoyed many times over many years.

We can see most of the front lawn (grass).  But there is still snow in the woods and along the grass edges. Winter is hanging on tight.  Does not want to let go.  

Talk about not giving up.......fully vaccinated and boosted folk are getting COVID.  It just won't give up.

A Maine flag making company is working double shifts to make Ukrainian flags.  Sending them everywhere.  Not that anything anyone of any country is doing- is helping.  I know it's weak of me as a person--but I can no longer watch the news- look at the pictures.  It hurts too much.

Why can't we do anything?  Why can't we give them weapons.  We stuck our nose and weapons into other countries wars.  Why not this one?  McDonald's did something brave and financially terrifying.  Closing  over 800 restaurants but still paying the employees.  Because Russia does not take care of unemployed Russians.  Putin lets them starve.  KFC closed also but no word about paying employees.

What is the best way to defend against a sociopath?  Tell me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Daily Notes- Tuesday March 15th- Overcast. 40 degrees. Grocery store/Library

 Here we are in March.  Mid March.  Spring????  Well, I didn't wear my heavy winter coat to the library and grocery store.  So...that's Spring, I guess. In Maine.

Only two chicken dinners at grocery.  I had to improvise.  I do not like doing that.  It could go horribly wrong. I bought a fresh battery for the scale.  My husband, the part time anorexic, needs to weigh himself now that he has given up desserts.  He has a handful of candy from Christmas to polish off.  Then "cold turkey".

The yogurt section was bare.  So what I had to choose from isn't going to be anywhere close to his comfort zone.  It'll be a "fun" week.

I still have one tub of dark chocolate Trader Joe's Caramels from Christmas.  I love them.  And I am guessing that mid March isn't my best record for slowly eating them.  It's my worst. I usually can wait until July.  Tough Winter.

My sports shows are all about the Trade Deadlines.  Not interested.

Yesterday's book was If The Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy.  A Prince Charming plot with a plus sized Beauty.  I did check out the ONLY Vera book on the shelf.  There has been a steady cleansing of the library shelves of "old books" so entire collections are gone.  One Vera.  Sigh.  Connie, neither of your books was on shelves, so I will need to order from other libraries for them as well.

Yesterday the furnace got cleaned and tuned up.  They lost power to the furnace.  Somehow.  I called to lodge a complaint.  It got resolved and the furnace is much quieter since the tune-up.  I think power to the Attic rooms is not on.  But it doesn't actually matter. I never go up when its dark. And the thermostat runs on batteries.  At some point--I have to just let go of wanting things to be....I don't even know what- working???

Not as many people visiting the house next door.  Either it has a contract or isn't going to have one.  Things sell very very fast here in Maine. But perhaps the COVID Surge is over???  Real Estate in the COVID years has been brisk and profitable.  People thought Maine was a "safe haven".    Even Tucker Carlson.  I believe he's still broadcasting from his shed. In Maine.

Monday, March 14, 2022

Daily Notes- March 14th. Cloudy with a Chance of Something. Furnace Cleaning.

 Sweater Mending Photo from a Reader.  Moths.  Wool Sweater I am assuming.  Very nice.  I will think about adding little embroidered things to the larger patches.  It's a wonderful idea.

Furnace guys are here today.  First time since COVID.  Doing a cleaning.  Checking it out- replacing what might need replacing.  On the old furnace- so many things needed replacement.  This is a newer furnace. It only runs when the thermostats call for heat.  Energy Saver.  Later it will only run when we use hot water for showers or washing dishes.  

My Master Gardener classmate is having shoulder surgery.  So I am being asked to come help prune her grapes.  Only going to do it because she will point and I will clip.  I do not know how to prune grapes. I have a diagram.  Sometimes a picture is all you need.  And sometimes it's no help at all.

Her sister is coming to stay after the surgery.  This week she is trying to get her taxes done.  Last week I assembled all the paperwork and out Banker picked it up this morning.  I can't even express how much I appreciate someone else doing our taxes.    

I just finished this book.  This poor thirty something woman has three Aunties and her Mother and lives in Los Angeles.  They want her to get married.  Her mother pretends to be her on a dating app.  Not understanding the use of emojis.  Like the eggplant.  Her date......ends up dead.  And the rest of the book is absolutely a riot as they try to get rid of the body.  Netflix has bought this story and is making a movie.  I will definitely get Netflix to see this. If they make it just as written- it will be amazingly funny. And just think about the clothes!!!!!!

There is a sequel in progress. I skipped going to the grocery today.  Breaking my long held schedule of Monday morning shopping.  That and the Chinese Food on Saturday- Wow- wild and crazy!!!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Daily Notes- Spring Ahead Sunday. Snow overnight and now sunshine.

 Obviously I am not wearing ENOUGH RED.  I don't know who this is but she certainly has style.

I don't remember staying up late but I certainly slept late.  "'My Tree Pruning Guy-MTPG" was here this morning to prune my Peach Tree.  He did a great job.  Each cut considered before being made.  The two trees look quite nice.  Next up- when the ground thaws is their Food Spikes.  

MTPG also looked at my Plum Tree.  It had quite a bit of weird stuff on it last Spring- which I cut off- but only one branch with the fungus this Spring.  He cut a few things but otherwise he said it looked great. There is a pollination problem as I only have the one plum tree.  I have tried to get more bees to visit with two Beach Plums but so far the Beach Plums aren't blossoming very much.  I need to use something else to draw bees.

I watched All of the Vienna Blood that I TiVoed off of PBS before the massive and idiotic Fund Raising started.  Excellent and- oddly enough--quite a few of the clothing pieces were VERY much like what I bought and wore while in Germany for 6 years.  The blouses with high collars and a multitude of pleats on the front. Full wool skirts. Long.  There was a gray linen robe one of the mental patients wore.  Be still my heart.  And I was reminded of all the coffee I drank from small china cups in lovely restaurants. The men's clothing- swoon worthy. As was one of the actors.

We ordered Chinese Take Away Saturday afternoon.  Been a few years.  I got small portions.  Still have leftovers.  I now know there are only two things I actually enjoy eating.  I had ordered only one. I was rather unhappy with my meal so I used the eating time to clean out the condiment shelf in the fridge.  Only a few bottles and jars left.  I don't they were neglected for the COVID years. I only make Pantry Soup and Grilled Cheese.  Well, I do eat good cheese with crackers.  But thats' not cooking.

We managed to get all the clocks changed over.  Springing Ahead.  If it would only stop snowing. I have no idea what today's book will be.  I have quite a lack of interest in Reading today.  A nap sounds lovely.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Daily Notes- Saturday, March 12th. Raining. Expecting a "bomb" cyclone.

 I might have had this here before- I remember thinking this would make an excellent international postage stamp.  When my son was working in Canada, I had to do international postage and loved the circular stamps.

My computer is deciding to finish off words I have started typing.  So now I have to continually go back and change words.  My eyes are very "smeary" this morning-  no sharp focus.  So excuse any I miss.

It's dark and wet outside.  Weather People are all over some sort of ice storm/bomb cyclone event for today.  right now at 1pm- it's raining.  

I did all the IRS stuff.  It's all packed up ready to be handed off tomorrow morning.  The paper shredding container is full.  We need to carry the paper down to the compost bins.  And the compost soup kettle is full of compostables as well.  What I need to do is buy a few bags of cow manure and tuck that into the bins this Spring.  Heat things up.  I would tuck in old expired fertilizer but used all that up on the "grass growing project" last Spring.  So, I'm out of "stuff".

I stayed up late to finish Fast Women by Crusie.  It's a great book.

Today, I am going to rest my eyes.  No reading.  Drops to lubricate my eyes.  Saturday. So nothing worth watching on tv.  I checked the newspaper listing.  Dreck.  My desk top calendar got quite a bit of work--so days are already collaged.  I know I shouldn't but I often work ahead.  Covering days that have nothing written in the blocks.  The next empty spaces are the 14th and the 21st.  After that... all the blocks are blank. I had a lot of chair images.  So I kind of went crazy with the glue stick.

Last night I was thinking about going up in the Magic Attic- which is hardly magical anymore--- and empty another plastic storage tub and bring cloth down here.  It's getting harder and harder for me to go up and down stairs, carrying things.  So......while I still can- I should start moving things down to the Small Closet.  The Small Closet of Less Than Magical Cloth.  I often stop a project- because I am vaguely reminded of cloth that I could be using......cloth that might be in the Magic Attic.  Unless, it's gone but not forgotten.  Do you remember cloth that no longer exists????  I think it's something Quilters do........

Friday, March 11, 2022

Daily Notes- And Quite Late.....March 11th.

Well, My apologies to all of you who might have worried at this belated posting Time.  Our Banker called  mid morning and got me to sort and copy the documents for  the Annual Tax Assault.  The photocopier held up.  It had a few moments when it looked like it wanted to change languages or something worse- but in the end- it copied. I am using it until it runs out of ink.

I am thrifty.  I photocopied husband's coloring book pages.  One of the books has designs on both sides of the pages and his ink pens bleed thru.  So I photocopied the back side pages.  Using the really good paper.

We inserted a new cartridge into the copier just as it decided to change languages and the lid broke.  I am not buying a new one until the $40 ink is completely used up.

Right now I am having toast with peanut butter.  My Lunch or Dinner.  It's 5 pm.

Monday will be a busy day- The Banker at 9 am and the Annual furnace check up and cleaning.  Postponed for two of the COVID Years.  They have had to hire extra help.  It's prepaid so I won't have an additional bill.

Our Banker called to see if we were having ANXIETY over the stock market.  I laughed. We- or I- understand the stock market is a gamble.  Not something to depend on.  When I was in Junior High- what they now call Middle School- our math teacher had us study the stock market and choose a stock.  I chose US Steel.  My dad bought me AT&T.  Over the years ..I flex back and forth about what if- on the US Steel.

I later wanted Lockheed Marietta as we lived next door to it in our second apartment in Marietta Georgia. and watched the big planes (try to) climb so very very slowly over the apartments.  I got a real good look at the tire tread on the wheels.  But we couldn't swing even one share.

It's late.  My Peanut Butter Toast was Supper.  It's getting dark and even though we have green grass- it will be snowing tonight.  Again. I'll do better tomorrow and post right after the Banker comes to pick up the tax packages.  Life is Good- I only had to make copies.  Finally free of doing the taxes myself.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Daily Notes- Thursday, March 10th. Snow over night. Not much and it's melting this morning.

 Here we are- Ten days into March.  I tried to watch the news.  I did. Try. And then had to stop.  It wasn't worth the anxiety.  I don't know why we can't provide war planes. Escalation they say.  But isn't it already escalating.  We didn't hesitate in Afghanistan did we? Or did we learn something there???

So...snow over night.  Vehicles in and out next door.  Might be an evaluation prior to or an actual sales agreement.  That's how long a house stays on the market here in Coastal Maine.  Minutes.

You better have somewhere to go.  If the house sells.  

I didn't read yesterday.  I ate a lot of snacks prior to 2pm and then turned off the TV and closed my eyes. I didn't sleep- I just rested.  Let my mind wander. And then, much much later, I went to bed and slept. Really well.  I feel good. 

It did snow overnight.  But not as much as the really idiotic weather people suggest. Endlessly.  And like it says up top- it's melting.  I will be getting my fruit trees etc pruned.  That was settled. But the guy doesn't want any other work.  Yep- another thing about Coastal Maine.  No one wants to work.

Case in point- my still unimproved kitchen.  The press and stick "real maple" flooring is unsticking itself after 40 years.  And I am using rolls of clear packing tape to hold down the popped edges so we don't trip and get a bleeding head injury and die here in the house- alone.  We tried nails.. but- that didn't work.

First mice and now the floor is giving up.  Sigh!!!!!!

Good News going forward is that Mud Season and then Black Fly Season are just around the bend. Then Ticks along with Brown Tail Moth skin irritation.  Then it's Winter again.  

Oh and now that everyone thinks COVID is over- The Hoards of Summer People will return. Crap.

Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Daily Notes- Wednesday, March 9th- Overcast, Cold, Bleak. Oil Delivery. $ 962.00

 I sort of like the eyes on top and the nose to the left edge.  Could be a lovely Christmas Ornament.

Oil delivery. 175 gallons and price tag was nearly a thousand.  Dollars.  The Ukrainian War arrives in Maine.  Russian Oil?  It's actually a very small World isn't it?  We are still heating the house to 65 degrees. And only in the daytime.  59 at night.

I spoke with a guy who might or might not come back in Actual Spring to prune my Blueberries, Grapes and Peach Trees.  We'll see what happens.  Maine Self Employed People.  Independent Souls.

DianeN- yes, I have my list of Vera books in my Library bag.  But I still am working my way thru the Annual Winter Favorites.  Like some people run thru Movies they love.  Which I also do for Christmas and Valentine's Day with Hallmark.  I was thinking about my Waltz movie.  Watching it again.

I am also involved in watching Law & Order: Criminal Intent or what ever it's called.  I'm on episode 12 or 13 of the first year.  It's been entertaining.  The Miracle Water commercials are showing up again.

Street Side Excitement.  The house to my left collected a swarm of Realtors all day yesterday (and their fancy cars).  Taking pictures etc.  I am anticipating seeing the price my neighbor is asking.  As are all the  other neighbors.  "Show me yours and then I can guess-ta-mate mine".  This home has older everything: bathrooms and kitchen.  Old carpet. But it has the same deep lot size we have.  Which will be an added bonus. Only three houses have the deep lot.  All of us next door to each other.

I spent time on the phone with Computershare yesterday.  To get info for our taxes.  What a treat.  They tried to push me to using my iPhone.  I said no.  Then the internet.  I said no.  Then I got an actual human. I asked for actual paper.  Wow.  The woman I was speaking to asked if I couldn't just write the number down and be done with it as the IRS doesn't actually need "paper".  I said:  I don't have the number.  Oh. And then I got the number.  And wrote it down.  On paper.

And then...well....... at least the Investment Banker is doing our taxes.  Not me.  I retired from tax preparation.  Just in time it seems.  No paper.  No humans.  No help.  

Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Daily Notes- Tuesday March 8th- Blustery Winds. Blowing Winter Away? Not Really.

Another mouse.  I have quite a few of these charming mice drawings.  From the Something blog in the sidebar. She is a retired illustrator/creative art director and enjoys sharing great illustration art with her blog readers.

I did not make soup.  I did laundry- changing the bedsheets.  And I didn't pack as much in the washer so it sounded quite happy - the washer- and well, lesson learned.  I have one more load for this week.

Bet Me.  Well, I noticed the copy of the book was newer. A replacement. And then at the end I noticed the book ended slightly differently.  So, it would seem that newer additions have some things removed and somethings tightened up?  New editing.  And most of the changes were in the last 20 or 30 pages.  Not sure it was necessary certainly sped things along.

Today I am reading another older book.  My Library has a section of display space that they use in imaginative ways.  Valentine Books were Red & Pink Book Jacket books- mostly romances on a special shelf.  There is also a Purple section this month as one staffer is in love with purple.  I found the old book I am reading on the purple shelf as it's cover is purple. Another shelf has Green Jacket books and most relate to Irish themes.  Other times the books are by theme or subject and not color of the jacket.

A long time ago I found a delightful book on the Green shelf and didn't write it in the Book Journal (I think this book is why I now have a book journal).  When they have green books I always check to see if the one I read is there. Lost Books.  Such a sad thing for someone who enjoys reading a certain book when feeling a certain way.  

Time for breakfast. sigh......and the newspaper.  Nothing good there.

Monday, March 07, 2022

Daily Notes- March 7th. Monday, Monday. Grocery and then Library. Overcast.

Hey, how are you???   I've got some strange things here up top and hope they disappear.  But who knows. the mouse is interested and he has an eraser on his pencil- could erase the errant line of choices. It's a warmish day.  A bit of ice chopping down at the base of the front porch steps.  Some of it from a few storms ago. Husband not me.  Thought I do enjoy chopping ice with a sharp shovel.

We went out early to get groceries.  I saw a few people I knew in the grocery.  Long chat with neighbor down the street I live on.  It's a street with 12 houses.  And none of us see or speak to each other.  She lives in number one.  So we exchanged street gossip by the yogurt cooler.  About her next door neighbor. It was hilarious.

Anyway.  Back home now and sky is darkening.  Rain????

I managed to find two books.  I am seriously worried about the new fiction shelves.  After always finding abundance there- I am now finding nothing.  I have an index card loaded with titles so will need to sit here one day and search the collections of a few other libraries.  And then wait.  Some books take weeks and weeks to arrive and by then I have forgotten I asked for them.

I have a recipe card handwritten here for a Red Cabbage Ragu.  I did not buy a red cabbage.  Or a red onion.  The recipe suggests FIVE cloves of garlic.  NO.  No garlic.  Garlic people as ever so stinky.  On that note I am ending this post.  I got up earlier than usual and stripped the bed sheets off the bed (anticipating a load of washing machine pages) and I also took a shower.  Fresh and Tidy.  And now- not even 12 noon, I am ready for a long nap.  Today has already been EXHAUSTING.

Sunday, March 06, 2022

Daily Notes- Sunday March 6th- Cold. Raining. Making Ice on Walkways.

 I took this photo of my old hand. It's the only place my skin looks this transparent and thin. Wrinkled. My hands.  Blue veins. Tendons. Acting my age.

I did not read Bet Me yesterday.  I read Shipped by Angie Hockman.  I love this book.  I have it on the photocopier ready to make an image for the local book store owner. So he can place an order.

I am reading Bet Me today.  A raining dark chilly Sunday.  I am also making SOUP.  Not decided as yet if it's Dee's Pantry Soup or some other soup.  Carrots, Onion, Potato and Cabbage with some Tomatoes. With some White Beans.  And possibly some small pasta shaped things. 

I am also going to look around the Magic Attic Closet to see if I have cloth to make a Blue and Yellow Flag. For my front porch.  I saw the photo of the people carrying Christ on the Cross out of a church. For safe keeping ...before the Russians fire bomb the church.  

A comment on yesterday's post- from a Reader who was the only one wearing a mask in the shops and stores she visited recently.  In a county with only 51% vaccination.  The only people I saw in the past few weeks without a mask- were in your face argumentative types.  Asking why I was so stupid to be wearing a mask.  I didn't engage.  I did make steady eye contact which everyone said I should not do in Future Times.

I wasn't sure in the past week...but I am sure now---I am feeling depressed.  I am sad about what is happening.  Everywhere.  A Trump person is planning to run for Governor of my State.  That's his campaign. He's for Trump.  We don't need any further info on his plans.  His words not mine.  Enough.

Saturday, March 05, 2022

Daily Notes- Saturday (????) March 5th. Where do the days go?

 This is a screen shot of something Nigella calls a "tray bake".  Looks like kale, garbanzo beans, apples and sliced acorn squash.  I liked the picture mostly but I would give the food a try.  I eat all those things separately- why not together.

The second the crappy book writer.....more sexual misconduct.  This time a big fancy lawyer getting back at her cheating husband who has a show on PBS about insects- the Bug Doctor.  He has an affair.  One.  So she has almost a dozen. He ends up alone. She does not.  This book should have been the screenplay for an outrageously funny movie.  Not Hallmark. So Not Hallmark. "Do This For Me"

Today.  Today I am reading Bet Me for the 100th time (or something like that) and I basically adore this book.  It made the top ten romance book lists on several sites on the internet. It's an older book so finding a copy (hardback) to own- isn't going to be easy.  Daughter is working on it. But I will be happily reading this book on my couch today.

I had cheese and crackers for lunch (3 pm) and never got around to having supper.  I was reading.

I have been recording the first season of Law and Order Criminal Intent.  I watched 1-4 the other day. You forget how good it was.  These episodes are airing from 2 to 5 am.  So...have to be recorded.  TiVo. 

The Sun is shining today and glaring off the frozen hard snow still on the ground here.  I drove my car yesterday.  Radio is on the wrong station - the battery went dead- someone selected a new station..  I hate when other people (daughter/husband) drive my car and change the station.  At least make a note and go back to the original when you return the car.  I cursed everyone as I drove the car.

Dee mentions going shopping and expecting unmasked people. I did too. Because of the relaxing of Federal and Local mask mandates.  Everyone was masked.  Dee said the same. Everyone was masked. Thank you.

Friday, March 04, 2022

Daily Notes- Friday, March 4th. Sunshine, Snow on the ground.

 Well, my hair has so much product in it that sleeping on it and then adding water in the morning- well, what a fine mess it is.

We had to venture out to get husband's prescriptions.  And I took the opportunity to buy a few things we needed- like  rubbing alcohol to mix with water and spray on the fluffy white bugs that get on my houseplants. I brought them home on my clothes years ago when I worked.  Or on a plant I bought and brought home. I't's impossible to get rid of. Hand to hand combat.

I also bought Handcrafted corn chips. To make Nachos.  I decided to fully invest myself in Cheese. On crackers. On chips. Or just straight up.

I found The One Bottle of alcohol free mouthwash.  And bought it.

I let two people go ahead of me in the fast line.  They had fewer items than I had.

The majority of men in the store- younger than 40, had facial hair that was manscaped.  And tattoos. And they were all so much taller than I am.  It's was like Disney for 75 year old women.

I returned the books I got yesterday.  They were crappy.  I have one more to try and I don't have high hopes for it either.  I might have been too old for those books.  Two young 30 something professionals are getting married.  But they both- like to hook up with strangers.  They see someone- go have sex with them. The guy had two phones. He recommended two phones to his bride to be- going forward , when she found out what he was doing.  He handed her the phone so she could scroll thru his hookups.  The cover said it was a hilarious romp.  No. I gave up before the wedding took place. 

Thursday, March 03, 2022

Daily Notes- March 3rd. 40 degrees and snow is melting. I got my haircut.

 Crunchy.  Cheese.  Fried.  Yes, Please.  Drive it over here to me....... drive fast.

My haircut.  I was wearing my mask.  One other person was.  No one else.--but a good haircut. Like walking into DANGER. Interesting conversation with a well groomed tiny woman- just getting a fresh cut and color.  I think as "something to do" as her cut and color looked just fine.  Another woman was just getting ready to leave- she had had a stroke and was getting better but we all hoped she hadn't driven herself- she hadn't. My haircutter mentioned making goulash and I asked if she had added sour cream- she was startled- had never considered adding it.  Thought about it- and I guess her leftovers will be getting some sour cream.

Hairdresser's husband makes his own food.

Mail brought the new set of checks.  They said four weeks or longer and it's here in one week.  Which is strange but true. just never know.

I have some things in the dryer.  Waiting for it to be done so I can reassemble the couch in Time for husband's nap.  I decided it was getting too "old Man" and needed cleansing.  I might do the seat covers on my couch next.  Too old Woman.

Husband shoveled the front steps but not the porch itself.  I just don't get how he thinks.

Well, we stopped at the library after my haircut.  My Going Outside the House Treat.  I searched so many aisles and got just four books.  I was sad.  So I need to work the interlibrary loan later today.

Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Daily Notes- March 2nd. It Snowed....Husband is clearing driveway with snowblower, yet again.

 I am trying to clear out the picture files- to eliminate duplication here.  It snowed again which is such a bummer.  But the snow is very wet.  Which is fine.  It will mostly melt during the Sunshine Hours (so few of those).

I got a lovely email today.  Betsy.  So I am happy about that. ( I double checked to make sure it was Betsy)

The Sports Shows are all about Baseball right now.  So, I am having to find different sources of entertainment.  I postponed my much anticipated lunch until almost 4 pm yesterday.  Because after I ate- there wouldn't be anything to look forward to...but I surprised myself and finished off the vanilla ice cream a few hours later.  We eat two meals.  Breakfast at 9 or 10am and Lunch at 4:30.

And I discovered the old movie Contact with Jodie Foster on BBC.  I missed the first 45 minutes but it's a 3 hour movie so I pressed the record button.  For some reason I like this movie. I'll watch it after I find some work to do here in the house...I have no idea what that will be- I already watered the houseplants and refilled the plant water bottles, washed my oatmeal bowl, made fresh coffee and read the newspaper.  

I made sure I actually combed my hair today.  I double checked. I often forget.

Today I have Puffy Cheetos.  Just a small snack sized bowl.  I think I appreciate Crunchy Cheetos much more than the Puffy ones. If fact, I am sure I do.  I have no idea what I will find to eat for lunch. There is Lettuce. Carrots. Cheese. Crackers. Walnuts. Kraft Mac and Cheese. Bread. Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter.  Larabars. Bags and bags of frozen vegetables. Pancake Mix. Pancake Syrup. No Bacon.

I am wanting to buy new pillow cases. I had the thought and a Cuddledown catalog arrived.  $$$priced pillowcases.  I want any new ones to NOT feel silky smooth.  I want substantial.  Nubby.  Heavy cotton. I want to bleach them in the hottest water available.  White.  I don't want colors or patterns. White. Like the days of Olde.  The catalog was a disappointment. Very much so.  I know stores will be much more of a disappointment.  Poly and Ester.

Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Daily Notes- March First. Sunshine. Still Cold.

 And March comes In Like a Lamb.  

If that means no more snow...I'm all for it.

I got up early this morning.  Why? don't know.  Here it is 9:13 am and I am dressed,  have eaten breakfast and read the newspaper.   As they say "all dressed up with no where to go".

My Sports Show isn't even on yet.  I have to wait another 45 minutes for them to get started.  Yesterday a caller called in and just after saying hi how are you he said "wait...what's happening?" and there were sounds and a few more words and then nothing.  I think the guys on the phones started making calls to the guy and if that didn't work... the rescue people. I'm guessing it turned out okay as they had no further news to report and were still talking about it.

They also had camera footage of Scott Zolak (former Patriot) who is cohost of the show everyday- walking around his kitchen with his phone in his back pocket sending pictures and audio to a co-worker--accidentally.  The co-worker said he'd love to air it...but it needed certain things "cleaned up" before they could do that.  Zolak said "at least my wife and I had clothes on".  There is that.  It's the most interesting show......... 37 minutes now.

We got a letter a few days ago from someone doing Ancestry Research.  Husband and this guy's wife have  relatives in common.  I passed them off to husband's Wisconsin family members. Wisconsin folk are excited to meet them.  So..that worked out just fine. And we figured out the missing great aunt's first name.

What makes these searches more difficult is that the recent immigrants wanted to "fit in" with the new country and changed their birth names to more American names. So you start with records from the ships they arrived on and later they have names like Chuck, Joe, Sam or Boots.  Then you need someone who actually knew them to straighten things out.  Other relatives go out for a walk...and never come back.

In my own family one of my grandfather's brothers or cousins (who had come to America on a boat 20 years before) went to war in Europe in 1918  (as did so many recent immigrants to America) and came back with a "whole new identity" (and name) and I would guess left an unidentified dead soldier behind with new identity materials.  What a mess we make of things as humans.