Friday, December 10, 2021

Daily Notes- December tenth. Christmas Cards are written and addressed- just need the Post Office now.

 Remember--in the Beginning --when we desperately thought we needed more soap??? to wash things. To wash our hands 20 times a day.  I still love soap.  I love French soap.  Uneven chunky cakes of it. Some place used to sell it and I bought it...but I can't remember where or if it was even Maine.  Could have been Chicago.

Several Bullet Points :

Roethlisberger is 39.  I've spelled his name wrong (then went to look for correct spelling) but the point here is- 39.  How on Earth is he only 39??? How on Earth is he playing football as a Quarterback. Looking like he's 50 on a good day. Thursday Night Football he hit the ground, sprawled on his back, and none of his teammates pulled him up. He sneered something to the coach as he walked past- wow. Has he always been that guy??? Attitude is fine when you aren't losing the game.

My Sports TV Shows say the Steelers needed to draft a fresh new Quarterback last year. If they did- put him out on the field --can't be worse than Ben.

Snow last night- about a quarter inch of hard crunchy stuff. Snow Beads.  The plow came. We think to spread dissolver chemicals- which are very bad for the Earth..  So it would't ice up after dusk.

When I go have my COVID BOOSTER shot and buy Boozy Cake to celebrate.

Kim (most of the artist work here comes from her blog) made an interesting comment on yesterday's post.  Not being interested in doing things.  The COVID thing.  Disconnecting and then, now, thinking why bother to re-connect.  I get it.  And with me- there are some people- COVID brought out a side of them I don't like- so those people- not going to make any effort to re-connect. I'll make new friends. Or not.

And other things- ....maybe less in the fridge on a regular basis now..... Maybe...always having bread in the fridge for a sandwich is a Great Thing.  Toaster or Pan.  Because a sandwich is always doable with what you have around. And Oatmeal.  And Cheese.  And Carrots, Onions and Celery as staples forever in the vegetable bin. And Soup.  I also like having macaroni to add to soup.  

I was going to do Washing Machine Pages- but I "just don't want to".


Kim Carney said...

I must always have bags of pinto beans, onions, a bag of potatoes, cans of black beans, cans of tomatoes, box of cream of wheat

Bri cleaned out the pantry when we were gone and I am pretty sure she gave away all the items that I must have, saying we had too many or they were out of date. ;0

Deb Lacativa said...

You've reminded me. My pantry probably has stuff that's aged out. Why do I have a can of pumpkin mix up there? And stewed tomatoes?

Joanne S said...

I just sorted out the boxed stuff this morning and dumped the contents into the compost bucket. when My son visits he sits in front of the pantry cupboard and checks dates. Writes dates on the still good cans. Some stuff still slips by...