Monday, December 13, 2021

Daily Notes- December 13th- Not much going on.

 I ran out of Christmas Pictures so you get a  Christmas Dessert. Raspberry swirl cheesecake. Good!

I wore myself out with three and possibly four footballs game yesterday plus a Hallmark Christmas Movie.  It wasn't all that great until during the Green Bay game the camera found this guy in the stands- doppelgänger of Rogers.  The two live images next to each other just as the guy in the stands looked up right at the camera people.  Eyes, expression etc. I have Tivo so I can go back and forth with anything on tv- called husband over and ran it for him a couple times.  It was amazing.

Today the library and I checked out two puzzles ( I finished up the squirrel puzzle last night before bed) one puzzle is from the children's area (100 pieces) and the other the adult section (500) but images that are very bright and colorful.

Dropped off my Christmas Cards at the post office.  It was super busy- long lines.  And then to the Grocery Store because we needed Kleenex and milk and orange juice.  Again, very busy.  Now, I'm home and have the weekend book which I intend to read again.  I tried getting new books but none I wanted on the shelves. So I am going to have to request them from other libraries. And I do have a big book to read.  Serious. I have been putting it off.  I am not in a serious frame of mind.

I am going to be doing "not much of anything" for the rest of the day.

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