Thursday, December 30, 2021

Daily Notes- Thursday, December 30th. 36 degrees, wet and dismal here in Maine.

 Well, almost done.  Record numbers of cases of "new" COVID here in Maine.  200K and counting. Our population here in Maine is 1.2 million souls.  So-- It's EPIC as they say.  I used orange crayon because orange seems to be the COVID color.

Grocery store visit today.  I bought a Tiramisu Cake.  Expensive but we are worth it.  I am also making pulled or BBQ pork in the crock pot.  First cooking was overnight. I did the shredding of the pork after breakfast and added in the BBQ sauce, some brown sugar and the cooking juices.  It smells delicious. I have some soft flour tortillas if husband wants to eat any.  I like it on top of a green salad. So I bought Romaine lettuces.

I am considering using the crock pot more often in the coming year.  I would welcome any recipes Readers of the Blog out there use and enjoy.  I am thinking my pasta sauce might benefit from Crock Pot treatment.

My husband drove me to the grocery today and gets to park up front with the handicap tag he has.  So, he got to witness an elderly guy in the handicapped car parked next to us---- get out of his car and "check out my groceries". I am laughing.             He also wanted my cart when I finished unpacking it.

When I got in the car...I mentioned to husband that he now "knew my demographic" for men interested in me.  "Good to know" was his only comment.  But he made sure the cake was in OUR car.

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