Saturday, December 18, 2021

Daily Notes- December 18th. Snow is promised by 5 pm. No sunshine. 45 degrees.

 Not Christmas but it's a tree and there is snow.  We are promised snow, bad traffic (roads) etc etc. (power outage is standard here in Maine) Husband is filling the bird feeders so the birds will be able to eat if it snows..  I have emptied the paper shredder into the compost bin.  The coming rain or snow will get it wet.  Decompose all the shredded junk mail.  For awhile there I even shredded the daily newspaper.  

Last night NOVA and the Milky Way.  And the Big Bang.  And in billions of years- the end of all this. So enjoy what you can.  It's not forever.  This Glorious Galaxy.  The Boston Public channel has an entire evening of the Great British Baking Show.  Our cheap ass station does not and will possibly do Fund Raising instead.  

 I made Confetti Cookies for husband yesterday afternoon.  I had to do so much clutter clean up to get open space for the Kitchen Aid Mixer.  And the cookie sheets and then the cooling racks.  I had to dig around for all the items that go into the cookies.  He forgot to eat them.......

I haven't written Neighborhood Cards yet.  Last year they all got a set of two handmade potholders.  But not this year.  And I am not feeling like I want to make more cookies.  I do intend to bake another Pumpkin Pie.  I enjoyed that.  Football Game tonight so we'll have Pizza.

Husband did a Word Jumble puzzle this morning.  He used to do one everyday and then they got difficult and he stopped.  Today...he unjumbled all five words.  Has the limited screen time been a factor???

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