Friday, December 24, 2021

Daily Notes- December 24th. Christmas Eve.

 Christmas Eve.  One of the Twin boys came by yesterday with a gift of homemade cookies.  And News. Regarding the hockey ice rink not yet built.  The Puppy who now outweighs both boys.  He said he couldn't visit longer as he had many cookie deliveries to make to the neighbors.  We wished him a Happy Christmas. 

An email from another neighbor getting her sleigh ready to travel to see her son and her three (or four) granddaughters.  Four if her daughter travels north as she is traveling south.  We are picking up mail and watching the house while she is gone.  We got a bottle of wine and a glass jar of Brandy Balls.  Yum.

Cookies, Brandy Balls and Wine.  I melted a can of sweetened condensed milk and dropped in pieces of Lindt very dark chocolate 85%.  Ganache.  I did a very very tiny taste test and am "sugar" dizzy - not even using the amount of chocolate asked for in the recipe- It's cooling.  Later today I am baking the Boozy Chocolate Christmas Cake.  And I might loosen up the Ganache with some Kahlua.  I need to make a quick trip to the grocery for Vanilla ice cream.   

I planned dessert but not actual food.  

And really....who cares????  I can have a Christmas Grilled Cheese&Ham Sandwich. With Cheetos. And husband will be happy with the usual Chicken Parm he has every day. I can buy something to eat at the grocery..  

I am not making the Christmas Eve Polish Potato and Sauerkraut Pierogi.  Making them last December nearly killed me.  I might be too old for it.  I tried to come up with some sort of "easier" meal that included all the Pierogi ingredients but didn't come up with anything....yet.  Any Bohemian/Polish Cooking People out there with ideas?????

So...Merry Christmas to mean the World to Me.  What a Gift you have been to me all these years.  

And, yes, Paula...send more yarn.  In a bag this time not a box and closer to February....when I have worn new holes in my socks!!!! Connie- how did you know my big frying pan needed a big potholder????? thank you.  


Kim Carney said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
(I am not cooking, leaving it up to Bri, who actually knows what she is doing in there)

beverly said...

Merry Christmas Eve,
A grilled cheese sandwich sounds just fine. Less dishes to wash.

Deb Lacativa said...

Merry Christmas! Spaghetti and Meatballs soon!

Francoise said...

Happy Christmas. Have a nice day.
Take care. Be safe.

Angie said...

Merry Christmas, Joanne! I read your blog every day. Here's hoping your computer holds up---or that Santa brings a new one. :)