Saturday, December 25, 2021

Daily Notes- December 25th. Merry or Happy Christmas to All!!!!

 Merry Christmas.

Gifts were found on the couch where we sit doing nothing, sewing or reading or watching tv.  They got into the house all by themselves while we were sleeping.   Books.  Candy.  That's what I got and fruit flavored sparkling water (lemon and strawberry-rhubarb) that mix very well with gin and vodka when everything is ice cold. All from Trader Joes about a 40 minute fast drive from where I live.  

I still haven't gotten my wish for a local Trader Joes.

Husband got a stack of new coloring books of mandalas and a BIG new word search book.  He is circling words as I type these.

Our son called from California.  He has to get up early to make the call.  But he does it.  Lovely boy.  Lets us talk and ramble on and on.  A true gift from his heart.

We were eating breakfast at noon.  We are really degenerate adults. I am reminded of how I scolded the two 18 to 20 something -year old children when they got up past noon.  And's me doing it.

I was up late.  Two of my old favorite sweet Hallmark movies on TiVo.  I watched them both twice.  The last- the Christmas Waltz (a busy business man learns to waltz) had such sweet music to accompany the waltz lessons.  I mostly just kept hitting rewind to listen to the music.  Like winding up a music box. I think I might have done it for a few hours if the hour wasn't so late.  I am going to check the CD's I own- to see if I have a waltz.  Last year it was Edith Piaf.  At full volume. In French.  Glorious.

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Deb Lacativa said...

Merry Christmas! Yay for the music and good things to drink.

When Jake was two or three we got him a second-hand talking Big Bird. He had a little flap in his belly and you pushed cassette tapes in. The original tapes and books were lost but that child loved Strauss waltzes and Frank Sinatra. When Frank sang, Big Bird would roll his eyes and the beak would open and close until Jake got his hands on a bottle of Robitussin and fed most of it to Big Bird. I called poison control but they had me offer Jake a tiny taste of it on a spoon. He flat out refused and it was clear that despite the mess, Big Bird got the most of it. His mouth stopped moving but the Strauss played on.