Saturday, December 11, 2021

Daily Notes- December 11th. Raining Quite Hard- Instead if Snow- which is fine with me. 35 degrees


Having a bit of trouble tossing photos.  They keep coming back.  Especially the soap image.  We might have had this one already but we won't again as I tossed it off the desktop.  Sorry about repeated pictures.

As I mentioned  in the header- RAIN.  Which in any other December here in Maine would be three feet of heavy wet snow.  But not in the Globally Warm Maine of 2021.

We set another daily record amount of new COVID cases- 1245.  One day. New Hampshire is SO MUCH WORSE.  Way low percentage vaccinated.  Merry Christmas ICU/Ventilators.  I was going to go political but no...don't/can't change minds.

I am going to suggest that every child bearing aged woman go to PP or their clinic and protect yourselves from ANY pregnancy.  Double up if you have to. Two different methods.  Of course that leaves rape- either by strangers or people you know. Is there somewhere to donate bus tickets???? to another State?

My arm started to hurt at around 8pm.  When all the resident internal bits and pieces noticed an invader. Sleep was difficult bu I don't feel sleep deprived so I guess I slept.  I never remember sleeping.  It's not like those pleasant commercials selling sheets. Waking up so damned happy.

I don't wake up happy.

Watched One Strange Rock.  I was reminded of it by a Hulu advertisement with Will Smith.  And then was all " why did I deleted them from the TiVo files?????"- I missed the first 4 episodes but I have the rest.  They put BBC stuff to shame.  And no animal eats, hunts or kills another.  Which I appreciate. No- one animal did get chased by huge hawks and eaten.  

I have a book to read and daughter has been sending images of the snacks she has made for a social gathering this evening.  Frito Hot Dark Chocolate Bark.  The Candy Factory where she works makes it every so often. So she made some homemade version. I didn't get any Bark- just the leftover bag of Fritos. I'm good. the Party Bark will be too hot (spicy) for me to enjoy.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

That dark chocolate Frito bark sounds interesting but i just can't seem to wrap my mind around it. I'm sure it must translate well. One of my friends gave me Bugles with the ends dipped in chocolate and they were pretty good.