Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Daily Notes- December first- Sunshine and 30 degrees

 I think I took this images to remind me of the book.  In case, I wanted to make Calligraphy Animals.

Last night's sleep was awful.  I was in a car with people, going somewhere.  We stopped at a nearly deserted gas station and I got out to pee and when I returned- the car was gone, the gas station was closed and empty, there was no traffic.  My belongings were in the car.  I decided to call someone- but I had no phone numbers, no money and I believe the time of this dream was before the internet and cell phones.

Sigh.  I didn't fall back to sleep. Abandonment is a real issue in my dreams.

Now, I am worried about having phone numbers.  I have already written down the important info for finding blogs if this computer dies.  But what of email addresses????  I am going to see if I can start a new list in my notebook for email addresses.  Some of this info transplants itself into my phone without my doing it.  They are somehow linked.  Not my doing.

Is that why I had this dream??? Because I need to be prepared???

Note: I went back to check and I have ALREADY written down all the email addresses.

I have one more Thanksgiving leftover meal (husband thought having vegetables once was enough so it's just me).  The Pumpkin Pie is finished.  Husband has eaten half of his Birthday Cake Assortment. He isn't sharing.  Which is fine as I don't mind if he eats it all as the cakes are very very sweet. I shared my birthday cake with him. Just saying........

I started reading a book quite late yesterday ...after two Christmas Movies.  I will finish it after I hit publish here.  Then I have one load of washing and a very dusty bedroom floor to Swiffer.  I dusted the Buddha on my dresser.  And the dresser.  I think all my corduroy pants are in the wash basket right now. I may toss the ones I have on in the washer also.  Then all my pants will be clean. But what will I wear while the washer is washing and the dryer drying????


Deb Lacativa said...

Last year I bought a little notebook to put names, addresses, phone numbers emails. All the sorts of things that get lost when the lights go out. The notebook got to wandering around in the studio for half the year. Now it's in my purse.
And I took pictures of all the pages anyway.

Joanne S said...

Yes to taking pictures of the pages!!!!! Great Idea. thank you